HTC Posts One S Promo Video, First Hands-On Images

We’re still gathering up all the info we can on the HTC One S, coming to T-Mobile this spring. Right now we’re focused on hands-on and we’ve got some pics and video courtesy of The Verge along with HTC’s official promo video. Keep checking back as we update this post with more live hands-on coverage of the HTC One S.

Check out the rest of the gallery on The Verge.


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  • I might be in love!

  • Cyclone

    best phone so far on Tmobile

    • Anonymous

      Think of this phone as the Sensation II – nextgen CPU, thinner, AMOLED display, 1GB ram, 16gb storage, ICS + Sense 4.0.  Keep in mind though it’s lost an SDcard and a replaceable battery.

  • Matt Johnson

    qHD pentile display. frown.

    • Vim

      I consider the pentile qHD display a step backward as well. 

    • Anonymous

       STFU. Damn, I’m sick and tired of seeing uninformed people whine about pentile.

  • cerv21

    i wanted to buy the htc amaze but i’m going to wait for this one for sure

    • Jordan Dunn

      I’m very happy with my amaze I got last week. If you can get a deal the it’s worth picking up.

      • Mark Hennessey

        I got my wife the Amaze in the pre-Valentine’s day sale. It’s a solid beauty, that’s for sure. When it comes time to (finally) upgrade my Vibrant I’ll be keeping HTC in mind. 

        • chris

          samsung makes great phones, but I have HTC… the Sense really kicks others… i love my HTC Sensation.. i think my next step will be Quad core HTC…. which will b soon…lol

  • Deon Davis

    Anybody upset over At&t getting the One X should chill! This phone will hang with it. So what it’s got qHD vs 720HD in person there will be little difference! This phone is going to be beast. Hands down the best phone on T-mo so far!

    • Anonymous

      its the best phone for tmobile, but the X can compete with other carrier’s selections. I dont get a new model every year, instead I prefer to spend a little extra to get something that lasts a while. They should have gotten the X, then they could have said they had the best. Now we have to settle for runner-up

      • Deon Davis

        I feel what you are saying but really what does the At&t One X have over the One S. A slightly bigger screen and a slightly higher resolution. Everything else is the same. You will not be missing out on anything.

        • Lazaro Casanova

          processors are different

          one s = dual core s4
          one x = quadcore tegra 3

        • Sigh, not on the US version, the US version of the One X has a dual-core processor. The international version has the quad-core, so they do have virtually the same specs, minus the screen size.

        • Lazaro Casanova

          Ah ok…thanks for correcting me. I usually buy phones unlocked so I didn’t notice!

        • Anonymous

          I just want a semi-firm date. So I can save some duckets. I am buying this beast… Thx for the sign up page on T-Mo David….

        • Chris

          but ATT HTC One X will only have Dual core 

        • Tdtyler07

          One s snapdragon dual core, one x tegra 3 quad core…

        • Anonymous

          The US version has the same S4 chip and you are right, the differences aren’t much, but it still means a lot that T-mobile seems to never care to pick up the Premier flagship phones. I would much rather have a phone with a 720p display for the next 2 years than one without. So I am immediately disregarding this phone, my contract is up now anyways, and AT&T has an impressive selection that will continue to drain customers and financial resources from T-mobile. 

        • Anonymous

           There’s more to it than whether or not they “care” to pick up a certain phone.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Nice! But since there’s no Menu button, and no on-screen nav buttons, have can we reveal the hiddens buttons in apps that haven’t updated to ICS style nav?

  • Phozfate

    I hope the one X supports tmo 3g/4g. I’ll pay full price for that.This phone is just a shame

    • Wilma Flintstone

      It doesn’t.  I wish it did too but it’s another LTE device that Tmo won’t get nor support. At least, this year they won’t.  Next year, maybe.

      • Wrong. The One XLis the LTE variant. The One X is the international version with full support for tmobile’s bands

    • J-Hop2o6

      It does support AWS. Atleast the US (AT&T) version w/ Qualcomm S4 chip (AWS LTE & AWS 42 HSPA+). Not sure on the Global version.

