T-Mobile Support Forum Moderators Says No Sensation 4G ICS Update In April

While many of you are questioning the delay in HTC’s release of the Sensation 4G update for T-Mobile, both companies have been silent since the middle of March. That is until today, when a T-Mobile support forum post helps clear the air on what’s going on. It doesn’t give us the answer we really want to here, but at least it tells us they are aware of your concerns.

“The Sensation 4G will not update in April. While I don’t know with certainty when it is coming, I can tell you it will not be this month.”

I have to give the moderator credit for taking the initiative to stamp out some of the rumors and “theories” floating around regarding the delay. It’s incredibly unlikely that T-Mobile and/or HTC is withholding the update to increase sales of the HTC One S. Haven’t we gone through this before when someone accused Samsung and T-Mobile of withholding an update for the Samsung Vibrant as the Galaxy S 4G was preparing to launch?

Most important is the last line:

“If T-Mobile could have released the Sensation update already, they would have. Trust me.”

If anything, my guess is there are some hiccups with the update either on T-Mobile’s end or HTC’s and they are working to solve the problem before releasing it to the public. That’s my guess anyway.


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  • TBN27

    Rumors are like roses. You spray them with raid, but they still come back.

  • Want ICS on your Sensation? Here ya go: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=23249726&postcount=2

    **I’m not responsible if you break your phone**

  • “ICS alone is not different enough from Gingerbread to justify buying a new phone.”

    That line alone made this fella lose all credibility with me.  It’s been widely agreed amongst the major tech sites that ICS is a huge upgrade from previous versions of Android and is seen as the software that finally marks Android’s maturity.

    • JBrowne1012

      Full blown ics is but the sense overlay makes it not so big because we won’t be getting the android 4.0 ui we will get sense 3.6

      • Matthew Herman

        This is true, although if you root your phone, you can install vanilla ICS or CM9 right now.

    • Matthew Herman

      I agree, ICS is way better than Gingerbread in terms of UI responsiveness.

    • No

      What do you think you can do on ICS with Sense 3.6 that you can’t do on Sensation already?

    • CollinUOut

      So you would pay $400 for a phone OS? For perspective, Windows 7 is like $120. I think you have too much extra money to blow or didn’t actually ready the post.

      • Arcanix

        He’s just trolling.

      • Tbd

        One S is $600… not 400. JakeMG is saying he’ll pay $600 for an OS hahaha
        Jake I’ll root your Sensation for $500. It’s like $100 off.

  • Wtfdude956

    Is there any info for the gs2 update?

  • mreveryphone

    I’ve had ics on my sensation for a while now. Moving on…….

  • TMobileNeedsiPhone

    Doesn’t everyone have ICS on their Sensation yet?  I knew that they weren’t going to be on time…hmm, wonder how I guessed right?!  So, rooted and slapped on an unofficial ICS Rom on it with Custom Kernel (FULLY Functional BTW) a long time ago…why in the world would ANYONE wait for T-Mobile or HTC to release it?!

    • Matthew Herman

      I agree, but unfortunately there is a fairly steep learning curve to rooting your phone and maintaining the updates yourself.  Although most people who care about their version are the type to want to explore options like this.  I find it sad that people complain left and right about it though.  I’m sure someone on craigslist would do it for you for $50 if you really had to have it.

      • Deadeye37

         There’s also the little bit about voiding the warranty of your phone…

        That was reason why I haven’t rooted my G2.  Now that its past that 1 year warranty, I’m thinking about putting ICS with a custom rom.

        • J-Hop2o6

           You should have been rooted and unlocked your phone. You can un-root and relock your phone so the warranty is still valid. But the ICS rom for the G2 I recommend is Andromadus, which I use on my G2. But I can’t wait for a new phone. My G2 is on its last legs >.<

  • Tatdude806

    No big news here. I think we already knew that it wasn’t going to happen. And all because of a new phone that is severely crippled.
    Once again, if you want ICS bad enough study and learn the fine art of rooting your phone and pulling a custom rom. Plenty of them out there!

