Apple Granted Preliminary Injunction Against Galaxy Nexus

This just isn’t Samsung’s week, as a new preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus follows on the heels of Apple winning a similar injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung will undoubtedly work fast to file an appeal against the granted injunction, which focuses on Android 4.0’s slide-to-unlock feature. Unlike the Galaxy Tab 10.1 however, the Galaxy Nexus is still a wildly popular device in the US and saw plenty of face time this week at Google’s I/O conference as it saw reaffirmation as Google’s flagship smartphone.

This Apple/Samsung stuff just keeps getting better and better.

Engadget via Reuters

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  • Rfgenerator

    Something tells me this California judge is in Apple’s pocket.  Wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is throwing money around or that this judge is just drinking the Apple Kool-Aid.

  • kahlayoh

    Typical Apple always hating!! When will this madness stop?

  • jian9007

    The amount of patent/IP lawsuits filed has become farcical. It’s not just Apple either, as there has been a plethora of crazy lawsuits filed over the last several years. The system is broken and needs to be fixed. Where’s Judge Posner when you need him? Also, the only monetary damages that Apple can seek in the US in this case are for their Siri patent, which is just a patent on unified search. The other three patents for slide-to-unlock, data tapping and autocorrect, did not meet the necessary eBay test (named for the eBay v. MercExchange case in 2006, in case anyone was wondering).

    Will the SGS3 be next? Competition apparently breeds a level of contempt, and the consumers get caught in the middle.

  • Zach Mauch

    what does this mean for selling it on the play store?  I’m glad I got my purchase in yesterday.  I shipped this morning :).  I wouldn’t expect them to call it back.

    • Arvin

      yea i ordered one yesterday its shipped already 

  • Jason Foshee

    Has Apple forgotten where they copied all of the technology they’ve used from?

  • Erieboyz

    And I just ordered my nexus. Wondered if it is going to be affected

  • smithgo

    apple is so jealous that android’s new features will be available on all nexus phones buy July way before they get their already old new features of iOS 6 out. Galaxy Nexus(350+jelly bean) = Apple is going down! for good

  • Mgmessner

    Apple piss off, notification bar=android, voice search=android, voice guided navigation=android, Apple can suck my big fat…..Ice Cream Sandwich beast of a device that changes looks and doesn’t stick to one boring layout for 5 years. Steve Jobs must have had small hands if he said the iphone was a perfect size, my nexus is perfect for my hands….Stevey were you a small man???

    • bleeew

      Google copied. Siri. App Store. Itunes. Multitouch input.

      • J-Hop2o6

        And Apple copied those. All Apple did was improve the old ways/methods.

        • Sorry, but neither Apple nor Google came up with 98% of the ideas as they were first implemented. That goes back to Nokia, HP, Palm, Blackberry etc etc etc. Let’s not treat those features like Google was first with them either.

        • J-Hop2o6

          That’s what I meant. I should’ve clarified it better (pre-Google & Apple).

      • fixxmyhead

        Would u be mad if I told u I was happy when i heard Steve jobs died?

        • I’d say you were a disgusting person to be happy when anyone passes away. Unless they are a dictator responsible for the deaths of millions, being happy over a technological figure is pretty sad.

        • skpal

          quit feeding the troll.

      • HeLLo

        Ok so Apple copied Google Maps,notification bar.Quit being such a stupid fanboy especially a blind one.Hate when the iSheep fail to even mention the crap Apple copied from others.

        • And I think it’s bad that Android fans point fingers at Apple, while not recognizing that BOTH Android and Apple copied from elsewhere.

  • Apple turns my stomach. I will not allow any Apple products in my house. My family do not use them but if someone comes over with an I-Phone they leave it outside or do not come in. I am not kidding either, they are the worst company. Just follow their business practice, they have screwed more small companies then All others combined. They have slave labor building their products and hide it as much as possible. Truely one disgusting company.

    • Mardux2585

      Amen brother

    • Scarfacemario

      Your my role model bro great stuff

    • Your “family”? I bet you’re really popular with the kids huh? “Oh yah, my dad says you can’t bring your iPhone into the house”. I can see your kids’ friends rolling their eyes from here. Stop being a nerd. Get some perspective in your life. IT’S A PHONE, it’s not your life.

