This “List” Says T-Mobile Is The Third Most-Hated Company In America

Congrats 24/7 Wall St, you’ve managed to completely twist  the definition of “hated” into something that fails to do anything other than make me laugh. I had no idea that “hated” consisted of companies with poorly performing financials or drops in customer service scores. Unhappy customers? Sure, that’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Does every company have customers that despise them? Absolutely. Just ask Xfinity, often voted the worst company in an America by a far more qualified source, The Consumerist. 

Listing T-Mobile as the third most hated company in America because of subscriber losses seems like a half assed attempt at finding valid reasoning for your decision. Customers weren’t leaving because they “hate” T-Mobile, they left for far more valid reasons — coverage, devices, economics and more. To even say a majority of them, and here I’m thinking about 50.1% of them “hate” the company and that’s why they left would have me believe you can read minds. Also, can I have the winning lottery numbers?

RIM? Nokia? I was unaware these companies brought about such fits of rage that we should just shut their doors and give the money back to shareholders. This list is a joke, and there are vastly different companies that belong on this list, like unnamed Banks or Insurance companies that belong as “worst company in America” staples. Better yet? How is AIG not on this list?

You want a list of the worst companies in America that doesn’t sound like a five-minute research job? Try this Consumerist “March Madness” type battle which saw Electronic Arts duke it out against Bank of America for the title of “Worst Company in America.”

Look, we know I’m a staunch T-Mobile supporter, but even I can find their faults and identify them when I do. Still, I’ve never stopped to think that T-Mobile belongs on a list of the 10 most “hated” companies in America. How can AT&T NOT be on this lis as T-Mobile takes the number 3 spot? What a joke. Remember, this is the same website that said T-Mobile would disappear in 2011.

Last year, plans were in the works for AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) to buy the U.S. branch of this struggling wireless carrier from its parent company, Deutsche Telekom. In December, AT&T cancelled those plans after the Justice Department sued to block the acquisition, saying the deal would “substantially lessen competition” in the industry. It appears that Deutsche Telekom is is now stuck with what is increasingly becoming the black sheep of the big four U.S. carriers. T-Mobile’s 4G network in the U.S. lags the other three carriers, and customer satisfaction is tied with AT&T mobility as the worst among wireless carriers, according to the ACSI. T-Mobile also rated as one of the worst in customer service according to MSN/Zogby’s annual poll. T-Mobile plans to improve its position through a marriage with smaller wireless company MetroPCS. It also plans to finally offer its customers the iconic iPhone. The fact of the matter is that these changes may be too little, too late. The company had an extraordinary net loss of 1,558,000 subscribers in the first three quarters of last year, out of the roughly 33 million it had at the end of 2011. During the same time, AT&T and Verizon Wireless continued to gain customers.

24/7 Wall St.

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  • just some guy

    I agree with you David completely. Even though T-Mobile like every other company has its faults. There are way worse companies. My top example would be AIG.

    • Exactly, and now they want to sue the government? Yup, definitely didn’t deserve to be on this list or anything.

      • corona10

        Actually its not AIG that was going to attempt to sue. It was the FORMER ceo. And AIG(current ceo) has decided NOT to involve themselves.Its still twisted, because he didnt like the terms of their bailout. They wanted to be treated with the benefits that banks get. They’re an insurance company that wanted the benefits of a bank without its federal regulations.

        • kalel33

          AIG was actually contemplating joining the suit. They said so themselves but they backed down when all the backlash came about from the public.

    • Realcool2000

      Yep, like Apple.

  • TBN27

    Too many poc marks in this opinion.

  • chuey101

    personally, shmoes like this are good for one thing, identifying companies you actually should invest in! Check Nokia which is #8 on his list, hello 20% share price jump yesterday. Morons who regurgitate biased nonsensical stuff like this into the mainstream actually create value opportunities for savvy investors. I think if/when the metropcs reverse merger happens, look out, Tmo will be a very interesting investment opportunity.

  • truckeemike

    “Killing the Subsidy” , for me means my monthly bill will cost more than say WalMart. It always has. $200 bucks for 3 phones per month. Wally World is cheaper with no subsidy. And WOW, T-Mo is the Family Plan Company for Wal-Mart cellular family plans…. and its the price of Value Plans.
    Here’s the kicker for me. I live 20 miles from Reno, NV @ HSPA + there, 12 miles from me is Lake Tahoe, 4G there. 6 Miles from Alpine or Squaw Valley usa… All have 4g. I live in Truckee CA where all of the Lake & Ski T-Mobile customers.come at the end of the day…….To EDGE data speed.
    So at Wal-Mart Verizon has a low cost prepaid svc where the coverage is Gigabytes ahead in rollout of 4G for me. ALSO..The EIP plan is a BS move. 2 year contract, paying lets say $20 extra after half down, for a good phone. Eats up that VALUE!
    I could get 3 slightly used CDMA phones., I’m good at flashing those. At the least it is time to start thinking about who can provide me the best value, and actually have 4g….. NO MORE EDGE !!!

