T-Mobile Galaxy Note Release “Delayed” Until August 8th?

Let’s just get this right out-of-the-way and say that a device never officially announced can’t actually be “delayed.” However, we were feeling pretty confident on the possibility of a July 11th release date, especially post-leaked press images which were graced with the July 11th date. Unfortunately, we’re just being shown these new documents from a brand new Frontline Planner for T-Mobile that indicates the Galaxy Note is now set for a release on Wednesday, August 8th.

In case you were wondering, the “Red Font” indicates an update since the earlier version of the planner was released, which further highlights the possibility that the July 11th date is now a goner.

On a separate note, we still don’t know what the Samsung Cacao and Apex Q are, though we suspect at least one of them is the upcoming Samsung T699 device which recently leaked into the wild.

Let’s hope T-Mobile can nail down an official date soon, before the Note II drops.


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  • kahlayoh

    I plan on getting the note…love the screen size, and don’t really care if Note2 will be dropping soon. Cause if T-Mo get’s it I will get that to. Gotta love Tmo and their ambition on trying to get the good stuffs…better late then never I guess!!

    • in2android

      That’s actually a good positive way to look at things:-) I really try not to bash Tmo, I honestly am very loyal to them. And at least they are bringing in another option that’s still a great phone despite its age. They price it right, and this could still potentially be a big hit for them.? We’ll see…

      • Note Lover

        that’s right, now if everybody had the same attitude as you do, the releae of the Note could be a happy occasion :). I can’t wait for it to come out whether it’s next month or in September because we wouldn’t see the Note 2 released on TMO until next year anyhow.

        • Joseph Tongret

          Well, so many people here will complain, make threats, and swear that they would NEVER buy the note from Tmo, but a good portion of them will be the ones on the phone with retentions a week after release asking them how they can work with them to get the note, lol. If you get the Note in August, it’ll still be a nice phone, and even if it isn’t bleeding edge it will still satisfy most users in performance. Also, the US version isn’t really intended to spotlight performance, but rather its functionality as a super sized media device. Hey, the large screen alone goes a long way in making it a great device, and it’s spec sheet is equal to that of the gs2 which alot of ppl will be using for another 16+ months on contract. I buy a lot of phones, and as I stated in my first comment, I’ve decided I won’t be buying this if it hits in August, but if one of my lines had an upgrade left, then I probably would. I just can’t justify full price on this one since it is pretty late in the game.

        • Note Lover

          I agree and do understand your situation.  I wouldn’t pay full price for the Note either but I have a line that’s due for upgrade.  I am not one that has to have the latest and the best and that’s great that other people do.  Then, for people such as myself, can review it, do more research and decide what we want  .  I have the HTC Sensation, having purchasing it when it first came out and love it.  I don’t know how to root a phone but since my first smartphone, I find myself reading reviews of almost any (high end phone) that’s coming out. I use my phone mainly for checking emails (constantly), internet surfing, music, photos, videos, etc. and am very please with the speed of the Sensation.  I wouldn’t really be upgrading too much by getting the Note, with the exception of the processor, 8 more GB and the biggest plus for me is the screen size. By next year at this time, I’ll be ready for another upgrade so will hopefully be getting the Note 2. 

