T-Mobile’s First Commercial For The Brand New Carly Is Live

Here we go…after 24 hours of buildup, I can’t wait to see how you all respond to this. Introducing, Carly — the Magenta biker bad-ass. No more Mr. Nice Girl indeed.

Time To Set The Record Straight. What do you get when you combine America’s Largest 4G Network™ with T-Mobile’s newest and fastest 4G smartphones? Speed. Get ready. It’s time to rethink everything. It’s time for fast.

Does this commercial make you stand up and scream “I’m switching to T-Mobile?”



Press Release:

T-Mobile’s “Alter Ego”

By: Peter DeLuca, T-Mobile senior vice president, brand, advertising and communications

Today, T-Mobile unveiled a new ad campaign that reveals another side of our popular brand ambassador, Carly. Carly has been a popular and highly recognizable spokesperson that personifies the T-Mobile brand, and was even voted one of 2011’s “best dressed” for her custom designed magenta frocks. With this new ad, there is a distinctive departure from our existing campaign. Her magenta summer dresses are replaced by motorcycle leathers and a 1000 cc Ducati superbike, which symbolizes the speed and capabilities of our 4G network.

Entitled “Alter Ego,” the ad is a metaphor for what T-Mobile is all about – challenging the status quo and taking bold steps in the marketplace as a challenger brand. The makeover from the girl-next-door to an edgier, more tech-savvy and spirited Carly is synonymous with the evolution of the T-Mobile brand as we continue to push the envelope with device and service innovation to deliver amazing 4G experiences at an affordable price.

This is the first in a series of ads that you’ll see over the next few months leading up to our brand re-launch this Fall. You can check it out here …and, T-Mobile customers, feel free to watch it on the small screen over our 4G network.

Consumers can also check out our competitive 4G experience first-hand by visiting a new test drive site. The Test Drive site lets consumers check out our amazing 4G experiences by comparing the speeds head-to-head with competitors against one of the latest 4G devices running on our network, whether it’s downloading an app or streaming a movie.

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  • ogopogo

    Sweet. We finally have something to cheer about!!

  • Here’s hoping marketing efforts get better then this commercial..

    • I agree.

      • They needed to show something slick, Something different.
        Like If the iPhone has Siri, Android has (Whatever).
        Or you know, Suck up and pay for the iPhone.

    • HalfwayCrook

      then this commercial what?

  • brettschulte

    Bad plan. Speed isn’t the issue or their strong suit, value and unique technology is.

    • Wrong. Do you choose your cable company on which computers you can run on their network?

      • 21stNow

         Most people don’t have a choice in cable companies.  Or did you mean all subscription television services in general?  Still, a bad comparison because most televisions will work with any television service (including OTA antenna) but most cell phones will work well with only one cellular service provider.

  • Lu

    makes me wanna Google her pics more than buy a phone

  • One minute commercial that says NOTHING! 

    • You obviously skipped reading classes throughout school…

      • Please

        The Commercial is pointless it does nothing to promote,…. Idk service, phones, network, etc. A pretty girl on a bike makes no difference. It’s time to drop Carly and go in a different direction. 

  • Lu

    makes me wanna Google her pics more than buy a phone

  • I was never really a fan of our commercials/ad-campaigns, but this one is pretty bad ass…

  • Deadeye37

    This commercial makes me want to buy a bullet bike.

  • allen_reid

    Yawn…do the phones work? That’s all I care about.

  • Jonathan

    underwhelmed.  :-(

    I think it is time to ditch the Carly campaign and move on to something else.  

  • Carly_isnt_hot

    This guy has a serious hard on for Carly. 

  • NardVa

    So a one minute commericial about nothing.

  • Josuemoralesc

    Speechless. Epic!

  • Anthony Ryan

    i liked it since it was something different t-mobile went with from there other ad’s they have 

  • steveb944

    Umm, I rather buy a bike and full suit than buy a phone now.

    I hope the future ones are more phone/ network biased. I do want them to show off what they have rather than be whimpering in the corner

  • FuzzyDunlop

    Alright commercial I guess, I don’t see how that would entice anybody to buy on of their phones or switch over to their service though. 

