So, You Are Disappointed T-Mobile Didn’t Get The HTC One X? You Shouldn’t Be.

Let’s just get this right out of the way to clear any up confusion and more importantly, to stop the complaints I see popping up in the HTC One S post comments. The AT&T version of the HTC One X DOES NOT have a quad-core processor, it has a dual-core processor. So yes, it appears to be a better phone, but with the exception of battery size and and screen size, they are almost identical handsets. AT&T’s press release clearly says they DID NOT get the quad-core model:

“… The HTC One X smartphone’s next-generation 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 dual-core processor allows customers to run heavy duty tasks such as creating and editing homemade videos smoothly without any lag, while the 1,800 mAh embedded battery offers hours of uninterrupted entertainment time. …”

Everyone got that?

So let’s take a look at some tests the boys over at AnandTech performed and I take their tests with absolute faith, these guys are good at what they do:

Moving down the lineup is the HTC One S, but you don’t give up performance (in reference to the One X) to get here. The One S trades in the Tegra 3 or MSM8960 for a Qualcomm MSM8260A, another Krait based 28nm SoC but without integrated LTE. The CPU cores in the One S also operate at up to 1.5GHz, making its performance identical (in theory) to the HTC One XL.

The body moves from plastic to aluminum and drops in thickness to a mere 7.9mm

The screen shrinks compared to the One X/XL down to 4.3-inches. The Super AMOLED (PenTile) panel features a 960 x 540 (qHD) resolution. The front facing camera drops to a VGA resolution, while the rear facing camera (and lens assembly) remain unchanged from the One X.

Battery capacity drops to 1650mAh (6.105Whr @ 3.7V), but power requirements should be lower as well thanks to the smaller, lower resolution screen. Like the One X, the S features 1GB of LPDDR2.

Storage capacity drops to 16GB of eMMC on-board but you still do get 25GB of free storage via Dropbox. 1080p is supported on both the video encode and decode.

So yes, battery size changes, the screen size is different by 0.4 inches and yet, for the most part, with this paragraph as evidence, performance hardly changes between the two devices.

I urge you to head on over to the AnandTech link at the end of the post, read the post and hit the charts at the end to see actual performance scores.


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  • J-Hop2o6

    Exactly. The US versions of the S & X has the same Qualcomm S4 chip (XL = 8960 / LTE & 42 HSPA+ | S= 8260A / 42 HSPA+), which is actually better than the rush to market Tegra 3. Also (not tested) HTC states that the One XL (not sure on the Global S version) has AWS support for both LTE and 42 HSPA+. So take note of that.

    • What’s the difference between the XL and X? just the Processor?

      • Anonymous

        Normally for htc XL indicates a much larger screen, but in this case its HTC^x L (L standing for LTE capable).  The XL has a different cpu than the european/asian X, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dualcore vs nVidia Tegra 3 Quadcore.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        the “L”

      • Duck Dodgers

        From reading HTC’s spec pages between the AT&T ver. (XL) and the Euro ver. (X) it looks like the X has 32GB of eMMC on-board. Where the XL has only 16GB. With no microSD card to me 16GB is not enough.  

    • the Tegra b3 has be tested ad has already had one hardware revision and that’s before it was released

      • J-Hop2o6

         Huh? Im saying i’m not sure if the Tegra 3 version has AWS support.

        • Anonymous

          no AWS support I think

  • Jamal Adam

    It would have been nice if it had a 720p display. But aside from that, this phone is drop-dead gorgeous. 

    • Anonymous

      but it does have amoled by the way..

      • David McClellan

        amoled, but pentile. Think Atrix 4G….

  • Elvis

    No David, I don’t think most of us loyal tmobile customers r disappointed at not seeing the X, but instead frustrated at the lack of high end phones from other top manufacturers.

    I take this Xperia s for example. The phone doesn’t have LTE and relies on snapdragon, so u know its in line with tmobile’s tech model. The thing has the design to attract impulsive first time customers, something tmobile desperately needs; and it’s fairly priced at MSRP of $550 I believe which typically turns into $200 with provider discount.

    AT&T has already acquired the exclusivity to that phone’s US version, the Xperia Ion. Why isn’t tmobile doing anything in The meantime?

    • Because Sony Mobile (formerly Sony Ericsson) doesn’t make many devices with AWS WCDMA on-board. The last one it made was the Xperia X10i back in 2010, and that one never got released in the Americas. You had to import it from Europe. Asia didn’t even get that model. The Americas and Asia/Oceania got the Xperia X10a.

    • If I were T-Mobile I wouldn’t take any risks on Sony Mobile phones…they haven’t done very well at all in the US, I’m not surprised T-Mobile isn’t going for them.

      • Elvis

        Well, I was just giving an example there. But Xperia s is currently selling like crazy abroad, and sony phones have attracted huge amount of attention in MWC, so tmobile needs to observe and adjust quick, getting phones from Huawei (btw, it looks like “prism” is most likely the Ascend d quad) is not going to get it done.

        Now I understand that relative to tmbile, AT&T certainly has alot more financial flexibility to acquire exclusive models like the galaxy note, but tmobile needs to hedge once in a while as well, look at what the g1 accomplished for the magenta back then?

        • Well, the Ascend P series and the Ascend D series all have pentaband HSPA+ radios, so they’ll work on T-Mobile just fine.

        • Anonymous

          What are the chances the one with the extra long battery is the upcoming Prism?

  • The HTC One X for AT&T has only 16GB of storage, just like the HTC One S for T-Mobile. Also, the front camera is the same on both, since the front and rear cameras are part of a single component on the phone. The only differences are in the screen and the battery.

  • Lee

    I read on the official HTC site that the battery is embedded (non-removable), and no microSD storage. GSGIII FTW.

  •  the *Hotness**!! Even tho this isn’t 720p I still don’t mind qHD for one
    more phone PLUS the design of this imo is so much Sexier and sturdier
    than the One X with the very same Killer Processor and I like the 4.3?
    screen size better than 4.7?. T-Mobile went with the right decision to
    carry the lighter colored version with the baby blue accents around the
    camera, very attractive. – )

  • Taron19119

    Im real happy about this phone

  • Ridingonfumes04

    Yeah smaller screen? Really?
    Yeah I’m still disappointed

  • I really prefer the One S design. But you have to really consider the intention of Beam in ICS was to further push NFC, moreso than Gingerbread did with the Nexus S; and that is disappointing to me that the One S is missing out on that, I don’t mind that its not 720p, qHD is a step up from WVGA on the G2x.. plus its Super AMOLED.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just gonna buy the global version. Should work with T-mo…

    • Global model of the One S won’t work (UMTS 850/900/2100, no UMTS 1900 support), but the global (quad-core) model of the One X will work once PCS HSPA+ becomes more widespread (it supports UMTS 850/900/1900/2100).

      • Anonymous

        And that’s the one I’m getting!! (One X)

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that is annoying me is that both S and X does not have a physical shutter key. Also, let’s hope that the T-Mobile One S would have the same radio as the ATT One X, because that thing has AWS for HSPA+ and LTE.