    • ronnie

      wait, you’re comparing things that shouldnt be. you mentioned buying a “slightly used” cdma phone and flashing it over. you can do that with GSM based devices now. The $20 payment is an OPTION if you do want to buy the latest phone, and don’t want to flash it/ unlock it. In addition, its not about where people are, its where is beneficial to add improvements. You are slightly outside of HSPA+ coverage areas, which have ben modernized, and pave the way for HSPA+ and more to be used on the 1900 band, where a majority of 2G resides.

    • kalel33

      Here’s the real kicker. If you go with Straight Talk or any of the other MVNOs, you only get to use T-mobile’s towers and when my phone is roaming on another carrier that T-mobile has an agreement with then your phone will say “no service”. It’s cheaper for a reason.

  • i wouldn’t have even dignified the article with a post … sites like that should burn for their “research” pieces. just poor poor so called journalism.

  • I always ask why people hate Tmobile, they tell me they don’t like how tmo has bad phones (no iPhone), its slow, and poor customer service. they know this though they’ve never been with the company. I smile, laugh and say ” sure, that makes sense…”

    …and then I surf on 4g, make free calls via wifi on a powerful Android device, and call up for my annual bill to be credited.

    People will believe anything, including lies, if you continue to tell them in a convincing way. the people who have experienced tmo know what they are about and the ones who leave usually wish they’ve stayed or strongly consider going back.

    Is tmo with faults, yes. Do they consistently try to redeem themselves, for me they’ve gone above and beyond to fix any problems and make my experience better.

    I think it was a simple case of accidental auto correction on an at&t smartphone.

    • Dakota

      Don’t blame people for T-Mobile mistakes.. Glad they’ve been great 4U, but many others have had the opposite experience with them… And decided to leave

      • LC

        But the same could be said with any company, whether it be in wireless, banking, a retail store, etc.

      • Just the same, any good company will do anything they can do for their customers. 99% of my experiences have positive before or after talking with them about a problem. That 1% I call back the next day and get someone yup do what the other couldn’t or wouldn’t. I’m willing to bet those who have had bad experienced either don’t know how to talk to customer care or are extremely impatient.

      • Little T

        I’ve yet to have a bad experience with their customer service. Has always been above great for me.

  • tranceformer978

    Because they failed to put AIG on this list, 24/7 Wall St. should be on it.

  • George

    I read the whole article and it seems extremely biased. Douglas McIntyre and Michael Sauter just trying to sound like experts… week article guys, go get another degree! :)

    • George

      BTW I meant the original article…

  • Chris A

    I hate to say this but they are more spot on then I think you want to admit. Hated can mean a lot of different things, and they even explain at the beginning of the article that stock losses and employee morale are part of how they ranked it.

    On a personal view I agree with you David, I love TMo and I love my Android phone. But it is telling that their customer service rankings have plummeted(employees less happy and less empowered directly affects this). And ultimately money talks. People say they hate AT&T, but they don’t quit them. People quit Tmo. Lots of people find the value plans uber confusing, lots of people just want an iPhone. And I know personally of at least one person that quit Tmo because her billing was so screwed up she just quit.

    Like I said, I love Tmo, I love my value plan, and I love my Android.. but I have no doubt that is a minority opinion in all 3 cases!!!

    • Chris A

      Also I travel a LOT to a LOT of different towns.. and where VZW and ATT almost always work I often times have no data and at least 2 cities I can think of off the top of my head I can’t even make a phone call!

  • vrm

    Largely a fault of DT and previous Tmo management. They were trying to unload the co as scrap to at & t – what do they expect ?

    Goodwill is easy to lose and hard to build.

    • in France I think they call this comment ordures.

    • steffanut

      Correct! Employee morale is up, and John Legere is listening to his front lines. We were the leader for years. 3 letters brought us down, trying to be like the others put us at the bottom. We are on our way back, employees are again able to do what we do best, I am again excited to go to work and see what happens next, happy that I can resolve my customers concerns and work for an innovative and ethical company. Back to the top is where we are headed!

      • John

        I agree T-Mobile from being T-Mobile and be the best went to being like others and lost it. And I don’t see things change in anytime sadly.

