T-Mobile Website Error Says G2X Dock Fits iPhone

Let’s just call this a little bit of Tuesday fun and point out a little error on the T-Mobile.com accessory page for the G2X. According to the site your iPhone will be fully functional when in the LG G2X Desktop Dock. All in good fun and surely an error that will fixed as soon as it’s pointed out on this here website of ours. Still, it’s just a little bit of Tuesday fun as we point out little bits of silliness today since we’re in a silly mood. Happy Tuesday!


Thanks Alan!

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  • Anonymous

    Nice to see a dock for the car that doesn’t use my Bluetooth radio like the N1 dock.

  • thaghost

    Silly error, smh.

  • Loueradun

    Hmm no comments… I feel inclined to say FIRST! lol

    • Dro

      More fail then first

  • Anonymous

    “We’re getting the iPhone!!”

    • Petey

      [sarcasm]finally I do not need to switch carrier since the iphone will be coming to t-mobileā€¦ yayyy [/sacarsm]

  • tmofan99

    Verizon did the same thing — http://yfrog.com/gz3ofxrj

    • Anonymous

      I dunno what that is but it LOOKS like an unlocked iPhone running on T-Mobile with an Ad of the iP4. That’s what my eyes see at least.

      • tmofan99

        Unlocked iPhone 3G on T-mobile. You were close! Look at the LEGAL text…

  • Carl

    Anyone know what these two docks look like? I’d be interested in the car dock if it’s a nice setup and easily connects the power to the phone.

  • TMoChris

    this errors leading me to the idea that tmobile may be acquiring the iphone before the merger is complete maybe in hopes to keep those customers who are thinking about leaving

  • Anonymous

    The website also says that it’s AT&T 3G compatible, it’s not

    • it is 850/1900 ATT and AWS 1700/2100 + 2100 tmobile

  • Corey

    Learn to write man! This article gives me a headache reading it.

  • Anonymous

    Is this an error or omission???

  • sino8r

    Slow news day, huh?

    • Slow comment day huh?

      • Anonymous


  • I have used dumb phone lines to add iPhones without getting into data plan pergatory. The contracts only seem to affect the voice service and data plan requirements are based on the current phone regardless of where you purchase it. AT&T doesn’t even do this.

  • Maximus

    I just bought the G2X Dock for the G2X I just ordered but at present have the Samsung Vibrant and given the Vibrant also fits in this dock just fine, the iphone may as well so the web page may not be wrong. if we follow the apple / Samsung laswuit – if my vibrant will fit – so should the iphone? ok – bad joke

  • Anonymous