T-Mobile’s Planned Dates For Ice Cream Sandwich, Upcoming Device Launches

While Samsung, HTC and T-Mobile remain silent on the topic of Ice Cream Sandwich, TmoNews is coming to the rescue. Understandably, the carriers and manufacturers hate providing anything that even resembles a solid release date as they are so prone to change — a point emphasized by our article earlier in the day highlighting the difficulties imposed on Android updates.

Still, I know how badly you guys want to have at least some sort of an idea as to when these updates might happen. Before we get into it, let’s give the standard disclaimer that all dates are subject to change, not just for the ICS updates but also for any device launches listed below.

So let’s just break it down:

Ice Cream Sandwich updates: 

So far, those are the only devices listed and we know that HTC and T-Mobile have had some difficulty sorting out the update. Whether or not one or both are responsible for the day is really irrelevant, if this afternoon’s article proved nothing else, these things can and will happen with Android updates. They take time, often more time than we care to give.

New Device Launches: 

  • 5/9 — Huawei Astro — low end handset on 7/11
  • 7/11 — Huawei Buddy — new myTouch (QWERTY)
  • 7/11 — Huawei Phoenix — new myTouch (Touchscreen only)
  • 7/11 — Samsung Gravity TXT (new color)
  • 8/1 — Samsung Cacao, T159 indicates low end
  • 8/15 — Samsung Apex Q — no word on what this is

So what’s missing? Well, everything that matters to the high-end crowd. The Galaxy S III/S3, Galaxy Note, HTC One X and other handsets that are said to arrive for T-Mobile but not yet confirmed. Even the Galaxy Note, which we’ve already unveiled in T-Mobile dress is still an unknown for launch. For now, we’ll have to go on what’s on the schedule and wait to see what develops with everything else.

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  • Sooo…no Lumia 900? :(

    • Wilma Flintstone


    • None

      Sooo… No Tizen?

  • the sensation came out months before the s2 on T mobile and they’re making their customers wait a month after? Most likely because of the htc one? This is why i left them.

    • I’d recommend reading the earlier article on Android updates, it would put things in perspective.

  • carcomptoy

    Wow, so not even the dual-core myTouch 4G Slide is mentioned?  That’s pathetic…

  • No new Windows Phones, pity. Don’t feel too bad now about switching to get the Lumia 900. Hope the new androids work out better for them than they have so far.

    • Vim

      Be warned, it’s very likely that the 900 will not be upgradeable to Apollo when it is released in the 4th quarter.  Apparently Microsoft will be replacing the kernel in Windows 8, and existing phones won’t meet the minimum requirements for the new kernel.

  • Jacob

    Interesting that G2x over there on the side, which I assume is the current 2.3.4 update, but I’m curious as to what the full text of that reads.

    • PCJ

      Yea, its in red and the “ch” under it is also in red.

  • MrAOK

    And what about the Blaze?

    • Witor19

      Yea what about the blaze?

      • None

        Apparently people forgot about the “Never again Samsung” chants.

        • Vim

          LOL!  Yep. Either that or they weren’t around or paying attention back then.

  • Deaconclgi

    I will be VERY happy if ICS does indeed come out on May 14th for the GS2. Not much longer to wait, if the date stays the same.

  • baopham

    Hopefully G2X will still get an update….

  • Guest 2012

    Is it just me or do I get the feeling T-Mobile is a ticking time bomb that’s going to fizzle and disappear? I switched carriers because I needed better coverage, but I hope for the best for T-Mobile. 

    • None

      It is just you

  • so no new sidekick? i hate to  be burned…. by samsung

    • UlyssesGhost

       yeah as the owner of a Behold II (abandoned on android 1.5 with lies of update by Samsung),  Vibrant (bad gps and abandoned) and sidekick 4g (buggy pos that was never made fully functional and abandoned) If I get samsunged again, I am pressing charges.  If the sidekick was made again by sharp it might be worth something.

      • Vim

        I’d love to see Sharp reenter the American market.   They make some amazing handsets. Unfortunately they don’t sell them in the US.  :(

  • Youngt82

    WOW so all the way in June for HTCSensation and Amaze ICS updates???? I know for sure some if not most people are madddd smh luckily i rooted my phone since last summer and im running AOKP, CM9 and Sense 4 Android 4.0.4:))))

    • Jaygqitalia

      Running sense 4 on your amaze? Doubt it

    • Tired

      People say that with such indignation.  I, king of the world, have rooted…rooted my dear boy”
      As if somehow you did the work and you are so proud of yourself.

  • I don’t know why T-mobile has to force the wifi calling down everyone’s throat. I mean granted they know that their coverage stinks in most locations but why not just make it a downloadable app that way people who want the ics update can receive it?

    This message was sent on my Cincinnati Bell Sensation with ICS that was delivered via OTA.

    • Ian Harrington

      I don’t know about that, I have perfect coverage here is Phoenix and been from the west coast to east coast and never one had a problem with coverage.

      Why the push WiFi calling here though is for the native americans who live out on the reservation and refuse to let towers be built on there land.

      This message was sent on my T-Mobile Sensation which, while I am still waiting for ICS, it is nice to know that if I am buried in the basement of an office building, I can still make calls via WiFi calling,

    • baopham

      wifi calling is very useful even with good coverage – you don’t burn anytime minutes.  Also in some places like hospitals/basements/tall office buildings no service provider gets reception – however wifi is often available in those places and in that case wifi calling becomes a killer feature.

      • Gettheledout1

        Without Wi-Fi calling we would go way over our minutes, my wife uses between 1500-2000 Wi-Fi minutes a month since her family isn’t on Tmo, we can still have a cheap plan with the free Wi-Fi add-on and we’re set.

    • Roger

      Wifi calling can’t be done via downloadable app.  It needs access to the security bits of the SIM card which requires a kernel module for the specific kernel version and compilation in the device, and it needs another component that interferes at a low level with calling, messaging etc.

      The only reliable coverage I have in my house if from wifi calling, and I’m located in silicon valley.  For my non-wifi calling devices I have to rely on Google Voice to tell me there were calls and return as applicable.

