T-Mobile Offering VIP Tickets To G-Series Launch Events In NYC And LA

Attention T-Mobile G2X, Sidekick 4G and G-Slate buyers in New York City and Los Angeles area, you can win a chain to party with T-Mobile tomorrow night! If you are one of the first 25 buyers of a T-Mobile G2X and G-Slate at the T-Mobile Herald Square location (34th and 6th) you can win a VIP ticket to party tomorrow evening with T-Mobile. Plenty of tech bloggers will be in the house along with T-Mobile folks, perhaps a special guest or two and a chance to go hands on with all the new devices. Yours truly will be unable to attend but don’t decline an invitation on my behalf!

T-Mobile and Sidekick 4G fans in Los Angeles can pick up their Sidekick 4G at the T-Mobile store located at 350. S La Cienega Blvd. The first 100 buyers will will have an opportunity to attend the event shown in the flyer above!

If you’re located in the LA or NYC area and planning on picking up one of these devices, try and win!

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  • Too bad this wasn’t in every city. Detroit gets no love :/

    • sino8r

      Haven’t you heard? Everybody moved out of Detroit. Apparently, it’s the hip town to be in anymore…

  • Dev sucks anyway

  • Youngt82

    Sounds cool but im not getting none of these devices, im waiting for the Htc Sensation 4G:)

  • Mark

    Hopefully someone who posts here will get an invite and tell us how the party was. The big question: which coast gets Carly (and does the other coast get the rapper)?

    • Hehehehe I know the answer! I’m not allowed to say!

    • Anonymous

      The party was fun but my friend and I were not big fans of the musical performance. Food was plentiful and kept flowing, as were the drinks. Massages upstairs sounded better than they actually were, but the wait was a little silly for what they were. Overall, it was a fun event, and as a purchaser of the G2x, it was nice to have been given an invite to the event. Oh, and NYC got Carly. =)

  • Anonymous