HTC One S On T-Mobile, The TmoNews Preview

Update: I’ve left the review as is, however, after reaching out to T-Mobile with concerns over the speed, I was told that review devices were not yet provisioned for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 network. That would completely explain my experience and it’s not uncommon to see this happen with review devices. They are often preliminary or non-final versions of devices customers can purchase. T-Mobile provided me with the following statement: 

During your review of the HTC One S, you may have noticed speeds inconsistent with your past experience on our HSPA+ 42 network.  These are not the speeds consumers will experience – your pre-launch device needs to be provisioned today to provide access to T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 network. This provision will be active on consumer devices at launch.

There is little question the HTC One S is the biggest launch for T-Mobile thus far in 2012. With little in the pipeline since January, the introduction of the One S marks a return for T-Mobile to “high-profile” Android devices. While the possibility of a Galaxy S III variant on T-Mobile looms overhead, the One S have the crown of the most anticipated launch on T-Mobile so far in 2012.

Make sure to read the update before reading this: Right away, I will say the first thing I’ve noticed with the One S is the slow HSPA+ speeds compared to the Galaxy S Blaze 4G I reviewed just a few weeks ago. The difference is night and day and it’s a little disappointing, though I can’t say it’s entirely the phones fault. I’ve only had the One S since Monday so it’s definitely not gone through my rigorous round of speed tests and I will venture out to the recommended locations T-Mobile offers for South Florida. I love that T-Mobile recommends I venture out to a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts location to really see what the HSPA+ phone can do, they know me so well. I mean, I’m at Starbucks every day anyway, might as well do some speed tests! The highest speed I’ve achieved was just north of 15Mbps, speeds in the 5-7 range were much more common and that’s a change from the Blaze 4G speeds I saw.

The first thing I noticed about the One S is how light it is, and yet it feels completely sturdy in my hand. All in all, I really like the form factor and I can’t imagine lengthier tests will change my mind. The physical hardware is great.

Phone calls do sound a little tinny, but overall earpiece volume and speaker volume work quite well. The tinny sound wasn’t something I typically experience, but I need to continue testing out the device before I can decide if this is a real problem or something random on my end.

The HTC One S posts an impressive Quadrant Score of 4314, definitely a quality number if you put a lot of stock into Quadrant results. Overall, in the 48 hours I’ve used the phone, I haven’t seen or experienced any lag and the One S has handled multitasking like a champ.

Sense 4.0 remains a love it or hate it experience, overall I enjoy Sense just a bit more than I do TouchWiz. I find Sense to be a little more attractive overall, but not necessarily more functional. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, Sense seems like the better choice in my book. 

The camera is great and yet I can’t figure — yet — if I think it performs better than my One S. I need more time with the device and more experience snapping pictures to truly make that determination. Regardless, the One S produces image quality that will definitely satisfy the smartphone shooter. Are images as astounding as HTC makes them out to be? That’s to-be-determined.

Overall, I’m really enjoying my time with the One S and I look forward to continuing putting it through its paces. Expect a more comprehensive review soon! The HTC One S for T-Mobile will go on sale April 25th, for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.


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  • Seanmmvi


     good review David, looking forward to your full review

  • Jaygqitalia

    Surprised it wasnt compared to the Amaze 4G. Do you have any photos of those next to eachother? I have 12gb of music alone in my amaze with the sd card, so Id never get this phone because of that 

    • It’s so much thinner it’s unreal… your local store should have a plastic dummy. 

      I’m with you – the lack of removable memory is a deal breaker for me.

      • Jaygqitalia

        I like the firmness and somewhat thickness of my Amaze. Its thin enough. Yes, its a lil heavy, but it makes it feel like its really a 600 dollar phone, instead of a thin plastic feel lol

  • The wrap up:

    Cons – 16gb storage, in reality only 12g is available for use, It has a Pentile display, the absolute worst display you can imagine on one of todays smart phones, Cant remove the battery (better hope you dont get any freezes on that) Pros – Its thin, other then that there are none

    Best to skip this device, you’ll be returning it anyway.

    • If it freezes just hold the power button, It forces a reset.

      • They say, I’ve had a device that you were supposed to hold the power button and volume down to force a reset.. it never worked, ever. HTC should be embarrassed to even offer this device and T-Mobile should be slapped for accepting it.

        • Guest

          Yeah, I agree with ya, Keith. That would not work at all. Many don’t realize though that it has a reset button like those old stylus pdas that you poke. It’s not just the regular 3 finger salute as us Android fansboys say (or used to say… Whatever) as that isn’t a failsafe or truly disconnect power when completely frozen on a kernel panic/hiccup.

    • Secano


    • Stoney Jonez

      Pulling the little cover off the back of the device cuts the battery’s just a small plate over the Sim card around the camera.

  • whosaidwhat

    So ATT’s version with the better specs will be sold for $199 without dealing with rebates? 
     I think the HD display, NFC, 32GB (double) storage means this should be cheaper but that’s just me. 

    • Vim

      AT&T and Verizon typically subsidize their phones more heavily than T-Mobile.  For them a $350 initial subsidy on their latest android phones is a breath of fresh air compared to the $450 subsidies they are contractually obligated to fork out for each iPhone.  T-Mobile on the other hand doesn’t want to go above $300 on a new model.   It’s a bit of a shell game since AT&T and Verizon plans are more expensive, so they have more money to toss into subsidizing their phones.

  • can you compare the size to the htc hd2

    • Wilma Flintstone

      It’s half as thin as the HD2.

  • Deadeye37


  • Scarfacemario

    Damn did u guys see the Ping! ive never seen such awful ping times …. But like David clarified this is not the speeds ull actually experience since review phones need to be provisioned .. Thank goodness haha

  • Fsu912
  • T-Mobile is charging $199 for this phone but the One X is $199 with AT&T and is a superior phone. This is a trend. If there is 2, lets name them phone A which is a jesus phone with Specs 2 yrs ahead, and Phone B which is Mid range entry level phone. T-Mobile always gets phone B and slaps a $230 price on it. Like the Radar is realistically a $80 phone based on a similar phone based on age and specs but T-Mobile wants $150 for it. (My gf has one) This makes me mad because im kinda looking to mayb come back to T-Mobile’s unlimited data from AT&T and T-Mobiles phones are disgusting me with $200 for midrange phones. I LOOOOVE my coverage and choice of Phones with AT&T bcuz i didnt have good coverage at all with T-Mobile. I only use like 2.7GBs a month of data out of 3GB. I just miss tmobile customer service and not dropping calls like AT&T. Also if i buy a international One X for the Tegra3 chip, i wont have 3G signal on T-Mobile. LTE with AT&T isnt gravely important to me because it’ll just kill my battery if i dont root my phone. Ill be happy with 7Mbps. Ppl keep on saying they are refarming the EDGE freq but realistically, i dont see it happening till almost to 2014 at the rate T-Mobile is losing customers. Most of that from lack of a choice of iPhones. 

    • da__vid

      You represent the viewpoint of the typical American consumer, who only cares about the upfront cost. The cost of the subsidized phone does not say anything about the actual value of the phone, and comparing it to subsidized costs on other carriers is pointless.

      T-Mobile doesn’t subsidize its phones as heavily as AT&T and Verizon. But do you really think AT&T and Verizon are subsidizing their phones more heavily out of kindness to their customers? No. The monthly cost is jacked up, and usually disproportionately so. 

      In the rest of the world, including Europe and Asia (where carriers typically follow the European model), phones are subsidized based on the cost of the plan. You get a more expensive plan, you get more discount on your phone. While subsidies still exist, the tiered system demonstrates the actual value of the phone. Since American carriers slap on one price for their phones without taking into consideration which plan you choose, customers get the impression that the phone is actually worth $200.

  • Slickdeals

    HTC ONE X only ! HTC ONE S is an inferior device! F ** Y*U TMOBILE.
    i have only 4 months to get out of contract and i am not staying with tmobile

  • Bleacherbums1

    I was hoping that Tmobile would sell this HTC one s for $150 just because at&t will sell HTC one x for $199 …. same dual core, same 16g its all the same specs except for screen and display ….so come on TMOBILE get in the program here… sell this damn phone at least around $150 !!!

    WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT oh well it is what it is :(

    • TMobileNeedsiPhone

       Oh, they’ll sell it for $150 later, after they get the suckers to pay the $199 for a couple of months…

      Also this is a PRIME example of why a Chinese (Taiwanese, HK, whatevers) company (HTC) will ALWAYSssssss be second best to a Korean company (Samsung)!  HTC will continue to lose ground, as well as TMobile…they bought the Made In China products and you get what you pay for…

      Seriously, no sdCard?  Is that a joke?!  Play your music from the free Cloud account that you have…oh wait, it’s gotta wait to download at the SLOW speed, haha…not provisioned my asscheeks!

      So, now what the hell does someone do when they need to do a battery pull to reset their phone?! LOL!

      • Bleacherbums1

        Guess Tmobile will get bombarded with unsatisfied customers …lol

        But as for me being a tmo customer for 10 years they’ve been good to us, customer service was great, there tech ppl are awesome and our family plan is still top notch than other carriers.

        I’d really hope that they (T-Mobile management) are reading and watching on all this post !!!

        • Kristin

          It’s funny to me how many people complain about no Sd slot and no removable battery. But The best selling smartphone (iPhone) doesn’t have a removable battery and no sd card slot…it seems to sell pretty well and make people happy

        • Bleacherbums1

          Kristen ….hats off to you… I think HTC one series will sell good. My problem is that tmo is selling the one s for $199 and att is selling one x for $199.

          I know it has almost the same specs and all except for screen and display. It will be more enticing to ppl if they sell it for $150. Just my opinion :)

        • ATT 199+upgrade fee+20 extra per month+whatever they feel like charging u

        • Bleacherbums1

          “Kristin ” sorry

        • Troyag1

           2 reasons not to buy an iphone either.

        • TMobileNeedsiPhone

           I work with a friend who has an iPhone 4s 16gb 4 months in and he’s already wishing he got the 32gb or if the phone had an SDcard…slap on the music, a few videos, apps, email and etc…well, you kinda get the picture.  (I told him to download an interesting app and his words were: “NO, I don’t want to lag my phone by getting more apps on it…running out of space”  LOL!

          The HTC One S(ux) is most likely going to partitioned up and only really have around 13gb of usable space…then it’s up to the 25gb cloud storage (which is only free for 2 years, then what?  Another bill?!)  and who wants to leave their info such as pics and files that you may consider private up in their cloud?

          An HTC that DOESN’T NEED a periodic battery pull?!  HAHAHAHAHAHA…Kristin, your first line starts with “It’s funny…”  well, it reallly is, especially when the people who are being happy are not the Tmobile customers.

        • Anonymous

           I think most people don’t care about a removable battery, but storage is a huge issue.

          The iphone offers 16, 32, and 64gb models. How exactly does HTC solve the storage problem without relying on using up precious (and inconsistent, depending on area) data?

      • nathan118

        I’ve read it has a pin hole reset. Push in with a paperclip and reset.

        Do you really think HTC would design a phone that can’t be reset manually? Like they want people sending in frozen phones that can’t be reset.

        • philly8

          hold power and volume keys to reset. but you dont have to do that often with 4.0 android. practically never. 

      • da__vid

        Samsung makes phones without SD slots, too. My Galaxy Nexus can attest to that.

        Also, Samsung is horrible. They spend almost no effort designing their awful pieces of plastic, while HTC clearly put a lot of thought into the details of their designs. If I hadn’t just gotten my Nexus in December, the One X and even the budget One V would be more enticing than the Nexus. (One S, not so much, solely due to the PenTile layout, for which I have developed an intense hatred since getting a Galaxy Nexus.)

  • Taron19119

    Where is the assessories I dont see beats solo on the web site t mobile going to sell them

    • Bleacherbums1

      I think they will

    • nathan118

      I’ve seen some mylink adapter to connect it wirelessly to a TV…sounds cool. And then some car adapter thing, but it wasn’t clear what it did.

  • nathan118

    The One S camera is better than the One S? What did you really mean?

    • BigMixxx

       David is an iPhone user.  So he may have meant iPhone….

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Demoed the dummy unit in stores today. I must say, I am unimpressed by this phone. It’s a faster Sensation. Thats about it. The camera has a blue ring around it, that may be about the only physical difference as far as design. The No Sd card slot really killed this phone as well. Cloud storage is not a viable alternative to sd cards. Overall, this device disappointed me. Maybe when I get a working unit to demo, my views will change but as of now, this phone will not be in my ownership.

    Tmo needs to get their own version of the Galaxy Note.

    • Well it’s faster, has a better display (color wise.. I don’t think I can really compare it resolution wise with Pentile), should also have longer battery life, and a better camera; but if you own a Sensation (Not specifically aimed at you, just in general) or any other dual-core device I don’t think its necessary to upgrade.. unless you’ve got a G2x, which by any means is worse all around.

    • remister

      The Galaxy Note or the HTC 1X!

    • nathan118

      How do you demo a dummy unit? And what’s more, how do you then compare it to the sensation?

    • MarcusDW

      Ho DO you demo a dummy unit Wilma? lol

    • Csaba1

      what the hell are you talking about !!!!  “the blue ring only physical difference as far as design from the sensation” Really????

      the phone is soo thin!!! i saw it my self  a working version.  its unreal! Are you high?????

  • Gouv

    Looks nice in the pictures!

  • Chuck

    Can I keep my old plan and can I still have tmo warranty? I hate MIR’S

  • I heard this phone will require a unique micro sim, so that it can run on the high speeds.  True or False? 

    • Bleacherbums1


    • Cchrono

      It requires a micro gba sim card

      • ‘Generic Bootstrapping Architecture’ Sim Card

        • nathan118

          So not gameboy advanced?

    • AndrewSingleton

      true but its free at tmo.

  • Anonymous

    They could have easily made this phone a must have by:
    –Making the screen non-pentile and higher resolution (I have been spoiled by my ipad and friends 4s’s now)
    –Either making 32/64gb models, or allowing a SD slot for movie/music, and anything that doesn’t involve the phone directly. I think one of the reasons the phone is so fast is because of the embedded memory. Moving it to the sd card would mean times aren’t consistent and could be slower than advertised. At the moment, I have 20gb+ of music on my blackberry… what am I supposed to do with 12gb useable?
    –Dedicated camera button – Yea I know the camera is fast, but a 2 stage shutter button would help with pictures, instead of awkwardly tapping the screen. It could also turn the camera on without needing to press the unlock button. (like springs new 4g evo)
    –Larger Battery – From the reviews, it seems like the battery life is above the midpack, but would still require a daily charge. Trading some thickness for more battery life would be welcomed to many IMO.

  • Iliketocomplainabouteverything

    Could T-Mobile do anything to make you idiots happy?  You constantly come back for more though just to get on here and bitch.  Are your lives that miserable that you have nothing better to do except get on a forum about a cell phone provider and complain.  Go kill yourselves.

    • Jose Hernandez

       Wow, maybe a little ruff, but you do have a very valid point.

    • Moth477

      People here like T-Mobile so much that’s why they complain. Most of us just want T-Mobile to come out with devices that makes us proud of being with T-Mobile. I am convinced that the 600M people that left T-Mobile did so because T-Mobile did not offer them the devices they want such as iPhone and better spec Android. I’ve been saying T-Mobile devices are not at par with competitors. We like the “4G” speeds and Carly :)

      • nathan118

        That’s a lot of people.

      • philly8

        the htc one s does 4 fps and can take burst mode shots up to 99 pictures with one click. the phone can turn the camera on in 1 sec. No camera is capable of that that is less than $1000. This phone had HDR setting to take pictures in high and low light and   show it all in one resolution. This phone will have a wireless hdmi adapter where u swype three fingers on your screen and it connects to the wireless hdmi adapter on your tv to bring your screen on your phone to life on the big screen…..full hd… watch videos on htc watch and pay less than $1 for movies on sale….and its not a quality phone moth477? Dont forget the anodized aluminum that has a special coating that is nasa quality…..dumbass

    • Moth477

      People here like T-Mobile so much that’s why they complain. Most of us just want T-Mobile to come out with devices that makes us proud of being with T-Mobile. I am convinced that the 600M people that left T-Mobile did so because T-Mobile did not offer them the devices they want such as iPhone and better spec Android. I’ve been saying T-Mobile devices are not at par with competitors. We like the “4G” speeds and Carly :)

  • Tomnewtn

    It’s available online at Costco for $189.00, plus Costco gives you a $25.00 Costco card. Also you get free accessories with the phone- 
    Hard Shell Carrying Case2 Leather Cases3 in 1 ChargerScreen Protectors

  • Tomnewtn

    It’s available online at Costco for $189.00, plus Costco gives you a $25.00 Costco card. Also you get free accessories with the phone- 
    Hard Shell Carrying Case2 Leather Cases3 in 1 ChargerScreen Protectors

  • Bleacherbums1

    Hey David

    Why don’t you ask Tmobile why are they selling the one s for $199 ?

    AT&T selling the one x for $199 …

    • NardVa

      That’s a good one. Don’t forget Sprint will have the new Evo in May at 199.00. That is two superior phones at the same price point as the One S and Tmobile wants to know why they just lost more than a half a million customers.

      • SteveP

         I’m SURE they didn’t go to Sprint!  Did you see the lackluster speeds posted?

      • Ben McRill

        But……it’s a phone…Why do you really care that much about the differences that are so small on a phone that you will likely have for about a year?
        But you are willing to shell out almost DOUBLE the monthly rate to get a phone that has slightly better specs and a worse battery? 
        You people make me lol. 

    • AndrewSingleton

      they’re asking 199 cause they’ll get it. noone’s gonna switch carriers to save, what, $50? or jump ship because they’re NOT saving $50. assuming you would suggest a $149 price point.

      • Bleacherbums1

        I ask that on my earlier post too…
        $149.99 would be ideal for this device.

        • Derek

          $149 would be more than ideal, it would be exceptional pricing…You have to learn, and understand the top of the line phones will run $200-$50 with a new 2yr agreement, regardless of carrier.  The price subsidies each manufacturer gives the carrier determine pricing. 

        • Derek

           Meh….$50 –>$250

      • Thomas Brezinski

        Um… yes people will jump ship to save $50 and get the “superior” phone.

        • nathan118

          They would jump ship to save $50 initially, and then pay more every month for 2 years?

          If you want a bigger/superior phone, just wait for the S3.

  • Nick

    $199 is too much

  • Evan Carter

    As much as I’d like to own this phone, the price is turning me away. It’s not the fact that it is $200, but that it’s bigger brother is the same cost. Yes, they have the same innards, but the screen/screen size are sub par. It’s like buying an xbox 360 from Walmart with a smaller HDD than Targets Xbox, but they cost the same.

    Not to say I prefer the One X screen size to the S, I just can’t reasonably buy a phone for more(MIR’s are a joke) when it’s crippled by today’s standards.

    It’s as if I feel cheated by T-Mobile, yet I don’t even own the phone.

    • nathan118

      Isn’t it just a matter of paying more initially instead of paying more each month?

      • Evan Carter

        I understand that, and I am not saying I would move to AT&T just for the One X. It would be different if AT&T/ Sprint sold their One X’s for $299, then I would possible consider the One S. Selfish, I know.

  • x1

    What the price for value customer? If I add a line to my account, will I get discount?

    • csr

      suggested retail 599.99 is the word. Equipment Installment Plan or Eip would break down the cost into monthly installments over 20 months with a down payment of 300, $20 per month on the billing statement. value plans get the discount distr. to the monthly service, no subsided upgrade or activation pricing. value plans kinda get the better end of the stick, upgrades can only be performed 22 months for same as new pricing (bold lower pricing) after an activation or previous upgrade. thats a long time to wait, just two months before you contact is up. you’ll get the saving in the rate plan after only 14 months of paying a lower rate. If you have three or more lines, then classic plans have the upper hand unless you hit a promo deal with rebates on value. ie valentines $250 rebate 

      • Cashman

        Who in their right mind would ever pay $600 for a cell phone? Just to be locked into a 2 year contract. If I’m paying that much for a phone, I don’t want to be on a contract. I’d be better off activating a new line, paying $200 for it and then cancel the account after the 14days and pay the $200 cancellation fee. Total cost, $450! Then switch it to a prepaid plan and I’m allset!!!!!!!!!

        • nathan118

          Why would you pay full price AND be in a contract?

          Some of us are on old grandfathered plans. I’ll gladly take a $200 phone for 2 more guaranteed years of my awesome plan.

        • Ben McRill

          Pre-paid offers no roaming, very limited 4g data and cost about the same as the value plan. The reason for the 2 years is that they allow you to pay it out over time with a T-Mobile credit line. They can’t have yet another set of plans that offer no contract with contract abilities for those that want to pay $600+tax up front. 

  • hmmm?

    Although I’ll probably wait until Samsung brings out their next before making my decision, I may get this phone for the wife — she’ll be happy with the camera on it, if nothing else. I’m still not sold on the lack of sd, but realistically, does anyone expect to own this phone more than two years? At that point it won’t matter if dropbox starts charging for their storage: just download everything onto your computer, close the acct., and move onto the next phone.  Of course, it’d be better if HTC would’ve at least made a 32 gb version (which really should be the minimum amount of storage allotted on phones without sd storage), and having to use up data to store stuff on cloud sucks, but I give props to HTC for trying to come up with an interesting solution to the problem.

  • Sk

    costco selling  for 189.99.

  • i’m done with two year contracts .. i’m not renewing for a lower price on a device anymore.

  • Lani

    I found the un-bias review from Jamie Lendino of PC Magazine interesting…  You may read more than you want to know…

  • BusinessDoc

    When you do the review ask T-Mobile why they charge the same and add 2 years to te contract and leave out the NFC capability. The ONE X is a much better deal! Time to switch or be scammed.

    • Ben McRill

      How often does the average user use NFC? Because the answer is rarely to never. The One X is a great phone as well but has its pitfalls in comparison. There is no “scam” as T-Mobile is not claiming or implying that is does NFC. I have been in wireless for years and never once has a customer asked me about NFC capabilities. 

      Why does everyone who post on these sites think that all users want/care about all of this tech. The average user (bulk of customers) want simple, pretty, and fast. 

      • Matthew Herman

         I agree that NFC is probably not a feature worth switching networks for, but I would expect that the average user probably doesn’t use NFC because they don’t have a device that supports it…  Not because they wouldn’t or don’t want to.

    • Philly8

      the nfc chip is on the battery in samsung galaxy s II for t-mobile. So my guess is that if the manufacture wants it in the phone they can just make batterys compatible with phones with nfc capabilities.

  • Sense 4.0 is ugly with a capital U. I have it on my Sensation and it reminds me of Espresso Sense on the Mytouch line. Sense 3.6 is much nicer.

  • Cashman

    If I can find it for $150 or less, i’d be the happiest man alive

  • CRT24

    Damn you people have tunnel vision when it comes to phone prices…..first of all the one s and the one x are virtually the same phone. Second let’s just compare the cost difference when you factor in the plan. At & t unlimited talk, text, 5gig web is $140.00…..140 x 24 = $3360 + $200 for the phone is $3560.00. T-Mobile unlimited talk, text, 5 gig web is $75.00…..75 x 24 = $1800 + $600 for the phone is $2400…….for those that have trouble with math that is $1160 more that you will pay for the One X on At & t so please enough with this BS about the phone should be $150.00 on T-Mobile…….its actually $1160 cheaper you fools! Is a little better screen worth $1200.00???

    • Jose Hernandez

       I really enjoyed this. Thanks for the break down. If they want to pay $1,200.00 more for a little better screen, Up to them i guess.

    • Jose Hernandez

       I really enjoyed this. Thanks for the break down. If they want to pay $1,200.00 more for a little better screen, Up to them i guess.

    • Lets be fair.  With AT&T you also get a better network.  I love Tmo, but they dont even bother upgrading the towers where I live, it’s edge only around here and I have to use wifi to get by.

      • CRT24

        Any one network being better than another is a matter of geography….if the service doesn’t work with a certain carrier where you live then you shouldn’t have that service. Not to say that T-Mobile does not have problems with its network because it does, but I think that At & t’s network issues have been well documented so for anyone to say that an overall network is better than another is a matter of opinion not fact. At any rate my post was purely about cost, not network perception and it would be foolish for anyone to pay for service that doesn’t work where you need it so go with the carrier that does work…..but just as foolish would be to pay much more for a service if there is another that works the same or better where you need it. Think about it.

  • TBN27

    Damn it looks so enticing!

  • LanceMiller

    In real-estate its location, location, location. When it comes to phones it’s, memory, memory, memory & any phone that only gives you 11gb of useable storage & no external storage slot is a failure.
    I know they’re attempting to lead us to use more cloud storage but some of us don’t have a data plan that will support that much usage. Plus, what is one to do when they aren’t in a 3G or 4G area, downloading anything will take forever.

    • Ayocuz

      I tried to download an ics rom on edge today at work and after about 40 minutes it only downloaded about 10%. whats so shocking to me is that I can actually stream radio thru  I heart on edge. I must agree with everyone else when they say edge is useless because you cant even use navigation on it. the cloud is good but with so little data these carriers are willing       

    • says that creator of the iphone… what was his name again? lol

    • also… never heard of uploading your ‘stuff’ to your computer via usb? I know… old school. 

  • ResidentJack

    What does this mean “pre-launch device needs to be provisioned?” Will they send you another phone that works better after launch? 

    • Jarrod

      I think in their stem they have to add the ability for dc-hspa onto the account or sim.

  • Anonymous

    How is it possible that AT&T charges $549 retail for the One X, yet
    tmobile is charging $599 for the One S? WTF is that about? 

    • CRT24

      At & t charges twice as much for the rate plan…….doesnt that factor in somewhere??

      • Nick

        No, it shouldn’t.  Consumers should take the big picture into consideration, but the price of the hardware has nothing to do with rate plans.

  • Paul_aguilar

    Today I played with one these on a retail store. The phone felt very good on my hands and it was pretty fast. Sadly, it had no sim so I couldn’t see the speed. I also didn’t see a WiFi Calling App, maybe it’s on the settings. I’m probably going to upgrade to this phone since I’m still rocking the mytouch 3g.

    • nathan118

      Wifi calling is in settings. seen it in a vid.

      • It has it, my review phone does.

  • 2 year full upgrade: HTC Amaze4g = $199 HTC One S = $249 online. Silly Tmobile… who in their right mind would actually buy the Amaze with the One s available… let alone pay for the online price (sans the $50 rebate)?