      • Man, I love arguments like this, that same “slave labor” builds a number of the Android phones you so love and praise. What’s really sad about this whole thing are comments like this and people who are arguing the wrong argument, or fighting the wrong fight.

        • Mirad77

          David you are true only to some extend. USPO and Apple are equally to be blame in this per your point. Unified search,slide to unlock, are part reason for the suit and tell me which of those on Gnex is Samsung’s? If Apple had it’s way it would never mention where those phones were made. It was only a concern to them when the labor practice was brought to light. Did you get to read the bio of Steve Jobs? He was stupid in his day to let Gates screw him doesn’t mean other companies can’t see the light of the day. People are frustrated as these suits are becoming old news. You for that matter ( an owner of iphone) but Google Now and Siri to test and tell the real meaning of this suit.  

        • Testing either of those features won’t settle this matter, the idea of both these companies should be to try and one up each other. Innovation is what we need, not litigation. All that being said, Apple has a right to protect its IP, but its being overly aggressive in their attempts.

        • souggie

          couldn’t have said it better David…

        • UMA_Fan

          I think it’s pretty clear that considering how trivial some of these patents are Apple is not coming from a place of protecting their IP but wants to attack Android in a general sense.

          For example, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was decided in court as a stolen ‘design’ from the iPad.  Yet the Tab surpasses the iPad in thinness, lightness, and screen size. 

           If Apple feels their market share is being threatened they should cater to that market instead of attempting to eliminate that choice for consumers all together.  The tablet market is NOT healthily competitive.  There’s no question Apple has a right to defend it’s IPs but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s mean spirited.  ESPECIALLY considering Apple is one of the most financially successful companies in history.

        • WINNING

          Quit acting like a b!tch David. Personally the slave labor doesn’t bother me one bit because everybody does it, so I’ll give you that David. But what the hell is going through Apples mind? Make our competitions devices unavailable and then people are stuck buying our product. LOL those are great business ethics. Simply delaying the inevitable.  In reality now that the cost of parts are coming down and android phones are beefed up enough to handle the operating system. Android WILL dominate any competition for the time being. Yesterdays news will be what happened to the I Phone anyway. Kind of like Blackberrys sad story. The only thing that held them together was BBM. Without becoming more innovative they were destined for failure. Technology moves at much too fast of a pace to feel confident that you can hold the market by delaying the competiton. I can’t wait till this backfires in Apples stupid face by the demand becoming so extreme that Apple boosts the sales of the competiton through the unintentional “people want what they can’t have” situation being forced. Now let me just say I am in no way about letting companies steal your ideas, but when you look at the bull sh!t that Apple wants to keep exclusive instead of let it grow into something amazing. It’s a diservice to everybody.  In conclusion I want to keep this cheery so ………………………    Apple 3.7″ when hard.   Android  5.3″ like a rock.        SIZE DOES MATTER…….. Eat A D!ck Apple

    • Glad I’m not the only one! I hate apple with a passion! I don’t buy any of their products..

    • AOKP

      Free Big Meech!!!

  • Jinx8402

    Shouldn’t Apple be suing Google if they are going after the software of Galaxy Nexus?  

    • Stephan Brubaker

      That would be harder to do because Google isn’t actually placing the OS in the hands of the consumer, it’s an open source platform and Samsung has chosen to implement it (in it’s entirety, i.e. the lock screen) so they are ultimately responsible for the infringement. 

  • Guest911

    Seriously guys, you notice it’s all against Samsung? There is a reason. It’s NOT about Android. It’s about Samsung infringing on patents. This will be unpopular but you have to consider cultural issues here and how copying is rampant in Asia. Any AMERICAN company would do the same. Be smart.

    • Arvin

      pretty sure its against some of the software. The swipe unlock thing. its total bs by apple 

    • Jinx8402

      Yeah, this one is totally against Android, not Samsung.  They are just using Samsung since they are the manufacturer.  They are going after the Galaxy Nexus which is pure android, no customization from Samsung.  The lock screen is what Google created for Android.  Thus, this is a lawsuit directly against Android.

    • FlyOhMy

      apple sued motorola, htc and samsung.. so you were saying?

    • JBrowne1012

      Oh if its NOT about Android then explain this “According to extracts of Mr Isaacson’s book, obtained by the Associated Press, Mr Jobs said: “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this…..I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong.””

