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  • Anonymous

    Why is signing up for marketing spam worth anything?

    • On occasion, as I linked inside the post, T-Mobile has offered discounts on new devices to those who sign up early. Not to say that’s happening here, but it has happened before.

      • Anonymous

        Good to know. Thanks.

  • John

    Same as other junk Android phones T-Mobile offer. Sorry but nothing to sign up for!

    • Why do you say that? Is it cause it uses a dual-core processor instead of the Tegra 3?

      If that’s it you should know that the S4 is nearly on par with the Tegra 3 in performance, but puts out better battery life than it does.

      But if its the lack of 720p resolution, micro SD, and NFC.. then I see your point.

      • J-Hop2o6

         S4 actually surpasses Tegra 3 in both CPU & GPU. So its above par.

      • Guest

        After all it’s Android so expect to have laggy and full of malware phones which track you as well.

        • J-Hop2o6


        • Smith

          No that is a fact. If you are fanboy thats not other people problem! ;)

  • I’m loving the Baby Blue accent, the only thing this was really missing was NFC, I could’ve forgiven the lack of microSD.

  • Might be my next new toy.

  • Elvis

    No galaxy nexus
    No galaxy note
    No Xperia s
    No HTC one X
    and…no i$&@#%4s

    We r instead getting the likes of LG and Huawei…and this me-too device.

    • Anonymous

      The Galaxy Nexus is down to $619 at NewEgg.

      Fry’s Electronics is still pimping the full $799 price.

  • Elvis

    Did the mod just deleted my post for saying this phone is just not exciting? Lol

  • Anonymous

    T-mobile, 2nd rate phones on a 2nd rate service. They dont have an iphone, why would they let the One X go to AT&T? 

    • Peter

      Sam as they let all high-end and best Windows Phones (Nokia Lumia 900 for example) goes to AT&T.

      Sadly T-Mobile became network of cheap crappy android phones.

      • Guest

        love TMo and will go down with the ship (if it ever happens) BUT I do agree they are now the network of crappy Androids. And all the Fandroids can start frothing….now!

  • Jody Smith

    The ONE S is going to be the best phone out of all the ONE phones unless you have to have the 4.7 inch screen.  The S4 Snapdragon dual will be better than the tegra3 for most phone applications.  Seeing as how I dont wear cargo pants all the time the 4.3″ works better than something nexus sized.  Give me a Tegra3 tablet and a s4 dual core phone.  i.e. – Give me a HTC ONE S and a Transformer prime.

  • SDJB

    Oh man…! NO quad Core, NO 720, NO expandable 16GB, NO NFC… I’ll pass.

    I’ll keep rocking my HD2 with Mango.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Just because its dual-core, doesn’t mean its weak. Dual-Core S4 actually surpassed Tegra 3’s Quad-Core in most benchmarks. But yea, 720p is preferred, and microSD.

  • The One X on AT&T will have the Snapdragon processor as well since it will be an LTE version. So, no carrier in the states will have a Tegra 3 version of any of the One phones.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Rather have the S4 than the Tegra 3.

      • So would I. I refuse to buy any device that has a Tegra processor in it. 

    • Liom

      Ok you just cleared my confusion in my mind THANK YOU!!!!

    • tegra 3 is overrated. 

  • Bostonmoores

    Doesn’t the Amaze have better specs than the One S? Aside from maybe the camera sensor?

  • Anonymous

    the phone looks awesome, I just don’t know if I could pick this phone with the display it has. qhd pentile is disappointing. that is probably the thing that will keep me from getting it. i was looking foward to getting this phone to. I think I am going to have to wait for the galaxy s3.

  • Anonymous

    4.3 inches is too big for me… i tried out the HTC Sensation 4G at costco and it was too big to the point that it was hard to just use my thumb to drag the notification bar…. MyTouch 4G with its 3.8 inch screen is big enough for me and fast enough.. don’t need anything faster…

  • da9th_one

    i don’t want this shyt…!!! WHERE IS THE ONE X…?!?!