Samsung SGH-T699 Receives Wi-FI Certification

The Samsung SGH-T699 is one step closer to release on T-Mobile as it receive Wi-Fi certification on May 15th. We’re still at a loss as to what exactly the T699 is, be it an existing Samsung model or an entirely new smartphone. At this point, it’s a 50/50 shot, though we’ve guessed at least once that this could be the Galaxy Nexus. It’s a wild theory to say the least, but at this point the T699 could be anything so why not throw the Galaxy Nexus name out there. Hopefully we’ll figure out what the T699 really is soon enough.

Wi-Fi Certification

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  • Bryan Sandoval

    well see soon

  • Tylormde18

    Any chance its the Note???

  • It will probably be the Nexus, I think that is a good guess.

  • The Note should be the T879

  • Get_at_Me

    I think i might know what this is!!!!!  There was a rumor going around not long ago that the Samsung Exhibit II was going to be rebranded as a “Galaxy” phone…The existing Exhibit II’s model number is T679….Seems logical to me…..T699 seems to be too low a model number for the Galaxy Nexus.

    • J-Hop2o6


      • Get_at_Me

        what do u think it is?

  • guest

    Watch it be a GN with tmos 42 mbps support

    • Gnex



    Note, Nexus or another low end Samsung phone similar to the Exhibit.

  • rwc1792

    My guess is it’s an updated Samsung Gravity Touch that now in Android, with a keyboard.  Something like the exhibit II, except that it adds the keyboard.  A gravity touch like phone has come out the last two years in June.  

    • 3560freak

      Tmo already has one. Its called the Gravity Smart. It’s essentially the gravity touch with android.

      • rwc1792

         Yes, and it was released last June, thus the reasoning for an updated version to be released this June, and I think posts from others seem to suggest this as well.

  • jessejames111981

    maybe its a budget galaxy to be released with the gs3. That way people who don’t want to spend $250-$300 for a phone can get a “galaxy” for $100 or less? 

    • Then what would be the point of the Galaxy S Blaze? It currently sits at $99 on a classic plan.

      • Get_at_Me

        $50 budget galaxy

  • Galaxy NOTE. There is no Reason to Release Galaxy Nexus (Google already sell it on their Play Store)

    • It’s not the Galaxy Note, that’s the T879.

    • Enoel69

      At this point if i was in-charge on deciding which devices to have on Tmo shelves…i will skip the GNex since two Samsung devices the Galaxy Note and GS3 are imminent. Also it is just about six month b4 the new JB Nexus device(s) is/are outed or released…that is the one/ones they should be gunning for. For those who want the GNex at this point head over to Google play store…for only $399 u will get it contract free.

  • edward

    tmo’s HTC ONE S  is a junk! get the HTC ONE X brand new free shipped no tax for  US $557.99

    • HalfwayCrook

      someone is trying to get rid of their one x

    • Bklynman

      No it’s company selling unlock phones on Ebay. It is $578.00,not $558.00. They should the price down to $100.00 with free shipping,I will buy one!

  • DrBadnasty

    I’m guessing it’s the next sidekick.

  • Caffiend

    Just to play the hypothetical game for a minute…

    1.  Why on earth would T-mobile get themselves back into the rut of releasing phones to compete with themselves -Again?  (READ: Dumb phone era)  The Nexus -vs- GS3?  Um ok, sure, I’m with it only because it’s a Nexus and the potential is there for +42

    2.  T-mobile really doesn’t have a “recent” Vanilla Android device.  (That LG thing doesn’t really count, it was never recent…  Nor did it work.)

    3.  Of the point/counterpoint ideology, how many Samsung devices can one carrier have available at one time!? 
    4.  T-mobile hasn’t had a Nexus since the first one.     There’s all kinds of things at play here is my point.  This will be an interesting one to watch.  One last question though.  Let’s say that it is in fact a Nexus device?  What are the advantages that the Nexus has over the GS2 or the soon to be released GS3?

    • WD

       No.. The Nexus S was also on T-mobile.

      • Caffiend

        My bad, you’re right…  

  • drake

    it could be the Samsung apex q which is on there road map

  • GEST

    What about a G3??

    • GBGamer

      I suddenly want this. We need a new(good) keyboard phone.

  • exibitsman

    The exhibits2 was # 679 I think this will be exhibits3 with a 4.3 inch screen and a 1.4 MHz processing. Power. And a 1850 Milli amp battery

  • exibitsman

    I think its targeted for T-Mobile’s monthly 4Gs customers they. Haven’t had a new device in about. 6 months its about time they get a nice device’s on monthly 4Gs

  • V_i_m

    If this is the GNex, then it’s very, very late with the GS3 coming soon…  The GS3 has a faster processor and a better camera.  The only advantage the GNex has going for it at this point is that it has stock ICS with no Samsung bloatware piled on top.

    • Yogi

      One more advantage: the Galaxy Nexus will quickly receive an update to the next version of Android. Can’t say the same for the GS3. In fact, the GS2 still hasn’t received an update to Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • polou

    It’s  the new samsung gravity..

  • Amalo

    ? Gravity Touch 2???

  • Goldilocks

    I think it is… Might be like a sidekick device to replace that gravity touch phone …