  • Anonymous

    This is as much of a replacement to the Sensation and Amaze as the Blaze is to the SGS4G. End of story.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Oh you straight snappin huh?
      Grabbin da mic
      about to start rappin huh?

      Well let me sit ya down
      listen close
      don’t play around
      While I tell you a little story
      about this place called SouthTown

      See, apparently
      it was hard to clearly speak
      because the company
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      But then they saw results
      that made them clearly see
      that something had to be done
      about the 3 and 4G

      Too many people left
      they were sick of Edge
      GPRS slower than
      going uphill on a wooden sled

      So people packed up
      Jumped ship fast
      Got up and told TMobile
      Kiss .. …

      Now Tmobile’s getting it
      they finally understand
      Nobody likes paying for 4G
      when they really on an EDGE Plan

      Now they Deploying LTE
      in the next year
      Finally they starting
      to see things clear.

      OOH, Straight Ripped it!!!!!

      • guest

        gayest post ever

      • Anonymous

        Nice!  Tell em like it is yo!

  • It is a secy device thou

  • Guest

    You guys really need to stop worrying about things that really don’t matter. The battery size and screen size is different, so what. The world isn’t coming to an end!

  • Steebie

    No disappointment here! Sounds like an awesome phone…oh wait…I do have some disappointment…that I couldn’t wait and just got an Amaze 4G

    • Vim

      The Amaze actually has some advantages over the One S. 

      1) Non-Pentile Display
      2) NFC
      3) SD Card Slot (Up to 32GB)
      4) Removable Battery
      5) 2 MPix Front Camera

      I do think the One S is the better phone in many ways (most especially due to the krait s4 and the larger rear camera lens), but not across the board.  Some important corners have unfortunately been cut.  I don’t care about the front camera, but the rest I care about.

  • No microSD slot = big disappointment. The cloud is worthless when I’m at work and when I’m flying… oh, and when the network is down or choked or you’re getting throttled because you keep using the cloud and go over your monthly data allotment. No, the cloud sucks.

    • Wilma Flintstone

       I don’t understand why these companies make these high end phones and forget to put in an MicroSD Card slot.  Thats the ONE reason I’m not interested in the Galaxy Nexus.

      • According to some, the MicroSD can actually slow down the phone, though i think that more internal memory is needed to make up for it

  • Jonday21

    I don’t see what’s so different about this and the Amaze, hopefully unlike most of the amazes, it will teather!!! I still think out of all the phones coming to Tmo that the GS2 is still the best, until G3 comes out. I like HTC but not dropping another $300 for a phone no different than amaze.

  • Anonymous

    but the screen size and res are what attracted me!!! didnt realize the x was plastic. ew.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Nope, not at all.  Waiting on the Optimus 4X HD.  That should hold me until Tizen launches to the consumer.

  • now_onTMO

    nice phone.. really interesting especially the samoled screen… htc just got better.. :) 


    nice specs..

  • now_onTMO

     still waiting for tmobile to reveal t999.. hopefully soon

  • Malcolm Wilson

    and no “SD card slot” for expandable storage. Dropbox doesn’t count.

  • BigMixxx

    I ain’t gonna bitch much about the device. 

    I truly appreciate the fact that T mobile and HTC still have a good relationship.  I’m so hyped that it’s not samsung (although they have been produced some damn good phones).

    Really, why argue about not being top tier.  It’s in the same category as the current galaxy S II ( current top dog on t mobile ).  I’m digging this……however…I’m not a sense fan, although I own a sensation(and it runs virtuous inquisition close to ASOP as possible and there is a 4 release 4 it).

    nutshell, really impressed with this version…if things end up going the way of the T, it may not matter….

    • Wilma Flintstone

      But you must @bigmixxx:disqus , you must.  It’s all the rage right now. Lol jk, yeah there’s really no need to.

  • Rfgenerator

    One has to be smoking crack to buy a Android phone that doesn’t have a removable battery, especially an Android phone which are known to be hard on batteries (on my Sensation I’m lucky to get 10 hours on a charge, I’d be dead if it were not for having a couple spare batteries that I can swap out).  If you battery dies your device is a brick.  

  • Wmercadomedina

    I will get disappointed if you don’t get the Galaxy SIII ,I think you TMobile need to be more agressive with getting phones be faster than the other companies havin the updates

    • Guest

      obviously tmobile will get the galaxy s III.  This phone is more than likely coming to all carriers again.  Samsung isn’t going to change that and make it exclusive.  There’s going to be plenty of quad core devices out there this year.  No reason to be jealous of AT&T getting the One X since they are only getting a dual core model due to it being LTE.

  • Anonymous

    welcome back HTC!!!!!

  • mh646

    I dropped Sense long time ago, now using CM7 and LauncherPro and I have no regrets.

  • Drewmelcher

    other than a few processor digits and different chip numbers, this phone sounds identical to the HTC Sensation, which came out a year ago.
    Still one of the Best android phones out there today is the
    Sure the REZOUND is an upgrade from the AMAZE in the music/audio department
    but, the AMAZE came out 6 months ago! and it stil hasn’t been beaten out yet, in my opinion

    • Vim

      I couldn’t care less about Beats audio.  What makes me envious of the Rezound is its 720p non-pentile S-LCD display.  I’m highly disappointed that 4 months later T-Mobile still doesn’t have a single phone with a 720p display when all the other carriers have at least one, and Verizon has three.  Aside from that I agree that the Amaze does indeed compare very well. 

  • former T-Mobile employee

    You’re wrong.  The ATT version does have the quad core.  Get over it… T-Mobile is still getting the second rate phones it always has.  

    • I’m not wrong, read AT&T’s press release.

      • David isn’t wrong. The international version has the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad processor, but the AT&T model has the next-generation
        1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor (as David clearly highlighted using AT&T’s own press release above). AT&T isn’t getting the quad-core version.

      • Anonymous

        Why you are so nice to some of these people is total mystery to me… How do you hold back the urge of calling people like that “Morons”?

        • Because that’s not how I want to treat all the readers, unlike some of our commenters who already do that for me. Hint hint. :-)

    • Kirk

      The 4 core tegra 3 is slower than the 2 core S4.

  • I like the size 4.3, but the very small battery along with no sd card makes this phone a fail for me. I will not buy any phone that doesn’t have a descent battery and expandable memory. The drop box storage does not count IMO. 16 MB is just not enough storage. Whoever designs these new phones are not doing their jobs. They eliminate what I feel are the most important things. They take forever to design these phones and they constantly cut corners, the corners that I feel ruin what could be a great phone. Make the phone a little bit thicker and give us the sd card and larger battery. This phone will be dead by 3 oclock. I don’t see anything yet that beats the Razr Maxx IMO. 

  • Phozfate

    still a low res phone. a high end phone in 2012 needs to be 720p + 

  • Christian

    It doesn’t have NFC. No deal. 

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m not that surprised.  AT&T always gets the better phones.  Now if this is T-Mobile’s way of saving the bigger news for the SGSIII, then good.  For now, save your money.

  • Anonymous

    Do these new “one” devices have NFC?? I seriously hope it does, cause if the Amaze get’s EOL’d and they replace it with something (albeit with a better display and an amazing looking version of Sense) that doesn’t have NFC, wouldn’t make any sense. Isn’t Isis supposed to be out this year??

