(Updated) T-Mobile And HTC Announce The HTC One S, Coming This Spring

Update: For anyone asking, the HTC One S will come with 16GB of internal storage. 

HTC and T-Mobile just announced at Mobile World Congress T-Mobile as a premier launch partner for the HTC One S in the United States. The HTC One S (HTC Ville) will take advantage of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps technology and is the thinnest smartphone on the Magenta network at just 7.95mm thick. With a unibody aluminum design, the HTC One S is expected to launch this spring with Android 4.0 and HTC Sense 4.0.

So what else can you expect with the HTC One S?

  • An authentic and richer sound experience. The HTC One S offers easy access to Google Music, and Beats audio integration is enabled across the entire device.
  • An all-new advanced 8-megapixel camera and ability to capture 1080p HD video. HTC One S camera enhancements include:
    • Superfast Capture – an estimated 0.7-second shot time and a 0.2-second autofocus
    • High Quality Photos in Adverse Conditions – The F/2.0 lens makes it easy to capture 40 percent more light than the f/2.4 lenses available on other high-end smartphones
    • Concurrent Video/Still Capture – HTC One S lets the user capture a shot and shoot video at the same time
  • 1.5 Ghz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor

Head down to the full press release below:


T-Mobile Brings HTC One S to the U.S.

T-Mobile’s Thinnest Smartphone Delivers an Amazing Camera, HD Video Capture and Beats Audio Integration, All Running on America’s Largest 4G Network®

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Feb. 26, 2012 — Today at Mobile World Congress 2012, HTC announced the upcoming availability of the HTC One S, with T-Mobile® as the premier launch partner in the U.S. Expected this spring, the HTC One S is T-Mobile’s thinnest smartphone (7.95mm), featuring an ultra-sleek, aluminum unibody design. The next smartphone to take advantage of 4G technology (HSPA+42) running on America’s Largest 4G Network, the HTC One S is T-Mobile’s first product to ship with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and HTC Sense 4.

With access to T-Mobile’s fastest network speeds, the HTC One S allows for a high-quality entertainment experience, which is also enhanced by Beats By Dr. Dre technology. The Beats Audio integration in the HTC One S is enabled for richer, more authentic sound when consumers listen to music. The HTC One S also makes it simple to get and listen to music, with Google Music pre-loaded on the device for easy cloud-based access to the user’s personal music collection.

We’re thrilled to partner with HTC on the launch of its new HTC One series of smartphones and to bring the HTC One S to the U.S.,” said Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA. “With the HTC One S, we’re not only delivering on our promise to bring leading-edge technology to market but are continuing to provide customers with the best 4G entertainment experiences from listening to high-quality music to streaming high-resolution movies.”

Consumers increasingly expect smartphone camera technology that offers the ability to capture life’s moments with high-quality photos and videos – and the HTC One S delivers. Joining
T-Mobile’s best-in-class lineup of advanced camera smartphones from HTC, the arrival of the HTC One S marks the introduction of HTC’s new amazing camera experience that rivals traditional digital cameras. With the introduction of HTC ImageSense, improvements are brought to every part of the 8-megapixel camera, including lens, the sensor and the software. Camera enhancements include:

· Superfast Capture – The HTC One S dramatically reduces the time it takes to capture those key moments, with an estimated 0.7-second shot time and a 0.2-second autofocus that allows for nearly unlimited continuous shots.

· High Quality Photos in Adverse Conditions – The HTC One S delivers dramatic enhancements in image capture quality even in adverse lighting conditions. The f/2.0 lens on the HTC One S offers amazing low-light performance, capturing 40 percent more light than the f/2.4 lenses available on other high-end phones.

· Concurrent Video/Still Capture – HTC One S lets the user capture a shot and shoot video at the same time – perfect for capturing life’s moments as they happen. While shooting 1080p HD video, consumers just need to tap the shutter button and the device snaps a high-resolution still photo while the video continues to shoot. Consumers can also capture a still from a previously recorded video.

“People take photos on their phone more than any activity other than making phone calls, which is why we improved every part of the camera experience on HTC One S,” said Jason Mackenzie, president, global sales and marketing, HTC Corporation. “We’re thrilled to bring our combination of our premium design, amazing camera and authentic sound to T-Mobile customers in the U.S.”

