Samsung Galaxy Note Press Images Pop Up Online

Looking for some more confirmation of the Galaxy Note’s upcoming arrival on Magenta store shelves? How about some leaked press images that just came our way, showing off the phone in all it’s errrr press image glory. There isn’t learn new to learn here, especially the things we are really desperate to know like release date and price. Still, any leak on the Galaxy Note featuring T-Mobile branding that just appeared is a sign we could learn at least one of those pieces of information soon. Let’s hope its real soon, before the high price of the Galaxy S III leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

There’s a full gallery below, featuring blown up shots and the original size.

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  • urmom

    You can get your for a low price of 399.99 lmao

  • urmom

    Get yours now for a low price of 399.99 after a $50 MIR. Lmao.

  • I think T mobile is already too little too late on the note. Maybe the Galaxy Note 2 would be a good one to bring to Tmo but not the first gen Galaxy Note. Even still it’s not a phone I would pick cause that thing is like pressing a kindle fire to your ear. I will stick with my Galaxy Nexus.

    • Yeah they should of skip this unless its has an s4 processor in it and 2 gigs ram. It is just an over sized galaxy s2. Note2 will be dropping in Q4 and as well other nexus devices.

  • David Rosen

    in cell phone years the note is already way too old to just now start thinking about getting. wish it was the note 2 or something.

  • Mos_def98

    sorry but t-mobile once again is a day late and a dollar short on this one. 

  • Galaxy Note doesn’t get my vote.

  • Note will probably be $229 if it shouldn’t be more expensive than the s3. 

  • Miamidadewhatajoke

    since the gs3 is 279 after a 50 mir ….the note should be ….300.00 after Mir of 50 bucks cause you know tmo does awesome pricing on phones

  • Guests

    If note 2 is comming out around Oct, when do you guys think itll be release in the U.S specifically Tmobile?

    • dev19

      Maybe next year…

    • Kindredkian

      I’m still getting a Note in July it’s still a beast of a phone. As for the Note 2 it has to have some serious upgrades to warrant the rush of having one so soon after the original Note. That said I don’t see the Note 2 hitting internationally until February/March 2013 and US shores until June/July of 2013. October is way too soon IMO.

    • Guests

      yea I want to get the note for sure but didn’t see the point if the 2nd one was gonna be release 3 months later.

      • Highergroundkc

        I’m getting tired of the manufacturers coming out with new phones so fast to where you’re having to pay all this money every 6 months.  The SII launched in November, now the SIII in June, by December I guess the SIV will be out…smh

        • Guests

          I know what you mean, that’s why I’m certain I’ll get this note, I’ve thought about getting the at&t one but then there was rumors about it being release on tmo, so i waited. Now there’s rumors of the note 2 already….by the time i wait for note 2 to come to tmo, note 3 rumors would start.


    If.they wanna sell a good amount of these they better make this $100-$150 on a 2yr cuz if they price it like they did the galaxy s3, t-mobile is toast.

    • Azazellov

      yeah i still can’t believe they had the balls to sell it for this much when everyone else is selling it for $200. For once they are getting a great phone at the same time as the other carriers, they could at least sell it for the same price. Not a good way to keep existing customers and attract new ones.

    • Get_at_Me

      doubtful…despite its age, its not midrange and its a phone-tablet hybrid with special s pen software…it aint gonna be $150 on contract….And a higher pricepoint on the Note isn’t going to sink TMO

    • Jaygqitalia

      Considering the 32gb is sold out, I doubt anyone is toast. Only people really complaining about the price are on here, and guess what, most of them still bought the phone. Normal people buy a phone maybe once every 16 months and sell there old phone. Sell my s2 for 320 on ebay and pay the difference for the s3. Point is, if there complaining about it being extra, then they shouldnt be buying a new phone to begin with.

  • Mark Hennessey

    I’ll go out on a limb and guess July 11 as the launch date….

