(Updated) HTC One S Hits T-Mobile’s Website For $599.99 Full Retail

Updated: Sorry guys, at the request of T-Mobile we pulled this post down earlier in the day. Given the embargo on One S reviews, they asked us to pull down the link. No matter, it spread like wildfire all over the internets anyway.

The HTC One S has been present in one form or another on T-Mobile’s website since they announced the device back at HTC’s unveiling of the One series of smartphones. This new-ish page for the HTC One S has a terrific list of all the features available on the One S, hitting store shelves a week from today on April 25th. Most notable is the $599.99 full retail pricing, a price we hope drops to $549.99 in the very near future.


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  • Famous

    by doing the math on the value plan its going to be 199 with $20 a month classic will probably be $50 more

    • Famous

       so around $250 on value

      • Jose Hernandez

         It should be $200.00 down, and then 20 EIP payments of %20.00ea = $600.00. The $250 payment (then you submit the $50.00 rebate) is for classic plans.

  • PapiMan

    well i hope when they make the announcment today that is available for pre-order or at least available right away. tomorrow this weekend..i need a new phone cmon, my g2 is acting up already -___-

    • Scarfae_96

      Still rockin the G2…Awesome!

    • Thomas Brezinski

      Same here my G2 is acting up.  Cursor jumps around while typing and I love the bug where pictures disappear from the gallery.

      • Blkbear

         Humm never heard of that gallery bug, wonder if that is a stock rom thing? Knock on wood, no problems here with my G2.

  • Mike Malone

    My guess… $229 for upgrade eligible current customers.

  • Mrdosback

    i like the battery life, now im just going to see how the Samsung s3 will do
    Talk time:Up to 10.5 hoursStandby time:Up to 13.2 days

  • mreveryphone

    Time to put the sensation running this same rom on cl! That camera is nice!

  • Silk7412

    Some people say” still rocking a G2″
    I say YES. My overclocked rooted with ICS and full KB !! Blow most tmo phone away right now!
    I will wait for the next nexus(nonsammy) or G3!

  • Derrick227

    too bad i can’t get it, if i wanted to do another EIP, i would have to extend my contract again? and i dont want to do that

  • Derrick227

    nice phone tho

  • JB

    I LOVE my G2. Sadly the headphone jack is half dead… $600 though? Jesus. 

  • Miggles

    My N1 lasted over 2 years.  That’s less than a dollar a day at $600.  

    • Tomnewtn

      Mine is still a champ, except new apps, updates eat up available memory.

  • Mike Malone

    Why has this story disappeared from the main site?

  • Tmob Rep

    Going by pricing in the past with it retailing $600…
    Value=199.99 down payment/ $20/20 month EIP
    Classic=$280 w/ $50 mail in rebate

  • summitepale

    According to this Boston Herald article, it will be $199 after a $50 rebate and a 2-year contract. http://www.bostonherald.com/business/technology/reviews/view/20220418htc_one_s_will_have_androidsmartphone_users_in_ecstasy/srvc=home&position=also

  • rickerlore

    ATT revealed their htc one x to be 199, Galaxy nexus from sprint to be launched at 199, IF tmobile chooses to ignore these facts, they would be doing so at their own risk.  And mail in rebates are a turn off

  • Slickdeals

    tmobile will charge you $50 tax on top of that rip off price, never buy anything from tmobile.

  • Susanne Salce

    HTC ONE S ! I am so getting it 199 and it’s coming on the Apr 25 YES !!! http://htc.t-mobile.com/one/s-4g-phone

    • Tomnewtn

      It’s available online at Costco for $189.00, plus Costco gives you a $25.00 Costco card. Also you get free accessories with the phone- 
      Hard Shell Carrying Case2 Leather Cases3 in 1 ChargerScreen Protectors

  • It’s $549.99 from Best Buy!, surprisingly.

    • remister

      I will get one through Best Buy then!

      • remister

        If I buy through Best Buy, will they hook me up with my microSIM also?

        • Tomnewtn

          Just get a sim cutter use the remaining sim frame to reinstall your now micro sim in your regular sim phones. I switch between my unlocked iphone, G2X and Nokia 7 this way. I would recommend using the most recent sim release, then cut it.

  • Tomnewtn

    It shows $199- after $50.00 rebate. I would rather have the 1x.

  • Hey

    Not a big deal since I want it I’ll get it

  • 21stNow

    $599 for an HTC One S means a no-go for me.

    • 21stNow

       Especially when Expansys USA is showing the unlocked version for 549.99 now.

  • Tomnewtn

    It’s available online at Costco for $189.00, plus Costco gives you a $25.00 Costco card. Also you get free accessories with the phone- 
    Hard Shell Carrying Case2 Leather Cases3 in 1 ChargerScreen Protectors

  • Purenupe1

    T-mobile you guys are killing me!!! please stop pricing your selves out of contention. No one wants to pay full price for a phone no matter how you package it. Calculating savings over time is not something American consumers want to do, we are a here and now society.