Go Get It: Galaxy Nexus Back In Google Play Store

Wonderful news this afternoon as the Galaxy Nexus is once again available from the Google Play store after the lifting of the injunction imposed against the device earlier in the week.  Still, even with its triumphant return to the store, buyers will have to wait between two and three weeks to get it.

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit court suspended the ban on the handset yesterday after Google confirmed the Galaxy Nexus had been pulled from the Play store due to the injunction. The ban is only suspended until Apple can respond to Samsung’s request whereas the court will then decide if the injunction should or should not stay in effect.

So what’s the reason for the three-week delay? If we were betting folks around these parts, our money is on the Jelly Bean upgrade. No matter what, for $349.99 you can pick up the most contested handset on the market that’s also the most up to date Android handset on the market. Just do it fast, before it’s gone again.

Thanks everyone for sending this in!

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  • Seanmmvi


    • Drew

      LOL!! Indeed…

  • ScroatFan

    Can anyone that owns this phone confirm that the 4g works on tmo? David? Conan?

    • dave0611

      Yes it does. It’s not the 42mbs, but it is 4G

      • ScroatFan

        Thanks. I know the phone its only capable of 21mbs, but someone on another site said it can only do 3g,, which I think was 7mbs. Can anyone clarify further?

        • Asdf

          I get 10 megs down and 4 up in my area so 4G (as far as tmo 4G is concerned) is in full effect.

        • FILA

          Your never goin to get 21Mbps anyway let alone 42, so even thou its not as cool as having a 42HSPA+ phone, there is no real world difference in the speed, its fast!

        • Guest

          I picked up a GNex right before the ban and I typically get about 8mbs in the Minneapolis area… slightly faster than my G2

        • Fhernandez414

          I live in Anaheim CA and I constantly get about 9-11 mbps

        • dave0611

          I’ve gotten up to 10-11mbps according to speedtest. Though most times I’m at 8-9mbps.

    • Arvin

      it has 4g i am using it as we speak, super fast web browsing really nice phone

  • AP342

    I’m totalling getting this.
    The fact that Google is still updating the older Nexus S to Jelly Bean means that they will keep updating the Galaxy Nexus for years to come. Way after the GS III and One S are forgotten by the carriers.
    Google FTW!

    • Sanman202

      We’ll probably see some JB update versions on the Gnex but for the next major overall I’m not sure. They are already saying that the recommend JB run with 2GB or RAM and the Gnex has 1GB. I think they streamlined it to run on the Gnex being it’s still the latest device they offer. 

  • LoyalT

    My G2 contract is expiring with Tmo and this will help me bridge the gap until something with a QWERTY keyboard comes out.  For $349, this is a good deal at NOT having a 2 year contract with Tmo while they keep bringing crap to market.  Thanks, Google.

    • Steven Coyle

      I also feel the same way… I’m still rockin my G2.. I’ve only bought HTC phones…first the G1 then the G2…thinkin get the GN till HTC comes out with a upgraded G2 aka G3 maybe with keyboard

      • Anon

         HTC already said they weren’t making anymore phone with keyboards =(..its a real shame. i also have the G2 as my backup phone for the Amaze. I still miss the keyboard!

    • Psaux

      SGH-T699 isn’t that far off… Personally, I’m probably waiting for it.

  • ScroatFan

    DAVID BEREN, help me out with some clarification please. Is this capable of getting tmo 4g and not just tmo 3g?
    Where is the spectrum guru Conan?

    • Arvin

      4g on tmobile i am using it right now. It says H instead of 4g on the bars.

      • ScroatFan

        Thank you!

    • s10shane

      it gets tmobiles hspa+ 21mpbs. ive gotta around 9mbps when i had the phone

  • trife

    Mine came in yesterday….LOVE IT. I’m sure I’ll love it even more when JB shows up. No contract extension FTW.