  • Lionangel1

    Im not sure if im getting this cuz its basically the same thing as the sensation 4g only that it has ICS but the sensation is gonna get it soooo im out ——————–>

    • Anonymous

       Um.. Krait.

    • Wizzstar

      Guy, what you are saying makes dollars and cents to me, it’s the T-Mobile HTC Sensation brother …

  • Anonymous

    Hm.. the 4460 in my Nexus isn’t enough for the 720p resolution. I may have to get this if there’s a version that works with AT&T.

  • Lionangel1

    Hey guys i have a QUESTION!!!
     Whats better 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 or 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 ????

    • Anonymous

      if you research the S4 chipset it claims to be better than the Tegra 3 quad cores. supposedly the gpu krait setup is very powerful and capable of a lot. It is supposed to out perform most processors out there. Qualcomm claims that they will “perfect” dual core before going on to quad core. more cores doesnt always mean better performance.

    • Anonymous

      In addition to what iudafish said, the S4 has 42Mbps support. I don’t think the tegra 3 does. 

      • ingram1225

        no longer relevant with LTE on the horizons for tmo

  • It’s funny no matter what these manufacturers do, some ppl are never pleased…. Anyways. The specs on this phone is way up to par. I’ve used the amaze 4g before and that thing is one of the fastest android phones i’ve ever used. Now imagine the one s, with better upgraded H.W. I dont know, but i wouldn’t mind using this phone, just because of the specs…Maybe i will when it comes out…but when tmobile and htc drops thier next windows phone….im ghost.

    • ingram1225

      im looking to upgrade and the HTC amaze 4g is top on my list… Does the raised screen bother you any? 

      • Noor Mahmoud

        The raised screen is actually a good thing. Not only does it look awesome, but it makes it easier to hold and use as well.

        • ingram1225

          thank you for the reply. I’m now seeing rumors of the HTC one X coming to Tmo as the G4 or G4X. Might have to hold out for that. 

  • Tomnewtn

    Beautiful device, but I prefer unlocked stock. 

  • Anonymous

    Question:  Would it be wise to jump on the htc one s in april or wait for the galaxy s3 this summer?  One s looks amazing and am going to check it out, but the rumors for the s3 are really making it hard for me to pull the trigger.

  • isthistheone?

    I’m a little disappointed that htc didn’t put the same hd resolution screen on this phone as it does on the one x. The size of the screen is fine, and I’m sure the processor is plenty fast, but it seems silly to put a qHD pentile screen on this One (see what I did there?) and a super lcd2 hd screen on the other.

    • isthistheone?

      and why would htc change the carousel feature for the home screens? 

      • ingram1225

        I agree… 

  • long

    The ridiculous thing about HTC is that they don’t focus on what consumers want, which is a huge battery. This is why their company is going down significantly. The batteries of new HTC phones keep getting smaller and smaller compared to the processing power. I think the end result of these ONE phones will be doomed.

    • Wizzstar

      Yes, you are correct guy, this phone looks like a upscale T-Mobile HTC Sensation with a few add on goodies … I’ll just wait for T-Mobile’s first LTE quad-core phone with a 720p/1080p display ..

      • ingram1225

        it’s more than just an upgrade… try change in model year? (auto manufacturing reference). This is a lot thinner and lighter than the sensation and amaze (and slide 4g before them). 

    • Yeah, I just don’t understand whats so hard about putting a larger, more adequate battery in a phone.  Unless this phone can somehow pull off good battery life with such a small battery, then its a no-go for me. 

  • Very nice looking device

  • Anonymous

    can someone tell me why they’re stripping the one x of the quadcore for an s4? i know it maybe better cuz 28nm and cortex A-15 but is it cuz tegra 3 doesnt have LTE support?

  • Quinn tenfelde

    grrrr i want quad core grrrrrrr 

  • ingram1225

    I really like this phone over the HTC Amaze 4g but it will come down to price i think which obviously the amaze wins. 

  • Jaxxsun

    I will pass on this one.  I will probably be waiting a long time until something blows me away enough to want something new.  My current phone is a Galsxy SII