        • Joseph Tongret

          The sensation is actually one of my all time favorite devices! Actually, before the gs3 I had been using my sensation for about 6 weeks solid. We have a lot of smart phones too, gs3,gs2, Amaze, HTC radar, Gnex, and alot of older ones too, lol. I’m a self admitted “phone junkie”! But what I love about the Sensation is all of the development, because I do enjoy flashing custom roms, so long as they’re stable and I can improve performance. Also, I don’t own a note, but I have toyed with the US version quite a bit, and I think you’ll find its actually a huge upgrade from the sensation. The HD super amoled display will blow you away every time you watch a video, or even Web browse. It’s a fairly snappy device with not too much lag considering the huge amount of pixels the S3 processor is pushing, but I do see a little lag in the touchwiz ui while navigating through home screens. There’s quite a bit more storage also, actually it’s 16gb compared to 4gb on the sensation. The full gb of RAM also improves multitasking over the sensations 768mb. I don’t think anyone could really be disappointed with using the note as their daily driver right now. Some users just feel that a device is sub par only because they know there’s something newer out there with a bigger processor! But the Note is still a definite go, and the ONLY reason I’m not buying is the lack of upgrade pricing. I’ve paid full retail in the past, but it’s tough for me to justify that price when I consider how long it’s been on the market. As I said in an earlier post, Tmo may still do alright with sales of the Note, because there are probably quite a few customers that don’t care how old a device is or even know what’s under the hood, they buy a phone because they just like it, and it works well for them.

    • Note Lover

      that’s right, same here.

  • jian9007

    I suppose a few weeks more shouldn’t matter since it’s been 7 months already. If you’ve waited this long then it’s no problem. I personally am not waiting on one, but if I were, this wouldn’t be a big deal since they haven’t officially announced it yet anyway.

    • Note Lover


  • mrdenver_pie

    Another month???  I am not sure I can deal with the Vibrant for another month! Patience is a virtual and I ain’t got that either! =)

    • Izzy Garcia

      My vibrant made me get the n7000 version. It wanted to retire.

  • It’s a great phone, 7 weeks from now and will still be a great phone. I have the SGS3 coming on Tuesday and I will still be getting that beast. Love the size for enjoying Movies on the job site. I have a few cases I picked up for it already and I can not let these cases go to waste. 

    • fixxmyhead

      Why do you need so many phones? Do you switch them out during the week?

  • Justin

    Anybody think this has to do with Jelly Bean being announced a few days ago? Samsung probably doesn’t want to release a new phone that has an outdated version of android. Just a thought.

    • guest

      its not a new phone though… 

      • That’s never stopped ANYTHING for Android releases, Gingerbread phones are still being released as Ice Cream Sandwich is readily available on 8% of Android handsets. I really doubt that’s the issue here.

  • GUest

    with that late of a lunch id expect it NOT to have gingerbread, it shoud have ics

    • LC

      The training doc from yesterday already shows it coming with i’ve cream sandwich

  • Itiswhatits

    it will only be available online and in 4 markets once it comes to tmobile.


    I hope it’s to include the Snapdragon S4 and Jelly Bean, if thats the case, then T-Mobile, I don’t care what you price this at, I’m buying.

  • Sasha!

    It’s probably Apples fault of something.

  • Bigmouth

    Fuck that. I can wait until July 11, but August 1st is too long. I’ll just suck it up and get one from AT&T.

  • Why Tmo Why?

    Shows Tmo problem..Magenta talking galaxy note while THE MOBILE WORLD AWAITS IMPENDING RELEASE OF GALAXY NOTE TWO!!!!!!

  • rwc1792

    Cacoa: A Samsung device that makes coffee.  Of course it could be a Samsung device that is coffee color, like espresso, but I’m dreaming that it’s device that makes coffee

  • 30014

    I guess T-Mobile is oblivious to the fact that the note 2 is coming very soon

    • in2android

      Well the Note 2 is still just rumors & speculation, though that doesn’t change the fact that the Note will be nine months old when it hits Tmo’s shelves. Heck, Samsung may turn the Note branding into their tablet line now, that’s another speculation that’s been floating around the Internet tech forums? I myself sure hope we see another phablet from Samsung though!

  • Zabaniya

    if its august then screw that…like 2months later or somewhere around that is note 2

    • Note Lover

      we won’t see the Note 2 in the states until next year

  • Typical Tmobile..two steps forward.. 5 steps backward..

  • Jrumph

    Good thing it’s delayed David. Since you thought the S3 is too big, guessing you wont be reviewing this one. Unless you exercise your hands to hold a bigger phone.