The HTC One S will be one of the fastest smartphones running on America’s Largest 4G Network, with access to T-Mobile’s fastest 4G (HSPA+ 42) speeds, currently available in 175 markets, reaching more than 180 million Americans. Equipped with a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor by Qualcomm®, the HTC One S delivers powerful performance while Web browsing, streaming movies and watching TV shows on the device’s 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED touch screen.


The HTC One S is expected to be available this spring from T-Mobile at retail stores, select dealers and retailers nationwide, and online at http://www.t-mobile.com. For more information, visit http://htc.t-mobile.com/one/s-4g-phone or http://www.htc.com/us/products/htcones-tmobile.

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  • Rick

    ohhhhhhhh man..cmon i need a new super smart phone…im waiting…

    • J-Hop2o6

      David, the HTC X One/Endeavour (with Qualcomm S4–Not sure on the Tegra 3 version) is AWS capable. Check Engadget.

      • Way ahead of you!

  • Jordan23xi

    I will just stay with my galaxy nexus this is not a upgrade from the amaze 4g

  • I’m sorry, No search button= Fail (IMP)

    • Noor Mahmoud

      No new android phones at all will have a search button.

      • Then that means No new Android phone for me. I’m not married to one OS. (though I’ll *Never* use iOS)

  • Anonymous

    still can’t beat lg’s g2x 

    • Kelly

      My G2X was the worst phone I’ve ever owned. 

    • According to benchmarks, it did, by 4x(pun intended)

    •  Oh you mean the phone that was a disaster? No comparison the HTC is much, much better than that POS.

    • Anonymous

      I guess everyone missed the sarcasm

      • Kelly

        Sarcasm is hard to read in print without the emotes to go along with it. ;)

  • Youngt82

    Sensation 2 to me

  • Thepinkplanet

    This is not cool.  Out of the HTC one devices… this isn’t even the best ONE.. pun intended.  Gimme a break.  We couldn’t even get the “x”?  O well, now I guess I’ll just wait for a phone with a qwerty keyboard.  I’d really hate to leave HTC and go with a Samsung or LG…  Tmobile needs to do better.  Please release at least 7 new devices this spring as you’ve offered none this whole year.

    • J-Hop2o6

       The One X has AWS band.

    • Chris


  • Adam Pranda

    My anger at AT&T getting exclusivity for the One X was tempered when I read that the dual core Qualcomm processor is faster than the quad core Tegra 3. But then I realized that this phone doesn’t have an HD screen…why T-Mobile why? I guess after 6 years of HTC, I’ll just have to wait for the Galaxy SIII. Why is it that Samsung gets their high end phone onto every carrier while HTC has such crazy carrier fragmentation? 

  • Noor Mahmoud

    David, do you know why T-Mobile is advertising the phone as 7.95mm thick when HTC advertises it as 7.6mm thick? Is the T-Mobile version going to be different hardware that won’t benefit from HTC’s new construction process?

    • I don’t know, I just got back from a quick vacation and I’m playing catch-up. I’m working on sorting through all the announcement info.

      • Noor Mahmoud

        My apologies. It turns out that the 7.6 was a typo on a few websites. According to HTC’s press release, it is 7.95mm.

  • WOO I Like it!! S4 and SUPER AMOLED!! I’m getting it just for the super thin appeal, the S4, and the fact that it has a GREAT DISPLAY. What people don’t realize here is that this thing is going to be fast. Look at AnandTech’s dual-core S4 benchmarks. Granted this is running Sense, but it’s a GREAT processor. Leaps and bounds above the S3 it is replacing.

  • Completely disappointed.  Just an upgraded amaze w/ ICS  and processor.  I guess I might have concerted it if it came with a HD display.

    • Not really. AMOLED vs LCD. Huge difference. 4.3″ QHD is a compromise, but at this smaller size not bad. This has a higher resolution AMOLED than the Galaxy S-II and a smaller size. Should equate to a much better screen. Processor is a beast, double the performance, and the GPU Adreno 225 is a vast improvement. It is much thinner. And it has ICS. And it looks better, more streamlined. I can’t think of any negatives, everything is improved.

