Samsung SGH-T699 Coming To T-Mobile As Galaxy S Blaze Q

We’ve been eyeballing the “Samsung Apex Q” for August 15th for some time and now we’re able to connect some dots with T-Mobile’s next QWERTY device to hit store shelves. We’re now ready to call T-Mobile’s upcoming SGH-T699 handset, which we’ve already discovered hanging “in the wild” and receiving Wi-Fi certification as the Galaxy S Blaze Q. Yeah, we rolled our eyes at the name as well.

The name “Apex Q” has been a mystery to us ever since it first appeared on our radar all the way back in April when we first uncovered T-Mobile’s planned dates for Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades. We still don’t know a lot about the device, but we do know it’ll have a 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, 720p HD display, Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, QWERTY keyboard, front and rear cameras of unknown megapixel size.

You can check out a picture of the Galaxy S Blaze Q right here. Looks like you’ll be able to get your hands on it come August 15th.

P.S. Anyone catch the Samsung Galaxy Note reference here? Unfortunately, no release date given.

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  • Excited for when the Galaxy Note 2 w/ LTE gets released for T-Mobile 2nd quarter 2013!!  *crosses fingers***   I’ll probably get the Galaxy S IV(have the III now) but it’ll still be exciting for Magenta – D

    • Lanh Nguyen

      someone’s a little upgrade happy….

      •  I wouldn’t call it upgrade happy, just get a new phone every year.  Never take the discount either, I always buy them outright.

        • JB

          That’s the way to do it… I buy all my phones outright, couple that with a grandfathered plan… it saves you tons in the long run! Man, if T-Mo got the Note 2. Day one purchase for me! Galaxy S IV almost for sure… LOL

        • bydavidrosen

          So how much do you usually get selling the last one? And how long do you wait before you sell it after getting the new phone? I’m assuming you’re not just buying $600 phones every year and keeping them all…

        •  I myself always keep mine, never sell them.

        • JB

          I keep all mine as well. Except if I hand them down to my family or friends… If I really like the phone.. then NO WAY I’m parting with it. More than likely I’ll hold on to my GS III and Note… I still haven’t parted with my HD2 yet.. that thing is a tank… It’s running ICS rather smoothly…

        • bydavidrosen

          geez… well keep ballin buddy. haha. wish i could afford a $600 phone every year. i could barely afford a $250 phone every 2.

  • Lanh Nguyen

    hard for me to believe this phone is going to have a 720p display when it looks so midrange.

  • JB

    Depending on the rest of the specs.. this might be the phone for my mom and sis… They aren’t quite ready to give up QWERTY’s yet… (Coming from a Sidekick LX to Mytouch 3G slide to a Sidekick 4G) They LOVE my Galaxy S III and my brother’s Galaxy Nexus, so this might actually be a nice compromise for them!

  • J-Hop2o6

    I don’t want it ($350 G-Nexus is my next phone) but I wonder if this is still the Apex Q (code name?).

  • Malarco4

    Usually if there isn’t a date on the planograms, Merch guidelines, it usually means the devices is already out before merch change out. When it has a date next to the name of the device it means when it launches, that date, u replace a device with that one. 5 yrs of working with tmo until i left 7 months ago, looking at these guidelines tons of times that’s usually how it works. So hopefully the note will be out by then.

  • bydavidrosen

    pleeeeeeeease be real! i will get this on day one (i’m already up for upgrade but just waiting for something truly worth upgrading for and while i was planning on waiting for the next nexus, i would LOVE to wait one more upgrade cycle before switching away form qwerty phones!)

  • UMA_Fan

    If it’s got HSPA+ 42, 720p display, and a full qwerty they might as well branded this as the next Sidekick.

  • Bratty

    Talking about long names, coming in 2013: Samsung Galaxy Blaze Super Q 4G LTE
    You heard it here first!

    • Incyc

      Don’t forget T-Mobile! Hey I just got a new T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q 4G.

      • b3nj4m1n

        not quite as bad as sprint, they were actually advertising the GS2 as the “Samsung Galaxy S 2 Epic 4G Touch” that commercial made me want to punch babies ;p

  • Tmo_Fan

    damn it Tmobile… I rushed and Got me a SGSIII when u guys relaeasing what I’ve been waiting for a qwerty keyboard phone for years sine the TP2 and now I get news that you are bringing a qwerty…
    Im so mad .. spent 186 on my SGS3 when I could of spent maybe 100 or less on what I love.. qwerty
    im gonna sell my S3 maybe for this.. @ 200

    • Iderekk

      I’ll buy your S3!

      • Tmo_Fan

        copy my email from above I got the white version 16GB of course on Tmobile

    • Newmexican

      Wasn’t the G2 around at the same time as the TP2? I love it and hope for a worthy successor (G3) from HTC (I just don’t like the Sammy plastic feel). Though I must admit that the BlazeQ looks decent.

      • Tmo_Fan

        yeah it probably will be as good as the TP2 because the long waiting and I never seem a phn with such resistance I’ve dropped this TP2 from 2 floors and nothing happens to it.. looks like a descendant of the NOKIA lol  and I’ve hit it right on the screen and screen is intact I dare GS3’s and iphn’s owners to test againgst a TP2 resistance it’s insane… but the performance sucks unless u flash it with the Energy Rom .. but now qwerty and android and galaxy and the speed of the new phn I cnt wait.. blazeQ im hoping to get u..

    • Guest1

       I will seriously buy your S3..just tell me a way….

      • Tmo_Fan

        sure bro Im just gonna wait for the qwerty and Tmo_Fan is my name around here and by the way my email b3bojr @ gmail . com

        • Tmo_Fan

          its b3b0jr @ gmail .com it’s a 3 and a 0 … I know im not that creative with emails

  • jbhotnessmon

    oh look another Samsung phone that will get updated … never

  • Guest

    Galaxy S Blaze Q 6.0221415*10^23 Note Tab Epic HSPA+

  • randomnerd_number38

    720p screen? Oh how I want it to be true. But it’s pretty obvious from the pic in the other article that it’s not 720p. I’d be surprised if it’s anything more than 480×800. But, truth be told, if it really has a dual core 1.5ghz processor(yes, even a S3) and a 4-inch screen, I’ll friggin take it. The Galaxy S Blaze is a damn good phone, add a 5-row qwerty and I’m sold. However, I predict these stats: 1.5ghz S3, 480×800 4-inch screen, VGA FFC, 5 megapixel rear camera(no flash), 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage, Android 4.0.4 /w Touchwiz. Sadly, these stats will make it(arguably- nod to MyTouch 4G Slide) the best qwerty slider phone available on T-Mobile. It’s depressing that the biggest thing that gets me excited about this phone is the 5-row keyboard as opposed to 4-row.

    • Bgale14

      I suspect the same of the screen. Will be happily surprised if it is actually 720.

  • salla

    Can this expect to get the Jelly Bean upgrade? Google Now would be cool!

  • Harbenm

    Well when you turn on the wifi hotspot the default name is Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G

  • Mrcool1234567890

    For more images of this phone please go to below samsung link

  • dosmastr

    hey Dave, anything new on this phone? its a bit past the suggested release date