  • Carloslacend

    And I said a million times. The reason why the galaxy 3 is not on that list is because the tmobile version will be available in late 2012 or early 2013

    • Carloslacend

      In my opinion will be available in 2013 where tmo will release their version of the galaxy 3 with its new LTE network

      • Vim

        T-Mobile won’t be ready to launch LTE until around the time Gal S4 hits the US.  So there’s no point in holding up the S3 until then. 

        • Carloslacend

          I do not think that extends much. While s4 comes out it is too late. The s4 would arrive in late 2013. What is expected for March or early April and in a few markets in the USA have LTE. And obviously in PR as it is a strong market for t mobile USA

        • Vim

          Highly Improbable.

          First, T-Mobile’s announcement said LTE would be launched in the “middle of 2013”.  Last I checked, March and April weren’t in the middle of the year, June and July are.  

          Second, given that the international version of the S3 will very likely start shipping in June of this year (with the announcement being on May 3rd), the delay you’re foreseeing would be a full year since the phone’s initial release.  That’s -WAY- too long in this business.  The international S4 will be shipping around that time. That would instantly kill sales of the S3.

          Third, without the iPhone, T-Mobile is highly dependent on the Galaxy and One lines from Samsung and HTC to remain competitive.  They can’t afford to delay these devices more than is absolutely necessary without an increase in churn.

          Fourth, it’s far more likely that Samsung will produce a second updated version for T-Mobile’s LTE launch.  Recall that Samsung released the Vibrant without HSPA+, and then released an updated version named the Galaxy S 4G with HSPA+ support.  They also did something similar for AT&T’s LTE launch last year.  They released the Galaxy S2 without LTE support, and then followed up with an updated version of the S2 with LTE known as the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. 

          In summation,  it would be foolhardy for T-Mobile to delay the Gal S3 release until its LTE launch.  And while T-Mobile has made some mistakes in the past, they’re not that crazy.  It’s far, far more probable that if becomes necessary (ie. a T-Mobile S4 is still months away), than Samsung will release a -second-, updated S3 with LTE support for the LTE launch, similar to what it has done in the past.

    • It will more than likely be released around the same time as every other US carrier. 

    • Getaclue

      Look moron they haven’t even revealed so Tmobile isn’t going to post anything about it.
      Honestly get a clue.

      • Carloslacend

        It does not take a genius to know that the tmo version is perhaps the last in the U.S. market. The sg2 of tmo version was the most it took to reach the U.S. market. This year I am not surprised that it is equal and we all know in 2013 begins the LTE network. So I think that we all know that the gs3 is LTE, think tmo will have a +42 hspa version in a few months when they can release the LTE network with their version of gs3? It would be stupid to have a hspa about 3or4 months and have another version of 4G LTE. It’s stupid and it would be spending $ $ $. In addition tmo can not risk losing more customers. Imagine AT&T and Verizon with their version LTE and HSPA us?? That decision would not be a good marketing team. I also think they can go buy time with the rumored galaxy note and one x and i think tmobile has several options instead of wasting money on 2 different versions of gs3

  • Glad I picked up the GNex from the Play store. Whew!

    • None

      I heard (admittedly from an somewhat unreliable source) that the first batch are refurbs from the ones that overheat.  Do you notice anything that would suggest refrubished?

  • nerdlust

    Im happy with my htc sensation the way it is, however I heard that going to ics will give my phone a speed boost. I just want htc and tmobile to make sure that the update is solid before they roll it out.

    • Moodyblues

      shit no one says

    • blue buddy

      Things no one says

      • Mhinojosa99

        Just root your phone and install HD Revolution with Beats audio on it. You have to follow the flashing instruction step by step but once u install it you never look back. Great battery life and everything is working including wifi calling.  

  • Romedroid

    God I hope they stick with the date for SGSII!If they don’t, at least I won’t be surprised.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Here we go again.  Hope they release these on these dates for sure this time.  If not, there will be more crying and whining.

  • TGuy

    glad I got my Galaxy Nexus! i don’t have to wait for the stoopid carriers.

  • *tantrum* I want a vanilla One X!!!

    • Lachlan Emosewa

      Need white one x, wtf tmobile, don’t want to switch to at&t

  • fixxmyhead

    i  just flashed an alpha cm9 on my tmo s2 and i threw in the on screen navigation buttons mod like on the galaxy nexus its so freaking badass XD

  • Also the date on the Sensation and Amaze update is a Saturday…. why do it on a weekend?

    And what is the HTC Villa?

    • J-Hop2o6

      HTC Ville = HTC One S

    • Dlbradford24

      Here’s my thing the sensation was suppose to be the first phone to receive the update but once again t-hoebile screwed the htc fans again. Just so they can make money off the one S….

      • zifnab

        Yea, Sensation got it in February and a regional carrier in the US just got it a couple o weeks ago… T-Mobile is worthless.

        • Yup…. my Cincinnati Bell Sensation got it last week.

        • UMA_Fan

          It’s WiFi Calling that they have to configure

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    Hey, when’s Gingerbread coming to my Vibrant? ;)

    • UlyssesGhost

       :) the vibrant was EOL’d a long time ago and abandoned by samsung.  Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along.

    • Justinread82

      Gingerbread is already available for the Vibrant, it’s just not over-the-air. Gotta update via USB through Samsung Kies.

  • jbhotnessmon

    What happened to the g2x that was supposed to be the Google experience on tmo

    •  No, we got the LG experience – crappy, untested hardware and software. We’ve been sucking hind teat since the beginning.

      • Tomnewtn

        My G2x is pretty amazing but a tad twitchy. This whole fragmentation BS where only certain phones get certain updates, and they load on bloat and crapware, and then limit specs,  and no one will just sell you an unlocked, pure Android device with up to date specs is why I purchased an unlocked iPhone from Apple. I love Android, just not the way it’s being marketed, supported and handled. My iPhone is well supported and just works. The google apps work great on it except no google map app. It’s own map app is pretty good however.