      • Kelly

        except the imbedded battery….

        • Gentleman559

          Embedded battery and lack of SD card? HUGE Disappointment. We saw the Droid Razor fail because of the embedded battery and I have a GSM Galaxy Nexus and miss my micro SD. Other than that I like what I see but then it again it is an HTC phone. Ill be bored with it in a week. Next please…LOL

  • Anonymous

    One X has AT&T exclusivity, bummer. Will make me think twice about spending money on an HTC phone since they wanna do these exclusivity deals. At least Samsung puts its flagship on all the carriers.

    • Anonymous

      AT&T HTC One X has a dual-core also.. The HTC One X “global edition” has the quad core (tegra 3)

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I saw that on Engadget’s post. But AT&T’s phone has an HD screen. An unsubsidized Nexus is the only 720p phone available on T-Mobile at the moment. :|

        • Anonymous

           True, I’m buying HTC One X Global Edition instead. Quad-core baby!

        • Anonymous

          SIM cards FTW. Stil mad at T-Mobile and HTC, T-Mobile for not getting the global one and HTC for cow-towing to AT&T.

        • J-Hop2o6

           The Dual-Core S4 is better than the Quad-Core Tegra 3. Its already been proven.

      • J-Hop2o6

         Don’t forget AWS!

  • I completely agree.

  • htc evo

    My EVO 3d is awesome:D

  • Tbyrne

    What the hell’s the screen size David?

    • Anonymous


      • Tbyrne


    • 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED touch screen.
      Near the end of T-Mobile’s press release

      • Tbyrne

        Duh! Thanks Chris.

  • Anonymous

    Also if you hit the link and go to HTC’s site and check tech specs there is no mention of micro sd, and for the battery it says embedded.  Not good.

    • Kelly

      There is no sd slot. I read that HTC and dropbox are joining for 25 GB of online storage due to the lack of a sd slot….

      • Alex K

         Thats great that they are joining forces for their revenues, but you should not force a client to use only one system, Before when we had SD slots we could get apps for cloud store.

        Now they want us to only use Cloud?
        Sale Killer.

        Specs great will have a rush of sales cause of that at first, then will die off, HTC will write it off as a RnD loss and make a better one and force us to pay through the nose again.

        • Giraffe

          Pretty sure they’re fine having you use the 16gb internal.  Just saying.

  • I like this phone, it is T-Mobile’s first ICS phone. But I agree, they need a high end ICS phone. But for a starter this really isn’t bad at all. Can’t wait to see how this phone performs.(:

    • Jody Smith

      ICS, streamlined version of sense versus sense 3.0, fastest processor benchmarked yet for an android phone, better screen resolution than the Samsung Galaxy SII on an Super AMOLED screen – How is this not a high end phone?  I’m so getting this instead of the LG g4x.

  • Kaitharpe

    Wow one article here says 4.7 inch screen 1g dual processor while the other 1.5 g dual processor and 4.3 inch screen. Which is it???????????

  • Good news. I did some research. This processor Qualcomm MSM8260A is identical to the MSM8960 in the One X and the same processor that AnandTech tested. The 8960 has LTE support, but both are the same as far as specs. 28 NM! I mean that alone should impress anybody out there. This is a NEXT GEN PROCESSOR that has double the speed of any current SOC. And that’s coming from a direct quote from AnandTech. Here are the specs:

    28 nm
    1.5 Dual-core Krait
    Adreno 225
    Dual-channel 500 MHz LPDDR2 Memory

  • Kirk

    16 gb

    Does it have a microsd?

    No? Then useless phone.


    • k-mack

      yes, because you transfer data from a microsd card soooooo much…..

      • I personally have more than 16 gigs filled up on my phone.  And I personally don’t like to rely on cloud storage for my music.  Some places don’t always have signal, like where I work or my gym.  

  • Deon Davis

    This is what we need to be careful of. The uneducated masses think more cores are always better. The new dual cores from Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are in fact  much faster then the Tegra 3 quad cores.

