Analyst: T-Mobile To Lose 600,000 Postpaid Customers In First Quarter 2012?

Well, this doesn’t sound very positive as JP Morgan Chase analyst Phil Cusick predicts T-Mobile lost close to 600,000 postpaid customers during the first quarter of 2012. The first quarter of every year is traditionally weak,¬†however, such a loss would further dampen hopes that T-Mobile is capable of an immediate turnaround. As a refresh, T-Mobile lost a net 802,000 postpaid subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2011. T-Mobile reports its earnings on May 10th.

If these numbers prove correct or are close to the real numbers announced on May 10th, T-Mobile will need their new marketing plan to really take hold in the consumers mind. You can hate on the idea all you want Android die-hards, but T-Mobile needs the iPhone now more than ever, if for no other reason than to stop the bleeding.

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