  • Anonymous

    Hmm… I may switch to AT&T if T-Mobile doesn’t get something larger than 4.5″ screen…  I’m craving a Galaxy Note…  HTC One S won’t cut it for me…

    • Birdsfan

      I currently have the GNex on TMo and played with the Note yesterday…I WANT that phone!

    • Moth477

      I’m with you buddy! 4.3 just doesn’t seem big enough anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Please tell me you are being sarcastic and really don’t think a 4.5″ screen is not big enough!!

      To me, that’s like saying that you think a hummer is too small for you and that you need a monster truck as a daily driver.

      • Anonymous

        The way I look at it is…. Why carry a tablet & a phone if I can carry both in one device…  Like why drive a 4×4 off road only & then have to own a sedan to drive on road when I could do both in one vehicle….

  • Gaius_Baltar4

    Hey David,

    What do you think the chances are this Huawei phone:

    Is the rumored Prism phone?  Those specs make me giddy

  • Adam Pranda

    The One S is a pretty decent phone, but if I am going to keep a phone for 2 years, it better have the top specs at the time I bought it. No NFC and no 720P screen are quite the dealbreaker in terms of making the phone last.

  • Anonymous

    When did 4.3in display become tiny to people. Some people get Screensize envy. Seriously, nothing wrong or small about a 4.3 or 4.0 in display. heck I believe that is the perfect range. 4.7in seems too large. I do not like that it is pentile display.

    •  I’ve noticed an increase of what you call “screensize envy” starting from the release of the Samsung Infuse 4G and increasing with the release of the HTC Titan and Titan II on the horizon.

    • Roger

      I have an iPod Touch I use to keep up with the iOS world.  It is extremely frustrating to use.  The screen width is 5cm.  My finger is just under 2cm wide or almost 40% of the screen width.  How often do you think it detects interactivity in the wrong place?  Sure I am above average height at 6’4″ but people everywhere are getting taller.

    • Anonymous

       4.3″ isn’t tiny for me…. but if I can purchase a 5.3″ screen and not need to carry a tablet & phone then good for me….

  • Anonymous

    If the people that are upset are like me, and are complaining that T-Mobile will not get a model similar to the INERNATIONAL HTC One X (4.7″, Tegra 3, DC-HSPA+, 32GB; who really cares about the At&t version?), they are confused as to why a phone that should work with T-Mobile, gets swapped out for a ‘lesser’ variant.

    • Moth477

      They get swapped so that they can work in “The largest 4G Network!” Who doesn’t like the 42Mbps they are currently getting!

      • Anonymous

         Unfortunately, the MSM8260A does not support DC-HSPA (but oddly enough, it supports CDMA2000), which means the One S is only a HSPA21 device.

  • Snapdragon S4

    So comparing the specs for the One X (AT&T) and One S: 4.7 in vs 4.3 in. NFC vs none, 720p SLCD2 vs 540 SAMOLED. 9.27mm vs 7.8 mm (depth), 131 g to 120 g, 1800 mAh vs 1650 mAh. Both have Sense 4.0, Android 4.0, S4 chip, and 8 megapixels. Both also have 16 gigs and non-removable batteries. Ouch, now that I look at the specs more closely, the Ville is just basically a slightly upgraded Sensation with an S4 chip inside (Krait is beastly though and a power saver), thinner, AMOLED display, and non-removable battery. Oh well, I’ll just hang onto my phone for a little while longer then. I’m not going anywhere. Grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  • HSC

    4.7″ puts the HTC One X into Galaxy Note territory, which can be considered its own device category. If screen envy is your issue, just get a tablet dammit. On another Tegra 3 chipsets don’t support HSPA+ so it isn’t even a possibilty for us.T-Mobile customers should be more upset about that than anything else. Imagine that we won’t have any quad+1 core devices for some time. Until T-Mobile pushes out the LTE its promising to anyway (could be years). T-Mobile needs to aggressively build its network. It’s the biggest issue and was foreseen by many as its Achilles heel. It’s probably the #1 reason T-Mobile is hemorrhaging customers.

    • Anonymous

      Tegra 3 DOES support HSPA+.  In fact, that’s WHY at&t ditched in their HTC One X, because the tegra 3 would not integrate with LTE.  (It will later on in the year)

      It’s more likely T-Mobile will see an HSPA+ device first, with Tegra 3.

      • Anonymous

         Tegra 3 supports HSPA+, but not DC-HSPA+, which is required for 42mbps and higher. Currently, only Qualcomm makes modems and SOCs with DC-HSPA+ connectivity, which the MSM8960 is one of the 2 SoCs (other is MSM8270) that support it, but the MSM8260A does not.

        Besides that, I’m disappointed that T-Mobile faithful get a device with a smaller, crappier screen and 1/2 the internal storage.

        It is possible that the international One X pairs Tegra 3 with either MDM8220 (DC-HSPA) or MDM9200 (LTE + DC-HSPA).

        • J-Hop2o6

           Wrong. Both the 8960 and the 8260A are the EXACT SAME exuding the LTE portion. So the 8260A (which is inside the HTC One S) is DC HSPA+ (42 mbps)

        • J-Hop2o6

           HTC One S specs here:

          Android™ 4.0 (ICS) + HTC Sense™

          1.5 GHz Dual Core
          Qualcomm MSM8260A

          Memory RAM
          1 GB DDR2

          Memory Storage
          16 GB onboard storage

          4.3″ qHD Super AMOLED

          HSPA 42 Mbps


          1650 mAh, Embedded

          (Main): 8 MP, f/2.0, BSI,

          Single LED – Smart Flash, ImageChip

          1080p HD Video with Stereo Sound

          (Front): VGA, with 720p video

          Universal Beats Audio

          130.9 L x 65.0 W x 7.95mm 
          (8.9 for bump area)

  • I agree with most everyone here T-mobile settled for the Zero phone instead of the Hero phone, every carrier has a phone now with an HD screen except for t-mobile. me personally being the big guy that I am don’t want a ladies phone, I do realize that 4 inch might work for most of the population, just like buying a geo metro works for most of the rest of the population but that doesn’t cut it for me.
    Call it what you want I honestly don’t care but the fact that I have been waiting for this phone only to see t-mobile pass it over is just ridiculous. 

    • Giraffe

      qHD makes a phone a ladies’ phone?  Apparently it takes fewer pixels for women to understand the image in front of them :-)

  • Pen-tile screen, no NFC, no replaceable battery, no physical shutter button …sure the phone is nice, and it’s really thin, but it’s not really an upgrade from anything. I know I won’t be signing away 2 years to get it. I think HTC dropped the ball this year. Three devices that are nice steps up, but nothing different. No phones with physical keywords, no unique designs. They seem to just be trying to fit in with the crowd. No average shopper is going to pick any of the new One series over the myriad of phones on the shelf. Sigh. I’ve always been a fan of HTC…but these new devices definitely don’t warrant celebration. :-(

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree and the same pentile 4.3″ qHD screen on the RAZR was quite noticeably pixellated. The 480×800 Plus screen looks amazing on my GSII.