    • trickinit

      At 10:10 AM..

      • Arvin

        at 10:10:37 

  • I think in the future t-mobile value plans will be around $40-50 cheaper than classic. I use to be on classic switch to value drop insurance as well. You save around $120 in two years without insurance. That is enough money to invest in protection like cases/screen protectors in your device. You know longer need unlimited minutes if you have free wifi calling on your account. If you have a hot spot portable one like clear wire you can connect to it and have wifi calling as well. Making you have more coverage than usual.

  • Get_at_Me

    i could care less about price…i wanna know what chip it has…please be s4!!!! It will be interesting to see where this lands price wise….its newer than the gs2 in terms of US availability, but older compared to the gs3….it has to be more than the gs2, but will it be more than the gs3??? The s2 is currently $150 down on a Value Plan…the s3 is $230 on value. The Note will most likely cost either $200 or $250 (down)…If this does indeed drop the second week of July, it’ll be a nice companion device for the s3 with its limited availability and all.

    • Get_At_Me

      I’m homo and I’m happy lol.

      • Tbyrne

        What does your sexual preference have to do with the Note? GTFOH!

    • in2android

      I’m sure it’s going to have the s3, I don’t think Samsung is going to change the phone? Besides, that would suckered for development if that’s what your into, because it would be different than every other model. However, there is a possibility that it could have the dual core exynos like the international note, but I doubt Tmo will let that happen since they want as many 42mbps hspa+ phones as they can get in their lineup. Too bad though, because the Note with the exynos is about as good as our gs3 in my opinion, and I’ll be ecstatic!

      • Get_at_Me

        The S3 makes sense as its the same chip as the AT&T version.  Although, i wouldn’t rule out the Exynos or the Qualcomm S4.  Someone else posted here that TMO tested the Exynos on its network, but has yet to launch a device that uses it.  T-Mobile has several highend devices that are 42mbps capable thanks to the S3/S4 chip (GS2, Blaze, Amaze, One S & GS3)….It would not surprise me if TMO went with the Exynos simply b/c they can “afford to” given its line current line up.  21mbps (if that ends up being the Exynos powered Note’s limit) is still considered 4G as far as TMO is concerned…..On the other hand, the S3 is last year’s tech and the Note is a high profile device for TMO.  Do they want last years chip in such a high profile device?  Another tidbit i can throw out is that TMO’s Tab 10.1, which launched in early November, has the Tegra 2 processor (which is only 21mbps capable).  The GS2 and Amaze launched around that time with Qualcomm S3 chips (for 42mbps connnectivity)….So, its been proven that TMO has put “slower network chips” in its devices…….Its honestly anyone’s guess what it will have.  Nothing will surprise me.

        • in2android

          Agreed, they could go any route on this one. I personally would love to see the exynos in there. It’s still a very fast chip, and should make it very easy to port all of the international notes roms over. I’ve been with Tmo for a decade, and I’m really starting to believe in them again. I think we’re seeing signs that they’re understanding that their customers want these high end devices to go along with the value prices. I’m with Tmo because of the great prices I get and because they’ve always treated me very well. Just rolling out the 1900 was enough for me, because I’ve have unlocked phones running on edge. I really want to see them get competitive now and start jumping on some of these big releases and maybe even lock some of them into exclusively Tmo only phones, like Att has. As far as the higher priced upgrades, I can understand why they have to do this, being a value priced carrier & not having as many customers as Att & Verizon. I won’t complain, I think they’re doing things very well at the moment.

  • Baranauskasb

    The note is dropping with an exynos chipset, this was confirmed by our samsung rep. Online Release date is scheduled as the 11th, but in store, like the s3, won’t hit shelves until the 17th… I’m getting it… :)

    • Azazellov

      well that’s great news if it’s true, but which one? the one from the international version or a newer one? I am getting one too as soon as it comes out but it’d be nice if it had a better cpu than the AT&T model…

      • There was a exynos processor being tested with Tmobile bands. It was exynos 4# something it was never released though. A lot of blogs spoke about it but the exynos processor never seen the light of day. This one was also lte compatible.