        I was with T-Mobile for over 10 years and loved them but last 2,3 years I was waiting and waiting to get some cool high end Windows Phone (Yes…. not everybody likes Android) but they didn’t offer any good phone or just mid-range and all good ones went to AT&T.
        Then in last 2,3 years their coverage from good went to ok and when AT&T buying them happened customer service from great went to crap.

        Then I compared AT&T offers and T-Mobile and I saw I might pay only $10 or $20 more each month but at least I have the latest phone and have much better phone and speed.

        At that time I said enough is enough and I switched to AT&T to get Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. And I have to say I love my phone and services and customer service are ok so far and same level as recent T-Mobile.

        Now with this new direction T-Mobile is heading and being like others and in some cases worth than others I am sure even more people will switch.

        It seems seeing T-Mobile being great like old days so maybe one day I switch back to them is just a dream now…

  • n900mixalot

    Wow that is obnoxious! Libelous…

  • slickleft

    I have been with T-mobile for over 10 years and can say without question they are awesome, i have friends with other carriers that have comparable plans and they pay way more, Customer service is awesome, I have never hung my phone up disappointed in the service I received. Everytime i think I am going to leave and go elsewhere they offer me something that makes me stay!! I hear people say customer service is bad, well if you are asking something that is unrealistic then yes they are going to tell you no.Pay your bill ontime and honor your contract and they will reward you as a loyal customer! T-mobile is awesome and I plan to stay with them for a long time (Shhhhh dont tell them that because i can always use another offer to make me stay) ;-)

    • Trevnerdio

      We’ve been customers for even longer and usually this is the case…but just recently, they wanted to play some serious hardball with us and wouldn’t cut us any slack. They eventually did…overall, T-Mo is a good company

    • CDOGG

      Glad you are a T-mobile customer and glad we could help you.

  • Andee

    I’m a 9 year TMobile customer in the Portland Oregon metro market who is planning to change carriers at the end of my current contract for several reasons, I can see the unhappiness factor but I wouldn’t call it hatred. TMobile has simply failed to value my loyalty. That’s enough for me to leave them. My current smart phone (the mytouch Q) is utter garbage, (and yet continue to offer it). It takes 5 minutes or more to connect to their “4G” connection, it takes numerous attempts to make a call, I get a lot of dead air, my sync’d email accounts do not update with any reliability, my calendar if often a day behind, my connectability has become extremely limited in places it should be at flying speeds, a 50% dropped call ratio, my list is long. Customer service sent me a replacement phone at 7 months that repeated the problems, so they offered me a “full discount” phone upgrade for a 2 year contract extension that would have saved me $85 on a $600 phone they are giving to new customers for $199. I’m not signing a 2 year extension for a mere $85 discount… I needed them to make this right and that has not happened. I need to be able to count on my phone and phone service, my job keeps me away from home a lot. TMobile has failed to deliver reliability, that matters to me even if it doesn’t appear to matter to them. I don’t “hate” them, but I am fed up with them, and maybe the real problem they need to work on is valuing the customers they have as much as they do the new ones they are trying to attract. Getting it right and actually valuing current customers would serve them well.

    • ghulamsameer

      No offense, but I think you duped yourself by getting the MyTouch Q. There are plenty of better devices.

    • Dima Aryeh

      No offense, but it’s a MyTouch Q and many of your issues are related to the phone itself. Should T-Mo offer that phone? No. But you should have done your research and gotten a better phone. It’s important to do research. And many of the issues you listed are simply not network issues. Honestly, I don’t want to sound mean, but it’s not fun to see people buying bad phones then blaming everyone else for their bad experiences. Not to say that T-Mo is not at fault of course.

      • Andee

        I did my research , at the time, over a year ago the customer ratings were good, the reviews were too. The only real complaint was the weight of the phone. If a business discovers a product is having problems they should stop offering it and make it right for those already stuck with it when the problems prevent or limit the use of service. My problems started after an OS upgrade, if there are fix upgrades out there, they are out of reach, when I check for them I get a system error message. Knowingly continuing to sell a product they know has issues is netting TMobile the dropping customer rating it deserves. Great rates are only a benefit when you can actually get the access they promised you with the equipment they sold to you. Taking care of loyal customers is not a outdated principle, it’s a shame that TMobile has lost sight of the importance of it, much like HP.

        • Dima Aryeh

          1. I’ll agree with you there. T-Mo shouldn’t offer a broken phone. But I’ve never seen a positive review on the MyTouch Q, and I feel that buying almost ANY budget phone is a death sentence.
          2. Not sure why HP gets so much hate, in the past two months I’ve had two AMAZING experiences with customer service. They went out of their way to save me a lot of money for being a loyal customer.