    • Not just kinda faster, MUCH faster. Look at AnandTech’s dual core S4 benchmarks. DOUBLE THE PERFORMANCE OF ANY SOC CURRENTLY OUT THERE.

    • That’s why I say Tegra 3 is overrated. 

  • whosaidwhat

    I don’t mean to be negative but what in the world were they thinking for a 2012 phone. CPU is great but that’s about. 

    No HD display
    ICS UI butchered to look like gingerbread
    No expanded storage – cloud storage is only good when you have internet access.
    No removable battery but only 1650 mAh.

    • The SOC (or the CPU as you refer to it as) is just about the only thing that’s important. This thing uses far less power, which is pretty inevitable when you go from a 45nm SOC to a 28nm SOC. And not just the processor, even the cell chipset had a 28nm reduction, with much lower power usage. Hence the battery. Why is this a 2012 phone? It’s faster than any phone ever released up to this point. And that’s with Benchmarks on the same processor, we’ll see how HTC’s version holds up, but this SOC is FAST. As far as the display, you realize that the One X has an LCD display right? Give me a 4.3″ Super Amoled ANY DAY OF THE WEEK over an LCD. That’s all. It’s that much better. That maybe my opinion, but we got the better end of the stick. Both the One X and the One S have the same processor specs wise.

      • whosaidwhat

        Well, I’m glad the only thing you look for in a phone is the CPU. For me, I need a couple other things. 

        CPU, Camera, Radio, Screen Technology (HD and accurate touch), NFC, Speaker quality, etc. I can’t believe someone actually thinks the CPU or System on a chip as you call it is the only important thing. Software, I’m not too worried about since it can be changed but as far as the hardware goes, I don’t think they should have excluded some of the things I mentioned above. 

        Why is this not a 2012 phone for me? Sony, Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Huauai, HTC (themselves have the HTC One X) all have high end phones out or coming out very soon, none of which I’ve seen announced for T-Mobile.

        Again, I’m glad you’re very happy about this phone but I’m not. 

        •  you seem to not see that the One S is extremely High end.  I’m glad you base the term “high end” on just the screen size alone. Make no mistake this is a high end model as well. Thank you very much but I happen to love the 4.3″ size better than the unusable 4.7″ plus build quality is far higher imo on this one compared to the X.  David I can’t believe just how short sided some of your readers are at times, wow.

        • whosaidwhat

          For your information…I did mention more than one thing that makes a  phone high end to me. Sound quality, CPU, Radio, HD screen (not screen size), etc. 

          And again, I’m glad some of you like it. It’s obviously not everyone’s favorite. You happen to love it but I don’t have the right not to love it? Gotcha!

          My high end phone will have: 4+ screen, next gen, SOC, HD (720), NFC, preferably stock (not a big deal), ICS, decent camera, good radio, 32GB of storage if it doesn’t have expandable storage. Anything extra is a plus.

          I don’t want to buy a phone on a two year contract that’s missing NFC and HD display. You might not mind it but I do. Two years is a long time. 

        • Alex K

           I have to agree, no SD slot or removable battery is a deal killer on this phone.

          this reminds me of the HD7 when it came out every one ranted  how great it was hardware wise, which it was at that time but the WM7 OS and no sd slot made the phone horrid.

          Processing speed is important, so is RAM
          but screen quality is also as important and shape.

          Look at this new ONE S.  Its about the same width as the amaze which is a bit narrow for its size, but taller, so the 4.3 ” is present but in a taller version of it vs wider.

          I currently have the HD2 and have held on to it simply because not one phone has come out yet that has its feel and set up.

          yes the HD2 is slow but it uses its real estate well.

          This new S, look at how much space is wasted above and bellow the screen, they could of shrank the height on this thing and still made it comfy, probably even more comfy. HD2 and HD7 which have same body use very little wasted space on top and bottom, efficient and comfortable. Also wider a bit so that when you are browsing you have better width.

          Only thing that kept me from getting the Amaza was just that, it has the same height as the HD2 but narrower. Pointless.

          Sense 4.0 also looks cheap.  I love HTC Sense, to me the plain android OS is just ugly, Sense cleans it up and makes it smoother and nicer, this new version looks like they took a visual step back to try to look like WM7  and failed.