  • Anonymous

    HTC website states the HTC One X for AT&T will have AWS bands. Hmmm so we can by the HTC One X ouright from AT&T and unlock it to use on Tmobile.

    • Anonymous

      It also has AWS LTE, so it would be a future proof phone( in terms of working after refarming, not specs)

      • Anonymous

        You right. So when Tmobile goes LTE in 2013 the HTC One X on AT&T should work with Tmobile LTE. This is the phone to have.

  • Anonymous

    Non-Removeable Battery = FAIL
    NO micro SD = FAIL
    NO Camera Button = FAIL

    Does it @ least have OTG usb?

  • I’m thinking if I was to get the european version of the One X would it work with T Mobile and the HSDPA+ frequency? and what’s the difference between the two HTC One x and HTC One XL? Thanks in advance  

  • just a guy

     I’m sorry to disagree with you here, but I’ll have to. This is not the way to
    be a challenger. No subsidized iPhone right now(I understand the
    business decision, but it’s still a huge sore spot compared to other
    carriers), and things are looking grim for a subsidized iPhone 5. That
    means they need to make up for in their phone lineup, and this just
    doesn’t cut it.

    Customer: “You don’t have an iPhone? I can get it anywhere else …”

    Sales rep: “But we have awesome Android phones!”

    Customer: “I can get better Android phones anywhere else.”

    Sales rep: “…”

    • Anonymous

      If they want the iphone they are going to have to sign a deal similar to sprint. Also common misconception about Sprint’s iphone deal is that they paid apple 15 billion to carry the iphone. The deal was that they would sell 30 million iphones at 500 a pop in four years, which someone estimated at 15 billion.  

      Some think its crazy, because normally carriers pay around 200 less per device from other manufactures. However, I believe sprint can do this because of their premium data fee. Normally that fee goes to clearwire to pay for access to their wimax, but since the iphone is not a wimax device, sprint gets to keep that portion. 

      TMO does not have that luxury. I believe they would lose money over the life of the contract if they bought iphones at 500 a pop and kept the price at 200+ 2yr agreement

  • Seems like they are going to drop one more thing with this phone…ME.  I’m getting a Galaxy Nexus.  It’s been fun HTC, see you when you get something exciting. 

    • Anonymous

      I am on TMo, my Galaxy Nexus works just fine.

    • Giraffe

      What’s exciting about the Galaxy Nexus?  Or, you know, something that the One S doesn’t have?

      • off the top of my head I’ll go with NFC.  It’s not just for making payments.  I’d love a device that has NFC I’d use it so the device knows where it is and can act accordingly.  If it knows it’s on my nightstand it’s not going to be blaring notifications after 10pm.  If it knows it’s in my car it will go into car mode.  If it’s on my desk at work it knows that I want it locked.  That’s is exciting, not some camera that isn’t going to live up to the hype surrounding it.  

        Google is adding hardware that HTC isn’t adding to this device would this phone still be as good without the front facing camera?  The FFC is now standard for mobile devices. In my opinion going forward any device that leaves out hardware is substandard.  
        The other thing off the top of my head is Stock Android.  I’ve always been annoyed when people keep harping on how Sense sucks and HTC should leave Android untouched but they do have a point.  Personally, I don’t think Sense is that bad my wife likes it but I don’t I prefer to add my on extras.  

        • Giraffe

          If you can program your NFC device to recognize when you’re in your car.  Can you do this now?  I’ve never heard of it, but if you can show it in action, I accept that it has some convenience benefit.  I also know of devices that do this by having the phone on a car charger, so save for short trips, it may still be a non-factor. If you don’t want blaring notifications after 10 PM, there’s a wide assortment of applications that will remove your notifications based on time which do not require NFC.  GPS functions have been used before for “work mode” on phones as early as the MT4G and already resolve your interest in that respect.

          Despite this, if NFC is still your prime deciding factor, HTC has the Amaze available and it will be receiving an ICS update, per Tmonews.  Done deal.

          There’s hardware that a consumer needs and hardware that attracts your ears by the name but doesn’t mean much.  For me, I don’t have a desperate need for an FFC or a real benefit for NFC, and if I can get a less expensive device because these gimmicks are not in my phone, everyone wins.

        • Yes you can.  
          Here is an example of a OEM doing something new.  

          For those of us who may want to do it ourselves. 

          I’m happy to see I’m not the only one that has had this idea.  The car charger one is usually Bluetooth like the Nexus One it worked ok but I’m not a fan of leaving Bluetooth on all the time and the range is too far for this purpose. 

          You are right about there being a bunch of apps that control phone state by time, location or a bunch of different criteria but once you add NFC into the mix it adds so much morefine control.  Using these tags the phone will know your right pocket from your left (nfc’d) pocket. 

          Personally, I don’t want blaring notifications on my phone after 10pm, but if I’m not sleeping in my bed (and the phone isn’t on my nightstand) THEN I do want those notifications.  I’ve got that pretty much worked out with Tasker but adding the finer location control that NFC promises will make it that much better. 

          GPS works, but its far from as good a solution.  First off you have to leave it on, which drains you battery, and I don’t think GPS is that great if I’m using an app that needs it then sure I’ll turn it on but otherwise it stays off.  Secondly, again it doesn’t get to the fine pinpoint(ish) accuracy that I want. 

          HTC Amaze? No thanks.  When I get a “new” phone I’ll be getting a NEW phone that thing is what, 6 months old?  After living with the Sensation 4g I’m going back to a Nexus Device and sticking with those for the foreseeable future. 

          No one NEEDS a lot of the stuff that these devices offer but it’s nice to have.  Do I need email on my phone? No.  Do I need a fast (>10 Mbps) internet connection on my phone? No.  Do I need a big screen on my phone?  Nope, especially if I don’t have any of the other things.  Without all that stuff I might as well be carrying around a regular old telephone phone what’s the point of that I hate talking on the phone.

        • If you are the the type to buy into rumors then this article may be moot.  
          Stock Android 4.x
          4.7in Screen 
          Killer camera

          The down side being “only” a 21 Mbs radio, but that is what the Galaxy Nexus has so for me it’s not that much of a loss. 

        • My reply is awaiting approval.  Maybe it was the links. 
          Anyway, in the android market there is an app called “NFC task Launcher” it does stuff based on NFC tags.  
          LG is baking this into one of their phones, it’s called the Optimus LTE tag it comes with stickers. 

          Then presented my reasons for wanting NFC, basically it comes down to finer control.  Basically, using NFC the phone can know exactly where it is.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m not liking the sound of this drop box.  Means you have to waste data to upload your videos for storage if your at event and need more than the memory the phone has.  Same if its there and you want to view it, have to download it?  Seems like a great way for a phone company to make more money off people in data sales.  What if your out somewhere and there is no data signal?  Not good.

    I’m still not sold on this “cloud” solution.  What if the host servers crash and you need something that is on there?

    • Deon Davis

      I guess assume you will do most uploading via wi fi

  • Manglemn

    w8, but on that same AnandTech page that I saw: 

    Internally the phone features DC-HSPA+ (42Mbps) support

    Does this mean that we can use the Tegra 3 version of the phone on Tmo’s network?