  • Arvin

    just got it last week before ban wondering when jelly bean will come 

  • AP342

    the beauty of Nexus devices is that you can download the official firmware the same day they are announced directly from Google server, if you don’t want to wait for the OTA update. Forget about unofficial crappy rooting and buggy mods.

    • J-Hop2o6

      I can’t wait to put a custom JB rom on my G-Nexus (once I get it). Devs add alot to roms. I don’t see whats your beef with rooting, but it allows to add root required app such as Titanium Backup and AD blocker apps. And since devs will have the source files for JB+G-Nexus, they won’t have buggy roms & mods (since they won’t have to hack/reverse engineer drivers).

  • Quantito Cowan

    just ordered mine today, choose it over the s3.. jellybean FTW

    • Sanman202

      Good choice! It will receive JB way before any GS3 will from the carrier, unless you run a custom ROM. You want the version directly from the source which is Google. 

  • jian9007

    Yay. Today’s fresh OS with yesterdays hardware (cortex A9 processor, 5MP camera, etc.). I hate carriers/OEM’s that hold up the updates though. So tempted to get this but with no expandable storage along with the older specs it just isn’t quite worth it to me. Also I suspect that the new Nexus will be announced within the next 2-3 months, earlier if they want to beat Apple to the punch. Also hopeful the Note 2 will come to T-Mobile after it’s announced. On second thought, I doubt T-Mobile will get it since they’re releasing last years Note within a month.  

    • MNBug

      Just got mine today.  It is just as fast, if not faster than my Amaze 4g.  Remember it doesn’t have to run all of the animations, skin, and bloat from HTC or Samsung.  I would recommend this phone to anyone and I will never buy another non Nexus phone again.  And when I get bored of this, I’ll install Cyanogen or AOKP ROMs and it will be like a new phone all over again.

      • Schneider2020

        Hey MNBug I have an HTC Amaze too and love it, but I’ve been thinking of getting a nexus device because of the early updates. I was under the impression the Amaze’s specs were better then The Nexus phone; I can understand the bloat-ware and Sense Skin slowing any phone down but the lack of expandable memory namely micro SD card expansion is making me think twice. can you tell me any cons vs the Amaze?

        • MNBug

          Hey Schneider, I think for me the biggest con is that I actually like HTC Sense and I will miss it. I think that being able to link my contacts with FB and LinkedIn was really handy and the customization for Sense was pretty nice.  HTC does a good job.

          For me, my Amaze just seemed like it was getting sluggish and I was getting lots of FC lately.  I don’t think I’ll miss the SD Card expansion now that my music is now on Google Music.  16 GBs seems pretty amble to me (actually, about 12 after system and apps are installed).  So other than HTC (all manufacturers for that matter) taking so very long to install basic Android updates, I don’t have any real big things that pushed me other than my the Nexus One I owned was the best phone I’d ever owned and that I want to try out Google Now, I can’t think of any real compelling reasons to switch.  

          $350 was my sweat spot for price too.  I had no plans to buy at $400.

    • J-Hop2o6

      You can buy now. Then when the time comes for a new Nexus, sell it and put that towards your next Nexus purchase. That’s what i’m doing. Or I’ll just save up until I can afford the next Nexus w/o selling the G-Nexus and have that as my backup phone.

    • LC

      It’s the camera that’s really holding me back…the price is awesome but a phone like that shouldn’t be packing a 5mp camera on it.

      • Sanman202

        Camera is fine. I have the GS2 and the Gnex and there really isn’t any difference that I can tell. Also, with the JB update the camera software will be updated. It’s not always about Megapixels when it comes to the shooter. The phone itself is still high end. Google would’ve released something else by now if they didn’t feel this device was still top of the line. 