    • Well, I’m sure I’ll review it, and I’ll have more patience for the size because of what it’s supposed to be. I have no problem my only beef with the GSIII is the size, I think there is a point where to big is to big, I’m cool being a minority opinion on that!

      • rwc1792

        I don’t think you are the minority on that

      • Guest

        it is to big or too big?

      • in2android

        Hey, we all have our own preferences on what we care for or don’t care for… Some ppl don’t know what they like or don’t like until the community in general forms an opinion for them! Lol. But David, I love your journalism and I don’t give a damn which device you prefer because it sure doesn’t change the fact that you operate one of the most amazing and incredible blogs that I read! Haha, you rock Bro, and way to not be afraid to express yourself and your “real” personal opinions!

  • Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?….. Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?….. Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?….. Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?….. Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?….. Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?….. Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?….. Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?….. Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?….. Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..  Is it here yet?…..

  • Apex Q = Nexus Q?
    Also, would a delay to Aug 8th be in line with the phone possibly being the Note 2?

    • in2android

      I highly doubt this! If the note 2 was that close, Samsung would’ve had leaks and rumors all over the place! Also, if Tmo actually managed to get it exclusively for the US, then it would still be released in Europe at least a month prior to ever hitting the shores here. I assure you, it is not the Note 2 in question here.

      • Note Lover


  • Various916

    Typical T-Mobile, I was going to wait till July 11th but I’m not waiting till August 8th…..ATT here I come.

    • Typical nothing, by all accounts you shouldn’t even know this phone was coming! You can’t be mad at a delay that wasn’t supposed to be public. More importantly, something can’t be “delayed” if it was never announced.

      • I’m just happy T-Mobile is actually getting the Note… whether Note 1 or 2.  My upgrade isn’t until September anyway (I think).  I still need time to save up for it so it’s cool with me either way.

        • I just noticed we have the same name. Ha funny.

        • Note Lover

          same here David

    • Saakak

      I hate people like you with your stupid, empty threat to leave. Bye bye!

      • Nunya Beeswax

        Couldn’t agree more…. These idiots who whine and threaten to go elsewhere and double their bill over a 3 week difference in a RUMORED release date of a single phone really annoy me. So what….. Go to ATT and double your bill. Who cares? Just shut up whining.. Do you do this for every phone that gets released? There isn’t even an official confirmation of any release date for the Note and you are threatening to change carriers because the RUMORED release date was off by 3 weeks on a phone that is already 9 months old??? Moron……. Tmo could release it tomorrow for 25 bucks and 99.999% of the customer base would still rather have a free Wildfire.

        • Rizzle2k5

          Your post confirms that you really do care… Alot.

      • Rizzle2k5

        You hate some screen name for wanting to leave T-Mobile…

  • Too little, too late. You can get this on AT&T for $299…it might end up costing $379 on ol’ magenta.
    Yeah, I’m still a little bitter about the GS3 price :-P

    • Techdummy

       Over the life of a 2 year commitment, that GS3 on ATT would costs nearly $1200 more than on TMo

      Long view perspective

    • Bigmouth

      I actually just ordered one from Cartoys for $179 with no tax and $3.99 overnight shipping.

  • in2android

    So, so, so, close to buying the note so many times, and I felt compelled to purchase it finally, despite a note 2 probably coming to the market soon. And I would be purchasing at full retail somewhere as I only had one upgrade left for the remainder of the year out of my four lines. I purchased the gs3 all along planning on the note as well. But August 8th I just can’t do it. I buy a lot of devices, because I love mobile tech, but I’m not wealthy and it’s just going to be too much money spent for a device that will be 9 months old:-(. I really don’t think I’ll cave on this one either, that s3 processor is just getting to be more & more “yesterday”, ya know. I know there’s a lot that goes into a phone release on US carriers and it can take time, but Tmo was just too late to get in on it after At&T’s exclusivity deal with Samsung on this one. I’m not mad at you though Tmo, you tried to bring it once At&T’s deal was up, and I’m sure you’ll still get some takers on it that either aren’t aware of it, or just don’t chase the latest releases and see it as something that can really be useful to them & fill a void other phone offerings can’t. Just learn from this Tmo is all I ask, start jumping on the big opportunities like this in the future, as soon as they arise. Lock in a couple Tmo exclusive flagships, and show the other carriers that your a player with some weight too! I still have faith in you, that your turning things around Tmo, and it’s 100% faith and not hope!