      • GBGamer

        Direct quote from Steve:”Picasso had a saying, ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal,’ and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.

    • Matlock

      actually buddy, they;ve gone after HTC and Motorola also! The Evo 4G LTE and the One X were both delayed because of Apple. So its not just Samsung.

  • Arvin

    i just bought a nexus yesterday hahhaha

  • Sean W

     Dear USPO,

    I’ve seen prior art for slide to unlock in motels.

  • Jmotley69

    It’s time for Google to step in , apple just basically spit in there face and took there flagship phone right out of there hands….It’s time for a Google vs apple trial..

  • Adadas8787

    El Goog, time to draw your big guns!!

  • This just in Apple sues God stating that the only true God is Steve “God” Jobs and the sheep that follow him is proof. Sorry too soon? 

    • bleeew

      Shut up!

      • fixxmyhead

        U mad bro?


    Apple I hate that company ,,,,
    Just sue everyone that is a threat while they profit from  exploiting  under paid Chinese workers.
    Bravo Apple,,,Bravo

  • Matthew Tillman

    I bought a Nexus from the play store today.  Is this going to hold up my order?

    • souggie

      doubt it

    • rwc1792

      Not likely, injunction doesn’t take effect until apple puts up the 96 million.  They’ll probably do so some time next week. 

  • Part of the risk you face when you introduce products following the clear trend leader is that you understand that you will have Intellectual Property conflicts. It goes within the territory. The fact that Apple tries to voraciously defend it’s legally obtained patents is not wrong at all. I might not agree with their heavy handed tactics, and there is a certain amount of inevitability of people following the market leader, they have every right under the law to vigorously defend their patents. If you have some kind of problem with IP law in general, then try and do something about that. Start a movement, try to influence politics to change patent law.

  • Stephan Brubaker

    Google doesn’t give a crap about Samsung. Have you all forgotten they just finished their acquisition of MOTO, they will let Apple beat down the other companies while they perfect their OS and design the ultimate phone.

    Very smart move by Google, with the slew of patents that Google now owns from Motorola I think Apple will be hard pressed to actually attack them. So no worry folks, Android will continue on strong from hence forth. 

    • souggie

      and what makes you think apple aint bold enough to come at google after all the crap they pulled already? give it a month…we’ll have another google vs apple lawsuit brand new and shiny!

    • in2android

      I wouldn’t be so sure that Google doesn’t give a crap about samsung, they are the leader in Android phone sales? I don’t know if they will run in to save the day, but I imagine they do “give a crap about them”.

    • @AllenConder

      That’s silly. Google wants android on as many phones as possible because they make the money from ad revenue not hardware.

      Google bought Moto for the patents, not to brand it Nexus. Google even confirmed that Moto would get no special treatment

      Your idea is more fan fiction then fact. But I see why you would think that :)

  • souggie

    the problem is just that….the trend leader? the same company that simply bought the majority of those patents instead of being innovative and creating their own crap? let’s start there.  Ill agree that they made some things better, but apple has a nasty habit of claiming patents and then saying they created stuff.  These tactics are beyond heavy handed, they’re completely childish and immature.  It’s like two little kids fighting over something and one gets mad because he cant have his own way and calls his big brother.  It’s crap.  IP conflicts are one thing, but you cant try to corner the market, especially when you HAVE to expect as a successful company that there are competitors who WILL make better things and superior things at some point.  Jobs was never mad at samsung, he was mad at ANDROID.   The US patent system is beyond broken….how come you never see apple attack windows phone, and they’re actually CLOSER software wise to IOS than android is if you break the software down….? Come on man, this has gone far enough, court system needs to curb these lawsuits from apple, and instead of granting preliminary injunctions, actually, and CAREFULLY break down the software to determine if something was indeed violated….not that apple created most of it anyway….unfortunately thats the name of the game…..instead of creating…just buy patents.  There’s a    BOLD ripoff of android sitting on IOS’s software right now, and you dont see google trying to rip apple a new one in court…..jeez….it’s realy old and tiresome now

    • rwc1792

      Apple can’t attack windows, it’s thanks to Bill Gates that Apple is still around.