  • Let’s face it HTC and T-Mobile are in a pissing contest.  HTC delivered, T-Mobile said not good enough, and now HTC will get around to working on it when/if they have the resources.  T-Mobile and HTC are both companies that are under the gun fiscally (T-Mobile bleeding out customers at an increasing rate, HTC seeing profits collapse over by 70% in the last year), which means upgrading older phones is not a priority for the companies.  Dismiss if you will, but when there is no ICS come Summer, we’ll see who correctly evaluated the situation.

    • in2android

      Sounds more reasonable than everyone’s conspiracy theory…. Its business, and your theory is much more likely than the “Tmo doesn’t care about customers” theory….

      • Hoevito

        I disagree, and here’s why…if any number of the handful of AMATUER devs on xda or any other modding site on the internet can easily create a custom rom based on ICS leaks that HTC has had spread across the internet (and there’s been no less than 4 different ICS bases leaked for the sensation this year alone last time I checked) that function perfectly fine and in most cases superior to the bloatware packed crap that tmobile will eventually put out (we hope), then why hasn’t Tmobile done the same? There’s been stable ICS bases leaked all over xda for example since january…personally I’m running Insertcoin 5.2.1 right now and it’s fantastic. No problems whatsoever and literally like night and day compared to a co-worker of mine’s sensation whose is unrooted and still stuck on 2.3.3.

        Bottom line is Tmobile could have had an update ready long ago if they so choose. If some dude in Bucharest on the other side of the world who designs ROMS as a hobby in his spare time for free can make a custom Rom that makes the stock tmobile rom look like crap by comparison…what does that tell you?  Personally I do feel that Tmobile is sandbagging plain and simple. The Sensation is a superior phone in 3 MAJOR aspects to the One S already…it has a removable battery, a micro SD slot, and uses a non pentile display. Those are pretty strong selling points I believe, so who cares that the One S has an updated processor because in the real world, it’s not gonna be overtly noticeable…but having absolutely no removable storage is huge…
        add ICS to the sensation and personally I’d much rather keep my sensation over upgrading to the One S. Tmobile ain’t stupid…they know that they will be losing sales by upgrading the Sensation because it’s absolutely going to keep quite a few individuals (myself included) from moving on to the One S…

        • Genius. I agree. 

  • Sensation Owner

    Why would they both cripple their sales by providing the update… most people that would be marketed to buy a new One S phone are the same bunch that went out to buy the sensation, and if the sensation had the ics update, it would make it pointless to go out and upgrade to a phone that doesn’t have all that much to offer in terms of upgrade other that the OS.  So my thought is that TMobile and HTC are deliberately withholding the update to increase their initial sales of the One S… Mods for the sensation have been out there for quite some time and all seems to work perfectly… what other legitimate reason could there be…  All in all, they ARE corporations that need to sell their products in order to make a profit…. why would they be eager to hand out a free upgrade??  

  • Tatdude806

    “If T-Mobile could have releases the Sensation update already, they would have. Trust me.”

    Ummm when I hear trust me, I want to check and make sure my wallet is in my back pocket, my watch is still on my wrist and my fillings are still in my mouth.

    Marketing has no control… MY ASS!

    • Rizo

      “Trust Me” + T-Mobile = Eff the customer. At least its not Samsung.

    • Matthew Herman

      HTC has released their international version of ICS over a month ago.  They released the source code for ICS on the Sensation a week later.

      The fact that T-Mobile has not provided an update yet, can only mean they don’t care about their customers.  It doesn’t really matter if the reason is because they only have 1 inexperienced dev working or the project, or that they are holding out until they sell a bunch of HTC One S devices.  The fact is they dropped the ball.  Glad I have a rooted Sensation, cause I’ve been on ICS since early 2012.