    • This is my point, it’s a fine commercial, but nothing about it makes me want to stand up and go to a T-Mobile store.

      • lvmonkey

        to me it seems more of a rebuttal against tmo’s competitors about any negative things they say about tmo’s network and also to “set the record straight” on misconceptions non-customers have rather than lure them. although i think luring new customers is what this campaign will eventually turn into.

      • ogopogo

         People just don’t “get-it”. It is a commercial that is a prelude of things to come. Basically building anticipation of something new coming….

        Sheesh……This is the kind of response I would expect from someone that was one-dimensional.

        • MarcusDW


      • When I first saw it, I thought it was going to be a “Bruce Wayne, Batman” kinda thing. and when she opened the closet I thought there would an elevator or fireman pole to take her to the TMOcave filled with gadgets – then she could go around “Gotham” solving phone problems – like speed, like data access, like applications, like family messaging, shopping, etc.  But no, Carly looks out at the skyline, is bored to tears and wants to go out – but WHAT TO WEAR – all that PINK!

        Since it is the prelude, I’ll give it a passing grade – but if there isn’t something better as Chapters 1, 2, 3 – then they will get a fail.

      • MarcusDW

        Isn’t this more of a preview commercial??

  • Call me crazy but isn’t a commercial supposed to advertise the product being advertised? If you are a phone company, why are you showing off a bike instead of a phone? This doesn’t tell me anything about  you nor would it make me want to know more….. Unless T Mobile is selling motorcycles now.

  • Mdmmmm

    Why is it Mr. Nice Girl”….l..

    • guest

      Duh! Its a play on words: “No more Mr. Nice Guy!”

  • Richardthegrape

    Ummm the dropping of the dress to the floor was kinda hot! And from some marketing things I’ve been learning at school, I can see this kinda add campaign working. Sweet, sexy, fast, kinda dark. Kinda reminded me of one of Verizon’s Droid commercials… without the Droid haha.

    • guest

      She’s dropping the old and going with the new. The old really didn’t work, so she’s going for some change, a new look, something hot, something fast and something that will definitely work. T-Mobile has my vote. =D

  • tmobRSA

    Very Verizon esque. Guess it’s a good starting point but they’ve gotta showcase the phones in the next commercial while keeping the edgier vibe. Let’s bring in more customers.

  • T-Mobile Sales Rep

    This commercial is a tremendous failure IMO.  As a T-Mobile employee it embarrasses me to have a 1:00 commercial that has nothing to do with phones!   They don’t show anything involving phones, network or even “speed”.  Sorry having a woman go through her closet, put on a biker suit and ride a bike says nothing i repeat nothing about a cell phone company!  T-Mobile needs to invest money into showing off all the cool stuff their phone can do.   Also, why is it called no more mr. nice girl?  Since when is Carly a man?  Complete misstep and drop of the ball and waste of money by the company again. 

    • Get_at_Me

      i agree with you in that the commercial doesnt really advertise anything which is kind of pointless, but this is probably meant to be more of a sneak peak or teaser of things to come.  The very first VZW Droid Does commercial really didn’t advertise anything but built up anticipation…we’ll see what the next commerical brings.  It would’ve been cool if they incorporated the HTC One S into the first commercial somehow

    • guest

      OMG! This is JUST the teaser…the beginning! Gees…lighten up on the hand that feeds you. If you don’t like their direction, please PLEASE go to another carrier. That is all. Thank you!!!

    • 21stNow

       I think it should have been Ms. Nice Girl.  People still would have understood the reference and there would have been no unnecessary masculine references to the spokesmodel.

  • Ray

    Tmobile needs to put a pause on their speeds and worry about their coverage in certain areas. I can literally drive 10 mins from my city to another city in rhode island and go from 4g to 2g. I know they can’t be every where but seriously, 10mins away from the biggest city in this state.

    • Sam123

      lol forget 10 mins sometimes its just 100 away.  I have tmobile so i know.  But i stay with them because of price.  

    • NoOne

      Though Carly dressed up in a TMo coverage map would make my day…

  • Guest

    I am by no means a marketing wizard, but I hope that this commercial is just a transition to something else/better.  I truly don’t see the appeal, and by the way I am a very loyal T-Mobile customer. Also, I think is a big mistake to publicize a website that doesn’t work and it looks exactly as you current website (try the tmobile.com/testdrive that they show at the end and you’ll see).