        • zifnab

          “My iPhone is well supported and just works. ” … there’s a new line, haven’t heard that one. I don’t have an iPhone, but my iPad crashes just as much if not more often than all the android phones I have… so unless iPhone some how has different software I don’t see how it “just works”… it “just works” as often as any computer operating system “just works”

        • Chance21

          yea right. iphone is better. deal with it. do you people also go around comparing mercedes and toyotas and come back saying thats why toyota is better? give me a break, demand more from android and quit being satisfied with awesome hardware and crappy software.

  • Jaygqitalia

    If the Amaze update comes out in June. Might it be possible sense 4 might be with it? It has to be different then the leaked version the other day

    • rwc1792

      I could be wrong, but I thought I read that it would come with Sense 3.5, not 4.0, due to some issues with the phone not being completely compatible with Sense 4.0

      • Vim

        Sense 3.6.  Verizon paid for an exclusive on Sense 3.5 which was preinstalled on the Rezound.  Nevertheless, your overall point is valid.  Only new phones will be receiving Sense 4.0.  Updated phones are getting 3.6 instead.

        • I have seen both… I prefer 3.6 over 4.0


    Yet more reasons to leace Tmo & get the LTE iphone once and for all! buhbye android & crappy service & daily glitches plus a 4g network Tmo tells u to turn off just to send a text!

    • Fed

      What lte iphone? You are a moron

    • Peter896

      Don’t let the door hit you behind.

  • Crowlos

    Time to root my Sensation

  • Butch_Zee

    So…a no for my G2? Oh well.

  • Twcamc

    This is why I am buying the Galaxy Nexus…may not be the top of the line spec, but its google controlled not TMobile…

    • Magnus100

      Don’t do it! Great phone except for horrible battery life, limited non-expandable memory, unsatisfactory speaker volume, slightly slower than the SGSII. If you can live with that then this is a truly great phone.

      • STEVO212


        • Macho Man

          “YOU GRAMMER IS HORRIBLE SMH” The irony of it all.


        • sorandkairi

          Hey missed a conjunction…..hardly horrible grammar (by the way, that’s how it’s spelled). Stop trolling dude!





        • Inertiaman

          Does anybody remember Garanimals?

        • sorandkairi


      • None

        Someone please compare the Galaxy Nexus battery life to the HTC Amaze.  With my usage, the amaze lasts me 1 day exactly with about %20 to spare.  I am ok with that at the moment.  Do you think the galaxy nexus is comparable??

        • Not trying to flame in here but Magnus100 has no idea what he’s talking about and he certainly hasn’t seen battery life on an ICS device yet.  

          The Galaxy Nexus — when I had it — provided for the best battery life I had with any T-Mobile phone since my 9700 way back when. And that was coming from a GSII.Since then I’ve scooped up the Amaze which had abysmal battery life for me (power user). Luckily, now that the official ICS update for the Amaze leaked and I’ve since flashed it onto my phone (no root required), I’m once again enjoying longer battery life — almost on par with what I had on the Galaxy Nexus.

        • None

          Thank you for the info

    • LanceMiller

      I agree, but I’m still surprised that google didn’t up the hardware offerings. I can’t buy one due to the lack of a microSD slot, a cpu that could have been faster or a quad core & a bit better screen. I love that it’s Bloatware free & updated directly by Google but I just can’t get past the 2010 hardware. 



    • Magnus100

      WTF did you say? What language are you speaking?

      • budman68

        Ha ha ha ha ha lmao. I was thinking the same thing. Brilliant!!

        • Wetsward832

          hahaha get off another man di**

        • STEVO212


        • Are you drunk uncle from SNL? Is this wifi organic? Netflix me!

      • god of houston

        smell lameness

      • god of houston

        who put 2 question marks in a sentence

        • sorandkairi


        • Dan

          Common sense is lacking these days aint it?

      • STEVO212


        • Charm

          I have a Motorola Charm (thanks to the damn monkeys taking my nice phone)…  So yes, there are some of us that read every comment but rock a piece of junk for one reason or another…

  • Lionangel1

    Im just waiting for the Note … nothing else!!!

    • Novelty

      I truly believe that phone is just a novelty item (ala Tab)

  • Get_at_Me

    i think the Note will launch in May

  • Get_at_Me

    I’m curious to know how many of you regular tmonews followers root your phones

    • MarcusDW

      I’m rooted! Just to cut the fat.

    • zifnab

      I want to, but Sensation can’t be rooted on a mac, and I don’t know a soul on PC anymore. Im not shelling out cash to buy Windows so I can bootcamp my computer just to root my phone. I guess I could do the linux route, but I’ve never used Linux and its way too much effort re-formatting my hard drive so I can set up a new partition… so I get to sit here angry at T-Mobile for failing at what devs can do for free in 1/100th the time.

      • Get_at_Me

        it amazes me that one dev can make not just faster, but also better than a team of ppl at a huge company…im surprised you cant root from a mac.  When i had my g2, im pretty sure i just downloaded a few files to my phone and that was it.  I believe i used the terminal emulator android app to actually get S-OFF and root

    • S2j3607

      Got the amaze update, don’t really need to root. If it was possible with an app like z4 or gingerbreak, I prob would. No outer for SuperOneClick

    •  I got disgusted after many months and finally rooted. CM7 isn’t perfect, but at least the phone works about as well as it’s going to. Oh yeah…a G2X.

    • Nettieo

      Rooted in the past, but currently am running ICS on Nexus S (since December 2011 and flawlessly) and haven’t needed to.  Would in the future if necessary.

      • Get_at_Me

        I had a nexusone…rooted. Id be content with a stock galaxy nexus tho….

  • reaper

    I don’t have a full upgrade til jan next year so I’m happy sitting, waiting, twiddling my thumbs while all the hoopla this year gets sorted out.

    Happy days!

  • STEVO212


    • None

      I agree 100%.  Just a prettier box.

  • zifnab

    Wooow, so that’s nice, HTC Sensation gets ICS 6 months after ICS release, and over 4 months after its released to all other HTC Sensations… ya I can’t wait until my contract expires so that I can leave T-Mobile… They really don’t give anyone reason to stay. Even a regional carrier managed to update the Sensation already! WTF T-Mobile!