    • Nunya Beeswax

      What you (and a lot of others on here) do not seem to understand is that tmo’s customer base is not like you.. They generally don’t anticipate release dates of new phones and buy them on launch day. The VAST majority of customers (well over 95% IMO) only want to know what’s free today and would just as soon have a free Wildfire as a Galaxy s3 or Note if they were 50 bucks bogo. Not that there is anything wrong with that.. It is what it is.. Just pointing out why I think that they are not in a huge hurry to get these new, high end devices rushed out. People that don’t have 50 bucks just want free.

      • in2android

        It’s not that I don’t understand, it’s that I don’t agree with that percentage you threw out. I think a lot more ppl than you believe will pay for a premium device. Now there may not be that many, percentage wise anyhow, that will own multiple high end devices or anticipate the new flagship releases such as many of us on this these ty of websites. However, I believe that WELL over 5% will pay top dollar for a device that they may not have even been aware of prior to walking into the T-mobile retail store, or navigating to their website! When people are signing a two year contract I think the greater percentage of them are doing it to get a phone they desire. Now some of those people may not desire a two or three hundred dollar phone, but to many people that’s not out of the question for something they want. Also, most people in the US feel that they should spoil themselves with things that may not even be in their budget? Now I don’t have any statistics to back any of this up, but I do see it as the more probable case in my opinion, and that I guess is what both of our ideas are is opinions. If I were wrong though, it sure wouldn’t be the first time!

  • in2android

    I switch phones throughout the day sometimes, lol! Some of us here are phone “junkies” (myself included) and we’re just addicted to mobile tech!

    • TrinNY

      This makes no sense let’s hope this just remains a rumor

  • Guests

    ………………..I have a question now, i read news about t-mobile refarming hspa+ band(im not too familiar with these kind of stuff) so that unlocked iphone 4 users could use 4g on t-mobile. My question is if I go buy the international galaxy note, would i be able to use t-mobile 4g like iphone 4?

    • Yes. The international Galaxy Note supports PCS HSPA+, so when T-Mobile enables it in your market, the international Galaxy Note would get T-Mobile HSPA+ (though it will be only HSPA+21 and it will be called 3G).

    • Aisha Naqvi

      T-mobile 4G is HSPA+ unlike Verizon’s true 4G LTE network…so the iphone 4 is compatible on T-mobile’s network…iphone 5 will be the first Apple device that will be LTE capable…the Note is actually LTE compatible so you can run an unlocked device on any network…

    • cosmo10292

      Oh crap your right! And yes!!! Unlocked over seas phones will have 3g/4g with tmo pretty soon!

    • Joseph Tongret

      Tmo hasn’t commented on which areas will have it & as for time frame, it’s rolling out small areas at a time between now & the first quarter of 2013 I believe. So you may be in one of the first areas to get it, one of the last areas to get it, or potentially you may not have it in your area? I would suggest waiting until Tmo actually goes live with it I your area before making that decision. You can always call and ask, I was told that all they could tell me is its rolling out, it’s not in my area as of now, and they aren’t sure of which areas it will or won’t cover?

  • xSAVAGEx

    I love it! One more delay and it will be Sept!

  • Aaron Tant

    arghhh 20 extra days…. that’s like an eternity… sheesh, really?  The “name” fits for, just maybe, a big sized foot to fit = Big Mouth needs a Big Foot in it.