    • Sanman202

      Note 2 will not be on Tmobile for at least 8-12 months if it comes at all. I would not hold my breath. The first Note appears to be coming. You will be able to buy an unlocked Note 2 I’m sure but that will come at a high price. I don’t think the Gnex is really yesterdays technology if Google is still selling it as a flagship device. Once fall comes around that will more than likely change. 3 months in the tech world is a long time away..ha

  • eespinosa

    Ordered mine hours ago.  And here I thought I was being foolish by checking Google Play every 30 minutes this morning.  LOL

  • guest

    Planning to get this on tmobile network :D Is the wifi connection and radio issue as bad as everyone make it out to be?

    • FatFredJones

       I’ve had mines for a week and haven’t had any radio or wifi issues.

      • FILA

        no problem here with mine either, never heard of the issue you claim, probably on Verizon ;-)

      • guest


  • zp

    Sadly, this phone just does not cut it.  Bad camera, no storage.  No sale.  Seriously, Google, get us a cutting edge Nexus phone again!

    • Anon

       349.00$ is not cheap enough for you??? Unlocked and No Contract. Show me an equivalent phone for that price.

      • zp

        Cheap?  What the hell are you talking about.  I didn’t say one word about the price.  It’s the phone’s lack of premium features, dummy.

        • mreveryphone

          Zps you just made me lol with that dummy comment

        • Getsome

          Wow, you’re a tool. Check out the reviews, come back and tell us it has poor performance. you’re dead wrong

        • zp

          What is your problem with reading comprehension?   The performance may be “ok”, but without memory expansion, and with that sadly outdated cam, this is last year’s phone.  The cheap off contract price can’t save it.  The nexus brand should have a phone that is premium.  This, unfortunately, is not.  Now go dry up those teary eyes, dummy.

        • Doublesman20

          If your argument with the camera is the number of megapixels you can forget that. I have a gs3 and gnex, and the cameras are virtually identical. Plus with the addition of jellybean and google now you’d be hard pressed to find a better phone…the expandable memory I get, but most folks who buy a gnex want it mostly for speedier os updates. With JB, performance is dramatically increased, so I wouldn’t call it yesterdays phone just yet. Now when the gs3 gets JB then we can debate that, because the gs3 has all around better hardware than the gnex

        • souggie

          And since the ban, theyve been even more sought after, so I think the gnex will be OK till its hardware prevents it from getting updates

        • Sanman202

          What would be a premium device for a Nexus branded phone as of 07/08/12? Quad core 1.5ghz and maybe 2GB or RAM. What type of speeds and specifications are you seeking?  

      • WW

        Yeah…buy a new phone whenever you can afford to/want to instead of counting the months till you’re upgrade eligible (be sure to switch to a TMo Value Plan if you do this).  
        This is perfect for anyone happy with their grandfathered plan.

        I do miss the microSD slot, zps.

    • Sanman202

      Very good camera, great 4.65″ HD screen, no bloatware, and still has a dual core processor that can hang with any dual core that is out now on devices like the GS3. Yeah, Google will release new devices this fall and there is no gaurantee that they will have a quad core or much larger screen than they have now. They may have quad core and 2MB of RAM but I don’t believe anything more than that. Also, the Gnex will still get updates for some time yet once JB is released in about a week or two. 

      • Kenny O

        Exactly, the camera on this phone is pretty damn good. Image wise, it is just as good as my wife 8 mp GS2 and better than the one on my previous phone (Sensation 4G). 

        A lot of people get caught up in specs, but it’s not always as much about what is under the hood as it is the software. The improvements that come with Jelly Bean make this phone fly. It’s the first Android device that can honestly match iOS in terms of smoothness in transitions and scrolling. 

  • J-Hop2o6

    Its actually 1-2 weeks now David! Can’t wait to get payed so I can get this (then one of the next Nexus phones!) + its a steal at $350 w/o contract! Coming from a cracked screen G2.

  • With the current selection of phones of the market right now, this is the smart ways to go.

  • Dave Mallari

    I’m ordering as fast as possible now!!!! and yea like J-Hop3o6 said, it changed to 1-2 weeks

  • kev

    is this compatible with t-mobile’s hspa+42 network or just hspa+21?