  • CAB

    I absolutely agree with you. I’ve been a customer of Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint as well as currently T-Mobile. With the exception of Verizon Sprint and AT&T both were asinine experiences when it came to customer service experiences. All of that aside 24/7 Wall St. is a completely inaccurate depiction of T-Mobile. The author of that article is obviously completely out of touch with reality and has no accountability for his report.

  • Hate, bull shit. What other Carrier has real unlimited everything that has very fast data and is usable. Sprint has unlimited but if you are not in their 3 towns with their LTE then forget about it. T-Mobile has the best plans for the lowest cost, great phones and their Customer Service continues to improve every day. I have been with every Carrier in the US, still have a phone with Verizon on their LTE, my T-Mobile speeds are equal if not faster then their LTE and my battery last all day. T-Mobile has started their LTE roll out, I believe their LTE will be the advanced, which is even faster then all others. Keep bringing it T-Mobile, hated, they should have written which are the three most loved companies in the USA, T-Mobile would be on the top of the list. Thank You T-Mobile.

    • kalel33

      It’s not really “real unlimited” when you don’t allow mobile hotspot on the unlimited plan. You can’t limit a feature of the phone and call it “real unlimited”.

      • Mirad77

        they give unlimited data on your phone you selfish moron. using your phone as a hotspot is a different ball game and T-mobile still charge way less than any of the big four.

        • kalel33

          Don’t get mad just because I’m right. They can charge less because they have the smallest network. They only put money in the populated areas and don’t have the expense of building out in the areas with low population density.

        • Mirad77

          Just because your phone is capable of doing something doesn’t mean a company is going to give it to you for free. T-Mobile charge $20 for unlimited data and $25 for unlimited with tethering. Just to let you know you are not right, you are just a cheap moron.

        • kalel33

          No, I just know how to work the system. I get free mobile hotspot with my unlimited plan, free visual voicemail through Google Voice(which T-mobile charges $2.99 a month for), and I don’t pay for insurance because if the phone breaks I just send it in as a warranty exchange and take the hit of the out of warranty fee, because the OOW fee is much much less than the Asurion deductible and I don’t have to pay the extra $5 per month for it.

          Guess what Mirad, you’re a cheap moron too or else you’d be with a better carrier. Nobody would choose T-mobile unless they were cheap. Verizon has a much better selection of phones, much better network, and better customer service. The phones are cheaper and you get upgrades every 20 months, instead of 22 months with T-mobile. Yeah, I’m cheap and that’s the reason I’m still with T-mobile or else I’d be with a better carrier.

        • Mirad77

          What drug are you on? T-Mobile doesn’t charge for visual voice mail. In the market that I am T-Mobile has a rock solid network in the city and suburbs ,the reason I left at$t for them. Also for last three years I haven’t use a phone for more than four months being on even more plus and now value plan. Been buying my phones upfront including my galaxy tab from T-Mobile. Being with T-Mobile is a matter of choice not cost as I don’t solely rely on them for phones. I don’t do things because of crowd but what pleases me. Am not rich but I can tell you for sure that I can afford Verizon or att if they pleased me. Last but not least I will only use GSM technology that’s why I used att in the past and now with T-Mobile.

        • kalel33

          You are correct and I stand corrected. Visual Voicemail was a charge of $2.99 a month at least until 06/2012. Now they add it for free. I am/was using Google Voice because T-mobile was charging for it. I can understand wanting GSM but Verizon’s network is 100x larger, faster, and more reliable. My friend that has Verizon pulls in 25mbps and upload of 5mbps. The biggest difference is in the latency, with me getting 147ms and his getting 35ms…..big difference. I do pull 14mbps download and only 1.4 upload but HSPA+ is poor for latency.

        • Mirad77

          Size is not my issue more so than coverage. you talk about latency I kindly want you to explain to me why Verizon is using GSM technology for data than EvDO 1x? Also tell me why LTE is GSM and why WiMax and clearwire is a fail. Also do me a favor not to compare HSPA+ and LTE when it comes to latency.

        • kalel33

          You are going off the deep end with questions that have no relation to the debate. I will say that Verizon’s isn’t just size but that they drop a lot less calls than T-mobile. There have been surveys done every year on the network reliability and Verizon is always on top by a long shot. By the way 3G data is over CDMA with them.

          Lastly, I was going to let this go but you replied. I was looking at the visual voicemail and found out what was missing. It doesn’t do voice to text, which my free Google Voice does. T-mobile charges $3.99 a month for that feature.

        • Mirad77

          Verizon has a larger network footprint than T-Mobile no question to that. But their 3G couldn’t do voice and data at the same time which sucks. The reason why they want to get off EvDO by 2015 completely.
          Last but not least Verizon is not the best network in the market I am, they are 3rd.

        • Ric

          That’s funny, it seems as if the system is working you.