      • souggie

        EXACTLY my point…they’re picking and choosing who to attack, because of marketshare….but the thing is this….if windows phone had the type of marketshare android has, would apple try to attack them? i think so…because their software is similar at its core….but prorbably unsuccessfully, because microsoft is…..well….microsoft

  • Pira

    Tmonews says that the patent responsible dealt with unlocking, but then why does Todaysiphone claim it dealt with voice commands and unified search…? Strange.

    • It covers all of the above, I was merely focusing on one of the main issues at the center of the argument. There are dozens of patent matters at work between these two companies right now.

      • Deceptivesmiles

        Or rather patent matters between Apple and Google/any company they feel is a threat. 

        Apple is just keen on reinventing the wheel and doesn’t want anyone else to do the same

  • Scarfacemario

    Apples are falling again

  • JBLmobileG1

    Google needs to end Apples sue happy ways. They own plenty of patents too which I am sure could shut Apple up once and for all.

  • in2android

    Well, if Apple is able to stop the GNEX from shipping, then there’s no time better than now for those of us holding one to try to sell it! I wouldn’t, but if you’ve been holding out because of the low resale value that came about after Googles lower pricing through the play store, then you’d better get it on ebay pronto at a bit of a markup!

  • @AllenConder

    I don’t blame Apple one bit. Showmanship, I’m a baseball fan and bending the rules, or winning on a technically is what can change the game.

    But understand me when I say this. Apple is (or should be) very scared. I own a 4S and a Gnex. Both on the “beta” OS. Jelly Bean is almost, in every way as good as or better then iOS 6. The “polish” and shine Apple fans trash Google for is moving further into the rearview mirror.

    Personally anyone who says “Wow (Your OS) sucks ass!” Is a fan boy idiot who’s still living in 07…

    As for the actual lawsuits… I’ll truly get worked up when the Play Store stops selling the device

    Made my humble opinion known. If you want to talk or debate hit me up on twitter cause I don’t think I’ll respond here lol

  • Daswahnsinn

    If Apple is pissed about the “slide-to-unlock”, which I don’t see in my settings, running ICS on the htc ruby, then shouldn’t Google just change that one thing. Apple will end up screwing themselves with these lawsuits. Apple also needs to learn to be innovative again, I mean the iphone hasn’t really changed, I think Google should sue Apple for a general lack competitive innovation. I really can’t compare an Apple device to an Android device.

    • Farhan

      I’d like to see a class action suit against Apple. Google should bring together every Android manufacturer big and small and even MS to once and for all end this fruity menace.

      • Herb

         Fruity menace… I’m using that.

  • Spumington

    I don’t understand suing over the “slide to unlock” feature. Remember the old candy bar phones? What would have happened if Nokia sued everyone over hitting Menu + * to unlock the phone? It’s exactly the same thing. It’s complete nonsense. I have no idea how this hasn’t been laughed at and thrown out of court.

  • Harddude5

    Funny how back in the day when I was buying Macs almost as a protest against the evil bully Bill Gates, it never occurred to me that poor little Apple Computer Inc. would someday be the big, bad bully that I would love to hate. Amazing what selling a bunch of silly little portable music players and fancy cellphones can do for a dying, sympathetic PC manufacturer.

  • Altruisticjay

    The funny thing about all this, is people are going to be jumping as fast as they can to get a GN, before Apple puts down the money for the injunction to happen.  Google Play Store is going to sell a lot of these in the next few days.

  • Jim Jiang

    I just want All the Android Makers to pool their patents to one entity and sue apple so that it stretches their legal division to the point of exaustion

  • @AllenConder

    As a person who’s in love with his Gnex. I’m LOVING the pub our device is getting. Obviously with Jelly Bean (which is amazing) and now this. In a world where Android devices are forgotten after a month, Apple is putting us Flagship user back into the spotlight

  • Herb

    I was leaning GSIII for a long time, but after getting it in my hands I just wasn’t as blown away as I wanted to be. After seeing Jelly Bean features from I/O I talked myself out of the GSIII and decided my next phone would be a Nexus and David, your editorial sealed the deal for me. This injunction was the last push I needed and I just ordered mine from the Play Store. Hoping it ships before the injunction takes effect.

    • Harddude5

      You’ll love it. I like mine even more now that I know it is really an iPhone clone.