  • Reaper!

    Ok screw buying a phone or a damn bike, I’m off to buy me a leather clad carly. She would have more uses than a phone or bike!

  • Gporter07

    HTC One S 3 seconds in :D

  • AndrewSingleton

    so its.. the same website with a black background, and tmobile calls that a rebranding? cool.

  • Kyoshiro82

    Wow people this commercial is just stating tmo is changing. Its just the begining.

  • JQuest

    I think the commercial was just fine… after all it’s just the introduction to their new campaign. It does grab the eye, leaves a bit of intrigue and direct you where to go to find out more, which I think was the point. Remember the VERY beginning of the Droid marketing campaign, where they would splash that red-eye thingy during sports games and brief ten second commercial spots? I highly doubt that most people who aren’t phone enthusiasts knew what that was even about until the big reveal. Will this new campaign from T-Mobile drive visitors to their site? (See what I did there?) We’ll see, only time will tell…

    They did show the the One S at the very beginning of the commercial for all but 3-4 seconds. LOL. Carly, I know you’re angry, but go easy on that One S: @ 00:02, that was pure phone abuse… You’ll chip the paint girl!

    • Taron19119

      very well said by the way is t-mobile new colors pink and black

  • tommy

    TMO has class.  The others don’t. 

  • Boing!

  • George

    I see this ad as an introduction for the beginning of new era for t-mo :)

  • TMOSince2003

    I was prepared to scream that I’m sick of sexist advertising, but was pleasantly surprised to find the ad more or less tasteful. Godaddy ads make me scream the full duration. This only had 2 or 3 moments and they passed before I could get upset.

    Good shift, focus on speed. Simple messages are better. The public in general cannot do math and figure out it’s cheaper, or read a coverag map (that isn’t terribly accurate to start with) or get the difference between 2G 3G or 4G, so yeah, sell that speed.

    She didn’t put her phone in the jacket pocket, though – she left it in her Stark Industries apartment. I never go zooming around closed courses without my cell phone.

  • Sam123

    I have to admit when you do get 4g coverage its pretty darn quick.  The problem is coverage its so limited that sometimes you can move 100 feet away and it drops to 2g.  I have Tmobile i just hope coverage gets better.  They can only use “largest 4g network” for so long because Verizon is catching up real quick.  They better hurry up with their LTE network or else they wont be able to use that slogan.  

  • JamesJ13

    i see this commercial as a prelude of commercials of things to come.
    Hopefully Carly turns mean/witty in the next commercials (still with her black suit) telling how Tmo is simply better.
    anyhow..she is soo fine.

  • guest

    I am speechless! AWESOME! LOVE IT! Way to go T-MOBILE!! Kick some bootay!!!!

  • WirelessRefugee

    T-Mobile needs to market the hell out of this news, immediately, if not sooner:

    “T-Mobile USA and AT&T finished top in their classes for 3G and 4G network performance respectively, according to this year’s PCWorld report that measures wireless network performance.

    The study involved “snapshot measurements of wireless service in 13 cities — Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Washington, D.C. — across the country to get a real-time view of how the 3G-to-4G transition is progressing, and of which companies are currently delivering on the promised faster speeds.

    According to the report, AT&T’s 4G LTE network delivered the fastest download speeds (9.56 Mbps) when compared with Verizon Wireless’ LTE network (7.53 Mbps), T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 network (5.54 Mbps) and Sprint’s WiMAX network (2.81 Mbps)….”

    Via Wireless Week

  • Carly

    I find it ironic that my Tmobile phone couldn’t stream the YouTube video.

    • Justin Lee

      Carly, is that really you, from the commercials?! I just knew you were a frequent of the Tmonews articles. Say it isn’t true!!! Because since you work for T-Mobile, you obviously have a T-Mobile phone, and therefore what you are saying means that from T-Mobile’s data service you can’t even watch their own advertisements. And since this comes from you it must be true. T-Mobile, how could you have screwed up something as simple as playing your own advertisement from your own phone?! Do you have complete disregard for your customers if you are treating your own spokes-hottie this way?! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • guidomus_maximus

        sarcasm is lost on idiots

  • MarcusDW

    I think the commercial goes hard.  Dropped that old image and picked up a BADA$$ bike!!
    As long as we do go overboard with the Angelina Jolie bad girl image we’re cool.