          No access to battery, just  a shame, as state before, if we want that well go to Iphone. 

          I hope the beats audio is the one plus feature on this phone, because up to this point the speaker phone feature on these phones has been crap.  That is one place were the Iphone 4s is good, its speaker phone is amazing compared to all of the droid and wm phones. This is one place HTC needs to catch up.

          Also the speaker it self when your talking, tested the Samsung SII and the Amaze, and i notice more and more, the high frequencies are missing. As if some one just turned the right hand side of the EQ down. which when you are in a semi noise scenario, you cant hear the other person.  And when some one is rattling your phone with a heavy voice, when you to go turn it down, its almost as you are turning down the high frequencies of the EQ not volume as the highs disappear but the lows stay the same vibrating your phone.

          Get it together HTC, my 2004 E51 Nokia has better speaker phone and hearing piece then any of your phones today.

          And I know these things lack because of the depth of the phone is slim.  

          But does that really matter? if we were so set on slim phones, then Iphone would not sell how ti does, its still  thicker then most phones out there and sells like crazy…. I wonder if that is a hint HTC.  We rather have a thicker phone with better sound quality on both speaker and hearing piece and SD slot and longer battery then some thin phone that will slip out of your hands to easy.

          Just my two cents.
          Bash away.

        • Giraffe

          Perhaps here’s the better question: is there a better phone with lower cost and better features across the board?  I’m hard-pressed to find one.

          Rack in profits?  You know, because T-Mobile sells all their top end android devices for $300 and charges an extra $20-$30 a month for the same services as its competitors? Oh, wait…
          Calling it a “half good” phone ignores all of the Evo 3Ds and LG Spectrums of the wireless industry that actually are only half good.  If you want a phone that does everything an everyday user enjoys without killing their battery, this seems like the right phone.  If your battery is being killed by use on this, I’m terrified of how much you do on your phone, and the fact is there are very few devices that can match your pace. 

          If your battery is your primary concern on your phone, you should probably get a Lumia series or a Nokia unlocked Symbian device.  If you’re not into thin (it sounds like you don’t care much) there are some pretty decent battery cases available out there that would be developed to fit the One S.  You don’t need direct access to the battery to make that happen.

      • Nick504985

        Chris I agree with you 100% the One S is WAY better than the One X. I just wish the One S had a 720p SuperAMOLED screen. I can’t wait for April, wish it was on sale NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going crazy waiting for this phone !!!!

  • JBLmobileG1

    This phone sounds like the Amaze 4g only with a newer processor and a slimmer form factor. I am sure it will be impressive however going to cloud base storage because it doesn’t have an SD slot is kind of a bummer. It almost sounds like an Android version of an iphone… especially if the battery is built in too. Personally I like being able to remove the battery and have an SD card slot… something that does separate the apples from the oranges. Let’s hope this isn’t a standard now because those to me are very important.

  • PC Magazine Hands on of both One X and One S:

    One X:
    This is a monster with a 4.7-inch screen; I think it’s a hand-buster, but I hate those super-huge phones. It’s well-designed for something with gigantism, though. Its standout feature is the 1280-by-720 Super LCD 2 screen, which is almost entirely non-reflective, looks great even outdoors and seems to bring the image right to the front, with no glass layer visible between you and the screen. It really pops. The white plastic body is solid and clearly made from the highest quality materials, with a big silver bullseye on the back for the camera. 

    One S:
    HTC’s One S, pictured at the right, is the middle child, and it’s actually my favorite. This one is coming to T-Mobile. The One S is a smaller phone, about the width of an HTC Sensation but a little taller—in other words, totally usable in one hand. I can’t believe I just described a phone with a 4.3-inch screen as “smaller,” but that’s what these 4.7-inch mega-phones do to you. The One S has a very attractive 4.3-inch, 960-by-540 Super AMOLED screen. 
    Held in the hand, this phone is pure elegance. I like how the Sense UI widgets give a little more humanity to Android’s cold interface. The phone feels fast, and the body materials are top-notch. Compared with the One S, Samsung’s Galaxy S II on T-Mobile is big and bulky, and probably no more capable. 