      • Deadeye37

        I think they could’ve had the update out when HTC released it.  The problem is that T-mobile has to add all their bloatware back into ICS and that the bloatware doesn’t cause the phone to crash every hour.  The only bit of bloatware that I think it ok to do this with is the WiFi calling.  I wish T-mobile wouldn’t lard up their phones with crap apps.

      • Exactly. I’m running the pyramid release from Europe and the only thing that doesn’t work is the Amazon mp3 store. It won’t let me purchase songs on  my account because it automatically ties to lbs and doesn’t do the conversion. I just buy from Google Play. EVERYTHING WORKS. There is no other cognitive hypothesis than the release of the one. 

      • highasfunk

        it just means that tmo hasn’t baked the bloat into and ics update yet

    • CollinUOut

      You must work for T-Mobile. You really sound like you know what you’re talking about lol

  • Sylvan

     This is bad news. I think I may have to get off my butt and flash one of the many fine ICS ROMs.

    • Matthew Herman

       Go for it, ICS is an amazing upgrade from Gingerbread.  Absolutely perfect on the Sensation (Virtuous Inquisition).

  • Tessie

    I can safetly say they don’t want to release the update because of the htc one s

    • in2android

      Wow, are you an insider? Why does everything have to be a conspiracy?

  • I’m eligible for an upgrade… Will do that as soon as the Galaxy III comes out.

  • nerdlust

    I’m loving my sensation the way it is so they can release it when its ready. I just hope they make sure everythings work right for I upgrade this excellent phone.

    • Matthew Herman

       I agree, my sensation is running just fine.

    •  I concur.  Although I love the look of the One S, I’m still Enjoying my before launch day Sensation 4G and quite frankly won’t upgrade until there’s enough of a Reason to do so. (which could possibly be the Galaxy S III)

      • bmg314

        I agree. I never would have thought that I would have held on to my Sensation as long as I have, but I did and Im still happy with it.This is the longest Ive ever stayed with the same device.

  • Again. Proof T-mobile cares nothing of it’s existing customers…… just sell that One-S.

    ……… and that sound you hear is 50,000 more T-mobile customers exiting.

    • in2android

      Weird…. It only sounded like one exiting?

      • k-mack

        yeah, more like one wasting his time typing that!…

    • JW

      You are absolutely correct. It is more than evident that T-Mobile does not value their current customers and will continue to lose subscribers with updates being handled so poorly.

  • Pig Vomit

    The lack of updates has been a problem for all US carriers, but it seems to be more problematic for T-Mobile than the others.  After all, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon original Galaxy S customers all got a Gingerbread update while T-Mobile Vibrant customers were left twisting in the wind with Froyo and a GPS that never worked right.  I still feel like I got ripped off by my Vibrant purchase.  They KNEW that GPS didn’t work, yet sold the phone anyway without warning the public that it didn’t work, stringing buyers along with promises of an upcoming fix until it was too late to return the phone.  Vibrant buyers only got one upgrade from Eclair to Froyo.

    US carriers need to move away from proprietary crapware/software that they require to be preloaded onto their phones in an effort to increase revenues.  If the carrier has a downloadable exclusive app that people actually want and and willuse, the public should be able to go to Google Play and download it.  It should not be shoved down the public’s throats in the form of preloaded crapware that can’t be deleted.

    For me, the only T-Mobile feature that I use is Wifi Calling, and that’s only when I’m out of the country.

    Get rid of pre-installed crapware which, for most customers, will not be used and only serves to delay badly needed OS upgrades.

    • Vim

      This is the reason why I tend to favor HTC over Samsung.  While HTC sometimes takes a while to release an OS update, you know that eventually they will.  With Samsung you don’t have that certainty.  Samsung’s record on updates is terrible.   Just look at the Vibrant & Behold 2.

