T-Mobile Offers $100 Discount To G-Slate Early Sign-Ups

Remember that G-Slate special offer we encouraged you to sign up for just two days ago? Turns out it’s $100 off the 2 year contract price of the G-Slate provided you order before April 27th. That’s right, you must order before April 27th and you must do it over the phone following the steps in the picture.

While this offer was only meant to go out to those who signed up, it’s already making its way around the comment section of our blog as well as Twitter and Facebook. If it was supposed to be a secret offer, it definitely isn’t a secret any longer. It remains to be seen if anyone can qualify for the discount or just those who registered but no harm in trying anyway if you’ve been eyeing theĀ  G-Slate.

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  • My code was the same as your code, I don’t think it’s really a secret.

  • Uuuuu


    • Anonymous

      Deeeeeennnnnnnniiiiieeeeedddddddddd :-P

      • Another “first” comment bites the dust!

        • Uuuuu

          Haha, you got me David….just trying keep you on your toes. :-p

        • Anonymous

          Good Job Sheriff lol

  • shh dont tell anyone

  • I ordered. it was only 429.99 overnight shipping and waived the activation fee. Nice price…I will get it on Saturday.

    • Piinky867

      wait how did you get yours for 429??! i would like to be in on the secret :(

      • LC

        By calling in…? That’s the whole point of the post :)

    • Piinky867

      is there some way you can send it to me?

      • All you do is call the number in the picture above, and tell them the code. GSLATE100 and they give you an additional 100.00 off of the 529.99 price. The picture above is the email I got earlier when I called and ordered. No tricks or anything, just call. I just asked for the best price I could get it for, and that is what they told me.

        • Piinky867

          for the 429 is before the mail in rebate? or you dont get a mail in rebate?

        • That straight price I paid. Also, I’ve been with them since ’97 if that makes a difference…maybe it does. I don’t know.

  • L.J.

    Got mine in the store and got my $100 off today by calling in… Yes!

    • Nexus Guy

      Nice. Can’t wait to get mine at my door step soon….

  • xnifex

    I signed up for that thing & never got any emails or this special offer.

  • Anonymous

    pretty sure anyone gets the discount if they ask for it lol

  • Ghostman34

    Still cost too much…you might as well buy a mini lappy.

    • Mikewong27123

      Totally agree with you Ghostman34

  • Anonymous


  • Steve

    No way in the world I’m paying $500/year for this thing. Or only $800/year for 10G/month. This poor thing is dead in the water. Too bad. If it was $25/month I would have ordered one now.

    • Mikewong27123

      Steve, I totally agree… The data plan for tablets on tmobile is way too expensive!!! G-Slate will be in a discount bin in the next few months, just like Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. Tmobile just never learn!!!

      • Anonymous

        Could you kindly show me which discount bin? I’m down for a good deal.

      • urcrazy

        wth are you 2 talking abt? EVERY carrier carries the tab! tmo has the cheaper version at 39.99 for 5 gbs! vzw charges 50 for 5 gbs, att chrgs 25 for ONLY 2 gbs and sptrintell chrgs 59.99 for their 5 gb service! and as far as “dead in the water” name one product, (except the G1 (tmo)) thats hasnt been dead 6 months later?!

  • Anonymous

    My cost. 529-100=429 for the device.
    29.99-20%(voice plan discount)-15% (corporate discount)=$20.
    For 2 years. 480

    Total ownership cost around 1K. Not bad at all. I will tether with my unlimited dataplan on my cell ppone for anything more than 200mb

    • Mikewong27123

      that’s good for you no2apple, but most people don’t have that corporate discount… how many MB is your $29.99 plan again?

    • Mikewong27123

      I just checked the $29.99 data plan.. it only has 200 MB. AT&T is charging only $15 per month for that same exact amount of MB. You are still paying more for the data plan…

      • Anonymous

        I know its expensive. I have no clue why t-mobile made data plan so expensive. Infact I wanted to buy it outright and use it on ATT ipad data plan but looks like ATT 3G band might not be there in this slate.

        ofcourse ATT doesn’t give anyone $20 android unlimited plan like I have on my Vibrant…

  • Mikewong27123

    too bad they don’t offer the install $100 off to off contract pricing… I will not sign up for a 2 year data plan with tmobile… Way too expensive!!! Asus Transformer will definitely outsell G-slate… Too bad tmobile did not learn from their past mistake and also from Motorola’s mistake with their Xoom… Oh well…

    • Anonymous

      I dont see a point in buying a tablet which is not always connected. ASUS is wifi only.

      • Anonymous

        I have a data plan with t-mobile and get free tethering so data plans for tablets are redundant.

  • Tazz930

    i got mines for 245 after rebate

    • Anonymous

      How ??. You are an employee ??

      • Tazz930

        no im not an employee but my job uses tmo so we get a big discount and ive been a personal customer for 15yrs so i guess they were extra nice to me.

  • InAZ

    Just ordered mine! A few notes:
    There was some confusion about what was required for the mail in rebate, looks like you do have to also have a T-mo voice account and use easypay. But got it for $529 – $100 mail in rebate for $429. Not you have to pay tax on the $529 so comes to like $579 up front cost. I got the 200MB plan for $24 a month (i’ll use mainly WiFi) and you can change your plan to the 5GB if you want later (They offered it for $39 a month).

    CSR was very friendly and helpful, however the entire transaction on the phone too a full half hour. So just take note of that if you are in a hurry.

    They also waived the shipping fee so shipping by UPS is free and they waved the $35 activation fee. So all in all that is pretty good.

    Now can’t wait for it to be delivered!

    • Katie B.

      Here’s a great tip to those that are looking to buy the G-Slate. You do need to call the number, but don’t press three, wait for it to transfer you to the BUSINESS department or branch of T-Mobile. I called, but some lady told me that I had to have all these requirements before I could even get the $100 discount. I was seriously pissed off. So I called the number, again, and waited to complain, but Sonya said that that unfortunately, whatever department the #3 is when you push it, has to do that with all those requirements, but the business branch doesn’t. So she was able to hook me up with the $100 discount, $10 off my 5GB plan, (so just 39.99 a month!), and she was able to waive the activation fee.

      Not sure if they’re still doing this deal, but if they are, this is sooooo much better than getting the Motorola Xoom from Verizon. I’m seriously glad I waited! :D

  • Anonymous


  • mmeyer4663

    I actually got the e-mail this morning. 26 hours longer than the 48 hours in the notification e-mail.
    Really trying to entice those early adopters, eh?

  • eYe

    Code works online too.

  • Iankphone

    I got my gslate. Great except that it cannot play 24 fps content smoothly. Yes, i encoded the video properly

    Whos fault? LG? Nvidia? Google? Dont care. All i know is my hopes for a mobile media solution have been dashed.

  • I was able to get the $100 promo discount with my code IN THE STORE. I walked out with the G-Slate and a $100 mail in rebate, so kinda like 429. You do not need to call to get the GSLATE100

  • InAZ

    Never did get the email with the discount code, so am glad that this website exists. Thanks.