    • Bigmouth

      Maybe if you had higher standards you’d be something more than a T-Mobile sales associate living in Loserville Kentucky, lol.

  • Aisha Naqvi

    Samsung is pushing for a September launch for the Galaxy Note 2…before the iphone 5 lands in October to steal away some Apple customers…why would anyone want to buy the Note in August when they can wait a month or two and have an option to choose from two newer devices…

  • daghost

    TMO must not be getting the note 2

  • cosmo10292

    August really!? Is that around the time at&t gets the g note 2? Smh

  • HeLLo

    August? I’m sorry but that is too late for me.If they up the specs then maybe I will give it a second look.

  • nam12

    I really wanted to get the Note, but the Note 2 is coming out in Sept with a 5.5″ screen and 2GB of RAM. Now I really don’t know what I want to do. 

    • Chris

      Yup. Galaxy Note 2 out in September. I’m really obsessed with getting the Note. But it will be just stupid to get it when Note 2 comes out a month later… I know T-mobile most likely won’t get it for a while after that but I only get to upgrade every TWO years… What would you do?

  • Adla

    Note 2 in September, & tmobile is releasing note1 in august? something doesnt sound right

  • Guests

    So i basically decided to get the international version of the the note. I just want to ask if anyone know where t-mobile has 1900 mhz hspa+, because i live in nyc and still not sure if we have that here. I know it would be quite slower than 4g but i think i will like the faster processor speed.

  • Darc_orion

    Last week I asked my buddy at tmo about it and he said end of july for it to come out

  • Egrunder33

    great aug release for galaxy note..just in time for the galaxy note 2..way to go tmo

    • Note Lover

      The Galaxy Note 2 wouldn’t come out on TMO until next year anyhow!  I’m glad we will still be getting the first Note and so what if I have to wait another month.

  • Taron19119

    Whats going on at t-mobile cusomer service said the system is updating and now my t-mobile is not working so what is going on at tmobile

    • Guests

      I actually was actually talking to a tmobile agent a while ago, they just going through a scheduled update apparently, said it was 1 hour 30min , think there should be an hour left about

      • Guests

        lol typo

        • Taron19119

          I hope this means customer service will be selling the galaxy s 3

  • Scrappy

    i spoke to a tmobile rep he told me that a samsung rep he told me dat they actually going to bring the note actually in sept. So this is no purpose getting it cuz the note 2 would be coming out in the same month or just one month later stupid tmobile

  • P. Humm

    Its not a scheduled update. The systems have crashed. Again. They need to make a serious investment in their computer systems. The entire company is basically running off of Omnipoint’s infrastructure. It is embarrassing to watch reps struggle with their system slowness and watch them fumble to make the same excuses every time you walk into a T-Mobile store. If they want to talk like a serious competitor in all aspects of business, they need to act like one.

    • Zw77wz

       What now, three of these “updates” in the past week during prime evening activation times?  Looks like someone forgot to pay the server bill.

  • Guests

    Well since t-mobile’s outsourced customer service has no idea what im saying and it’s hard for me to understand them……. I asked the person about the hpsa+ 1900mhz band avalability in my area but he keeps telling me yes it works all over U.S(which i know it doesnt, so he must be misunderstanding me)then the second i say its non-tmobile phone him like every other person i talk to “we do not guarentee non t-mobile smartphone blah blah…” and keeps repeating if your phone is GSM 1900 it will work(still not understanding me) is there any other way for me to check because none of their employees have a clue about t-mobiles operation.

    • Lani

      Based on your post, I can see where they are not understanding you.

      My guess is that you are asking about confirmed date availability of network upgrades in your area allowing Tmobile4G network connections on a non-Tmobile4G capable mobile.

      Tmobile will not give confirmed dates of availability until the network upgrade is tested and actually working.  Keep in mind, Tmobile does not promise that you’ll receive Tmobile 4G in a 4G area on a Tmobile4G capable mobile, much less a non-Tmobile4G capable mobile.