  • Thomas Brezinski

    It’s something different, which is what was needed.  No directed attacks, just here we are, take notice.

  • guest

    I swear, some of you guys are idiots. This is JUST the beginning. Its a teaser of what will be coming ahead. Like the trailer for a movie. You don’t expect the see the whole movie in 1 min do you? So, let T-Mobile do their job and stop being whiny little bitches! =D Just sayin’!

    • MarcusDW

      I Its frustrating reading some of this stuff.  Wanna smack everybody!

      • Gmailllll

        yeah you wanna smack everybody because your a very bad man .Ganster MarcusDW !!!      stop watching BET

        • MarcusDW

          I heard you the first time.  You got me, I’m so gangster it’s ridiculous. 

        • HAHAHA

          Everyone is entitled to have opinions no need for the GHETTO behavior or comments .thank you

        • MarcusDW

          I It aint even that serious, it’s just a saying.  

          I think we can all agree that the commercial did not sell any phones nor did it lure anyone into switching to T-Mobile.

          That said, I’ll bet any money though that if you asked the creators of the ad, they would say that it was a teaser of what to expect from the future of their ads and not much else.  Even their website at the end there leads you to a “Coming Soon”, which, did nothing to sell a phone or lure anyone into switching to T-Mobile. 

          Opinions are one thing but misinterpretations are another.

      • booooo

        Wanna smack somebody! because your a Bad Man your a Gansta your wearing a hoodie..  Stop watching B.E.T

    • The beginning of what?

      I pay $115 a month to be told nothing?

      keep jerking off to pictures of Carly you fool.

  • Is it just me or does nothing happen when you go to the test drive site? 

    • MarcusDW

      Nothing happened for me.  Site might be overwhelmed by the 32 people who are visiting it :-P

    • MarcusDW

      “Coming Soon” now.

  • MarcusDW

    Does this commercial make you stand up and scream “I’m switching to T-Mobile?”

    No, it opens my eyes to the fact that T-Mobile is shedding their old image and that there is more to come.  

    But how come when I go to tmobile.com/testdrive,  the only thing different is a black screen that says “America’s blah blah blah”.  Is the site not working?

  • caleb

    People signing up with tmobile be aware!!! Reps who works at tmobile, are giving wrong information on phones and plan and rebates! I had signed up with their service and was awaiting rebate and it was denied because rep gave me wrong info. Customer service is unwilling to do anything regarding this@@ I’m stuck with their phone and plan and paid for what suppose to be a free phone!!!! 

    • Darmidillo

      I had the same issue. Called the store where I bought the phone and they fixed me up.

    • Justin Lee

      If it’s been less then 14 days, you are not stuck, you can return the phone and cancel the plan.

      So what is the point of your post, are you trying to say T-Mobile, as a company, is trying to deceive it’s customers in general?

      Or are you saying that you had one sales rep screw up on his/her information? Because, that’s not a T-Mobile exclusive. Any company that sales something gives out false or inaccurate information at some point, both intentionally and unintentionally.

    • guest

      let me guess.  Rebate was based on a data feature.  You deleted the feature to save money.  Your rebate was rejected because you didn’t have a data feature on your account. You filled out the rebate so you must have read it

  • JBLmobileG1

    I like it. Looks like Tmobile plans on being a game changer this year. This commercial just shows that they mean business so look out for Tmobile.

    • If they meant business, they’d tell you what that business was rather than distract you by dressing Carly up in leather.  Its lip service and all talk.  Make the changes, make the improvements, then advertise it.  Until then, just a bunch of money spent on empty words.

  • jd

    Cool. Screw all the haters!

  • bwinger79

    Gotta love how T-Mobile’s way of reinventing themselves is doing the same damn thing they always have. Well done worthless T-Mobile leadership.