        • DopeDesign

          Some people are just idiots and expected unlimited to mean we will allow you to supply your entire family and friends internet service because its unlimited. This is the problem with T-Mo customer…T-Mo alredy gives alot but they alwas wants more. This is the reason T-mo will not win JDp back..customers are never satisfied and cant look at the bigger picture.

      • k-mack

        it’s not a mobile hotspot (or broadband) type of account, that’s why! If you had a coupon for a free buffet, would you expect to be able to bring all your friends to all have a free buffet with you?! no, you wouldn’t.

        • going to use this!

        • kalel33

          So you change the rules to fit your opinion. Cognitive dissonance at it’s finest. That’s different than the tech journalist say, but you know better. Also, your explanation kind of falls flat when they give mobile hotspot for free on 5GB and 10GB plans….even though it’s not a mobile hotspot account. How is that?

          Truthfully, it doesn’t matter because I get free mobile hotspot on my unlimited plan anyways, by changing the user agent on my browser. T-mobile can’t block that.

        • Ric

          kalel33: why are you complaining while using the feature for free? “Cognitive dissonance at it’s finest.” Point being, T-Mobile is better than the rest and they know you can do that, they just don’t want their entire population of subscribers to know because that’s not good for the network’s data speeds.

        • kalel33

          I’m complaining about the OP stating that T-mobile is the only carrier to offer “real” unlimited data, when there is a limit. They limit what you can do with the data on your phone by blocking a feature that is available on any smartphone. I just have a way of working around it.

        • nightspark

          any smartphone…funny not on my friends verizon iPhone 4S but I CAN on my unlocked iPhone 4S with tmobile…..for less than half of his price he pays.

        • kalel33

          Funny, I’m a rep for Verizon Wireless and I know for a fact that the Iphone 4s does do mobile hotspot. Anything else you want to make up?

        • Zero

          No, it makes sense.

          Continuing with the restaurant analogy, if you go to a restaurant, you can order a steak and split it with a friend.
          Go to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and every person has to pay their own way before they get unlimited food.

        • CDOGG

          Well done k-mack, well done.

    • MasterSyrron

      Unlimited with throttle does not equal unlimited. T-Mobile also has HSPA+ that they are claiming is better than 4G. True, Sprint has limited LTE markets at this time, but LTE is not the only type of 4G deployed.

      I worked for T-Mobile. I’ve been on both sides of the desk. Does T-Mobile qualify as the #3 hated company in the US… no. Hell no. T-Mobile has faults like any company, but this article was half-assed and poorly researched.

      David… I would have ignored that article and never given it life on this site.

      • Dopedesign

        Agreed this should have never have been brought up

  • mingkee

    Sprint should be much more hatred due to failed EV network and empty LTE promises.
    I have checked several corporate stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan and I found LTE simply isn’t there.
    Comcast should be on the first because many friends I know really hate this company.

  • Jesse James

    You also have facebook on the top 5, yet most people use it

    • I don’t know who “you” is referring to?!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Tmobile may not need to be on this list, but that lying Tmo Store Clerk needs to be.

  • iM A Psycho

    Honestly This List Is BS.. Verizon needs to be on the list they overcharge. they have outages almost everyday. customer service is a joke. they don’t give you credits. Or how about Chase? They are horrible. what about Sprint aka ssssssllllllloooooowwwww mobile.

  • iM A Psycho

    T-Mobile coverage is absolutely horrible in certain places in my town. but when I got to “the hood” their coverage is great. But its a small sacrifice for a cheap plan and fast internet

  • Andrew Jack

    You know, sometimes I HATE T-mobile. I paid full price for an SGS3, when i was (sort of) duped into believing I was getting a good deal. I got an SGS3 for $279, BUT because I am a value custoomer, I still have to pay $20 for the next 20 months, however I got $200 back because of a rebate.

    Now, Customer service? Almost sucks ANYWHERE. 99% of the time you call a company and get ( name) in India. There is ONE person I KNOW i can trust at Tmobile. google tmo_jessicab. She is THE best customer service rep. She is also a billing specialist. I dont want you guy to bombard her with messages, because I know there has to be SOMEONE else as good as she is, but shes amazing. when the rebate was denied she placed a credit on my account IMMEDIATELY… not in “6-8 weeks”.

    • sigewulf

      jessicab is Awesome. She’s a shining light in a cavern of disappointment. For years I used to brag about T-Mobile’s customer service but the last 36 months has seen that confidence fall off a cliff.

    • loueradun

      Jesssicab resolved our most recent problem with T-Mobile, she deserves a raise.

  • Josue

    AIG is not on this list? i smell a conspiracy

  • sam

    You are obviously biased..

