T-Mobile Support Forum Moderators Says No Sensation 4G ICS Update In April

While many of you are questioning the delay in HTC’s release of the Sensation 4G update for T-Mobile, both companies have been silent since the middle of March. That is until today, when a T-Mobile support forum post helps clear the air on what’s going on. It doesn’t give us the answer we really want to here, but at least it tells us they are aware of your concerns.

“The Sensation 4G will not update in April. While I don’t know with certainty when it is coming, I can tell you it will not be this month.”

I have to give the moderator credit for taking the initiative to stamp out some of the rumors and “theories” floating around regarding the delay. It’s incredibly unlikely that T-Mobile and/or HTC is withholding the update to increase sales of the HTC One S. Haven’t we gone through this before when someone accused Samsung and T-Mobile of withholding an update for the Samsung Vibrant as the Galaxy S 4G was preparing to launch?

Most important is the last line:

“If T-Mobile could have released the Sensation update already, they would have. Trust me.”

If anything, my guess is there are some hiccups with the update either on T-Mobile’s end or HTC’s and they are working to solve the problem before releasing it to the public. That’s my guess anyway.


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