  • I do like this commercial very much… BUT, yes there’s a but! She didn’t even talk, nor did she even advertized a phone nor its speed. If this is just a preview then I guess it’s okay.

    But people will see this commercial and think nothing of it, except a very beautiful woman in leather on her motorcycle = T-Mobile.  ???  It is VERY edgy tho.

  • g1plusg2equalssgs2

    I love the new commercial. Also think when the elevator opens up and she is in her new leather outfit (and hair), that she looks the best I have ever seen her.

  • oldgreg

    The goal of this teaser ad was to, when it was over, go “what?”. Did you do that? Then it worked. Now that you have “what” face you are more inclined to pay attention in the next series of ads to answer the question.

    • 21stNow

       My question was more “why?” than “what?”.  Given that I had the lead-in from reading this blog, I won’t have a typical reaction.   The beginning of the commercial seemed OK, but the execution of the motorcycle ride seemed muddled.  Maybe people who normally watch action movies would get it better than I do.  But it seemed like the commercial was showcasing the scenery more than the speed during the motorcycle ride.

  • Gouv

    So much better!! and this is coming from someone who generally dislikes modern T-Mobile.

  • Moth477

    They can advertise as much as they want, however, as long as we consumer still think T-Mobile phones are inferior to the likes of the other big 3, this commercial will not help.  For example, why did AT&T get GS2, GS2 Skyrocket and GNote while t-mobile gave us only GS2. Amaze 4G is just a MT4G. Better yet why did AT&T and Sprint get One X and T-mobile gets One S? Once t-mobile gets better devices there will be no need of “undressing” Carly. They keep advertising the faster 4G service but they should be getting better devices.  

    • Ab1555

      If you knew what you were talking about maybe your inferior comment would make sense. First off the skyrocket is a lesser version of the gs2 so why would T-Mo spend money on it? Secondly, the One V is what is going to Sprint, not the One X. The One V is the bottom basement phone of the three. Lastly, the Amaze is not a MyTouch 4G. It actually has a faster processor, bigger screen and better screen resolution. So before you make yourself sound like an idiot check your facts.

      • Moth477

        I can tell you are in love with Carly. I don’t blame you she’s cute. In regards to the Skyrocket following your analogy that T-mobile did not want spend money on it, is that why they released the Blaze making it seem like its top of the line. The EVO 4G LTE is the One X rebranded. I have the MT4G and I cannot see a reason to upgrade to Amaze 4G that’s why I deem it a MT4G.

        • kalel

           I had the Mytouch 4G, rooted running CM7, and the Amaze is much better, even running stock.  The data speeds are much much faster.   The screen is much bigger and better.  The camera is much improved over the MT4G.  I have/had both and Amaze is a better phone in every category except one, can’t get S=OFF. 

        • Mothballs

          Yes of course. If YOU cannot see the point of upgrading, then it must be a MT4G. What a fool!
          See what I did? I dont see the point of your comment so I deemed you a fool. Works eh?

  • TMoFan

    GGreat ad. People need to keep in mind that this ad is the first of many. It’s not suppose to make you want to switch. That’s the job of the ads to follow. For what it is – an intro ad for their rebrand campaign – it’s a great start in that direction.

    • That seems like smart business to you? To spend money for a ‘teaser’ ad for upcoming ads and doesn’t actually tell the consumer anything?

      Its dumb.  The only people who like it are the Tmo die-hards who care more about what Carly is wearing as opposed to how Tmobile is going to improve, if at all.  Smoke and mirrors and red herrings and such.

      • TMOTECH

        Herring make good bait.

      • Bleacherbums1

        What do you mean the add doesn’t tell consumer anything??? It just said ” try tmo’s high speed network ” and plus there upgrading and revamping there networks , they won the survey for the fastest 3g by pcmag.

  • Taron19119

    now it’s a sign on the website that saids comeing soon


    This commercial is telling us that changes are coming, for the better or the worse, I have two takes on it, 1). T-Mobile is saying they are gonna talk more trash with the other carriers in their next series of commercials, and they are gonna start announcing some bomb ass phones, possibly bring an official T-Mobile iPhone for the sheep on T-Mobile. 2). No more Mr. Nice Girl could mean they are gonna get ready and start charging a pretty penny for their services? I guess we’ll see.