      • Kevinmarchibald

         Lol, good one. I use a Verizon GN at work as a reference phone. I’ll have to try the G3 and see if I have the same meh experience. Was hoping for a BT 4.0 phone though, which the GN is not.

  • Bman

    Can you use the Nexus on a classic plan and still get 42mbps? I am on a classic plan and want to get a Nexus

    • TBN27

      Galaxy nexus tops out at 42mps. Classic plan or value plan. It will be great to have for the network refarm will allow it to have a consistent hspa+21 connection accross 1700/2100 and 1900 mhz bands. I so want to get one but since T-mobile LTE is comong, i will hold out.

      • TMOTECH

        No it doesn’t. The GNEX has a single carrier radio. It tops out at 21Mbps. 

        • TBN27

          That was a type-o. Thank you for the correction.

    • Matlock

      The Galaxy Nexus is HSPA 21 certified, not 42! I have one, and around town I average 6-9mbps on speedtest! trust me its plenty fast. My GF has an HTC Amaze and if we load the same webpage she is usually only a fraction of a second faster. I love my GNexus, and would not give up. 

  • Fredderrick17

    So does this mean the phone wont be sold in the U.S cause lately ive had intrest in buying one ?

    • Daniel Holmstock

      not until they post the bond, and then perhaps pending appeal.

  • Guesr

    Apple and anyone who works for apple needs an asskicking

    • Daniel Holmstock

      come on use some common sense u think the average worker believes this dribble? its the upper classes of corporate management with lawyers getting rich! – thats such an ignorant comment! gheesh – grow up.

  • Intermaniax1

    i’m gonna sell my ipod right now! F U Apple

  • JBLmobileG1

    I say everyone boycott Apple until they stop with this non sense of suing everyone. Then maybe they will get a clue. They’d eventually run out of money to pay their lawyers because they won’t be making any money. Apple really needs to ease up or they will end up destroying everything they have. Even their loyalists I think are finally saying thats enough.

    • MacRat

      Are you going to boycott all the other phone manufacturers as well? They are all suing each other.'t forget that the price of all Android phones include a tax to Microsoft for patents they hold.

    • Low IQ

      You can’t boycott them… simple people need them, it’s not meant as an insult just an observation. My mom had a hard time with Android, she is not a techy, but iPhone she does better at, not fantastic, but better. Apple is a corporation with power, and anything that has that much power, well lets face it never hold well for those with less of it.

  • Jcbmj2854

    Whaaaa! Whaaaaa! thats all that Apple Dose is CRY !!!!!!! I’m selling my shit pod touch i’v had two apple products… and i don’t care what anyone says they suck!! & are the most boring os out there I love Sammy & Android Fight!!!!!!!!!

  • Flashy4bb

    I have just ordered my GN. can’t wait to put my hands on. And when Google comes with a phone with LTE support for T mobile sometime next year or so, i will jump on it. Fuck apple.

  • Enoel69

    It is about time they revisit some of these frivolous patents that were handed over to Apple and it ilk. There are limited ways of interacting with a small screen as those used in cellphones and Tablets…things like slide or slide to unlock, tap or double tap, pinch or pinch to zoom, swipe, press or long press etc should NEVER be patented to any particular company. It is just like one of the numerous car companies claiming patents on the various ways to control a turning the steering wheel left or right to turn or how to bring a car to a stop by pressing the brakes. This is utter nonsense for any company be giving such silly patent to be used to engage in anti competitive practices. Similarly it is also nonsensical for a company to claim patents on is the cases with rectangular or square like cellphones. Apple has been claiming patents on the shape of the Galaxy tab and Galaxy S devices…which is ludicrous. When will some of these judges gonna start throwing out these anti-competitive suits brought just to stifle and prevent the competition from selling its products. Please give patents to someone or a company who actually discovers something not all these warmed over claims of discovery. Just a few companies who have lost their innovative skills are engaged in these practices. Time for the judges to flex their powers and throw all these frivolous anti-competitive suits out or some of the patents should be annulled or the patent system should be revamped. 

  • JART

    Im glad Galaxy Nexus got banned, this is payback for releasing it only for 2 networks in US!

    • Herb

       What about the part where you can buy an unlocked GSM GNex from the Play Store?

    • Herb

       What about the part where you can buy an unlocked GSM GNex from the Play Store?