    • Get_at_Me

      Lies Mr. Baracuda!!!!

    • Thefencechild

      And how did they get it to work with our HSPA+?

      • It will work up to 21mbps …if they market the 42mbps then they go with qualcom ….yuck

    • farfromovin

       Shut the front door! I mean, what a trolling post, but if it’s true that could be a huge game changer! Any modern exynos will spank the pants of the S3 chip.

    • randomnerd_number38

       I don’t believe you. If T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note is released with a Exynos SOC, then I’ll totally chow down on some humble pie. Until then, I call BS.

  • late … 

  • Guest2089

    Everyone is talking about the Note 2, but lets be real. The first Note just came to AT&T in Feb, so since its selling so well, why would Samsung release a 2nd version within the same year? I’m expecting if anything, that the Note 2 might be announced in Nov-Dec, hit overseas within the first quarter of 2013 and then finally back to the US around Spring of next year. So until then I will gladly enjoy the first Note until then.

    • xSAVAGEx

      I do agree with you but I am just hoping that they want to show something new with the iphone 5 and that they will offer it world wide like the -gs3.

    • endfinity

      Wrong. The “original” Note (not US version) has been out for 8 months, so, by the time Note 2 gets released, it’s probably 1 year or so, and that will be the international version. Who knows when they will announce one for the US.

      • Guest2089

        Well obviously I’m only speaking in reference to the US version. Which is why I stated it won’t come out to US until probably this time next year. So once again I state, I will gladly get the first Note that because we probably have a good year until the Note 2 actually reaches the States.

      • Jose Hernandez

         If you Read the post above form Guest2089, He Said that the Note Came to AT&T in Feb. That is correct. He did not talk about the International version. So why are you stating “Wrong” as the first thing on your post and then go on to talk about the “not US version)?

  • I wouldn’t say they are late, because the Note is a great device.  It’s still selling, and there are tons of people on T-Mobile who have been waiting to get their hands on it.  It should do well, regardless of price point.  Because when you want something, you don’t really care about the price.  It doesn’t matter, because the use you will give it…will overtake.

    • Arvin

      they arent late but they will charge premium for this phone….  you cant charge premium for an older phone. 

  • Hater On the Rocks

    I wonder if its anything different compared to the note on att i hope it get a s4 not the old s3 and a better screen resolution. but im waiting for that padfone that looks interesting.

  • rschauby

    Now that pre-paid regional carriers are starting to get better phones than T-Mobile, how do they intend to compete? T-Mobile is in need of a new game plan. Getting End-of-Life phones isn’t going to convince people to stick with this carrier.

    • Jason

      This is just inaccurate information.

    • jp

       they’ve needed one longgggggggg time ago. maybe it’s too late

  • $10 says T-Mobile gouges us again and prices the Note at $250 even though it’s been out for about a year and out in the US for like 6 months. 


    • Zabaniya

      i agree with you superman.

      i wouldn’t be surprised if they put it at $299…after rebates

      • Arvin

        299 would be my bet  for upgrades and ied say 250 for new people

        • Get_at_Me

          It would be the same across the board….As far as pricing…. Im gonna guess $250 max after all rebates

        • Spanky

          AT&T is still selling the Note for $250. Since T-Mobile priced the GSIII $130 higher than AT&T, I wouldn’t be surprised if the note was $300, after a $50 rebate.

    • Joey

      Probanly ne $450 after $50 MIR plus CA. sales tax for me. 

      Makes you wonder what T-Mobile USA would sell the iPhone for if it had it?  Their pricing has no rhyme or reason.  They need to come out publicly and tell potential subs and existing customers why we need to pay so much more for hardware.