    • J-Hop2o6

       The AT&T version (Qualcomm S4) will be the better version. And the Tegra 3 version maxes out @ 21 HSPA+. IDK if the Tegra 3 version supports AWS.

  • Anonymous

    Does the S have that cool little HDMI dongle?

    • Deon Davis


      • Anonymous

        THIS, is the Phone I have been waiting for. Upgrade ready…damn the cost (kinda,lol)

        • JBLmobileG1

          It’s pretty much the Amaze with a few improvements. Now I understand why the Amaze is EOL considering they announced this phone that is very similar.

  • Anonymous

    What people should start realizing is that we are all at a point now where processing power on a phone isn’t a tangible spec anymore.  Say the HTC One S came with a quad core Tegra… so what?  What could you POSSIBLY pull off on that quad core that you couldn’t on that dual core?

    We’re not in the days of the G1 anymore when we would look in envy of all those 1Ghz phones.  People should start gauging things that are tangible like screen size, screen quality, battery life, build quality, resolution.  Those are the things that matter.

    • Roger

      Indeed.  I still haven’t heard of any example where someone would be affected by the processor speed.  I’d love to experience it for myself.  Arguably the most important performance part is the builtin flash storage since it is read and written to so much, and most programs cannot continue until reads or writes have completed.

  • antoine harrison

    Ive been a fan of all of what HTC has been doing ever since I got the Tmobile MDA phone. all of my phones since then has been HTC I think this will be a great phone, but Im waiting to get the new Galaxy S3 thats what Ive got my hopes up for. Im interested in seeing what Samsung is gonna be bringing to Tmobile this year. As hard as it is for me to say Tmobile has been loosing out with some of these really nice hot phones when you compare them to other companies. I was pissed to see the Galaxy Note come to At&t and not Tmobile. 

  • Ryan

    After seeing this, I have no regrets about getting my Amaze 5 months ago. Not sure how the One S is any better, especially after the Amaze ICS upgrade.

    • JBLmobileG1

      Hopefully after this announcement they still update our Amaze to ICS. And even so hopefully it won’t be rushed with bugs.

    • Anonymous

       since the amaze’s dual core (snapdragon S3) is significantly slower and more power hungry than the S4.. i’d say the S is much better. Enjoy your laggy GUI!

      • Ryan

         Haven’t noticed any lag at all.  But I do enjoy my non-pentile display, and my hardware camera button, and I’ll enjoy ICS when it is released.  For a phone that it still unreleased, I’m glad I’ve had my Amaze for the past 5 months, and didn’t hold out for this.

  • Guest

    Article is clueless.  This phone is terrible by comparison.

    1. Super AMOLED PenTile qHD Screen is trash compared to 720p SLCD-2 HD screen.

    2. The FFC is terrible by comparison.

    3. It loses half the storage capacity of the One X, and still doens’t have a MicroSD Slot if I’m mistaken – that alone makes it a showstopper for many people.  Don’t care about DropBox T-Mobile 3G here is like 200kbps with a full signal and their coverage is terrible.

    4. Yes, has an AMOLED screen and a smaller battery + smaller/lower rez screen, but my experience with the battery drain from Samsung Screens has been abysmal.  That battery is too small, period, for a 4.3″ Android device.

    5.  The only things they did that actually made sense in this phone:

    a.  Put a dual core in it.  Quad Core is not even worth paying a premium for at this point.

    b.  Shrink the screen to 4.3″, cause anything larger than that is a huge turn off to a lot of people in my experience.  I went to Best Buy with some friends and they all laughed histerically at the Galaxy Note.  HTC didn’t help the ONe X in this regard by putting capacity buttons on it, which actually adds a bit more height to the phone compared to something like the Galaxy Nexus which has basically the same screen size.

    Bonus Point:  It’s pretty pathetic to have the best camera on a phone with an LED flash.  Xenon flash please?

    •  Excellent comment. Spot on. Nokia has had Xenon flash on it’s phones for a while now but it seems they went back to LED with the newer phones.

  • This is what happens when you release so many phones with similar names. I’m confused, too. I am a gadget freak, but with the HTC One, I don’t know what is the different letters for (S, X, XL…).

  • Anonymous

    T-mobile needs 3 phones right now and not another phone with a heavy OEM UI on top of andorid.

    -galaxy nexus hspa+ version
    -Nokia Lumia 800/900 
    – and if we cant get any of those at least give us a bone stock ICS phone ( I know you can root but why cant we just get it from the OEM)

    • LazaroCasanova

      I just ended up buying an unlocked galaxy nexus but i agree tmobile shouldve definitively carried the nexus. Its interesting that they are working on moving into at&t spectrun so that the iphone’s 3g will finally be compatible. Would be great if tmo embraced unlocked phones full on. I can see this strategy working great with nexus devices too which I feel shouldn’t be carrier locked to begin with.

    • I said the same thing in another thread the other day, simple as that.  You are right….

    • StrongArm

      Best comment I’ve seen all week!

    • Giraffe

      I feel you here, I’d love to see a top-end WinPhone on T-Mo’s lineup.  I think one of the biggest reasons why Windows Phone doesn’t get the credit it deserves is that no device out there retails at the top-end.  I understand that single core processors don’t sound as fancy, but when the device is optimized for single core, the battery life is significantly better than any other smartphone on the market, it’s an easy decision to make.

      As much as I’m sure it may be a good subscribership decision to get the iPhone, I think T-Mobile covers the strengths of the iPhone well with their top end Android and WinPhone selection.  An ICS device would seal the deal on that, though.  Some of the features on ICS really blow the “innovation” of the iPhone out of the water.  When you’re only new feature is Siri, you’re not doing enough to build your product up.  Show me widgets, Apple.

      • Anonymous

        I use to be all about the specs until I sold my LG G2x and bought a HTC HD7 to try windows out and I have to say for a phone that has 2year old specs windows phone is as smooth as butter never crashes as much as I like Andorid I have to say the OS that Microsoft put together is no joke. Your right that windows phones don’t get the credit they deserve
        but that’s Microsoft fault for putting out a bad product 3 to 5 years ago with the original windows mobile and now that they have a great product they have to convince all the people that jumped shipped to blackberry, IOS and Android to try it all over again

    • Enoel69

      Agree with all three…add one more to the list Sammys GS3 should be a must

    • I agree.  Will iPhone on Tmo suddenly make Tmo the #1 carrier in the US? Heck no, of course not.  But Tmo is #4 and the #1, #2 and #3 carriers ALL have iPhone, it seems silly to not have it.  Maybe this is Apple’s fault for not manufacturing one that can use Tmo 3G/4G?  But still, should Tmo be harping on them for it?

      Even if you hate the iPhone (I talk about Tmo needing it, but I don’t want one)… here’s the thing;  You’re a consumer on, say, Verizon.  And you wanna check out this iPhone.  So you get it… and ah, you hate it.  It sucks.  You’re locked into a contract… no big deal, go sell that thing and get some money for it and then buy another handset on Verzion.  Yes, somewhat easier said than done, but that’s a buffer that customers of the big 3 are sure to have.    