  • jonathan3579

    Despite the fact that I am already with T-Mobile, this doesn’t make me think anything more of them and I doubt it does it for many other people. Sigh.

  • Matt_Hatter

    I have only one criticism about this commercial. Her boots should have spiky heels. Otherwise, I really dig this commercial. It’s obvious that it’s there to build the anticipation and to push the Challenger strategy. For those criticizing, remember all the Droid RAZR commercials that came out way back when and what they had to do with the phones themselves? Really, evil would win if the RAZR fell in to the wrong hands? It’s advertising, it’s supposed to be sensationalized. If just featuring phones and saying the price of monthly service is all that was needed, don’t you think that everybody on AT&T would have switched away from the iphone to TMo back in 2010 with the whole “I’m an iPhone, I’m the MyTouch 4G” commercials were airing? I say “kudos to you!”, Magenta. It appears as though the addapairtome surgery you had after the failed merger is taking well.

  • C Alejandr00

    i love it!!

  • tekmonkey

    Shouldn’t it be “No more Mrs. Nice Girl” ?

  • WW

    Well, it does say “coming soon” (at least a minute a go when I tried the URL).

    It’s clearly stated that it’s not active/live yet but you’d think that if the new commercial is available for public consumption, the URL they refer you to wouldn’t tell you to “come back later”.

    • MarcusDW

      I lol right.  I think the Commercial team told the Website team that they were gonna air with or without them.

  • ChadBroChillz

    The commercial was a fail to me. It did not make me want to know more. Carly was a bamf, but the whole commercial was meh. I did not think after this commercial, I WANT TO SWITCH TO TMOBILE.

    The droid commercials were good, because even the small 10 secon ads made you think, what is coming?also to those that say we are not getting it. Is it possible that you as a tmobile fan wanted to get “it” or are we just not understanding. Also if it is the latter and we are not understanding, then is that not the fault of tmobile? Imo, a commercial should stand on its own to get people excited.

    Hopefully the next commercial is better and gives us more info.

    • Johnny Brown

      The parallel I was giving for the 10 second droid ads and t-mobile’s new ad was to point out that they both were teasers. I stand by the fact that the ads that didn’t specify what the red eye was  and that anybody that wasn’t a phone enthusiast wouldn’t know what it was until they started airing their longer commercials, slowing revealing their product.

      Let’s face it, being a T-Mobile fan or not, the commercial isn’t for us, us being the ones that are commenting on a T-Mobile information site. Of course love or hate the ad, we’re going to be more critical of anything they do and dissect and analyze it more than anyone else. It’s for the more “average” consumer (the non-phone enthusiasts) who were thinking of switching carriers, or first time cell phone customers that are on the fence as to whom to choose. Looking at it from that point of view, I think it probably did it’s job as it should cause some sort of intrigue and generate traffic to their site once it goes live. That was the point. It wasn’t supposed to make people think “OMG, I want to switch to T-Mobile” The ad points you where to go and the site itself will sell it. The next round of ads will start advertising their network and selection. It’s one first, small step to something bigger.

      • ChadBroChillz

        I cant call a 1min ad a teaser. The average ad is 30 seconds. This was twice that. Also, I did not get the wow effect. The droid commercials made you think, until they revealed themselves. This commercial does none of that. With the motocycle and testdrive, i am think they are starting a tmobile motors, where they sell pink/black motorcycles and hot skin tight leather outfits.

        You think i am not looking at it through the average consumer eyes, but i am, which is why i mentioned the bamf-ness of carly. The bamf-ness of carly is what I see as an enthusiast. I already know what tmobile is going to advertise because of this awesome site. But the average consumer will not, and this ad does nothing to help them become more informed. And it does not grab you attention enough to make you want to visit this site.

        Look at sprint’s avoid the data dilemma. Shows off how people having to device what to download, because they are afraid of overages, but on sprint, they would not have the same dilemma. Or att’s adds that show how fast their lte network is, and how now you will get your information faster. Tmobiles ad does none of that. It is not even like godaddy whose commercials have nothing to do with their product, but gets people to go to this site to see more of the commercial, and their they will learn more about godaddy.