      Why is no large blog site or online tech news journal asking the hard questions when they get the chance to interview T-Mo execs?


      Gouges you? How? By charging you 300 dollars for a 600 dollar phone? Yea god forbid someone make a profit around here and be able to improve the network. Well just give everything away because you wont mind at all if the network does not get better and we just keep things the way they are now. And eventually when all the money is gone and we cant keep the network up we will fold and you will have to pay more for your service and be bitching at At&t about their high prices. 

      • Tbyrne

        Ha! Ha! LMFAO!! So true!

      • note_lover

        I too, am wondering what the price is going to be.  I was thinking it would be around $199.00, (the rest paid thoughout the 2-year contract for existing TMO customers or new customers), just like AT&T’s Note.  As far as non-contact customers, then they would charge the full price.  Does that sound possible?  

  • in2android

    I don’t know that I’d say the note is end of life? Sure, it’s not the latest and greatest out, but it’s a more than capable phone that fills a demand for the ppl that want a beautiful super sized screen that fits in their pocket. I’m a bit of a smart phone addict, and despite just buying the gs3, I’ll be getting the note as well I think. I almost bought it a couple of times before att had their version, but I kept second guessing tolerating the slow data speeds. Then when they figured out how to flash a working radio to the att variant, I almost did it then. But, then they rumored the T-mobile version, so I held off once again!!! I’ve come so close to getting the note so many times now, that I think I’m gonna have to buy it whether it’s considered old technology or not. It’s still a more than capable device in my opinion, and if the note 2 comes out, I’m buying right from the get go this time around! A huge beautiful display is a big want of mine.

    • in2android

      And who knows, if I find myself using the note all of the time, I may sell the gs3? But, I don’t think any phone right now, no matter how big and beautiful the display is, will make me put the gs3 down for more than a few days. This thing is too buttery smooth and fluent! But I still pull out my old mytouch 4G every now and then & rock it for a day! Every phone I have still has its things I really like about it, and I love to switch it up even with the old school throw backs! Lol

    • farfromovin

       Yeah, hopefully not too long after the Note2 is available we’ll all have Tmo 1900Mhz so no worries about fauxG Tmo data :-) Damn, I think I just gave myself a plan. I was going to get the SGSIII, but think I’ll stick it out with my GN until the Note2.

      • in2android

        I think that’s a good plan… Unless you just can’t resist every new high end phone that hits the market, then I would say ride w/ the Gnex, I had one & actually returned it because I wanted the transformer prime, and I had just dropped WAY too much money at Christmas. (2 kids, ya know) But the Gnex is more than enough to keep you happy for a few months or so. (if the note 2 takes that long) I can’t say the gs3 isn’t absolutely amazing, because it is & I’d say it’s the best phone in the states in my opinion, but all in all its a gs2 plus (hd). The note 2 though, now that’s gonna be a LEAP ahead of everything out right now, where the gs3 is a big step ahead. I would say the international note is probably VERY close to as good as the US gs3. That huge 720p display goes a long way in my book. You can find a lightly used international note at a pretty good price on ebay too, if you can hold out long enough for the 1900 band to be deployed. Long story short though, whether you get the Note on Tmo or the gs3, you’ve got a very impressive phone, and I’m glad Tmo is starting to realize that we do want these high end devices, even if they are late in the game with the note.

  • Sasha!

    So there have been no signs of this in white so far :( 

  • Arvin

    screen is too big its just awkward to use in your hand. ied rather go with a nexus or an s3 

    • Bobsled

      Initially I thought the same, but when I went to an ATT store to play with it, it was surprisingly nice to hold.

      If you want to use it one handed, the simple trick is to hold it on all 4 fingers instead of in your palm.

      • i agree, you gotta use the phone, hold it and have a feel. its not bad, infact its really good size. i used Att’s note and flashed radio for 4g bands. its really good size.