      What happens on Tmo?  You got an Android device and don’t like it? Ok, here… choose from another Android device.  Oh, you just didn’t like Android?  Oh well.

  • Azazellov

    I’m very disappointed that T-mobile doesn’t ANY phone yet that has a 720p screen. Plus removing the SD card reader (which means the phone has less storage than my HD2, I have a 32 GB sd card) and the small 1650 mAh battery doesn’t help. It really is an updated Sensation 4G, not a flagship phone. If T-mobile at least had a Galaxy Nexus or a Galaxy Note, then I would understand… I have 5 lines with T-mobile and I’m getting tired of AT&T and Verizon getting the best phones….

    • StrongArm

      Leave!!! Hahaha, you won’t cause with 5 lInes you don’t have the balls to make the switch for Verizon. So shut up, it’s just a phone and a pretty nice looking one too.

    • Daniel

       The battery should be fine because the processor uses up 40% less power than the S3 processor in previous models.

      • Vim

        If you use it heavily for an extended period of time in an area where there is no accessible outlet, or if you simply forget to charge it overnight, it’s nice to be able to just slap in a spare battery. 

        And keep in mind that even if the theoretical battery life improvement turns into significant actual improvement, it may still not be enough for heavier users. 

        • Giraffe

          Perhaps this isn’t the right top-end phone for people who use their phone constantly.  After all, at least 90% of users don’t carry a second battery for their phone “just in case” at all times.  If you’re still interested in the phone as a high-end user that’s on the device at all times, consider getting a battery charger that hooks up to your microUSB slot, I hear those come pretty cheap nowadays.  Or, if you want to go the more expensive route, get your hands on a case that has an extended battery built in… that way you don’t even have to take the time out to pull the battery and shut down the phone like you do with your current phone.

        • Vim

          microUSB battery chargers require that you be near a computer (or some other complex piece of electronics) and are slow to charge.  A spare battery is more portable than any charger.  In addition, a spare battery can be found for around $5 from Amazon or eBay’s marketplace while an extended battery case will run you over $50. 

        • Anonymous

          the iPhone has no removable battery and see how many people buy it…

          that said I too don’t like the idea of non-removable battery since after about a year it starts to degrade and can’t hold a charge as much for as long. But I guess that’s our future we’ll have to deal with soon on high-end phones if we want them

        • Enoel69

          In my view…the future of high-end phones is to follow Motorola’s lead when it comes to battery capacity. With the additional power savings by the current and future crop of chipsets…we will see devices probably lasting 24+hrs.

      • Anonymous

         and what happens when the phone crashes or freezes? can’t just hard reset it

        • This is what I was wondering… my last 3 smartphones, all of various different operating systems, for whatever reason, had freezes or lock up where the power button became unresponsive as well.  The only solution then was to pull the battery.   Are we saying phones that don’t have removable batteries NEVER lock up?  If they do, what is the solution?

        • a guy

          If it’s anything like the radar or other HTC phones released with a non-removable battery there will be a virtual battery pull or a switch on the sim door.

    • Giraffe

      small 1650 mAh battery?  I can only think of one phone that has more than 1700…

    • Anonymous

      the huawei d1 or prism as it will be supposedly called, has a 720p display +ips screen ics n dual core processor also its bigger brother w/ its quad-core processor n better screen , supports 1700 HSPA+ and both have expandable mem slot so any would be a good alternative.

  • Brad

    What do people really need 32GB of microsd for? I have a 32GB on my G2, but it is overkill pretty much. And who cares if you can’t take out your battery?

    I’m excited about this phone, but may be more interested in waiting on the Galaxy SIII. I guess the next few months will be the key.

    • Mark Caswell

      Taking 1080p video on a phone is nice, but not if you are always worried about storage space. Limits how many pictures/movies/videos/tv shows and things you can keep with you. Match that with limits on 3G and well… there goes the idea of streaming everything. Give me more local storage please. Thank you.

      Taking out the battery? Two reasons… hard reset of the phone by taking the battery out and second reason… I carry a fully charged replacement battery with me. So if I’m stuck at 2% without a plug I can just swap batteries. Not being able to take out the battery is just a bad design decision… and will always be a bad design decision.

      Just like not having a flash on the phone or a dedicated camera button or an led alert light. These arent’ essential features… but just PUT THEM ON THE DANG PHONES ALREADY because having them is nice and convenient.

    • Anonymous

       32gb+ memory – not everyone streams their music, even if they do stream, they may not always have a connection, and not want to use so much data so often. Why do you think apple makes 32 and 64gb iphones? because people don’t use the space? Then there’s the numerous high res pictures and videos you’d take.

      As for the battery, I wouldn’t mind if it was larger or if they have a way to do hard resets without taking the battery out. If the battery is removable, you can easily swap it with a charged battery instead of finding a charger or bringing a charger around with you. If it isn’t.. then you have a dead phone until you find a charger..

  • Azazellov

    Yeah I’m going to wait for the Galaxy SIII or if t-mobile releases an HTC phone with a large 720p screen then I’ll get it…

  • rock1234

    I dont see much of a difference compared to Sensation.AMOLED for LCD, Krait for Scorpion, 1650 mAh for 1520 mAh, 16GB vs 1GB internal memory and sleek. I think, being one of the top phone makers, HTC can do better than these nominal upgrades.

    • Giraffe

      Is there anyone else doing better than nominal upgrades?  Really?

      • Anonymous

         tbh, w/ all the talk about a new hero strategy, I’m sure a lot of people were expecting more. Then again, maybe this isn’t part of their “hero” strategy and is just a filler before the real stuff comes?

  • rock1234

    The differences between Sensation and One S can be found here.

  • Sam1234

    The phone that’s coming to tmobile is the huawei ascend d1 and its only dual coming its coming in april

  • Adam Pranda

    Some websites such as Engadget and Slashgear are saying that the unlocked version of the One X supports AWS frequencies. Can this info be verified somehow?

  • Adam Pranda

    Some websites such as Engadget and Slashgear are reporting that the unlocked version of the One X supports AWS frequencies. Can this be verified somehow?

    • Anonymous

      well the S4 Krait supports anything from GSM and CDMA to LTE to HSPA+ to EDGE in all kinds of frequencies so technically other than being disabled at the software level there’s no reason why AWS won’t be available.

      • There’s no radio structure (power amps, antennae, etc.) for the AWS band for HSPA+. It’s physically not possible to connect to an AWS HSPA+ network.

        • Anonymous

          in the phone itself or the chip? I thought they put  everything needed inside the S4

        • J-Hop2o6

           The actual antenna, no. But yea, the S4 supports most basebands.

        • Anonymous

          Bummer, there goes my excitement for multi-band phones

  • P0werUser

    Wait, a tmonews editor trying to decide for us what we should be happy with?
    As usual, we get sloppy seconds, a pentile screen with a qHD resolution. Just like with Evo/Sensation, we get the weaker, retard cousin again. Yaaay! 