        • Tward291

          wow you are just over thinking something that does not need to be over thinked we get it you can anaylize things.

  • Or rather, I’ll put it this way:

    Count the number of posts on this site about ‘new marketing’ and ‘new commericals’.

    Its a distraction, nothing more.  To use a stupid, old, tired, cheesy movie quote: Show me the money, Tmobile.

    To have this much attention over ‘there’s a new commercial!’ rather than products and services is empty and meaningless.

  • The Great Cornholio

    They could have included a brief glimpse into her panty drawer!

  • tommy

    I like it because it implies that TMo is going to kick apple’s ass.  But are they going to start selling motorcycles?

  • say what you will but the largest 4G network is surely not the fastest .. if what i get is faster than everything else then i pity those on other networks.  anyway, i’m more interested in the rebranding which i think most people are missing .. how will the image change?  new logo?  new colors?  when i think rebranding i think of things like that .. something is changing. will they be T MoreMobile now? lol

    what they could do though is make sure that whatever website they advertise in the commercial actually works. nothing is worse in my opinion than marketing that sends you to a dead page or a coming soon page when they tell you “just head on and try it out here” fail.

    • WirelessRefugee

      Huh? Did you read the news  yesterday, T-Mobile according to PC World testing has the fastest network.

      Verizon’s response: “Well speed is only one facet of service.”

      • so surely because of PC World saying it has the fastest 3G network, i should be getting the fastest? cmon man .. these “studies” often mean very little to actual customer experience.  my supposed 4G in Dallas sucks.  but then i don’t get those networks that PC World tested so i can’t speak to 21mbps or 42 mbps .. i’m stuck on 14mbps with the Sensation so maybe those particular TMO networks really are in which point i need to get a new device to access ’em.

  • Johnny Brown

    If I’m not mistaken, the ad doesn’t air until primetime television tonight, which at that point the site itself will go live.

  • WirelessRefugee

    T-Mobile and AT&T have been proclaimed this year as having the fastest networks, according to PC World’s annual testing. T-Mobile needs to market that.


  • Johnny Brown

    If I’m not mistaken, the ad doesn’t air until primetime television tonight, which at that point the site itself will go live.

  • So bad. Uninformative and cheesy. I can’t believe people signed off on this. I would love to have a long talk with their marketing dept.

    • GinaDee

      The problem is they did talk to guys like you who kept insisting they needed to advertise cheaper rates and cutesy family type of ads.  But those didn’t work.

      People watch commercials for entertainment purposes which in turn creates brand awareness like the other poster mentioned.  Think Super Bowl ads.  

      T-Mobile needs a new image that isn’t about being the cheapest but rather the best value for your money.  Value isn’t always what costs less.  

      I’ve been preaching all along that T-Mobile needs more edge (not more EDGE) to their value proposition.  

  • I don’t which is hotter. The Bike or Carly. OH DEAR GOD DECISIONS D:

    • bj

      There was a bike in the commercial?

  • This was the dumbest commercial I’ve ever seen.  She places an HTC One S on the table, that’s the only time you see a cell phone.  They show more clothes and a stupid motorcycle than anything.  What idiot at TMobile signed off on this ad.  They should have shown the phone up close, showing off Sense 4 and ICS.  TMobile is ran by idiots, this is why you are losing market share and people are starting to hate you.

    • Brian

      The average consumer doesn’t know or care about Sense 4 or ICS. The only people that care about that are the same people that visit tech blogs like this one. The average consumer cares about value, network and product. This is a brand image overhaul, and it’s way past due! Stop being cutesy and fluffy and show that T-Mobile has a fast, hard competitive side. 

      It’s not the greatest commercial ever, but it is a good launching point for T-Mobile to reinvent themselves in the consumers eyes. 

      • Guest

        They still have to promote something, right? They fail to do so in this commercial. Mr. Nice Guy, really?! Anyone with any freaking sense would have changed it to Ms or Mrs… And how does this appeal to anyone besides pubescent males? No phone in sight… Huge fail! Focus on actually showing you phones and their features like successful carriers/manufacturers do! Same old marketing dept just giving a few extra bucks and told to make Carly edgy…. Oooooo! Big f*cking deal

        • Guest911

          They are promoting something – network speed. You dont have to like the spot but stop being shortsighted.

