HTC Officially Announces Sense 4.0, Dropbox Storage included

With the knowledge that the HTC One S will be one of the first Android smartphones to drop on T-Mobile’s network with Sense 4.0, it’s important to know what exactly Sense 4.0 is all about. HTC Sense 4.0 has two main focuses: camera software and audio.

First up is “ImageSense,” designed to give you “perfect shots — every time,” and is capable of taking a photo in just 0.7 seconds with a 0.2-second autofocus. Yup, that’s pretty good. HTC CEO Peter Chou claims that HTC’s new camera technology is prepared to deliver incredible results even in areas of low light. ImageSense is equally capable of gauging how far away a subject is and will adjust the level of brightness in the LED flash accordingly. HTC has also worked to improve the camera’s HDR mode, comparing their own advancements with that of the iPhone 4S.

How about that Dropbox integration? Every HTC One phone will get 2 years of free service along with 25 gigabytes of storage. That’s a lot of photos.

HTC is also adding three-finger swipe for sending videos to their newly announced Media Link TV dongle, allowing HTC One users to wirelessly stream video. HTC has also further integrated Beats music into their Sense software, allowing for any music or games app to use Beats Audio instead of using the core HTC music application. HTC Sync has been updated to enable easier access to Wi-Fi and wireless syncing. Sense 4.0 will be able to sync iTunes playlists automatically.

All of these improvements and more will be available on the T-Mobile network with handsets upgraded Sense 4.0 (no word on which handsets will receive the upgrade), including the newly announced HTC One S.

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  • Anonymous

    Must..not…reach..for wallet

    • Anonymous

      Likewise, my Amaze looks clunky now. Haha

      • Schneider

        With a software upgrade the Amaze will continue to be amazing. Dual core processor, NFC chip, sdcard slot, 8mp super fast 1080p cam, mlh hdmi out, etc….
        The amaze’s hardware is future proof for at least a few years, just need tmo, htc & Google to keep the software uptodate.

  • Guest

    2 years of free service along with 25 gigabytes of storage while I can have 25 gigabytes storage for free forever from SkyDrive on My Windows Phone which works much better and faster? I think I pass HTC!

    • da9th_one

      windows phone…??? BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA…!!!

      • Gentleman559

        Thanks for making my afternoon!!

        • John

          If you knew what ir right or wrong world would be a better place. Go back to Droid trolling and LOL there.

      • David

        Sad to see fandroid people like you all exist.

    • guest

      windows is for turds

      • Smith

        And Android is for … people like you.

        • Guest

          I’m using a Windows Phone (7.5) as my daily driver right now.¬† It is pretty bad.¬† Getting rid of it within a month.

        • John

          Yeah right. You never had Windows Phone. Nice trying troll. lol

    • Windows Phone is cool, but you don’t have to bash HTC/Android. They both are great in their own respects, & if you didn’t care for the manufacturers/company’s what was even the point of commenting? Nevermind, don’t answer that.

  • 25Gb of free dropbox storage(upgrade from the 3.2gb i have now) plus the 50Gb of storage i have with “Box” makes for a really good deal.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the fact that HTC has traded sd card support for Dropbox.

    I had actual, persistent, physical storage, that belonged to me, and had a one-time cost. HTC offers me cloud based, “subscription storage”, that will require me to pay a fee after the initial 2 years of free passes, can only be accessed/manipulated when I have a web connection, and drains my data plan allotment if I’m not on WiFi.

    Don’t like. Don’t want.

  • 30014

    Don’t really care for cloud storage. No sd card means I’ll pass on this one.