    • Nick504985

      I agree with there statement ” I like how the Sense UI widgets give a little more humanity to Android’s cold interface.” I love Sense and I think  touchwiz is worst than just stock android. The only I would ever consider a samsung is if I could put Sense 4.0 on it, and that ‘ll never happen GO HTC !!! :) :) :) 

  • Duck Dodgers

    Hemmm. It is interesting that on HTC’s web site for the HTC One X it has WCDMA: 2100/1900/AWS/850 freq.  http://www.htc.com/us/products/htconex-att#tech-specs  Notice the AWS. Could it be that it might work on T-Mobile’s 3g network?

    • edit WTF AWS on WCDMA… interesting

      • J-Hop2o6

        You can’t be serious. It says right on the site: WCDMA AWS, and LTE AWS

        LTE CAT3 – DL 100 /UL 50
        LTE: 700/AWS
        WCDMA: 2100/1900/AWS/850
        EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900

    • Nick504985

      It could be for other counties but there are rumors that the ONE X may be going to Sprint and Tmo, It doesn’t matter to me 4.7″ is a lil to big for me 4.3 – 4.5 is the sweet spot for me, just wish the one s was 720p instead of qHD

  • To keep T-Mobile or leave T-Mobile that is the question (for me that is). Hmm….. I wouldn’t mind having this device thou. I love taking pictures, I don’t need much. Spring is the perfect time for me to upgrade too.

  • i might consider it for the 42mbps compatibility alone .. it doesn’t look much better than the Sensation but i’m really interested in a TMO phone that supports the higher speed of its network and the Senny doesn’t so i MIGHT consider the One S .. right now it’s just not jumping at me.

    • This phone uses S4 processor compared to the Amaze’s S3, which is old architecture and less power efficient. 

    • Nick504985

      What do you mean it’s not jumping out at you, the thinnest, the gorilla glass rounding the edges, the new S4 processor that while it’s a dual core can keep up with the quad core terga 3. Not to mention it has the Super AMOLED screen to help conserve the battery, and did I mention it is the thinnest phone HTC ever made. To add to it it has ICS and Sense 4.0, the only downsides are the battery, I believe 1650mAh, and the fact it’s only qHD and not 720p or even 1080p but the ppi is still 256ppi which is pretty good and the SuperAMOLED has high contrast and deep blacks which add to the resolution. Not to mention the camera is AMAZING, and the car mode just may save lives (and will be used by me often). I think it might be the best phone HTC made and I think it is one of the best phones out, most importantly (to me) it’s the best phone T Mobile has, and that’s not just because they don’t have the iphone because I really don’t like iOS and think the screen on the iphone is to small and drops to many calls.

      Anyway hope that might help to make it “jump ” at you a lil more.

      PS: I do like the Senny too but it’s at END OF LIFE, as far as sales good and is being replaced with a faster, sexier, thinner, and more features than the Senny.

  • Tomnewtn

    I refer unlocked baby. UNLOCKED STOCK. 

    • Anonymous

      right, it is unlocked out of the box. This is a BEAST!

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Can we have a bigger T-mo logo on the phone?

    • jarjon76

      Who cares about that? I don’t get why some of you make a big deal out of something so minor. 

      • Lawrence of Arabia

        it is not something minor, to see that big logo for 2 yrs, I had the HD2 and it gets almost annoying after a while.

        Why do you think Apple doesn’t allow carrier branding in their phones?

        • Anonymous

          cause they have that big apple on the back

  • Anonymous

    It does have UMTS calling, right?

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Sold… waiting, anticipating…

  • Jonathan

    David, do you know if T-Mobile USA will get the One S in the black (with red accent around the camera lens) too or is it only coming in the silver (with blue accent around the camera lens?)

    • Jonathan

      ???  anybody?

