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This “List” Says T-Mobile Is The Third Most-Hated Company In America

Congrats 24/7 Wall St, you’ve managed to completely twist ¬†the definition of “hated” into something that fails to do anything other than make me laugh. I had no idea that “hated” consisted¬†of companies with poorly performing financials or drops in customer service scores. Unhappy customers? Sure, that’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Does every company have customers that despise them? Absolutely. Just ask Xfinity, often voted the worst company in an … [read full article]

T-Mobile Website Error Says G2X Dock Fits iPhone

Let’s just call this a little bit of Tuesday fun and point out a little error on the T-Mobile.com accessory page for the G2X. According to the site your iPhone will be fully functional when in the LG G2X Desktop Dock. All in good fun and surely an error that will fixed as soon as it’s pointed out on this here website of ours. Still, it’s just a little bit of Tuesday … [read full article]