    • Rockstargfx5

      The note is 5.3 and the s3 is 4.8…not that big of a difference lol

  • mingkee

    Am I missing something?
    The press pictures showed Android 4.x.

    • Get_at_Me

      What’s so strange about it having ics? That’s what the att version has.

      • 21stNow

        The AT&T version still has Gingerbread, unless someone rooted and used a new ROM. Typed on an AT&T Note.

  • TMoFan

    I find it funny and sad that the Note is now considered “old”. When did at&t launch this? In February? I’m just glad it’s coming our way and I hope T-Mobile doesn’t repeat the sIII pricing. The attention should have went to the phone but people got fixated on the price.

    • Get_at_Me

      Yup it launched in February on att

  • Samsung abandons all their products soon after release…….they probablly allready abandoned the note 2 for the note 3. Throwaways.

    • no one cares about how “samsung” supports software on their cells. we have xda for that. and if someone is so noob that he she cant even root his her device..? why bother buying a high end phone? lol

      • Relikk356

        Samsung supporting their product is beneficial to XDA. They have ICS running on the Vibrant but they are now just ironing out all the kinks (it a 2 year old phone) and it is somewhat functional.  They have to basically edit and past bits of software together from all the different Galaxy devices in order to get a somewhat functioning ICS, or GingerBread platform.  If Samsung supported devices properly they would have made a Gingerbread kernal speeding up the process for the developers and have everything working properly or at least released the source code. Some CM9 users dont have the capability to dial 911, and they just got the GPS working. When ths GPS is on though it sucks down the battery life like a race car drinks gas.

        If jelly bean has a drastically different Kernal then ICS it could be months/ years before XDA is able to get it fully functioning on the GS3. If Samsung doesn’t support their product.

    • Lani

      Samsung doesn’t focus on older products, they focus on new products to create new business.  There is a big market for those who want the latest mobiles.  In the rest of the world(outside little USA), there is a bigger market of mobile owners to update to the latest mobile to be on top of the latest features and technology, like a fashion statement and status symbol.  If you don’t relate to those types of people, don’t be offended.  Nobody forces you to buy new products and hang out with them.

      I for one, enjoying seeing new items being released that force companies to release better newer faster sleeker products all the time to stand out.  Even if its a small improvement with a product release, it still makes other companies improve their game or collect dust.

      • Tbyrne

        Perfectly stated Lani. Johnnie Boy doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

  • mreveryphone

    If it doesn’t come with the s4 processor then its a fail

    • Get_at_Me

      That’s the big question… What engine will it have under the hood?

    • jp

       it’s t-mobile.. don’t expect the best

      • we got good selection of phones. We dont have iphone, doesnt mean that One S T989 Amaze are bad sets ?
        less in quantity but high in quality here bro.

    • randomnerd_number38

       Don’t hold your breath there, buddy. There’s 0 evidence that there will be a spec bump, it’s just wishful thinking. S4 processors are already in short supply, why would Samsung put them in a phone that’s been out for a while and is just launching on an additional carrier?

      • well makes a lot of sense. if they put S4 in this note, whats gonna happen ?

        Note will take the flagship tag and gs3 will become no 2 in list. samsung dont wanna do that after millions they spent in hyping a regular S4 device (Gs3)One S still beats quad dual core GS3 kinds.

      • mreveryphone

        Ive had and sold the note already so I know how performance is. It lags and responds like a vibrant at times and thats with it being rooted and tweaked to the gills. Now these s4’s are butter and I haven’t had a problem yet.

        • tspx23

          so ur saying an s3… which came out 2 years later is equivalent to a single core processor…. interesting. i find ur statement hard to believe. i’m running att stock ics on t-mobile no lag here. u must have had a vibrant and thought u had a note

        • mreveryphone

          Well everybody’s experience is different so it shouldn’t be too hard to believe. Even my gs2 lagged. Check out reviews with phone’s that have the s3 in them, you will see lag and stammering when switching apps. And if you read my response I said “at times” not all the time.