  • BobbyT4

    Forget the Sensation, HTC One, Galaxy II, III and T-Mobile’s crapware, get an unlocked Galaxy Nexus and get fast updates directly from Google.I got the yakju firmware and can’t be happier.

    • Matthew Herman

       My co-workers Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is running 4.0.2.  My Rooted Sensation is running 4.0.4.

      Don’t understand why you would not recommend any of these devices, they are all great phones.

      • BobbyT4

        I’m talking about real Google Android firmware, not shaddy modified releases. My previous phones were G2 and Sensation 4G. I rooted the Sensation and always had apps that would crash of missing functionality.

        • kalel

           Cyanogenmod is not a shoddy modified releases.  Google even took some of the extras that CM7 had and incorporated it into ICS.  CM7 was better than Google Android was by itself. If you had every used Cyanogenmod then you wouldn’t make that post.

        • You are doing it wrong.

  • pavoid

    I’m curious if this applies to the HTC Amaze as well?

    • in2android

      Well, I don’t think this will directly relate to the amaze, but updates are delayed more frequently than they are on time. I would guess it will be a couple of months for the amaze. I disagree w/ the mod that ics is not much differ tent than gb, but the amaze is a great phone no matter what its running.

      • Gordo

        Just curious to know why you decided to sell the Amaze over your sensation? Was it a recent sell to pick up the One S, or do you prefer the sensation over the Amaze?

        • Matthew Herman

          My guess is because the Sensation has a far larger amount of active developers than the Amaze.

  • in2android

    I’ve said it in the past, but I choose to use my sensation over my gs2 & I’ve sold my amaze. I have a custom rom to bring ICS to it in the form that I like it best, aosp. Updates are always delayed, and I just don’t count on an update anymore. When I purchase a phone, I do so w/ the understanding that it may always be on its original software, excluding a nexus. Honestly, before parting w/ a ton of money buying out of contract, I reccomend the sensation to ppl, & play w/ the roms available. There’s an unbelievable amount of choices, and it might not compare to the s4 processor but its still a great device even a year after its release. Myself, I’m going for the One S, but I just can’t resist when something nice comes along, what can I say I’m a smart phone junkie!

  • I am happy with my Sensation 4G, no point in complaining about something you can root and fix your self, or just wait for the official roll out…too many people complain about the service providers, as if they have a grand scheme to wrong you and make you threaten to switch carriers when we all know you are not going anywhere and if you do then you will be faced with the same problems under a new name.  None of this is new news.  Every roll out of Android will have the same problems, people complaining that they want a new OS when they don’t know how to use the old and wont need the features of the new.  right now its ICS, next Jelly Bean and so on.  Accept that it will come eventually and enjoy what you have!

    • i agree partly with what ur saying. but for the users that don’t know how to flash custom roms on their devices and the others in fear of bricking or voiding warranties, they count on updates. me i just like my phone as is with a market launcher like go launcher ex. what i’m looking forward to is the bug fixes. also it’d be nice to be able to download chrome on my handset, since they only released it for ICS.

    • Matthew Herman

      I do wish that manufacturers would either start having quick rollouts of updates, or allow a device to have an unlocked bootloader from the beginning (similar to how a PC has an unlocked BIOS that lets you boot anything), and no “unauthorized software” clause.  They are selling you a computer, they should allow you to update it as you see fit.

  • Darnell

    “**I’m not responsible if you break your phone**”

    This is why some people need that official update.

    • Nikolai T

      No, the ROM itself won’t break the phone, people making mistakes will, and if someone makes a mistake with something so simple, they don’t deserve a phone. 

  • Iiii


  • terryjohnson16

    I would like to know where is the GS2 ICS update. 

    • Hoevito

       I know where it’s at!!! It’s waiting on Xda for you to flash it…that’s where it’s at ;-)

  • I can’t really get mad @ them because at least they were honest. & to be honest, it’s not like having Gingerbread is as bad or the same as when people have Android cupcake (1.5) & or Android donut (1.6) while everyone else on the market had Android Froyo. Gingerbread isn’t that bad, I just think most of us just crave having the latest thing. & it’s not like when we needed the Android update to fix bugs, like Donut to Froyo, or Froyo to Gingerbread.