  • Anonymous

    Weaker cousin with qHD and pentile for T-Mobile, spin harder

    • Giraffe

      I’ll trade qHD and pentile for a smaller size on a phone any day of the week.  Anything above 4.3 is just plain unwieldy, and 4.3 is even a little rough.  Also, between the pentile display and the more efficient dual core processor, we won’t feel the inevitable “I’m running LTE and my battery sucks” complaint that I see from every Verizon LTE phone on the market.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not necessarily disappointed that tmobile didn’t get the One X, I’m disappointed that htc, once again, produced a bunch of compromised phones.

    Here’s my short pro/con list so far(of the one S):

    –SAMOLED screen
    –snapdragon S4
    –upgraded camera w/ dedicated camera chip

    –no shutter button – Why even upgrade the camera if you’re going to remove that? tapping the screen is retarded.
    –htc sense – works great but makes the phone laggy. Even if there’s a 10core chip that’s supposed to make it seamless, I’d know a sense-less phone with the same hardware would be faster
    –4.3″ screen – SAMOLED is nice, but 4.3″ is a bit too small for a phone packing such a powerful processor. 4.5-4.8 is the sweet spot, noticeably larger than 3.7-4″, but not awkward like a 5.2″ Since we’re not getting the one x, this phone is on my “maybe” list instead of “want” list.
    –16gb storage – I will now need to halve my music selection just because they opted not to give us 32gb
    –non-removable/embedded 1650mAH battery – did they not learn with the amaze? we need bigger batteries! even worse, we can’t do hard resets because the dam thing is embedded!
    –1gb memory – again, they didn’t learn with the amaze? my amaze constantly was using 700+mb of memory, open a few apps and it nears 800mb, would an extra 1gb buffer hurt?

    Overall, i’m disappointed because it seems like htc still doesn’t “get it” and this phone is much lower on my list than previously. I’ll now be waiting for official specs of the iphone 5 and galaxy s 3 before i buy

    • I for one am hating anything larger than 4.3″. I really hate how most phones with 4″ which I prefer, are getting low hardware treatment. That’s why I like this one, It’s actually high end, for an april release phone, but with 4.3″, and not as garbage as the Sensation. I would prefer Stock Android though, but this phone  is gonna become a dev favorite you’ll see.

    • ihatefanboys

      anonymous huh ? well youre full of it…even if you REALLY have that much music, no one listens to that much music, or even if they did, they wouldnt carry it all on their phone. 16GB is enough. Though i like the option to upgrade the memory, at least its not 8GB or even less. i tend to get upset at people that get “disappointed” over the specs of a phone, so dont take this personally. i also hate people not confident enough in their comments to actually post some kind of a name.

      • Anonymous

         i have much much more than 32gb of music. That’s why apple makes 64gb iphones and 160gb ipods

  • Anonymous

    After comparing the S model with the X on GSMarea. I was very disappointed. Then again I’m happy with my HTC Amaze.

  • Biteme

    I more then happy with t-mobile getting htc one S with 4.3 screen i really didn’t want 4.7 that htc X has for at&t but it really bites that they get 32gig and t-mobile only gets 16 gig

  • Jon

    The international One X supports DC-HSPA+ on the AWS band…

    Stop whining and just get the International version.

    • No it doesn’t. The international HTC One X supports DC-HSPA+ on 850MHz (Cellular), 900MHz (GSM), 1900MHz (PCS), and 2100MHz (IMT). 1700MHz/2100MHz (AWS) is not supported.

    • No it doesn’t. The international HTC One X supports DC-HSPA+ on 850MHz (Cellular), 900MHz (GSM), 1900MHz (PCS), and 2100MHz (IMT). 1700MHz/2100MHz (AWS) is not supported.

  • jon

    For power users the deal breaker is with the uni-body (non-removable battery) and the screen rez. As a former Amaze owner, 1650 just isn’t going to get it done. I don’t care about the claim that the processor is more efficient. Battery life has always been an issue with smartphones and I don’t imagine this latest chipset is going to change those issues overnight. For the ignorant (and I don’t mean that in a mean way) iphone or casual user, the battery doesn’t matter. But android community still has a very geeky (and I don’t mean that in a mean way either) customer base. We love to unlock, root, mod with extended batteries, etc. HTC made an error in design here. It seemed as though they were trying to get back to their roots with the unlocked bootloaders, but the they completely missed the boat with this battery design.
    Also, don’t even get me started on the capacitive buttons. In my opinion those damn things need to die. Manufactures can give their customers a larger viewable screen without making the device larger buy using on-screen buttons. I love my Galaxy Nexus and ICS really solved a major eye sore by getting rid of those buttons. Phone makers better stop cheating customers out of viewable screen by wasting space with capacitive buttons..customers will catch on to this bs once they use a device that doesn’t waste space with capacitives.

  • Did you see my deciding for you? I’m only giving you the right information so you can make the decision for yourself. If you read the post again, you would notice that I am trying to ensure that people who were originally complaining about the One X on AT&T were aware that the phone wasn’t arriving with a quad-core processor.

    • guest

      You’re telling us how to feel in the headline: “So you are disappointed…You shouldn’t be”.  I learned a long time ago that telling someone how they should be feeling (ex-girlfriends of course) is not a smart move.  And I am a bit disappointed:  No NFC, GB of storage vs. GB.  Not that it’s a big deal.  Just pointing it out.

      • guest

        Should be “16 GB of storage vs. 32 GB”

      • Chris

        So if it’s not a big deal, why point it out.

    • What you fail to realize, is that if T-Mobile got the One X, it would be Quad-Core.. that chip isn’t compatible with AT&T’s LTE radio… Would be fine on T-Mobile.. But no, we get the budget S… 

  • Anonymous

    The editor isn’t telling you what to get, that was simply a clarification.  I think you are upset that t-mobile usually gets the smart phone versions with less polish than the other carriers get.

  • Anonymous

    The same thing can be said for the Nokia Lumia. We got the weaker one while AT&T got the Lumia 900. We will also be getting the cheapest of the Huawei Ascend D line (Prism/D1). I really don’t understand why we always get the cheap stuff/water down version.

    • Who will take a bet that Tmobile USA will also pick up the Lumia 610?  All you have say is ‘budget phone’ and Tmo is on it like white on rice.

      Its pretty funny… I used to be so annoyed by Tmo’s lackluster offerings, or, at the least, getting shorter ends of the sticks.  Then I came to accept it and just appreciated my Tmobile service and pricing and figured I’d always resolve to ‘get the best phone Tmo has to offer’.  But now I find myself coming around to being bothered by it again. I did some pricing comparisons and realized I’d only pay $25 or more or so a month if I jumped to At&t.  That’s not chump change in the long run, but at the same time… i want a REAL choice in phones.  I want to be able to choose from WP7, Android, iPhone or even Blackberry, both high-end and budget in ALL categories. If all I got to choose from is 2 decent Android phones and everything else budget or outdated, then I will NEVER sign a contract.

  • HidingForNow

    Anyone with a Sensation or an Amaze are not getting a major update if they opt for this phone for whatever reason. Wait it out until Q3, those of us with Sensations remember how in just a few months our phones were pretty much put out to pasture by TMO. Also, the fact that they opted for qualcom make me think something else is on its way with NVIDIA or better.