    • Getsome

      HSPA 21. Honestly there isn’t a huge real world difference between the two.

      • Dakota

        I only avg 2.0mb on hspa+21 in Atl..Disappointing

        • WW

          I average about 4Mb in north Atl (suburbs) and can hit 10+ in select locations.  GNex & Sensation 4G.

      • Sanman202

        Right, the HSPA 42 is theoretical speeds and hardly anyone hits 20. You will more than likely see same speeds whether it’s rated for the 21 or 42MBPS. 

        • Christopher_McG

          Um, no.. DC-HSPA/42Mbps will bring you 5Mbps in places where you could only get 1-2 on 21Mbps HSPA+, peaks are much higher than they could ever be on HSPA21

        • Sanman202

          I disagree, because it depends on the location. You may be in a zone with HSPA+ on your GS2 for Tmobile and you may only get 10MPS Max in a known location with good speeds.There are several variables which also includes network traffic as one of them. I have the GS2 fo Tmobile and the Gnex and they get about the same speeds in the same location. Just because they give you a theoretical speed of 42MPS does not mean you will even get half that speed.

      • Christopher_McG

         HUGE difference!

    • Napster87

      i’d disagree. as a sales rep, i’ve seen it go from 8mps to 13 mbps. this is comparing the two types in the same location.

  • Napster87

    as a sales rep, i really think this is the best option for a lot of people, especially prepaid customers. only 20 dollars more than an exhibit2. this is nuts. and with amazing hardware, decent camera (no it’s not crap) and the same screen as the s3, it’s awesome. i wish we carried this phone in store.

    • Kenny O

      I just went from an HTC Sensation with an 8 mp camera to this one and I do not notice any drop off in picture quality. 

      • WW

        I just did the exact same thing (but I bought when GNex was $400).  I really miss the microSD expansion though.

    • guest

      Radio and wifi connections are ok and not terribly bad right? just making sure lol

      • Napster87

        Not at all. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the cdma version

    • WW

      Retail boxed (prepaid) Exhibit 2 4G (now Galaxy Exhibit 4G) is $190 at Amazon & Wal Mart.  At $20 more, the GNex would be a far better value but it looks like the street price is around $160 more.

  • Toddster

    I’m really mad at google for getting rid of iGoogle . That was my homepage for years . Maybe I check out the new iPhone or Windows 8 . As a consumer its all I can do . I think now I might want less google. .

    • Sanman202

      Enjoy your Apple products..lol Really, you would switch for that one thing? 

    • Harddude5

      I think now I might want less idiots hijacking this thread with irrelevant comments.

  • Jhnaranjo

    I was wondering- Does anyone know if this phone can be used as a Mobile Hot Spot? My T-mo plan now lets me use my Galaxy SII as a mobile Hot Spot. I just used it on Vacation in Orlando Fla. for my iPad, my sons phone, and both my sons iPod touch(s). It was a real $ saver because for Wi-Fi acess in my room, the hotel charged $10 per day per Device! I finally had a chance to use the hot spot feature and it was nice! BTW- on Speedtest, I got around 20 to 23Mb’s at the Hotel. But around town it was in the single digits.

    • WW

      Yes.  It has the functionality and built in though it’s not quite as useful as the TMo hotspot app.  Difference being it doesn’t natively let you look at the connected clients.

  • Fredrik Coulter

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a Nexus basically a Galaxy S II hardware with stock Android 4.1?  (Yes, one that will be upgraded whenever a new version of Android is released.)

    • kalel33

      Nope.  That’s like saying the HTC Amaze and the SII are the same phone, but just because they have the same processor and RAM doesn’t mean they are the same.  There are many differences between those two.

  • NardVa

    Playstore has it for 350.00 but Ebay Daily deals will sale it for One Day Only in the the near future for a cheaper price. Can we say 300.00?