    • jarjon76

      Finally someone who’s levelheaded. At the end of the day, it’s just a software update. It’ll eventually arrive on the Sensation 4G.

      • Thanks, & I agree completely. & I rather have it later & completely bug-free, than rushed & buggy. That’s what I got with the Ginerbread update for my LG G2x, it was extremely buggy. So bad, I had 4-5 exchanged, & eventually had to upgrade within 3 months.

  • Bobbo

    Dragging their heels so they can make you purchase the HTC One S. 

  • davidwal

    I wonder if the Amaze got the ICS update? I know the ATT Vivid got the update.

  • jian9007

    I have 0 issues with this. Those that really want it can root and the current software runs just fine. I don’t want them to just rush it out with bugs and am happy to wait for a stable build. Those of us who got the Sensation 4G with our upgrade aren’t eligible for another one right now anyway. It’s ridiculous to think they would hold it back since we can’t upgrade yet and aren’t going to pay $599 for the One S. In the meantime, I’ll wait and see what the Galaxy S 3 is going to look like. Now that’s something I might use an early upgrade for later in the year. 

    • Hoevito

       I can almost guarantee you…of the most recent Sensation ICS 4.0.3 base HTC “leaked” onto the web, it is almost bug free as it is…and if amatuer devs on a forum can take that base, clean it up even further and have it running like the beast of a ROM that currently powers my Sensation 4g, then ask yourself…how freaking hard is it for Tmobile to add a few .apk’s to an ALREADY solid base and throw is out there for all of us to enjoy? Seriously…adding the bloatware that would satisfy most of you guys by officially branding the 3.32.401.5 base as a “tmobile official” ROM is literally nothing more than installing a few .apks away…it’s ridiculously easy really. It’s not something that should take almost half a year and have people anxiously waiting it’s arrival. Again, if some random nerd in Europe or Asia or wherever can do it in his spare time for free and then go back and improve upon it BY THEMSELVES and make it as badass as many already have…why not Tmobile?

  • Hoevito

     This. Granted rooting and rom’ing isn’t as easy as say changing out a lightbulb, it’s well worth the effort and time it takes to learn how to do it and reap the benefits. Example…My sensation runs a COMPLETELY stable build of ICS 4.0.3, sense 3.6, and runs all the way up to 1.782ghz reliably and smooth as butter. Of the many advantages to rooting my phone has brought me…COMPLETELY STABLE TWO WAY CALL RECORDING and for free at that!!!

    How awesome is that???

    Oh wait…most of you guys will never know because you’re too lazy to root lol…

    • JBLmobileG1

      And I am sure you use the two way call recording ALL the time too, right? Now to call one lazy because they don’t need a feature like that unless they need it for legal reasons is just stupid. While rooting can actually have nice benefits… you also void your warranty. Me personally overclocking my cell phone processor is stupid since I am already at 1.5ghz, and like a PC, can actually take life from the processor. Before you call me lazy, that I am far from…. after all I am replying to you. So while others enjoy rooting their phones… more power to them… don’t call the non-rooters stupid.

      • JBLmobileG1

        I meant to say… don’t call the non-rooters lazy.