    • Which still has little to do with the fact that this article attempts to correlate “hatred” and “poor financials” as one and the same.

      • Chris Alesandrini

        Well, if you had Tmo, or more accurately DT stock you might hate them. They have been a drag on the DT bottom line for a long time. What if you don’t even live in the US and own their stock. Now you can’t enjoy their cheap service and they are a drag on your investment account. I mean this is an investing website, I think hatred is aimed at hated by investors. Hated by the general public would be a much different list. As you mentioned headlined by Comcast!!

        • Mobilewolf789

          I actually came to the same conclusion, where i think the article should’ve been more pointedly titled “The most hated companies by investors”. As a customer I’m mostly satisfied by T-Mobile and love my phone

  • AndroidProfit

    David…seriously..are you ok?
    Maybe you should have posted this rant on your Facebook wall.

  • Bill Smith

    The only thing the Wall Street Journal is good for is wrapping dead fish.

  • Mark

    I’ve been a customer since the mid-1990’s when what was then called Powertel arose to challenge Cellular One and Bellsouth Mobility. I was most pleased and once their coverage made it to most of the rural sites I regularly visited, I dropped my Mobility phone and saved myself $500/month.

    The past few years I’ve had more problems than in all the other years put together. I go places where other carriers are strong and I get nothing, or next to it. I’d never even thought about another carrier until the past year. The sad part is that I suspect T-Mobile remains better than the alternatives for my most frequent use. That being said, I’m sure there are others for whom they’ve failed badly, hence the departure of business. I currently have about 18 months left on my most recent contract and I intend to research my options. I do this with reluctance, and I expect I will end up with them anyway. I find it sad, though I am hopeful that they’ll make improvements that regain my respect.

    I think the “most hated” nonsense is simply journalistic hyperbole, but as with many things, there is a grain of truth to be found.

  • purenupe1

    I also agree, I don’t them, I’m just upset that the great customer service is gone, and that you get a 2 year contact when changing from 1 value plan tier to another…even if it’s a more expensive one. I wouldn’t mind my edge service for most of the day if they customer service would return to the 2009 levels

  • People didn’t leave T-mobile because they hated T-mobile… They left because they hated AT&T and wanted nothing to do with them… I was one of them… now that T-mobile is serious about getting its act together… I plan to go back…

  • Justin Beber

    Another source says that AT&T is the third most hated company and has no mention of T-mobile.

  • M42

    It’s the coverage (or lack thereof) stupid.

  • MinionInNC

    They are hating on us cause we have cheaper prices. :)

  • Other than the outsourced customer service reps, I don’t see any reason to hate T-Mobile. For those who hate the coverage, why sign up for a carrier that doesn’t have coverage in your area? Or why not cancel in the 14 days you have to test out the network?
    T-Mobile has the best prices, fastest non-LTE data network, and a fair selection of devices (no iPhone yet though).

  • frmr cust

    Ha! I believe it. Im surprised the outsourcing is not mentioned. Customers DO hate Tmobile… Just google it!

    • Mirad77

      if you google any company you will fine people that hate them including apple.

  • You know it’s true

    T-Mobile is my most hated company and its not even close. I consider myself to be a very patient and soft-spoken person, but I lost my cool with different T-Mobile representatives in multiple occasions (hundreds of hours of “customer torturing”. Before you pat yourself at your back and say “it happens” to me, keep in mind that it just doesn’t happen as I deal with other companies (I am a very reasonable, easy-going person). I believe that T-Mobile’s interview process picks out the cream of the crop (meaning you probably has to be either brain-dead or soul-less to have a chance to be hired). There is a reason why BBB rated you guys as a F. The last thing I could say is, I hope you leave this rotten company before your soul leaves you and you are leave with nothing. End of story. I refuse to waste more time on you rotten souls.

  • Mirad77

    On my list T-mobile is the best cell phone carrier.

  • Should be #1 on the list!!!

    I’m so glad they gave me a fat severance package and included me in the 1,000 employees layoff of August 2012 that eliminated and outsourced all those positions! They made my year!! So happy I don’t work for them nor am I associated with them whatsoever!!! They are an evil company that lays off innocent hard working people every year and will do it again in 2013 when the METROPCS deal goes through in a few months, employees and customers leave while you still can…

  • Mystery Man

    T-mobiles phone customer support sucks and its hard to understand them (foreign country?) they give you horrible instructions tell you wrong information etc. However their in store employees are great. The service itself is great. The online payment and account management is great. I’ve been a happy customer since 2005 as long as I don’t have to dial 611 im a happy camper.

  • rbomb234

    I would suggest that the good readers of this blog actually read the article in question. Ostrich-blind fanbois often do not see that their perspective is severelt hampered.