    • Get_at_Me

      its not a top priority unfortunately, but don’t just blame t-mobile…blame the rapidly evolving android eco-system (hardware and software)….there’s talk of jellybean already when most current and recently released phones don’t even have ICS yet!!!  And what if carriers were only given a handful of free android licenses per year?  You wouldn’t see a new phone coming out every week and you’d see better support for current devices.  Sure, carriers could hustle and get updates out alot faster than they do, but when that hot new phone launches, current models’ OS updates get put on the back-burner….To your defense, the sensation shouldve been an easy one to update as its pretty much identical to the international version…

  • zifnab

    Wish I could, can’t S-OFF on a mac and don’t know anyone that owns a PC… go figure

  • zifnab

    He has a point… TMo got the Galaxy SII was the last major carrier to get it, and that was almost 6 months after the first one came out… if the GSII is an indication the GSIII might come out in the summer leaving the TMo version coming out around nov – dec… 

    However, the original commenter is makes now sense… A) The GSIII will come with ICS, so why would it be on an update schedule? And B) the GSIII isn’t on tmobile yet, so why would it be on the update schedule?

  • Slickdeals

    i am buying galayx s4 very soon. and I DON’T WAIT FOR TMOBILE

    • Vim

      Galaxy S4?  Very Soon?  LOL.  If you say so Slick.

      • Slickdeals

         i am insider people in s korea,  few of them had this galaxy s3 for last 4 months,   , they told me they will sell me galaxy s4 very soon as  the samsung korean factory is very close to finish making the s4

        • Slickdeals

           i have insider people i know in s korea, i meant

  • Alvin B.

    was gonna rant about the G2X then I noticed….

    Okay on the VERY LEFT EDGE… the words G2X appear and below it “ch”….. I would expect it to say “EOL” but…. it is also listed IN APRIL so it is obvious it can’t be Ice Cream Sandwich.. and it’s in red… 

    •  Gingerbread 2.3.4 is being OTA’d right now.

      • Durandal_1707

        Yes it is, one year after it was released.

        Maybe if we’re lucky, in another year we’ll get all the way to 2.3.5.

      • Alvin B.

        LOL……. ;)

        • MarcusDW


  • S2j3607

    Why is tmo making us wait until June 16th?? I downloaded the update a few days ago and it works flawlessly. So either tmo is loading up the update with useless crap we can’t delete without rooting or they are sitting on it with their thumbs up their a$$es. Everyone is saying HTC leaked the update, atleast someone cares about the consumer

    • Tbd

      If you downloaded the update and it works flawlessly, how is tmo making you until June?!? You must have it already…


      • JBLmobileG1

        I have it and the only issues to me are the radio not as strong as before in some areas while better in others. Also I don’t see much of an improvement in battery after playing with it for awhile. I also noticed the power saving features are missing as well as the option to see if any Google updates are available. Other than that it seems pretty decent.

    • Kelly

      Mine wasn’t so flawless. Huge battery drain, overheating, gps not working, geocaching apps not working, and crawling updates from google play are just a few of the problems I’ve noticed since updating. Completely disappointed and hoping the “official” official release is better.

  • ChronPaul

    wheres the F’ing htc one x? so lame….. why doesnt htc just release a one x with tmobile bands ?

  • Nahidnoorz

    galaxy note plz

  • Abraxias

    I hope they don’t add Carrier IQ on the ICS updates…

    the One S has Carrier IQ…

    • Tbd

      Carrier IQ can be turned off in 30 seconds on the One S. 

    • None

      Much ado about nothing.  Do most people truly give a hoot about it.  Or is that just a news headline? Do you truly care?

    • Tbd

      You can disable Carrier IQ on the One S in 10 seconds. Big freaking deal.

  • Eddie

    Wow t moblie they gonna launches low end phones soon . Like the did on last year .whats wrong with t moblie soon my contract end I am done with t moblie I can’t wite any longer .t moblie taking my send it to Germany t moblie look there web site they have all kind high end phone .but t moblie USA have shitty phone. I garantee they not gonna carry high end android phone and iPhone .

    • Jfs

      Can you please clarify what your trying to say!!! Please!!

    • I take it you didn’t read the part of the post where I said none of the high end phones are listed but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming out. They are.

    • UMA_Fan

      T-Mobile has always gotten multiple high end phones.  How many do you need per year for YOU anyway?

  • None

    No Windows Phones??  I realize they may not get 8 (or likely will not) — but I want something larger than the almost identical lumia and radar.  Come on…toss in one more larger Windows Phone TMO

    • They’re coming – luckily your Windows Updates are pushed by Microsoft, not the carriers.

      • None

        I have not even heard a peep about another windows phone on TMO in a long time other than Lumia. Someone is dropping the ball. Why EOL the HD7 with a decent screen size and then not replace it?

        • G2Xman

          Is T-Mo going to get the Lumia 900 at all after ATT’s exclusivity is over?  What is the plan for Windows 8 phones on T-Mo, anybody know?

        • None

          Once again, TMO is not on the ball.  You can still sell new windows phones before windows 8, ya know?

        • Vim

          The list is incomplete, and I highly suspect, out of date.  No new high end phones are on the list, and we’ve had leaks of several that will be released over the summer.  Notable absences include the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S3, the One X, and the Lumia 900. 

          Nevertheless if I were looking for a Windows Phone, I’d wait until Windows 8.  We know that Microsoft will be replacing the outdated CE kernel with the NT kernel in Apollo, and there is a highly credible rumor floating about that existing Windows Phones like the Lumia 900 will not be upgradeable to 8 because of the new kernel’s higher minimum hardware requirements.   While Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the rumor, neither have they denied it, and their refusal to deny the rumor when given the opportunity does not bode well.

        • The list is not out of date, but as I said in the post, these so-called hero phones don’t always appear on these calendars so their lack of appearance means very little.

        • Vim

          Is it pretty typical for T-Mobile to keep referring to a device by the manufacturer’s original code name (eg. Ville/One S) in its road maps even after the device has been released under a different official name?

        • Yes, often these roadmaps reflect nothing but codenames on high-profile devices for the exact reason of trying to contain the information. Unfortunately, those codenames are often well known.

