Software Fix Coming For HTC One S Wi-Fi Calling Battery Drain

If you’re a new owner of the HTC One S and you’re suffering from a battery drain issue caused by Wi-Fi calling, good news — a software fix is incoming. T-Mobile’s support documents confirm the issue as of April 20th, a full 5 days before release so we hope that any update is prioritized and issued quickly to rectify the problem as the One S only being on the shelf for 4 days.

There is no question that Wi-Fi calling is a big bonus for T-Mobile customers and we have no doubt they’ll work fast to rectify this issue. Are you having any problems with your battery on the One S in conjunction with Wi-Fi calling? Let us know.

Android Central via T-Mobile

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  • Ryan

    I’m having issues with my phone shutting off when the battery meter is low but not dead.The indicator will be yellow and still shut off. When I power it back on and plug it in, its completely dead .

    • ZhenyaK

       Did you charge the phone fully when you first received it without powering on? (Should take around 4-6 hours at a minimum)?

      • Ddddddduuuuummmmbbbbbbb

        that doesnt matter on any phone thats been built in the last 3 years.

        • Unless, of course, you know anything about the OneS battery and how it works. HTC recommends a FULL CHARGE before use.

        • UglyPete

          unless of course you know about how li-ion batteries work.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    Wifi Calling causes mild battery drain in my Vibrant. The process ( is always running in the foreground, and can’t be killed (I believe I would need to root).

    • Frigadroid

      Just another one of the many reasons I decided to leave my cat hair refurb vibrant stock. I figured since the second go around I got one with the gps working I could live with the lag disconnects & rebooting.
      Funny thing I got my bill yesterday and now tmobile wants to call bloat “bonus apps worth up to $150” Lol the same crapware that causes lag, rebooting, and delays if not eliminates updates. Way to go T-mo play the word game some more! I guess when you target people who use english as a secondary language that’s the best you can do…

      • I didnt realize that T-Mobile TV app which is free on T-Mobile phones, and Pandora and other crap (all free) are worth $150… T-Mobile is weird. Im glad I left them.

  • Gman

    Just got my update will let you know how it goes. I have to use WiFi calling a majority of the time, haven’t been impressed with my battery life before the update, but its not any worse then my g2, which is about 10-16 hours with decent usage.

  • Pig Vomit

    Dear T-Mobile One S Customer:

    We regret to inform you that we have identified a software bug with the Wifi Calling feature that causes your battery to drain.

    In the past, we would have strung you along with vague promises like, “This issue will be addressed in an upcoming software update.”  However, in accordance with our new “honesty is the best policy” philosphy on software updates, we wish to inform you of the following:

    We’ve got better things to do.  We’ve already got your money, and sales continue to be high, as the vast majority of our customers are unaware of this problem and our salespeople have been instructed not to disclose it to customers.  For those that do discover this problem, we’re counting on the fact that you will not attempt to return the phone until it’s too late for you to do so because you reasonably expect us to address this issue with an update.  We’ve got you locked into a contract with a high early termination fee so you’re kinda left with no reasonable options to rectify this.  Software updates cost money, and we just don’t want to spend it.

    By the time this becomes a more public issue, the public’s attention will have already turned to the next big phone release, the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Look at the frenzy that’s already built up!  By the time the S3 is released, we will have already reached most of our sales goals for the One S, so that pretty much ensures there won’t be an update.  The software problems that people will eventually discover with the S3 will start this whole cycle all over, and they won’t get an update either.

    You can read more on this whole process by reviewing our new policy entitled, “We’ve Already Got Your Money, And We Don’t Care!” at t-mobile dot com/hahahawegotyou.

    • Cycad007

      They’ll update this ASAP.  The One S is currently their premier phone!  Bad press won’t be good.  

      One feature I’m really loving is the ‘SkyDrive for HTC Sense’.  They don’t talk much about it…but its an OFFICIAL Android app for SkyDrive from HTC!  Love the FREE storage option.

      • kalel

         You mean how they updated the G2X right away?  3 months later? 

    • Ready2ChurnSoon

      Its been 6 mos and counting & theyve done NOTHING to fix Exhibit2 problems except acknowledge them, blame others & empty promises

  • unfaix

    I remembered when I was beta testing t-mobile’s upcoming service and devices, they were using centercode.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad to see this “beta tester” experience that companies are putting us through.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Just Tragic.  Hasn’t even been a week yet and bugs are already found.

    • kalel

       It’s the same way with every single Android phone that comes out.  The Mytouch 4G, Vibrant, Sensation, etc. all had issues at the beginning. 

  • Jackie

    Yes but will it fix the constant rebooting and random signal loss? Mine is going back.

    • jonathan3579

      I have not had any reboots yet but I lose signal like crazy. I hope to see a fix soon…

  • Neejay

    This is exactly why I made the decision long ago not to buy a smartphone immediately after it’s released. Not downing those who have, but it’s a personal choice for me. I’ve been burned like this too often. It’s like the first batch is a “public beta”.

    I still don’t see how things like this get past testing.  All they would have to do is connect to wifi and actually USE the feature in a normal environment…right? 

  • CactoesGel

    There’s always something wrong with these phones lol

  • Maybinder

    Gman, how did you get the update already?  I don’t think it came out yet.

  • taomaster06

    every phone, regardless of make/model is going to have some issues. thats normal, some issues are bigger than others but at least sw updates can now fix most of them. no reason to act like its the end of the world

    • Anonymous

      This mindset is exactly why android isn’t completely dominating the market, and why apple continues to prevail. Sad.

      • Turdnugget0420

        iPhone has issues as well, what’s make you think they don’t?  Remember when they were offering free cases so people wouldn’t hold the phone and lose signal?  That’s a hardware issue that can’t be fixed without a new phone so at least there are software issues with Android that can be addressed.