    I have been a Tmobile customer for seven years, and I’m reasonably happy with my experience. However, I do see the writing on the wall: 1. Whereas I could count on a positive customer service experience, I now dread calling. No, I do not have unreasonable requests.Yes, I do my research. Yet somehow, recently I have been coming across belligerent csr’s and very uninformed ones. This speaks of the second issue. 2. It seems that many Tmo employees are frustrated. I interact with many of them. Perhaps it’s the strain to perform, job insecurity, or poor management. All I can say is that things took a turn for the worse during the height of the merger talks with ATT and have not returned to pre-talk levels. 3. Tmo does have serious network issues and the frivolous recent statements of the new CEO don’t inspire hope that they are serious about making the necessary long-term investment to correct the problem. It doesn’t matter if you have unlimited data, when you can’t get a proper data signal. This is 2013 for heaven’s sake. 4. Tmo’s pricing structure is confusing and not always advantageous to customers. For example, no matter what the apologists say, value plans are not that great a value, especially if you’re forced to pay inflated prices and still be bound by a contract for all the phones connected to your account, and that contract renews if you make any changes. So, in exchange for a relatively insignificant monthly deduction on your bill, you end up tied to Tmo and its poor service with phone that reaches obsolescence within 9 months, while still having to pay for it for another 15 months. Customers smell BS, and no amount of defense from Tmo evangelists is going to convince them otherwise. 5. For all the above reasons, people are leaving Tmo en masse. Thus it’s solvency and profitability, even after that $1 billion bonus from ATT are still an issue. The new ceo can talk smack as much as he likes, but he has to address these core problems. Unfortunately, he wants to go the route of being the “uncarrier.” Yet, the bread and butter of any carrier is not the teenyboppers to whom this kind of language/message appeals, but their parents and older siblings who pay their bills reliably. They want a carrier that has enough scope so they can make calls and data connections when and where they want, customer service that is courteous, efficient, and responsive, and plans that are understandable and reasonable.

    • rbomb234

      Just saw the ceo video. He looks the illegitimate child of a carnie and a Miami vice cop wannabe, and his naivete and ignorance of this industry are scary. The ceo not only has the role of chief pitchman, he also must inspire investor confidence. Seriously, after his performance, would you invest in any company he is running? The question is not whether you would love to have him over for a few beers and laughs, but would you trust him with your hard-earned cash?
      Heck, I wouldn’t.

      Moreover, I really don’t like the tone he is setting for the rest of his organization. Does he want csr’s to follow his lead and speak like this to customers?

      Can I get out of my contract by virtue of no-cofidence?

  • Picklebill

    I have been a customer since 2001have have never had a bad xperiance with them. Calls are handled professionally and in a concerned manner. Billing is dead on every montth and my upgadeses are better then I ever hoped for.
    Thanks T Mobile.

  • 0neTw0

    “Customers weren’t leaving because they “hate” T-Mobile” I was about to leave because they they were joining one of “MY” most hated companies. AT&T Wireless!

  • Annoyed_Tmo_Customer_NYC

    As a customer who switched from AT&T to Tmo about 18 months ago, I have to say unfortunately, ‘most hated company’ comes pretty close to my experience so far.

    I signed up for an Even More Plus plan. I liked the idea of bringing my own device to the network and not being tied to a two year plan paying unnecessary subsidies for a new phone when I already had a very capable Android phone with Tmo frequencies. Even better, I was eligible for a 10% corporate discount due to my membership of the Freelancers Union. The CSR told me it would take a couple of months for my corporate discount to kick in, so my first couple of bills would be at full rate, then after two or three bill cycles, the discount would apply retroactively from my sign-up date. I was also told my data would be truly unlimited with no caps or throttles. I asked very specifically on that point.

    So I signed up. But something in the back of my mind told me there were going to be problems down the line, so I taped the call when I signed up. This is not something I routinely do, but I knew that once I ported my number to Tmo and left my grandfathered truly unlimited data plan at AT&T there would be no going back, so I just wanted to be sure I got what I signed up for. Seemed OK to me, as Tmo clearly states that customer service calls are recorded on their end for quality and training purposes and it’s perfectly legal to tape calls without informing the other party, both in my state, and the state where Tmo customer service is located. Call me paranoid, but as it turns out….

    Four months in, and no sign of the corporate discount, and I’m seeing on my account summary that my data is subject to a 5gb throttle. So I call customer service. Oh no, says they – the corporate discount doesn’t apply to Even More Plus plans. And oh no, your plan isn’t truly unlimited, there’s a 5gb throttle. But this is directly contrary to what I was told when I signed up, says I. Tough, says they. No attempt to honor their promises. No attempt to make this now pissed-off customer happy. Just tough s&!t, basically. If you want to pursue it, says they, you have to write a letter of complain to such-a-such address.