        • Vim

          lol, that they are. thanks.

  • The Dude

    Here’s a thought: sell your Amaze or Sensation or G2S or whatever you’re currently sporting to some sap on ebay for whatever you can get for it and then run on over to the tmo shop and buy yourself a brand spanking new One S sporting ICS. Problem solved. You’re welcome!

    • Tbd

      Or Google for “XDA” for free!

    • 30014

      Our better yet get a galaxy nexus directly from google. Problem truly solved. I’ll never buy a non-nexus android phone again.

  • not burned. You got samsung’d

    • Loopylogic

      Lol, Agreed.

      buuuuuurn to those mofos who thought otherwise. 

  • Getsome

    I wonder when we’ll well all open our eyes and shut our mouths and realize that manufacturers are just as responsible if not more so than Tmobile for the delay in updates and device bloatware, I read your comments below and it just makes people sound silly

    • Yeah sure

      Moron the manufacture already delivered it to many other carriers and countries this one is on TMO and the fact that the HTC Leak for the amaze works flawlessly does not bolster TMO’s case that it failed inspection….my guess either revenue or they sent it back to HTC to put crap like tmo-malll on there

      • Ace

        You’ll find the truth lies in what going to be released.* If more ICS phones had been released already, then they would had already provided all the current users with ICS update. I’m sure HTC is saying don’t release the firmware yet HTC one s has the sense 4.0, we want some of your customers to upgrade into this first. then please the rest of the older handset users. Sadly ICS on my phone has made the phone so much better. i just don’t understand, why brag and promote nfc, but a year later it still isn’t supported not even on ICS.

        • UMA_Fan

          This could be true to coming from the manufacturer end.  Remember T-Mobile doens’t profit from selling devices.  They could care less what device you buy, as long as you are paying for the service.

        • Getsome

          Waiting for the ONE S to be released before releasing ICS?, the sensation came out less than a year ago and those that purchased the device wouldn’t be early upgrade eligible yet for a couple of months so they’d be paying full retail for it, it’s not a conspiracy and once you cut the bunker mentality and think about it, it makes sense

    • Thetinguy

      Dude what? The sensation has been running ICS since march. OTA updates to ICS have been running since march all over the world. Tmobile delayed their update so the fill it with crapware. 

  • Loopylogic

    sweeeeeeeeet! I cannot wait for ICS for my sgs2. Bring it on! 

  • TMoFan

    I thought I read something about the G4x, but realized that my eyes were playing tricks on me. :-(

    Updates are one huge reason to look into a Nexus. The one Google’s selling on the Play Store is tempting.

  • Not buying it.  They’ve never stressed software updates in the past (not major ones anyway) and they won’t start now.  Watch, come June the excuses will roll.

  • Maierchebus

    Hell yeah , the news I’ve Been waiting for, sg2 ics, her I come!

  • Vim

    Interesting, nevertheless I seriously suspect this calendar is a bit out of date.

  • I’ve had an iPhone and can attest to the device “just working”.. unfortunately, that was not “just enough” so I Jailbroke the thing.

    I will say, the carriers really need to push the carriers for the phones to be supported & updated for the 2-years of the device. At least on the High-end devices… when your updates are literally 6-months later than the foreign equivalent… there’s a problem.

    Not so ‘fragmented’ as it is just delayed by stupidity. I’m loading a custom ROM on my Sensation right now because of all this.. plus it’s acting weird.

  • JBrowne1012

    Sigh… Why can’t htc just allow us the option to by pass carrier for updates? Why can’t I just download it officially from htc?

  • TechAce01

    I guest it’s back to root then..

  • ICS aside, man is that release calendar depressingly bare. Was hoping TMo’s thin lineup was going to get fleshed out in the wake of the merger being cancelled, but it looks like thin is in.

  • I already have ICS on my HTC Amaze.  http://www.android-dev.us/showthread.php?918-HOW-TO-S-Off-Flash-ICS-ROM-Flash-ENG-HBOOT-Recovery-and-Root!

  • TechHog

    June? Are you fucking kidding me?

  • JBLmobileG1

    Same here.. The question is will I still be able to receive the official update OTA now if they decide to tweak it some more? Anyone know?

    • Nick

      not unless you unroot your phone.

      • JBLmobileG1

        It was never rooted to begin with. I just downloaded the official yet unofficial update which didn’t require root. I am just curious to whether future updates can and will be pushed to my phone if the version changes..

  • steveb944

    So glad I did the “unofficial” ICS update already, no way I could wait 2 months for T-Mobile to update my Amaze

    • Gordo

      steve944 can you provide me a link to root my Amaze. What is the best way. I dont want to F anything up.. 

      • steveb944

        I didn’t root, I followed the update David posted on here a few weeks back. No root required

  • Sanman202

    Will ICS be OTA or Kies? Also, if you updated on  your own beforehand and are now concerned with being able to get the update from the carrier, well you should have had more patience. These updates do take time and it sucks waiting but Gingerbread out of the box is not too bad. 

  • Richard Lee

    What’s missing? How about LG! I can’t even get T-Mo to commit to a date for upgrading the Optimus to 2.3. “Waiting on Google”, they tell me.  Uh-huh…

    • UMA_Fan

      I think it’s a given now not to have much hope for ANY low end/mid range device to get software updated.  When the Optimus came out there were higher end devices available like the MyTouch 4G and the G2.  Those have been given first priority and have already been updated to Gingerbread.

    • Getsome

      You bought what was almost the least expensive Android at the time, don’t whine because you were to cheap.

  • G2Xman

    What’s missing?  How about support for the T-Mobile G2X and an upgrade to ICS?  Sucks buying the latest and greatest, the first dual core phone on the market less than a year ago and have it only get a single upgrade fro Froyo to Gingerbread yet still being locked into a 2 year agreement with a year left to go. This wasn’t a low or mid range device when I bought it.

    • PinkElephant

      The main problem you all are having is that you are buying LG mobile phones. Use them for washers/dryers and TVs. Leave the phone domination to HTC.

