Motorola Defy Officially Receives Android 2.2 Froyo

Good news for Motorola Defy users who were starting to think they were going to be left out of the Android 2.2 Froyo party. A post on the official T-Mobile forums states that an OTA is out and available for all Defy owners. Simply perform a manual update check and prepare yourself for a lengthy download preferably done over Wi-Fi. It’s a 112 MB file so make sure you can do it at a time using your phone isn’t all that important.

Congrats Defy owners and welcome to the Froyo club.

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  • Just called my sister and let her know? I told her her phone probably wouldn’t be getting an update, and there it is. Was trying to root her phone just last weekend, Z4Root method, and it didn’t work. My cousin has a MyTouch Slide. Any news on if/when that’s getting Android 2.2?

    • Flyohmy

      it already as 2.2

      • Oh yeah, I’m trippin. I remember when the update came out, and I forwarded the link to her, hahaha *smacks forehead*

        • Skeeterflea

          Use SuperOneClick. I just used it yesturday on the Defy and it worked fine for me.

        • Ok, I’ll try it for her. Have you installed a custom ROM?

    • Rustytinsoldier

      yeah go to

    • Cs

      use superoneclick to root

  • Bratty

    Wow – thanks for the heads up David. I am so glad I read your site regularly. There were no rumors about this update (as far as I know) and bamm, its here!

  • beastly

    Go Motorola!

  • Carms

    Really? I could’ve sworn this phone came w/Froyo…. At least I sold it as having the latest version of Android lol Oops..

  • after the update my l.e.d wont come on anymore.

    • Anonymous

      are you sure ur flash is on?

  • Anonymous

    lol its late to get gingerbread.. froyo was last century

  • AndroidNinja

    I am downloading froyo right now on my Motorola Defy. So excited, I can finally use flash.

  • Mario

    This is great, it kind of makes me no want to sell it i was going to since i bought the g2x 10 am Wednesday i honestly though there would never be an update for this fone

    • kevin

      If you sell it call me kevin 310 371 6400

      • Mario

        I think I am selling, but I’m doing it through craigslist I don’t want to deal with shipping and any of that stuff I live in des moines,ia

  • What is this? An update on a Motorola phone?? From T-mobile? WTF???!?!?

    • Anonymous

      It’s been known to happen. The Cliq got one. They tried to get one for the XT, but it just never worked right.

  • Aerofanbig

    I bought mine Wed NIB from someone on craigslist and it was already running 2.2.1! Runs super smooth for me, no glitches, and motoblur isnt even slowing things down that I can notice at all. Games load and run super smooth. Very happy with this phone!

  • Anonymous

    I almost bought this phone. I seriously doubted that it would get any sort of update, so I passed on it and got the G2. While its a small miracle that the Defy got updated Froyo, $10 bucks says that it never sees any official gingerbread goodness.

    • Anonymous

      Gingerbread brings very little to the table. $10 bucks says you’re going to be wrong again.

      • Anonymous

        motorola has already hinted that all of the motorola phones dropped around the time the defy was will get gingerbread at some point. And the defy is an amazing phone, with a great processor, and plenty of memory, so i dont see why gingerbread wouldnt be possible.

        • Jimmy Jamez

          actually if you ask charm, backflip, dext, devour, cliq/cliq XT and XT720 users you will hear otherwise. Motorola NEVER guarantees updates. They say buy the phone at moment for the features it has.

        • Anonymous

          right, but i never said any of those phones. i said defy, and after. also, I dont expect people to know everything about phones, but it would be a good idea to brush up on technology before you buy it. which i did after getting the motorola cliq. phone sucked! but anyways, people that bought the phones you stated, should have realized that phones with those specs wont be getting the latest updates, especially seeing some of the android phones that came out at the same time as the cliq, dext and backflip… its pretty obvious now that if you have a device with good specs, youre gonna get a good deal of timely updates.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    I had to flash the stock 2.1 updated .sbf to get this FroYo update to flash over but it’s working great! Flash works very well for the bargain bin processor but not as well as my 1.4GHz overclocked Tab. The browser engine is much quicker and i easily rooted again via Superoneclick 1.8. App drawer isn’t terribly laggy after a fresh boot. The only thing that could be worse is the excellent battery life.

    3G Mobile Hotspot is included for Infrastructure mode WiFi!

    • Joe

      not sure im clear on your comment on the battery life. are you saying it worse or better with 2.2?

    • Is it the paid t-mobile hotspot only, or can you install something like android-wifi-tether and still utilize infrastructure mode? your response very much appreciated.

  • Anonymous

  • EnvironMental

    So Motorola is finally getting the message. Hopefully this will buy some good will for them after their debacle with the cliq xt, and charm. Now if they would just unlock the bootloader I could finally buy motorola again.

  • Stratcat13

    2.2 is great except it deleted the instant messaging client from my motorola defy. Hard reset here we come!!!!

    • Stratcat13

      Hard reset didn’t restore the im client!!!