    • I hear your point about showing off the device, but this commercial is part of a Brand Awareness campaign. Much bigger than the phone itself. For T-mobile to compete, they have to use tactics that are “in your face,” and a little edgy. Looks like they don’t want to be viewed as a backseat carrier anymore. The view is always better if you’re driving or riding shotgun.  

  • Xavier

    Carly is HOT!

  • Tomherguz

    In my opinion i think t-mobile should make a deal with Sony to make a good line of phones just like at&t did with apple to get the iphone and Verizon did with Motorola to get the droid line.

    • ChadBroChillz

      IMO, this is the best advice I have read. Sony is not taken seriously in the usNsmartphone market, like Motorola was prior to their partnership to Verizon. Sny and tmobile are both struggling to differentiate themselves from their competitiors.. If Sony made exclusive high end smartphones for tmobile, they would have that differentiator. Also it is rumored that sony is making a windows phone 7. If true, Sony could make high end windows and android phones exclusively for tmobile. Tmobile needs to call up Sony mobile and get on it.

      • Tomherguz

        Yeah the way things are in the phone industry exclusivity is a must and if Sony n t-mobile were to work together im sure they can come up with a good high-end device that would help both of the companies.

  • I like.

  • Now this gonna save the company…

  • Youngt82

    Haha well i have to say i think its pretty cool. Go head Carly:)

    P.s. But now its time for the next best biggest and hottest phones for T-Mobileeeee!!!!!

  • MacRat

    Showing Carly in a swank expensive apartment will surely compel the average customer to switch to T-Mobile.

  • Bleacherbums1

    She’s a hottie !!!!

  • Salesrep

    the marketing change is refreshing but the problem is when your on the website and you click on “test drive” to compare against the competition….it shows the galaxy s2 competing against the iphone 4s and of course the galaxy wins…the iphone is a 3g phone.

    why dont they compare the galaxy s2 against the razr maxx?  the razr maxx blows away my galaxy s2 all day every day…i test it with my friends phone all the time

    • jumptheshark

      Yea, I saw that too.

    • UMA_Fan

      It’s targeted against people who buy iPhones for SHOCKINGLY uninformed reasons anyway.  There’s noting UNTRUE in any of the comparisons.

  • I’ll be more impressed if the day ever comes where she is riding off with the JD power trophy.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Um I get what they’re trying to say and all but seriously, they should say MRS. Nice Girl instead of Mr. Nice Girl.  Kinda gives the wrong impression of Carly…

    • Guest

      Interesting take…  wonder if there was some discussion on this point when they build the tagline.  Suppose the trade offs they would have had to weigh is that is assumed Carly is youthful and not married thus use of Mrs. is not the correct use.  And using MISS / Ms. could have poor connotations and/or confusing for general public in today’s English language.

      • now_onTMO

        she’s from Canada..  im kidding

        why not miss? what connotation?
        using Mr. sounds more wrong imo..

    • now_onTMO

      LOL.. actually it should be Miss. nice girl

  • now_onTMO

    nice ad carly! 

  • Asd

    I just blew a load off in my pants..

  • Fdsa

    lol you boy getting hard to this ugly bi atch 

  • Thecityboy781

    looked like a trailer for a mission impossible movie lolol

  • Alexroth95

    thats cool

  • DuTcH PaPi

    Does anyone else think her outfit looks like the old V uniforms from the 80’s, just pink instead of red?

  • Jaybird

    1000cc Ducati?  The new superbike is either 850cc (848) or 1200cc (1098/1198).  I’m guessing Carly was on the smaller (despite what the spokesman says–since there’s no liter bike in the lineup anyway).  Unless she’s 6’2″  the standover height on the big bike is not scaled for a lady.  Just sayin’…

    • HNWFL

      Ummm … @Jaybird you can have any bike height adjusted. I ride a liter bike and I’m 5’4. Just sayin’ ;-)

  • P Orourke

    Sounds like a ducati, then sounds like a honda. Get it right or I am not interested.

  • Adrianna

    What type of motorcycles are they using