    • TBN27

      I think it will be a while. They just upgraded them to 2 3.4 and maybe later it will be available. But if you can’t wait, root or get a galaxy nexus.

    • BahamasGeek242

      I had the G2X and I loved the phone but it had its issues.  On the xda forum there is an ICS rom almost ready for prime time so keep checking the site

  • AndroidLuv3r1

    Still in disbelief until the day before it is released to the public

  • Jacobintexas

    I just left the Tmobile Corp ran store (Frisco, TX) and was told July for Galaxy S II ICS update. This was from their Manager.

    • Get_at_Me

      Hahahaha….you cant take the word of a retail store employee….I work for tmobile as well. i often find out about things here before the company tells us. i would believe a leaked roadmap on a blog before id believe a store employee regarding something like a software update

  • ICS?

    Lol…… Love reading about how everyone is whining about not getting ICS update.

    • Bobby Phoenix

      True.  If you really want ICS just root and enjoy.  I’ve been on ICS for a month now on my GS II. :-)

      • BahamasGeek242

        Agreed either you ROOT your phone OR you buy a NEXUS 

  • K0246945

    LMAO!! Keep waitin folks!! 

    Thanks Apple for not playing games with software updates!!!

    • Bobby Phoenix

      Yeah, Apple just updates version numbers with hardly any new features.  That’s easy to do.  When you have Google updating so many things, and bringing so much more to the table like having widgets, HA, user interfaces, and all in all a better OS than before, it does take a while.  So go enjoy all your homescreens with simple icons and no widgets with the same old look.  Why you even here?  LMAO too!

      • Guest

        Google updates frequently coz their OS is buggy and all of you are happy with mediocre crap. And then you wonder why there are issues? You accept crap so you get it. LMAO too.

        • Herb

          I’m okay with accepting crap. Better than having crap shoved down my throat.

        • Jason Crumbley

          Right. So I guess my Macbook is shit because it gets updates all the time too. 

          I’ve owned iOS devices and they get just as many updates. 
          Your argument is made of massive fail. Thanks for playing.

        • K0246945

          Very buggy… The phones are cheaply made , and I not want anyone with the name Sergio associated with my brand

      • K0246945

        I didn’t notice much from 2.2 to 2.3… Did you? And it took forever to get 2.3 out to every model

  • ferganer


  • ferganer

    I can see the first Exhibit 4G on the chart. Is it getting an ICS update?

    • Herb

       That’s actually the Exhibit II 4G and the event you see is its rebranding as the *Galaxy* Exhibit 4G.

  • BahamasGeek242

    I have to tell you guys I bought the Nexus a couple days ago and its worth it there is no need for HTC or samsung to put a heavy UI on top of android anymore.  I have to say sense does come with some cool stuff but ICS bone STOCK is a great android experience and the phone works very well on T-mobile, If I had to complain I wish I had wifi calling but that’s about 

  • Get_at_Me

    it has been proven that time and time again that “non-hero devices” don’t get priority. ideally every single android device would get attention…You get what you pay for in most cases though.  If you buy the lowend/midrange phone, dont expect ongoing support.  You have to buy the best to even think about major software updates…Regarding the G2x, its a shame what happened to that phone.  So much promise, but due to early software issues, that phone got put on the back burner waaaay too soon.  Thanx LG….Despite its relevant specs, the G2x is old in “android years”…Based on that alone, its hard to expect tmo to bend over backwards to update it to ICS. Im shocked they’re updating the Sensation.  That phone is pushing the year mark since launch.

    • MarcusDW

      Tell em like it is yo!

  • Jessie198286

    I have had the sensation 4g since it first came out and I love this phone and my fiance has the.nexus s and it has ics and its pretty nice…so I can wait it out till June lol….if I wanted it so bad I would just take my fiances phone ;) which was actually mine first” I just like my phone a lot and I can’t wait until the update!!

  • Teddy

    So I have a Galaxy S II. It’s a great phone and all but I think I have a defective screen. When watching videos or black pictures at night, I can see blotches and when my screen is set to low, I can see lines going from the took of my screen to the bottom. Should I call Tmobile and get them to send me a new one or what? Please help.

    • Jessie198286

      Teddy, I would call tmobile and tell them what’s going on. And they will probably try to troubleshoot the phone first, which prob. Isn’t going to work…they always have to troubleshoot it before anything else and then they will go from there….do you have insurance???? It sounds to me like something is definitely up with it….good luck! Jessica

    • TBN27

      I have the same problem. This is an issue with the sprint and T-Mobile build of the Galaxy SII since their debut. I do notice that when i have automatic dimming on, the streaks show up and the the colors look faded like an old photo. But in my case, i can deal with it because it is not a dealbreaker for me. Plus i had already compared it to a friends galaxy SII and the screen is still good in normal use.

    • Getsome

      It’s called color banding, and it has to do with how the phone gpu handles image processing, I’d compare it to another identical phone and see if it’s different, if so if call and exchange cause that sh°° would be annoying

    • MarcusDW

      I have the same problem so I just avoid setting my brightness to low or automatic.  I don’t even notice it and I’m a screen freak.  DO NOT get an insurance replacement because you will get a referb and it will probably have the same issue and solve nothing.  Chalk it up unless you are within the 14 or 30 day return period, I forget the time frame.

    • Benz2002

      I had a similar problem, and if you register the phone with Samsung, they will troubleshoot it online with you. The customer service was awesome, and unfortunately, out of the thousands of SGS2 produced for Tmobile, statistics will show a lil blemish from one unit to another. Ultimately, try doing a master reset, and if that doesn’t work, Samsung will tell you to bring it back to Tmobile for a replacement phone. Tell the tmo rep that Samsung has looked into it, if its still not solved, and your phone replacement is free since it has a one yr warranty from Samsung. You might have to pay $19.99 processing and shipping fee.