  • Zabaniya

    why would they even think about releasing the note when note 2 is…around a month after??

  • MarcusDW

    Maybe they did the smart thing and scrapped it in favor of the Note II. That would the the best scenario.

  • Note Lover

    sure, go ahead, double your monthly cellphone bill because you don’t want to wait 5 weeks

    • Bigmouth

      The extra dough is worth it to be free of the taint of losers like T-Mobile sales associate Aaron Tant, lol.

      Seriously, though, I had faith August 8 was a drop-dead date, I might consider it. But one delay is too often followed by another. Besides, I’m curious to see how fast LTE is.

  • Joseph Tongret

  • Guests

    Well im not looking for 4g im looking for 3g on a non t-mobile phone which it supports the 1900mhz band. Im not even asking about the confirmation date either, just want to know if its available in my area at this point in time. I’ve seen post of other people asking and got their answer pretty easily.

    • Jesus

      seriously? it’s not available, if you read the article you would know it’s set to launch a little before Christmas.


      As of right now we have about 400 of 37,000 sites complete across the entire country. It will be a while…

  • xSAVAGEx

    Even if they come out with a Note2 in Sept, I doubt that tmobile or any other US carrier would have it until the summer 2013. I’m sure Tmobile will make a greater margin on the original note with its less than cutting edge hardware. But I can’t help but hope for some Amazing and exciting news to come from tmobile and Samsung in the next couple months. After all the merger crap it seems like tmobile is starting act like they are in business again.

  • Tmo_Fan

    is the note that popular among phnoes? I mean besides Iphone and the GS3 how is the NOTE so famous?

    • Note Lover

      Yes, it is.  Just like each and every phone, people have their favorites.  It is surprising how many people love their Note and how many people still want the Note.

      • Lkjhhhgh

        Your very correct. I am using an att. Version of the note. I received it as present and never planned on keeping it and its such an amazing phone that Im suffering with edge speeds just to use it on t-mobile.

        • Note Lover

          that’s why I really hope that it will be coming to T-Mobile because, like you, I’d be suffering with Edge lol. 

        • Wilma Flintstone

           You can hack it to run on tmobile’s HSPA+ speeds…

        • Learnit02

           I did try that.  Although it worked with Tmobile, but was very unstable a lot of times.  I ended up selling it, and still can’t wait for the Tmobile Note to come out.  For those of you who would wanna try to hack to use Tmobile on ATT Note, Please DO NOT TRY. You will be wasting your time and effort. Consider yourself warned.

        • Note Lover

          Thanks for the warning, I really do appreciate it because I don’t have a clue how to root and it worries me that the warrenty would be null/void if rooted. Not all of us are able to, want to, or know how to buy the Note on AT&T then root, hack (whatever it’s called lol).  I just want it to come to T-Mobile and work the way it’s supposed to.   I know that a majority of the people feel the way I do and some people may be scared off if the price is too high. If TMO keeps the price reasonable and brings the Note out soon, it should be a success!  I for one, will patiently for it because even if the Note 2 was released in Sept/Oct. we wouldn’t see it released in the states until next year anyhow.  I just so happen to have a line that was added later, than my original lines, and is due for an upgrade.  That line will be the Note and if I want to get the Note 2 (if it even gets to TMO next year), I will upgraded to that, at that time next year. 