      • Nickmerritt56

        I’m pretty sure that it is coming in both colors. From what I can tell  from my research it will.I hope so because I want it in Black and Red, I find the black looks more stylish. I will be preordering it from t mobile as soon as it becomes available ( Wish it was today!!! :) :) :) 

  • trueamerican

    i see huge potential for the makers or cases with embedded battery packs …perhaps one of those powermats … hahahaha  WTF where u thinking HTC?? seriously ibeen loyal to u waiting a whole year to not go with samsung and u deliver this XhlTT!!?…. do u know most people be using smartphones with 2 or 3 batteries to get thru the day!!? that among other things…. u better hope the other top companies make crappy phones this year .

  • Anonymous

    why do u wait? samsung is the best. theyve proven it with the gs2 and its only gonna get better. i hope ur not one of those HTC fanboys that loves them cuz of their  “build quality and designs”. personally i could care less about that. i want a phone thats powerful and when it comes down to it no one is gonna beat samsung.

    • Nickmerritt56

      I personally can’t stand Samsung  touchwiz is annoying and the widgets look plain. To each is own but Sense is a better interface hands down. I do agree that the battery should be bigger (like say the moto razor maxx or at least 2200 milli amps per hour) But I would take the one s/ x over any samsung  anyday. I could have gotten the GS2 for free a couple of time already but I would rather wait and pay for the one s. Again I think touchwiz is useless it might be great for you but it just isn’t for me. 

  • Anonymous

    Looks great – got really excited about getting the S.

    But.. no SD slot.  So moving on.

    Use media on my phone 2+ hrs a day underground, where the cloud is a pipe dream.  Currently sport a 32GB card in my phone to make sure I have everything at my fingertips.

    Cloud is nice enough if it fits your usage patterns, but I strongly suspect the omission of external storage is driven my business case motivations – revenue streams from encouraging data usage, reliance on cloud providers, etc.

    But other than that, great specs.  Super appreciative of the efforts to make camera use more instantaneous – the number of shots I’ve missed from swiping and entering patterns and bringing up camera and pressing shutter and waiting for autofocus to fail and the shutter lag to pass and getting a muddy shot… ugh.  Almost never get a shot worth keeping on my HTC Sensation.

  • Daveman1223

    HTC Sense, no thanks

  • jarjon76

    These phones are all starting to blend together, as far as specs. I’m ok with that, but I see no need to “upgrade” to any of these new devices.

    • Brian Medley

      I agree the HTC One X would be an upgrade (with its quad+1 core and 4’7″ screen)  but my Sensation has a dual core processor fully capable of running at the same speeds, the camera and audio may be slightly better but I see absolutely no need to pay for a full upgrade for this phone in any way!

  • Jademoon

    How is this better than the HTC Amaze 4g?

    • mreveryphone

      upgraded processor and Camera sensor

      • Amaze processor is still 1.5 qualcomm just not snap dragon. cant be that much different.

        • mreveryphone

          Yeah that one is the old s3 the new ones are the s4’s

  • BKPhil

    Interesting, for sure. Not entirely clear on the extend to which the quality of the card makes a difference?

    And more importantly, when you get a device such as the HTC One with a set amount of built-in memory, isn’t that memory also NAND, and thus subject to same caveats?

  • Vmortiz08

    wonder if htc will provide device 4.7 or 5.3, I would like that one?

  • Mya4eva16

    seriously no SD slot . bye bye stinking with the amaze 

    • helloyou

      * sticking

      • Itwebguy

        The 16 GB internal is still big nuff to store photos and music, plus you get Drop Box cloud service for free giving you and additional 25GB of cloud storage. The cloud service is pretty kewl, the 4g speeds are good enough to Download/Stream music and photos in seconds. Plus if you do fill up the internal storage and have to do a bulk upload of 10GB, just on your WiFi to upload to the cloud. Why this is faster? because if you have a Wireless N router, your HTC one has a built in Wireless N adapter, giving you 100 Mbps wireless service on your mobile device. At first I thought that no SD card storage was a drawback, but eliminating this from it’s design allows kewl things like a dual camera processors, and beats audio. This phone is BA, if I may say so m’self. If you are in the East Coast, come on by to the Custom Wireless / T-Mobile kiosk at the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem NH, ask for Rob1

  • Ric_4u2nv

    Amazing Camera with better options for optimal caption. Face recognition for security, amazing sound quality for audio with the Ice cream sandwich software!

  • Joshua leaow

    it is very good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!