        • Hoevito

           Nah man lol…I wasn’t calling you lazy, not a flame by any means…but it’s just as simple as this: If t mobile users Really Really Really want ICS on their sensations, it’s out there…just go and get it. Like I said, granted rooting is simple per say, it’s still MUCH MUCH easier than people make it out to be…and just as easy as you root a phone, there are means to “re-lock” it and make it as if it was never rooted (for warranty purposes). There’s plenty of smart people out there that have thought about and considered the same things you’ve just mentioned, and implemented failsafes and restoration methods for people scared of bricking devices or for people wanting to return to stock. Trust me, it’s all out there…people just have to devote a lil bit of time to reading and following fairly easy to follow instructions, and BAM, you’re done :-)

          By the way, the two way call recording was just a feature I decided to bring up to flaunt the power of rooting…yes, you may not use it every call, but for me it’s a powerful tool that has drastically helped me out in many occasions and I’d be lost without it…so yeah, rooting has almost no disavantages in my eyes, and can be as useful as you make it. If I’m telling you that with just a lil bit of time and minimal effort, your phone can be as powerful, capable, up to date, full featured, stable, and reliable as you want it to be…why wouldn’t you give it a shot? Fortuantely the devs at Google blessed Android with the capability to root, and thanks to the nature of being open sourced…any problem can be worked around or fixed :-)


      • Matthew Herman

        Having two way call recording seems to be the best way to keep T-Mobile customer care honest.

  • JBLmobileG1

    So does this push back the Amaze 4g update to ICS? I am perfectly fine that they delay it so long as their is 100% guarantee we will see the update. Plus it should be bug free since they are delaying it… hopefully they improve upon it anyways if needed because to hold it back due to the ONE S launch and not work on it some more is wrong and doesn’t help loyalty. I have always purchased HTC Phones since the MDA so hopefully they don’t let me down now.

    • Hoevito

       Sad…but money says the Amaze doesn’t get ICS until *late* this year if ever. There hasn’t been so much as an alpha build of an ICS base leaked out yet which leads me to believe it’s not being developed. By comparison…the sensation has ICS leaks out as early as late December last year on Xda…and there’s STILL no “official” build ready by Tmobile yet (even tho the rest of the world has already had it)…

      Amaze is in the same boat the Mytouch4g slide is in…great device, just no carrier/developer support sadly :-(

      The sensation 4g is automatically a better device in my opinion just for developer support alone. What the carriers don’t provide for the phone, you can fix or provide for yourself by doing your due diligence…

      • k-mack

        the Amaze 4G is promised to get the update.  If it is slightly delayed for the Sensation 4G, then I’m sure it’s a similar reason for the Amaze.  It will come, they are probably just working out the bugs and I bet waiting until after the One S launch.

  • Damien328


    • yepp, yepp, yepp. now running ics with beats oced to 1.6GHz w/o phone randomly turning off. If u know what ur doing, do it.

  • I gave up waiting rooted mine and now I am running ICS with Beats Audio… Thank you XDA developers… F U T-Mo…


      F U? Why are people so angry over a silly software update? Is there nothing else going on in your life that a software update makes you want to tell people F U? Did you run out of banks to protest or are you mad because you cant get a job with that neat little liberal arts degree you paid 100,000 for? 

      Jesus dude get a grip. It is just a software update. 

      • v

        s/w updates are important for users. They let them avail of the features they paid for ( esp someone like me who pays fullphone price with the view to hold the phone for several years) and stay ahead of security issues and bugs. If I always got a “free” phone every two years, I wouldn’t care as much (some might).

        Tell m$ to not update their windows pc a dozen times a day and forcing a reboot each time.

      • v

        s/w updates are important for users. They let them avail of the features they paid for ( esp someone like me who pays fullphone price with the view to hold the phone for several years) and stay ahead of security issues and bugs. If I always got a “free” phone every two years, I wouldn’t care as much (some might).

        Tell m$ to not update their windows pc a dozen times a day and forcing a reboot each time.

      • v

        Also, I do not use ANY of the tmobile apps anyway. I cannot remove them but I wouldn’t care less if the update broke them. 

      • v

        Also, I do not use ANY of the tmobile apps anyway. I cannot remove them but I wouldn’t care less if the update broke them. 

  • TechHog

    I bet we won’t see this until at least fall, if it ever comes.