  • This is so sad with the Note 2 rumored to come out this September! Just wait and buy unlocked

  • Farmer Ted

    Sigh.  Yet another reason to hold off on buying anything new and wait for the refarm so my unlocked iPhone that’s running t-mobile edge and wifi will run at better speeds…

  • 27flash

    I just spoke to someone in the know and it would be preposterous for t the note mobile, to come out with the note, when the note II comes out a month later. The magenta corporation would always be playing catch up w/ that other company. I would expect to see the note 2 on the shelves just b4 fall

    • Note Lover

      So what if it’s a little behind for TMO to release it?  There are a ‘lot’ of people waiting for the release of the Note, more than we probably know.  Saying the Note 2 is coming out a month later, isn’t true…it hasn’t even been confirmed and even if it was released in 2-3 months, we won’t see it in the States until next year.  Sure, a lot of people will buy the International versions, root, etc. but a majority of the people wait for it to come to their carrier so they can upgrade and get it at a cheaper price.  .

  • Kre8v1

    I dont understand all the hype for the Gnote. It is just a big phone!! From what I understand it will have lackluster components and a stylus? You are all getting amped over that!??? Why would they put out a device(GNote) that runs on an inferior network like 3G? Also there is hard evidence on the G Note coming to tmo and just speculation on the G Note2 coming in Sept.(internationally, spring-summer 2013 stateside). You think the G note2 is coming to Tmo first??? You outta your mind?!!

    • Imprezaowner27

      I get that its just a “big phone” but thats exactly it….I use a BB 9900 because i have HUGE hands and cant use a damn touch screen for the life of me….the S3 is close to a sweet spot, but the note is perfect for my hands. 

      • Note Lover

        I agree with you Imprezaowner27, people may think it of it as “just a big phone” but that’s why I’ll be getting it  I currently have a HTC Sensation and have small hands, therefore, use two hands most of the time anyhow.  My issue is that I have to use glasses to read my screen most of the time and the Note will be perfect.  I’ve played around with AT&T’s Note a few times and even went to check out the size is on the GS3 and still want the Note.  The GS3 is a nice phone (and a better overeall phone as far as specs is concerned) but I really want that extra .5 inch and will be very happy with the specs on the Note.  Using two hands is not a problem for me so with the Note, I’ll be able to see the screen better and I’ll just set up the apps on the right side of the Note so I can use one hand at times.  As far as answering a call (with the huge phone up to my head), that doesn’t bother me at all and don’t care that it may look ridiculous to other people.  Due to the ‘not so great’ volume on the Sensation, I actuallly have to use headphones to make calls most of the time (so I can hear) so hoping the Note will have better volume/speakerphone.  Needless to say, I’m patiently awaiting the release of the Note to T-Mobile and it will be worth the wait.     

  • Wilma Flintstone

     True but you forgot one major detail.  This is Tmobile US we’re talking about.

    • MarcusDW

      I try to give them the benefit, but, we all know that amounts to nothing.

  • lecie

    I officially decided when I paid my Tmo bill yesterday at the store that I’m not getting the Note.. it was already released on AT&T… my friend has it and says its amazing but it lacks every major new thing GS3 has except for a huge screen & 2. Samsung finally put a freaking LED notification light on there phone for every carrier.. I have been begging for that for what seems like ever!  YAY GS3

  • Well wait no more as I just saw the Note on the Tmobile Site as coming soon. Still no pricing but YEAH I cant wait. I am sure if the AUG 8th release date now for sure.

    • Note Lover

      That’s what I’m hoping for too.

  • Kaldrooby

    Samsung Note for T-Mobile USA will be released Aug 8, 2012. However I would wait for Samsung Note 2 as it is a far superior improved Note with big possibility of carrying the LTE technology as well as an improved 5.5 inch screen, the quad chip and better camera resolution, Is it worth the wait ? It all depends how fast you want the speed for the internet. Finally T-Mobile is catching up !!!! The Samsung Note 2, theGalaxy SIII and hopefully the iphone 5 will give T-Mobile the lead in phones and rates and should leap to 1st place. Go T-Mobile. Its about time !!!

  • Bossladylowe71

    I hope it does launch for sale on August 8th cause guess what my Birthday is on the August 9th I just hope they don’t sale it for a 2yr contract for no more than $199-$249 either way I’m getting me one :)