  • guess there was some truth to all those people saying they wouldn’t release the Sensation update until the One S had its day in the sun

    • Getsome

      .Waiting for the ONE S to be released before releasing ICS?, the sensation came out less than a
      year ago and those that purchased the device wouldn’t be early upgrade eligible yet for a
      couple of months so they’d be paying full retail for it, so explain to me why that would be a huge advantage? How many people out there will honestly pay 600 for there new phone when a discount is right around the corner, it’s not a conspiracy and once you cut the
      bunker mentality, it makes sense

      • Roush97

        I think it’s because they can sell the HTC One S easier if it’s the only T-Mobile phone on ICS.  If there is a cheaper ICS phone, like the Sensation, it may not sell as well.

        • Getsome

          Sensation is EOL so that wouldn’t necessarily matter

        • Jose Hernandez

           I still does matter, if they still have them in stock (and they do) people would jut by the Sensation and the the OTA update to ICS. By waiting a little while longer, then some people that can not wait, will just buy the One S. There is always some reason for the madness, even if the reason is really stupid.

        • Get_at_Me

          if youre saavy enough to care that much about OS versions, you’d probably just get the One S…You cant blame a carrier for withholding an update due to a new phone launch.  If there weren’t new highend android phones coming out every month, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.  Sure the Sensation is still available in very limited quantities, but not for much longer…..Android in general is a double edged sword…..Android phones offer the latest and greatest in processing power/network capability, but in order to have the best, youd have to go broke buying a new phone every few months…..I believe that android device development should slow down. Allow devices to saturate the market and sustain support from google/manufacturers/carriers.

        • Jose Hernandez

           I agree. Well said.

      • the Sensation and the One S are similar enough that most won’t even notice outside of marketing tactics like “One S has ICS” etc .. delay the ICS on Sensation to give your new supposedly greatest phone ever (One S) some time to shine with ICS before upgrading your last greatest phone ever (Sensation) ya know.

  • exibits mans

    What about the LG double play.they promised a ics update when I bought the damn phone at a T-Mobile store. They said in about 3months that was in December

    • Bleacherbums1

      LOL ….you actually bought that hideous thing…

      • exibits 0mans

        Why does. Every one talksh”t about the LG doubles Playa.

        • Getsome

          Cause it’s fugly…. Playa

    • ICS?

      Lmao…… U actually believe everything the sales rep tell u u at the store?

  • All junk ass phones. This is crap, What about the Note??? T-Mobile needs paying customers. Paying customers are not looking for 2nd rate phones. Whoever is doing the buying for T-Mobile is just killing the company, they need top of the line phones. Snap the hell out of it T-Mobile, get the best phones out there not the left over junk that no other carrier will take. I am very pissed off, if T-Mobile doesn’t come up with some quality hardware then I’m gone.

    • Getsome

      I hear you but you’d be surprised how many people think $150 is allot. Most of our customers think the should be cheaper

    • Klawatti

      Google’s Galaxy Nexus GSM now available to T-mobile!!!!  Woo hoo!  Finally….

    • Jose Hernandez

       I don’t get it. If you are this upset about the phone selection, then please go to another carrier. We don’t want you to get high blood pressure over this. I understand what you are saying, and I agree to some of it. But, we have to deal with what T-Mobile has, they might be waiting to put their resources in to better phones down the line, You have to remember that they are still hurting from that whole takeover crap and it will take time (months) for them to get back up to speed. If the phone selection is that bad to you, go to another carrier that has better phones and save yourself the heartache.

    • Get_at_Me

      u do realize that tmo is the smallest national carrier right?  They dont have as deep of pockets like vzw and att….the word of the day here is exclusivity….you pay for the right to carry a device exclusively for a period of time….Also blame manufacturers for agreeing to these deals with carriers.  Why should something like the Note be exclusive to one carrier?  Even for a month…We all know that today’s android device is yesterdays news…these phones lose buzz so quickly bc there’s always something else on the horizon.  Why on earth would a company restrict themselves to one carrier for any length of time is beyond me.  It shouldn’t be allowed.  Google messed up by giving vzw exclusivity of the GN….What were they thinking???  Just imagine if the GN was available unlocked on their Playstore from day one.  I’d probably have one instead of the GS2.  Apple doesn’t play favorites anymore…the Iphone 4S launched simultaneously on with the 3 US carriers….Although i despise Apple, they’re a very smart company.

    • Cohenjohn16

      vinny tmobile wants out of the usa overseas tmobille is number 1 

  • Damien328


    • Justlee7

      …for the home team, if they don’t win it’s a shame….

      • Justlee7

        BTW, I am enjoying ICS on my new HTC One S. It is THE best phone T-Mobile has now, and probably for awhile looking at that time line!

        • Agreed. Huawei supplies the majority of Cricket’s mobile devices, and knowing  that I’ll bear with my Amaze for the remainder of my contract.

  • anas2

    For the record the s2 is not a junk or second rate phone. Jesus people a maybe is better than nothing.

  • Crumbleyisafool

    You fool. You are comparing anti virus updates on your macbook to OS updates? Guess you should buy android phones. Thanks for playing fool.

    • K0246945

      Sell your Android…Oh wait.. It’s not nearly as valuable as a Apple IPhone! Android is like gm, ford….apple like Honda Toyota.. Holds value longer!

    • Mac’s don’t come with an antivirus program. Who’s the fool again?

  • StonersLane

    June 16th for an OTA update for the Amaze? I bet they have hamsters working at T-Mobile.

  • MarcusDW

    To clarify your clarification, @zifnab:disqus ‘s  emphasis was on the April/May availability of the i9100 which was over 5 months before the TMO GS2 release.

  • chaz edwards

    For people complaining about the note. Ice cream sandwich premium suite didn’t even come out internationally yet for the galaxy note. T-mobile will most likely wait till that comes out before releasing it.Maybe evening switching out for the s4 processor. The galaxy s3 needs hardware switched out for all carriers mostly for the lte speeds. So don’t expect to see it here anytime soon. At&t probably has exclusivity on the HTC ONE X as well again. Other than those few phones Nothing really good is coming out except for the Asus padfone.