    • J-Hop2o6

       You know the S4 (which is inside the One S) is better than the Tegra 3 right? Already been proven. The S4 is no slouch.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a sensation 4G owner and yes, the One S does look awesome but not enough for me to upgrade.

    I just hope HTC & T-Mobile hurry and push out ICS to us.


    • Anonymous

      the phone may be specced the way carrier wants it or because of costing less $$

    • Ted

      Since this was done to accommodate LTE it is still possible the TMo could get a version with the quad-core processor since they only need HSPA+

    • J-Hop2o6

       You know the S4 (which is inside the One S) is better than the Tegra 3 right? Already been proven. The S4 is no slouch.

  • Anonymous

    did it get stripped cuz of LTE support or what?

    • Ted

      Yep… they changed to the Qualcomm chip to get the integrated support for LTE.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks I miss one day of news and u miss out on allot of info

        • J-Hop2o6

           You know the S4 (which is inside the One S) is better than the Tegra 3 right? Already been proven. The S4 is no slouch.

  • Anonymous

    Im more interested in the Nokia 808 PureView. 41mp camera, NFC, AMOLED screen, HDMI, Xenon Flash, USB On-the-go, and even supports T-mo 1700mhz. Probably my next phone. David, any chance Tmo might get it?

    • Jhartsb

      41 mega pixels is down right useless on a cell phone. The pictures are going to be huge files, therefore you won’t be able to store as much. Also the dang phone is FUGLY.

      • Anonymous

        Actually no, the files are still the same size as with an 8 MP camera, but since it actually captures a photo at 41 MP and scales it down to about 8 MP, the photos are much better. It also has sensor that’s 3 times as large as a regular phone’s camera.
        It is ugly but it’s their first model. I’m sure they’ll manage to shrink its size and adapt it for Windows Mobile later.

        •  The sensor on the 808 has 41 million pixels, more than any other camera
          phone out there. However, compared to other sensors, the individual
          pixels on the 808 sensor are much smaller, which means they would be
          able to capture less light and thus, less detail. How how is this better
          than a traditional 5 or 8 megapixel sensor?

  • Meow

    If you want to pay less for service, be prepared to have watered down phones. I mean I’ve been working for T-mobile for 3 years and I love the company. But people expect so much out of the 4th ranked provider who wants to challange the others by offering a super competitive rate. If they are making less money they can’t buy the more expensive versions. If you want a more powerful phone and only a 14.4 mbps network go to AT&T. But if you want to continue to push the envelope with a possible 72 mbps network and pay 40 dollars a month less for service then stop complaining.

  • Dominic Cash

    the one X is a disapointment compared to the XL. T-Mobile is getting second rate phones. Which is sad for the consumer. The One XL has better build quality and overall features so we should be disapointed

  • Vcelj

    No sd-card, I will not buy a new phone without expandable memory. Drop-Box does not count. IMO the new phones keep getting stripped of the most important features.

  • You are comparing this to the AT&T version of the One X. Which was moved to dual-core because the quad-core chip isn’t compatible with their LTE radio. The REAL One X is quad-core. If T-Mobile had gotten rights to the X, it would have been quad-core. Stop trying to sell me budget phones. I want a premium phone.. for once.

    • StrongArm

      Buy it outright unlocked then, if that’s what you really want or must have. Premium taste require premium dollars, so spend the money or shut the fudge up. #justsaying

      • International One X isn’t compatible with T-Mobile’s AWS bands.  :(

  • Buzz76

    Honestly I want a phone with a Tegra 3 processor. Love Nvidia, love HTC, love large screens, hate AT&T. Yep, sorry still disappointed. 

  • Which way is Up?

    It’s a nice looking phone, no doubt but it is crippled by the fact that it has non removable storage and battery-limiting its appeal to those like me who have a history with HTC.  HTC is infamous for poor battery life.  Also, we have no idea how that 16 Gig of internal storage will be partitioned.  If it’s anything like the international Sensation XL, you will NOT be getting 16 Gigs of storage.

    The processor is seeing great marks and the screen itself may not be such a turn off in person and everyday use.  The main concern here is lack of removable storage and battery.

    As a consumer, we have choices.  You can moan all you want or do something about it.  Just be smart and know what you are investing in.  T Mobile does offer better prices and good service to most.  Those that feel otherwise can simply sell their phone and pay off the ETF and go elsewhere.

    You can also look into international phones. Just do your research and make sure it is compatible with our network.  It is not the end of the world, also consider that there will be other options.  We’re still in the first quarter of 2012…

  • ianken

    Here is the page for HTC: 

    It is a quad core phone. Tegra 3 is by definition quad core.

    Sheesh.That said, the One X is just too damn big. I have a Sensation and I think it;s a wee bit too large. The thing that excites me about both these devices is the wireless HDMI.

    Sense? meh. Huge waste of screen space. ADW-Ex, Launcher Pro, etc fit the bill there.

  • Is this the same pentile amoled screen that was in the Droid Razr?  I’m pretty happy with the screen in my Galaxy S Vibrant and I just learned that it was pentile.  I had no idea.  I had read these awful things about the Droid Razr’s qHD pentile screen, but never knew mine was pentile.  So does it really make that much of a difference?  Was the Droid Razr’s screen that bad?  What will the One S screen be like?  I’m so confused.

    • Vim

      It depends…

      1) Some people have sharper eyes than others.
      2) Some pentiles are better than others.
      3) The differences are less pronounced at higher resolutions than lower ones.
      4) Some tasks make the difference more obvious than others.  For example, if you spend large amounts of time reading black or gray text on a white background (most web pages for example) on your handset, then the likelihood of your being bothered by the checkerboarding/sawtooth effect on pentile displays goes up significantly, especially if you’re already used to the clean straight lines on a high quality non-pentile.  

      It’s kind of amusing to watch two people argue about whether person A is imagining the difference or person B is simply blind.  Personally I can see the difference and prefer non-pentile when the resolutions are equal, but I’d take a high quality 720p pentile like on the Galaxy Nexus over a qHD non-pentile any day.

      The One S will have a pentile super amoled like the Vibrant, but the display resolution will be higher, qHD instead of WVGA.  If you’re happy with your Vibrant’s display then you’ll most likely be more than happy with the One S’s display too.  The most important judges of all are your own eyes. Check it out yourself before buying it, and if your eyes like the display then go for it.

      • Wow, thank you for the well-reasoned and insightful comment.  You’re like the exact opposite of what I’ve come to expect from Internet comments.

        I’m going to guess what really matters is the effective ppi.  Pentile reduces the effective ppi compared to non-pentile displays.  So if the Galaxy S (WVGA, 4″) at 233 ppi didn’t bother me, the One S (qHD, 4.3″) at 256 ppi will probably be an improvement in both screen resolution and pixel density.  That is the same as the “infamous” Droid Razr display (qHD, 4.3″, 256 ppi) but I probably won’t notice at all.

        Unless I do a side-by-side with a non-pentile Super AMOLED Plus display like the GS2 or a really top-notch SLCD like the One X.

        So anyway, the upshot is that I will probably be very happy with a One S, pentile or no.

  • The international One X has a quad-core Tegra 3.  The LTE AT&T One X has a dual-core Snapdragon S4.