  • arsenito

    Did anyone notice that the date on the calendar on one of the screenshots, says wednesday July 11th? It indeed corresponds with a Wednesday this upcoming July! Maybe that’s the actual release date? Or perhaps a smart rendition ? Who knows?

    • Aaron Tant

      that’s the same date I heard about its release, too.

  • Thecityboy781

    I have the INT version and all I hope is TMO don’t do a 299 price tag…if they do they dig them selves in a deep hole…I hope your reading this tmo price making people lol

  • I am SOO in need of a new device. With rumors Google have up to 5 Nexus devices and the Note 2 as bad as I want to go buy this device out right I dont want to waste my $ only to resell it for the next gen or a pure Google device. The leaked Samsung with 5 row keyboard looks enticing but screen size looks  to small. Hopefully the internals on here are up to par otherwise I would have just passed on selling the device if I were T-Mobile & wait for the next generation model……..duh

  • deeoh1084

    but why so late though? Note II is coming out supposedly in October of this year (i know it’s just a rumor but still) i know Galaxy Note is a great device b/c i asked all the people that currently own a Galaxy Note around me and they ALL love it none of them had any complaints about the Note don’t get me wrong if Note II comes out with T Mobile i’m all sold for it but i just think (personally) that it’s a bad idea unless it launches with the new S4 processor and 2GB of Ram or quad core processor (yea right in my dream right???)

  • Jaime Laigo

     If the Note2 is as much of an upgrade as the 10.1v1 to the
    10.1v2 why wait?

  • Guest

    Did you notice the date on the phone is July 11th?  Which is the rumored date for the t-mobile launch…  Coincidence?  Probably not…

    • Sswicho

      I was thinking the same thing myself.

  • JBLmobileG1

    While I would be interested in the note more than likely it will be over priced. My guess is when the note 2 comes out for other carriers the price may drop but until then I bet Tmobile will charge a premium until customers can finally say the new note is out on the market…. until then, as far as Tmobile is concerned, the Note 2 doesn’t exist.

  • Rcwillrun

    I was just in a T-Mobile store, and the representative told me that he had personally handled the phone. He said that it ran ICS, HSPA+ 42, and he told me that the performance was “on par with the Galaxy s III”, so I’m guessing a S4 Processor. He did say that it will be released in a matter of days

    • Kilroy4103

      As much as I would to have this phone. I can’t see see T-Mobile releasing this at or around the same time as the S3. Especially if the price point is around $350 after a $50 rebate. That is if they put in a S4 processor. If not I think they still will over price it. Decisions decisions.

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  • teddybearr320

    at the t-mobile store i met the samsung rep and asked them about the galaxy note. they didnt say yes or no but just said it was great and etc etc. so if they dont deny it than it means its coming right? store in dallas, texas.

    • Mil086

      I am a RSA at a store here in FL and 2 weeks prior to the release of the GS3 the Samsung rep came in to our store. The Store Mgr and myself bombarded her with questions about the S3 and finally I asked her about the Note. She confirmed that it is but didn’t know on a date. We are guessing it will be October. 

  • Asturbama

    $279 for a galaxy sIII is crazy and looks like the.note is going to be as expensive. Goodbye tmobile

  • Kaldrooby

    Kal Drooby July 26, 2012 at 12:17 am
    Samsung Note for T-Mobile USA will be released Aug 8, 2012. However I would wait for Samsung Note 2 as it is a far superior improved Note with the LTE technology, improved 5.5 inches screen as well as the quad chip and better camera resolution, Is it worth the wait ? It all depends how fast you want the speed for the internet. Finally T-Mobile is catching up !!!! The Samsung Note 2, the Galaxy SIII and hopefully the iphone 5 will give T-Mobile the lead in phones and rates and should leap to 1st place. Go T-Mobile. Its about time !!!