    • Get_at_Me

      doesnt make sense for samsung to lag behind in regard to network compatibility…the iphone has always been late to the game in that respect, but atleast they’re consistent.  Samsung was the only company that supported tmobile’s hspa 21mbps network….sk4g, exhibit, sgs4g etc…while the likes of htc and lg released 14mbps devices….someone on this blog explained how 1/3 of gsm networks worldwide have 42mb data which is quite significant…i understand the lack of lte compatibility, but higher tier hspa doesnt make sense to me.  In samsungs quest to dominate apple, you’d think they’d work hard to broaden their hardware’s network capability….qualcomm is onboard….why not samsung???

      • chaz edwards

        Qualcomm has integrated modems for lte. LTE in europe and hspa+ Are different than the ones on tmobile. At&t uses the same as the international bands but different on lte bands run at some other frequency than in america. 

        There is a big agreement in europe in communications to set a standard on devices between carriers phones I don’t think cdma even exist there. Carriers over there are more or less all using the same bands and provide services. That is it. Which is way different how carriers are here. The 1700 and 2100 bands are not really used by anyone else besides tmobile usa. I believe. You can correct me on anything.

        • Get_at_Me

          The bands arent the issue…look at atts skyrocket, note and one x…..all qualcomm chips due to no lte compatibility. The first 2 devices have exynos internationally which support 21mbps hspa+ and the one x has the tegra 3 internationally i believe. If att didnt have lte, their devices would align with the rest of the world. US carriers want hardware that supports their fastest network. Dont understand why a company would not make their chip compatible to remain competitive….

  • Justlee7

    I want to first start off by stating I am a time traveler, though I can only go one month ahead in time. I’ve been to May 30th, and I am sorry to tell all Samsung GII owners, there is still no ICS on your phone. I’m betting it will be closer to July or August, and that’s just from Samsung’s history of phone updates…

    • My friend has it on his white Samsung Galaxy II aka Hercules. It looked different compared to the many that come across my cell phone accessories kiosk.  

  • Malisha1

    Im completely disappointed with Tmobile.  Tmobile only needs to try a lil harder to please its customers then it will be great.  Plus tmobile only want to take care of their new customers and not their existing.

    • Get_at_Me

      Not true at all!!!! What makes u say that?

  • Littlesis1774

    Yep I will let my contract expire and won’t renew it

  • exibitsMAN

    Why does. Every one talksh”t about the LG doubles Playa.

  • Brad Johnson

    So does this tell us anything about the Galaxy Note? 
    http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=3522&c=t-mobile_samsung_sgh-t879_galaxy_note has it listed as May 2012 possibly.

  • Get_at_Me

    The spec sheet shows it has exynos?

    • Brad Johnson

      I thought Samsung was preparing to release Exynos processors for USA? I just want my GNOTE! :D

      Maybe we will find something out in 2 days. 2 days away!

  • My HTC Amaze has started to lag. Every time I hit the home button, the htc logo appears and it actually has to load in order to show the widget. 

  • Brian Richards

    I’m not sure I will upgrade my S2. I upgraded my Archos tablet to their official ICS and it is now wildly unstable even after reseting and formatting, and that is pretty much STOCK ICS on there. 

  • Jeremy Carlton

    Well today is the day.. Supposedly… THis last week has been full of anxiety. So anxious I’ve been crack flashing every ICS leak built ROM on XDA. But I would rather have the official as all of these have been LOADED with bugs. Come on update!!

  • Jeremy Carlton

    Well today is the day.. Supposedly… THis last week has been full of anxiety. So anxious I’ve been crack flashing every ICS leak built ROM on XDA. But I would rather have the official as all of these have been LOADED with bugs. Come on update!!

  • So it’s now 5/12. Wondering if ICS still dropping for Galaxy S II on Monday? Dave?

  • Kies updated today 5/12/12. No new firmware yet but this is great. I have read ICS for Galaxy S II would only install via Kies, and Voila New Version today! MAYBE, Monday 5/14 is on!! I hope.!!

  • meek82

    So today is May14th 2012…..where the Fuck?! is ICS?

  • meek82

    sooo…….ICS ?

  • Not coming, it’s been “delayed,” except it can’t be delayed when nobody announced it. This is life with unofficial release dates.

  • Well I checked Kies and no update for the Galaxy S II yet. ughhh im mad, I was looking forward to ICS Andriod 4.0 Guess I’m gone have to root my GSII

    • I’ve tried to answer this in a post this morning!

  • mgiusto

    Ok, it’s the 14th, where’s my ICS update for my Tmo SGS II???

    • Not happening, we are hearing there was a delay of sorts, but its not really a delay since it was never officially announced. Welcome to the world on unofficial release dates.

  • So what ever happened to the GS2 getting ICS starting today?

    • As I’ve said quite a few times already in this post and the Sensation 4G update, this didn’t happen today. Unofficial dates are unfortunately exactly that, unofficial!

  • Rob Velez

    So where do you guys get these “unofficial dates” from?  Why post unofficial information? Get it confirmed.  Raising peoples hopes for nothing.  I almost lost everything cause of this stupid update! ICS ICS ICS ICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   No seriously when is the next unofficial date?  So I can have something not to look forward to.

    • Did you read the original post. First of all, why on earth would I ever say “where” I got those dates from? Do you honestly not know how leaks work? Why post unofficial information? Is this your first time reading a tech blog? Read the original post before blowing up.

    • Guest

      this is a news website we come across unofficial info all the time… 

  • Chuy070889

    When is ics for my galaxy s 2? …today is May 14 th…………………2013 or 2014

  • Mauro Monreal

    22:40 CDT, still waiting for my ICS.  I’m starting to think this “leaked roadmap” was nothing but an extended April Fool’s day joke.  Anyone else with me on that?

    • Dude COME ON, I covered this in at least two posts today. I’ve covered it on Twitter and on Facebook, it was an unofficial release date that didn’t pan out, hence the word “unofficial.” Such is the life of leaked roadmaps.

    • Pmw420

      I fucking hate tmoblie…. hello att

      • Guest


  • Gg@ttws.co

    I just dropped U-verse down to basic seriously I refuse to pay for garbage bundled packages consisting of non-stop reruns with the only changes being the commercials we’re paying for over & over. T-mobile has had me for too many years of “Have you removed your battery”?

    Just like Rim (Blackberry) screwed up, T-Mobile is right behind and AT&T isn’t the answer!