        • Anonymous

           The iphone, and IOS in general has far fewer issues than android. After owning both systems, while I like the flexibility and compatibility of android, it’s a very unstable OS that is prone to software bugs, lag and crashes… and that’s in addition to the fragmentation accross devices and the lack of timely updates. IOS on the other hand, is a very closed system and cannot do simple things like play AVIs or be used in mass storage mode, but it’s smooth as silk, updates all at once, and is extremely stable. I don’t ever remember my ipad crashing.

        • Edy6401

          Ok, then stick with ios. I don’t get why you are posting on a thread that’s for an android phone, when you are not using android? Or if you are using an android phone, how come? You prefer ios, right?

        • Anonymous

           Different devices for different purposes. I don’t need to prefer either device as I have uses for both, and both have their positives are negatives. I can openly critique either. Don’t be so narrow minded.

        • Jose Hernandez

           Not being morrow minded, you said openly “critique either” but all you have done on this post is state how great IOS is and how bad Android is, where is your critique of IOS? We can only go by why you write here, if you only defend IOS and put Android down on your posts, then that will be what people think you are all about.

        • Anonymous

           Try reading comprehension:
          ” is a very closed system and cannot do simple things like play AVIs or be used in mass storage mode”

          Who said I needed to point out every single thing that I think is wrong with IOS?

          Why don’t you do it for me and save me the trouble?

        • Jose Hernandez

           Nah, you seem to be very good at it. Lets just agree to disagree.

      • taomaster06

        nope, people have unrealiatic expectations. you cant compare htc to apple or pretty much any mobile device manufacturer to apple. Apple makes their software and controls their hardware, and only releases 1 phone per year. so of course they have the ability to design and perfect their phone. but even the iphone has issues too. im just saying

        • Anonymous

           So then you’re saying we can compare apple to google since they have a manufacturer make a nexus device to their specs every year?

        • Jose Hernandez

           That is not what he said at all, dear god Anonymous, go play at the Apple forums….

        • Anonymous

           No Thanks, I’ll stay here. He stated that we cannot compared htc to apple or other manufacturers because apples makes their software (OS) and controls their hardware… Well so does google.. for the nexus phones. So his argument is flawed and I was just stating so.

        • taomaster06

          No my argument is not flawed, once again you are wrong. Google does not make the nexus hardware at all so you still cant compare. When you have an issue with your nexus phones you don’t call Google for support, you would call HTC or Samsung depending on which device you have. lol. So please before you try to correct someone get your facts straight. 

      • Vim

        This mindset is exactly why apple isn’t completely dominating the market, and why android continues to prevail.  Yes, I can easily turn this argument right back at you.  Apple’s forum is flooded with complaints about terrible battery life on the iPhone 4S.  Go take a look for yourself if you don’t believe me.  People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  Sad. 

        • Anonymous

           Yet it is the top selling handset on every carrier in the US that has it, and is a sizable chunk of unlocked phones on tmobile. but but but the battery issues! no one cares.

        • Vim

          Last I checked this article was about battery drain.  It’s downright hypocritical to cite the One S’s battery issues as an example of how the iPhone is superior when the iPhone 4S has serious battery issues too.  And judging by all the posts on the subject over at Apple’s forums, despite your hypocritical attempt to dismiss the issue, lots of iPhone owners do care. 

          Now if you want to change the subject to sales comparisons, it’s pretty obvious to anyone who reads the news that Android smartphones outsell iOS smartphones overall and that Samsung outsells Apple.  It doesn’t really matter if Apple has the single most popular model since Apple only releases a single new model each year.  If you want a bigger screen,a different look, or a removable battery you’re out of luck.  So there are no other new iPhone’s to split the iPhone customer base the way there are with android phones. 

  • RegularJoe

    I’m updating as I type…not that I’d noticed terrible battery life but i’ll take any improvements ;)

  • Maybinder

    how are you updating???  was the update released?  i thought it was coming but not out yet

    • RegularJoe

      Not sure…i just checked if an update was available and it was but it won’t download until my battery is 35% or higher so I’m impatiently charging my phone :(

      • RegularJoe

        It is system update 1.53.531.16 and 35.95 MB

        • RegularJoe

          ah crap.  just realized this IS the affected software version :(

          had previously been on 1.53.531.7

  • Deaconclgi

    I want my $100 credit!!!!! Wait…wrong phone manufacturer…..

    *Does not own a OneS yet is still waiting on updates and bug fixes for all of his devices…

  • lol that’s a joke but why they hold ics for htc sensation 4G but tmobile are too stupid to go ahead roll new htc s one fone out but they still have software issues it dont make sense???? why they hold htc sensation 4g ics update back????? NO EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!!! Make no different!!!!!!!

    • Tony

      wow, you make no sense and sound completely ignorant.  I don’t even know what you’re trying to say but it sure sounds stupid.

    • G Gomez

      wth are you trying to say…lemme get my rosetta software

  •  HTC One S  already suffer from software choking…. wait a moment let me take breath Darn this crap crack me up!!!!! darn Tmobile must be one of best joker! SMH! LOL!!!!

  • Stephen93

    The only problem that I have noticed so far was that my internet keeps timing out. I have not used the WiFi calling yet. but its a problem if the internet keeps timing out

  • Centhetik

    My Sensation has the same problem.

  • hatetmobile

    got the new phone, retuning it today. No wifi calling, no free hot spot, and more t mobile apps ruining the ics experience
    Im getting the global edition!
    f··· you tmobile 

  • Abhay Pandit

    Fix to “Nokia Lumia Battery Draining”..
    Watch Solution at Following Youtube Video: