(Updated) LG Posts Minor G2x Update, Sadly Not The Update You’ve Been Waiting For


Update: According to T-Mobile, this update hasn’t been officially released, so you may not see the update as available.

A quick note for all you T-Mobile G2x owners out there as a minor update has been released, removed and then re-released by LG. There are some early reports about improved battery life, but mostly you’ll just notice a bump from Android 2.3.3 to Android 2.3.4. There is still no word from T-Mobile or LG on an official Ice Cream Sandwich release — we’re still holding out hope though.

You can hit the link to download the Mobile Software Update tool to give the update a go.


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  • moneymike

    That phone is still around?

  • Havoktek

    If it were not for XDA and ROOTZWIKKI, I would have major depression about this phone. If I was just a standard user I might not care. However having knowledge of what is out there vs. what I have is a heavy burden to roll with……Thanks LG you’ve really set the tone with this first dualcore…..concerning how you support it……LAME!

  • Bobby6j

    Wow, i got rid of my G2x last June, I thought it was already dead! lol!

  • Havoktek

    Yes,still around (misspost responce to Moneymike) and until my time is up or the SGIII comes out…I’ll be rockin’ it….cause really that HTC stuff just doesnt do it for me.

  • Jacob

    As far as I was aware this update was already pulled down from the mobile update tool. XDA has a kdz file of the update available to flash but the csr on LG Mobiles forum said they have not been alerted to any update.

  • C

    Yep, it’s still around.. I use it everyday and have had few issues with it. I purchased it a day of so after Costco had it in stock.   

  • Izzybrexx

    Ughh that phone makes me sick

  • dkbnyc

    If I waited for LG or T-Mobile to issue updates, I would have thrown this thing away long ago.  I been running ICS for while now.  While its not perfect, it’s better than the update that was issued a while ago.  

  • remister

    I am still waiting for the camera update…..

  • BigMixxx

    good hardware, bad support.  If a supported ICS is released for it, I’ll pick up one off the craigslist….

  • Thomas Brezinski

    I feel sorry for anyone who bought this.  Just sad support from LG.  So sad that I don’t think I would ever consider buying an LG phone in the future.

  • Ravercwb

    No update available for me!!!

  • Jim

    LG= Lies Galore.

    •  LG = Lotsa Garbage

      • Jgarofola

        RA= real a””whole.LOL.!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Desitned4nuthin

           should my phone cause me headaches? Did i pay $500 dollars for a headache? shoot it to me, LOOBER GOOBER!



  • LTEstyles

    I plugged my phone my in this morning and got nothing..LG software update keeps telling me my phone has the newest version installed.

  • Edwincg2003

    Unfortunately I have this phone, and like dude said it, them HTC’s dont cut it for me anymore. Im firmly awaiting for this newer Samsung instead of wasting my time and energy updating this piece of garbage….to think about it, im still doin payments on this! SMH

    • Jgarofola

      You should have bought the G2x off contract. . Like me

  • TBN27

    If it were stable, i would still have it. I did enjoy it when it was on froyo for it was stable. LG is supposed to male the G4X. If it is good on specs and performance, and can run the in development LTE network, i will switch back to that brand.

  • BahamasGeek242

    too bad I sold my G2x 4 months ago, I thought this phone had so much promise but it just became a headache. It is still nice to look at though great design good materials but very buggy 

  • Fed

    The G2x is actually a great phone once you find a stable Rom. I love it.

    • todd

      what rom do you recommend? can’t decide whether to go with a tried & tested gingerbread based rom or a shiny new ics based one.

  • Goerzk

    Hey its better then us Canadians! The WIND Mobile LG G2x is still stuck on 2.2…

  • pojo

    Does anyone know if there is a way to update directly from the phone?

  • SensationUser

    I keep trying to post here and it says I am not allowed?!?

    The HTC One S is now listed on Tmobile.com…

  • I have had the G2X for about a year now and have had it on CM7 for about as long.  Pretty good hardware but bad support and drivers by LG…

  • Dan

    soooo, if I have a Mac I’m screwed?

    • motoxer913

      You can use parallels and run Windows inside of mac to do the update, I’ve done this with success a couple times.

  • Cory Fink

    Update is gone!!??

  • Phoenix

    The update is no longer available through the LG support tool.  I’ve had this phone since launch with no problems.  Loved it before, and love it even more since I was able to do the upgrade (I happened to catch it 2 days ago).  If you’re feeling adventurous, here are some steps to try and get the upgrade on your phone  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=25023419&postcount=224.

  • Gumbitter

    im confused with the lgmobile update thing there’s more then one lg999 which one would i pick to update my phone?

  • Guest

    no update available everytime I connect to my phone…

  • WirelessRefugee

    When I was with MetroPCS I enjoyed the LG Esteem I had, which was the same phone as the LG Revolution at Verizon, a $560 phone (I know, LOL, what is Verizon thinking). That LG phone was quite impressive.

    I now have a Samsung Galaxy S II that is rooted and unlocked. I put ICS on it. I was not that impressed so I put 2.3.6 back on it.

    I think people can get caught up on these updates, convinced that the latest must be the greatest. I am happy with 2.3.6 and am now not in any rush to get ICS. So take that into consideration.

    Of course personal experience differs and you may want it. Nevertheless, I don’t see many superphones with 2.3.X or later offering up an ICS update. I suspect that is more Google’s doing than the individual manufacturers. And supposedly, ICS will not run on those “older” phones.

    I know a lot of that is BS. Then again, I can see manufacturers and carriers saying “right on” because if you want an ICS phone this forces you to buy one.

  • WirelessRefugee

    Sidenote: Carly on that pop-up ad on this page, with her new look, WOW, WOOT, YUM!

  • Tomnewtn

    TMO sent me one free months ago. It came with GB installed and works great. A tad twitchy on rare occasion. Love the build.

  • Jgarofola

    When is. The LG.double. play. Going to the ice creams sangwich. Updates any one else. Have a doubles. Plays?

  • Mike

    Ewww who still owns a g2x lmao that phone is the worst tmobile phone ever I love my s2

  • Antoinetrenton

    First off all everyone needs to come down LG said the android 2 .3.4 is not ready yet

  • PCJ

    seems like LG pulled the update. The update tool says 2.3.3 is latest. 

    • Tomnewtn

      Same here.

  • worked all day, i get home, and i find out they pulled it? WEAK!

  • Jgarofola

    When is. The LG.double. play. Going to the ice creams sangwich. Updates any one else. Have a doubles. Plays?

    •  Are you able to communicate in a manner the real world understands?

      • Jgarofola

        Whatever punk.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • J-Hop2o6

       You really bought that POS? You don’t deserve ICS for that decision, LOL.

      • Jgarofola

        It was basically given. To me by a friend. I also have a brand-new. Samsung. Galaxy blazers that. I purchased a few weeks ago.I took the double play as a backup phone at first it looked a little. Sketchy then I put my similar in it and was very suprised how well it multitask and the speed isn’t bad it came in at 9.34 MHPs

        • J-Hop2o6

          Well atleast u didn’t buy it. But yea, the GSB is wayy better than that DoublePlay POS. I feel sorry u had to use it.

  • Stoobs

    AOSP ICS is out for G2x. Eagles Blood is working on its second build and it’s fantastic. That’s the power of Open Source. Having said that, it would be wonderful if T-mobile would release a phone that is actually worth replacing my G2x.

  • Fdsa

    did it fix the camera back to lg camera

  • Xavier

    unfortunate this isn’t the ICS pro G2xer’s want.  I’m waiting for Tmo’s first attractive “quad core” phone to come.  until then, i’ll rock my G2x until it comes…though I respect the SGII, it’s too big imo compared to the G2x….hopefully GSIII ain’t bigger than the GSII…and it better be “quad core” lol.  till then…G2x all day….(sorry the owners who had em fell in the “got the crappy phone/unresponsive” category…it really is a good phone.)

    • Drakekt

      Dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon s4 ( which is in the HTC one S) is just as powerful and in some cases better than the Tegra 3 Quad Core ship especially in battery life

  • StonersLane

    Dropped my well working G2x got the Amaze and never looked back. The G2x became a great phone once rooted. But got a sweet deal on the HTC and I had to hop on it.

  • Rohit

    connected the phone today and the software said .. i am in the updated version… talked to the lg tech support staff and they said 21E is the latest update… they are so lame

  • Drakekt

    all i need to know is when i can have a working phone because ive had 3 G2xs this week and they all keep crashing and the replacements were worse so i cant wait to get off this phone to the One S or back to AT&T

  • Dietrich Von Bacon

    The G2X is awesome because it can be easily rooted and flashed with a custom ICS rom, of which there are many, and the resale value has collapsed mainly due to several early bugs and slow updates that destroyed the reputation of the phone. A used G2X in excellent condition can be picked up for less than $200, which is peanuts for a modern dual-core phone that is even supported by cyanogenmod. It’s still the best value phone on the market.

  • There is an update about the update on from T-Mo. It looks like this is rolling out starting today:


    Patch Notes:

    Android version 2.3/ Software version P999-V21yVersionAndroid version 2.3 / Software version P999-V21yOver-The-Air Update(30.5 MB) and Manual update via LG websiteApproved 4/23/12Improvements:Random  reboot/power off fixed   Device stability improvements   Wi-Fi Calling  improvements   Boot up fixes

  • The update is crap, the keypad is updated, and masive word altering, very flawed update..before the bug the typing was lagging, now I press a w and and a shows up, very glitchy crappy update