  • Keith Nolte

    Tell them to get rid of the damn t-mobile bloatware and run it as is that would fix the problem

  • That just means that My NEW Amaze will not be getting updated.. I just got it at the end of the year with thoughts of ICS coming… I am VERY disgusted with T-Mo because this phone is suppose to be screaming fast of the HSPA.. but I have NEVER got over 12mbps down and 1.5 up… I am in a MAJOR metro area… My old 3g was faster… I call customer service and they said that was in there data range… WHAT BS…. If I didnt just sign a new contract i would go to VERIZON….

    • Lee

      You’re whining about 12mbps download speed on your phone? Are you some rich little punk? I grew up on 38800bps (on a good day) internet on a desktop computer, and you’re complaining about 300x’s that speed on your phone?!

      Grow up you whiny little punk.

    • jarjon76

      Want some cheese with that WHINE? Get real.

    • Matthew Herman

      My friends co-worker on Verizon only gets 2-3Mbit/s on his 4G LTE connection, can’t believe your complaining about 12.

  • That’s why I rooted mines and put ICS and Sense 4.0 on my sensation my damn self…even if I waited for tmobile they were only gonna put sense 3.6 on it smh my phone looks just like the one X so THANK YOU XDA 

  • Skagmonkey

    Can someone send me the simplest instructions to rooting my phone.. sensation 4g.  I want a good rom of ICS 4.0, with sense contact linking, beats audio, and uses as little of RAM as possible (I know, I’m not asking much, amIright?).  I assure you I really don’t know what I’m doing as far as rooting, but I’m just tired of my Sensation booting from lack of RAM and a ‘low memory’ popup every week.  Thanks guys.

    • loueradun

      Visit this thread on XDA. It has a step by step procedure on how to root your phone and install CWM recovery.  Once finished, phone will be S-OFF (Security lock off), and clockworkmod recovery will be installed.  You can flash a rom like Android Revolution or Sense-o-Maniac for ICS with Sense.  You can find these in the Sensation Android Development forum.  Please refrain from posting anything here.  If you need any help, go to the General or Q&A forums, and of course I AM IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE.

      Good luck.  Feel free to message me on XDA if you need any help or get stuck. S/N Louer Adun


    • Mmpterrance

      http://www.techsliver.com/how-to-root-htc-sensation-4g-an-easy-step-by-step-guide/ . Worked for me in less than 30min. This is by far the easiest phone to root that I’ve owned. I’m running hypernonsense the newest version with no T’mobile or HTC branding just plain ol google, and I must say its awesome.

  • K0246945

    Thanks Apple for not hiding software updates.. And thanks for creating a device that is time tested and holds its value longer than any other device.

    • Gregor

      Thanks to Apple for breaking paid apps in order to drive sales of duplicate apps.  Thanks for pushing me away from the iPhone, over to phones that I can use the way I want them.

      • Angel M.

        Dude you are awesome! Thanks for not becoming a Apple Clone like the rest of the so called COOL people!

  • Lists Ld1

    I appreciate the posting since it takes a lot of the guesswork out, although I’m disappointed.  I was just checking my phone last night to see if I had to push for the update.   Will consider rooting, but I’ve found that experience to be range from fairly easy to extremely tedious for a novice like me. (rooted a samsung phone and nook color). 

  • Skagmonkey

    I followed that root process to the T.. I tried installing hypernonsense, but my phone just keeps restarting.  Did you do anything beyond the tutorial?

    • anon

      Did you update your firmware for ICS?

  • Kniven3

    Done with Tmobile. I’m going ATT with HTC One X

  • Tward291

    this is why i went to windows and not android they allow these oems to change the ui and then they push the update a year or so after the next update was released google has failded in not puttting guidelines you should not have to root in order to enjoy a phone you paid for.

  • Tward291

    this is why updates should not be ota they should be through the computer to were you have to go to htc website to update your phone so that you dont have to wait on the carrier or even better go to google and get it done but that will never happen