Last Chance To Sign Up For A Special G-Slate Purchase Offer

Attention future G-Slate buyers this is your final reminder to sign up for the T-Mobile  G-Slate sign up page for a special offer from T-Mobile. We’re not quite sure what the offer is but as you can see by the above image T-Mobile is promising it’ll be worth the wait! Go. Sign. Up. Now!

G-Slate sign up!

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  • Petey

    no thank you. the only thing I would sign up for is the iPhone if it comes to T-Mobile and the HTC Sensation.

    • Your Mother

      no one cares about the F***ing Iphone

      • Anonymous

        iphone is soo 2009… Who cares

    • jarjon76

      Why would you bother getting an iphone, esp if you’re also wanting the Sensation? That’s like saying you want a molded bologna sandwich and a steak for dinner.

    • TMoChris

      Dude your an idiot did you just mention the iphone … Lol android ftw

      • Not everyone loves Android, Android isn’t a one size fits all solution. Get over it.

        • PC

          True, sheeple need Tablets too!

  • L.J.

    I really wonder what this can be…

  • Anonymous

    exciting time… few hours to go….

  • sino8r

    My guess is a car charger… wow!

  • Got an email with this…

    Our first 4G Android™ 3.0 tablet will soon be unleashed. As a thank-you for pre-registering, you will receive a special, limited–time offer by email within the next 48 hours. Stay tuned for the offer before you purchase your G-Slate online—it will be worth the wait!

    • Anonymous

      Im suspecting either a $50 or $100 coupon on top of rebate bringing it below $500…

      • Yeah…just something lowering the price, might be what they are doing. Also, they could try to pull the buy one get one free thing. Or buy both the LG G2x and the G-Slate, and get a discount. That would be reasonable. Because they have to know that people are not going to buy this at the price listed, just based on what happened with the Galaxy Tab.

  • Anonymous

    I think I’m going with the ipad 2. Yea David I know…I’m bitting the “Apple”

  • Dswagg2k10

    Just Ordered mine! *CHEESING*

    • Anonymous

      Same here!

  • If it’s not 50% off, I won’t be redeeming my coupon.

  • It’s already live on the site. No more discounts. Does anyone know what the discount was?

  • L.J.

    No clue I called T-Mobile this morning and they knew nothing of it…

  • Yurdadee

    Has anybody received the actual discount email as of yet? I received the email that says to stay in 48 hours but WTFeeezzy mane, T-Mobile are the biggest laggers/procrastinators out there and don’t know shieeeeet about marketing! da da dammmit man!

  • Tyler

    Any ideas as to what this is yet I am waiting for the code to order and its KILLING ME!!!

  • GSlateOwner

    I just pulled the trigger. Typing on my G Slate right now. My local TMO store only had 2 on hand and i got one. This thing is sweet! :-)

  • Biggbrother

    What the hell was the “special offer”? I received the first e-mail stating to wait 48 hours and then no follow-up coupon or anything! T-Mobile should change their official color to blue for BLUE-BALLS! Oh wait.. they’re already changing their colors to blue….

  • Brewman3000

    um has anyone recived the discount code am still waiting feeling like a kid waiting his turn to get on the roller coster

  • 1.5 hrs till I have officially had the “pre-registration email” for 48hrs and still nothing from T-Mo… waiting, waiting, waiting… :P

    • Officially past due. Now they cant add a line or upgrade till they pay me… :)

  • at 47 hours now and nothing.

  • sometimesrock

    You failed me t-mobile :(

  • Y2kfirefly

    you would think the people that was keeping up with the gslate would get first shot at it. instead tmobile sends us a email telling us to wait 48 hours longer and we would get a special offer for which they dont send. way to go tmobile. might want to look at where you hire your marketing dept.

    • Y2kfirefly

      I finally got mine and it was in the spam folder also. Hmmmmm kind of strange nothing else i get from them is sent to spam

  • got mine… must phone order, the code is: GSLATE100… for 100 dollars off!

    • Mark52479

      Yes $100 off but MUST BE WITH A 2 YEAR CONTRACT

      No thanks

    • Just ordered…429.99 overnight shipping; free activation..great price.

      • Joe

        Me too BUT free service for 2 months. After that i might cancel the contract and pay the extra $200. just use WiF instead of paying $50 per month.

  • got the offer too…and additional $100 off. I might go ahead and do it…

  • Nexus Guy

    Just ordered $429.99 free activation overnight shipping woohoo.

    • Joe

      $429.99 after you send in the $100 mail in rebate

  • Anonymous