    So I write a letter, detailing my complaints, and enclosing a CD of the recording of the call when I signed up for service, clearly showing that the CSR promised me my corporate discount and truly unlimited data. Surely, thinks I, such definitive evidence will make them honor their promises?

    Nope. What do I get in a response? A letter from their legal department warning me to ‘cease and desist taping customer service calls’ as apparently this is ‘not allowed’ under Tmo’s ‘policies.’ Never mind that it was perfectly legal to tape that call, and never mind that Tmo itself is taping the calls, and never mind that the recording clearly shows the CSR lied to me about two key points of my plan when I signed up. No attempt to solve my problem. Just a ‘f&@k you buddy’ letter from the legal department. Cherry on the cake: same day, I get a letter from AT&T, begging me to come back to Ma Bell and promising I can get my original unlimited data plan back if I do. If it weren’t for the fact that I would have to pay a subsidy for a new phone when I’m happy with the one I have, I would have jumped back, no question.

    So I call Tmo customer service again and am told that my only option, if I want the corporate discount to be honored, is to sign up for a two year Value Plan, but it will be 5gb throttled. So now, to get the price I was promised, I have to tie myself to a two year contract even though I brought my own device, and no way for me to get the truly unlimited plan I was promised. Still, it’s better than returning to AT&T which will be $20/month more expensive, so I reluctantly sign up.

    A couple of months later I call again to upgrade to the 10gb data plan as I’m about to go on a job where I’ll need a lot more data. I’m told once the job is over I can call back to downgrade back to the 5gb plan. No problem. Ha! thinks I. I’m sure it’s going to be all kinds of problem, actually, but we’ll see. The job is over, I call to downgrade the plan. Done, says the rep.

    A couple of months go by and, surprise surprise, I’m still being charged for the 10gb plan. I call up to complain that I downgraded to the 5gb plan but I’m still being charged the higher-priced 10gb plan. I’m assured the problem will be rectified and the overpayments credited to my account.

    Rinse and repeat the above for nine months and five calls. It takes Tmo nine freaking months and five calls to customer service to achieve the simple task of downgrading me back to my original 5gb plan. In the meantime I’ve been overcharged hundreds of dollars. Yes, in the end it’s credited back to me – but oh boy, what an effort it took.

    I could go on about the patchy-to-non-existent service I’ve experienced around the country (I travel a lot for work as a freelancer) or the fact that I’ve asked for and been promised on numerous occasions a full breakdown of the taxes/fees charged on my account (I believe they are mis-charging me) and yet it never arrives, and so on and so on.

    Third-most hated company in America? Hyberbole, maybe – but certainly for this customer, Tmo gets the Number 1 spot, no question. I have never had such a miserable customer service experience in my life. And Tmo will never know it, but their terrible customer service cost them a pretty decent corporate account since a company I was freelancing for was considering switching their 100+ corporate phone account to Tmo. I steered them away from that decision pretty emphatically.

    • steffanut

      I was once recorded by a customer with out my knowledge. My children found the audio of it on youtube, altered, of course. I agree to let tmo record, and if you don’t like the idea, there is always written correspondence. I am sorry you had a bad experience, There are still long term reps who do the right thing. Is it fair for me to be recorded, without my consent? I know what Tmo is doing with their recordings. What are you going to do with yours?

      • rbomb234

        Of course it is fair. Your company records customers and customers should have the right to record employees who represent the company in order to protect themselves against mistakes and deliberate misrepresentations. You yourself admit that there are those who don’t do the right thing. What recourse do we have in that case, especially when your company is developing a culture of mistrusting customers. It’s our money on the line and it’s we who have to live out the terms of the contract.

        • steffanut

          Tmobile gains your permission and offers you alternate types of contact. I was not advised that the customer was recording me, or that he would be using that recording to amuse people on his website. Your definition of fair is skewed.

        • steffanut

          You should also read the entire post, written correspondence is an option, if you must have records.

      • Annoyed_Tmo_Customer_NYC

        Fair or not is a subjective argument, but what’s objectively true is that it’s perfectly legal to record phone calls without informing the other party in most states. Some states require the other party to be informed (so-called ‘all party’ states) but the majority of states only require that one party (i.e. the one doing the recording) is aware – so-called ‘one party’ states. So long as both sides of the call are in one party states, the law clearly states that recording without informing the other party is perfectly legal. Not to mention, the fact that Tmo itself informs you the call is being recorded makes it legal regardless of one party or all party rules.

        Do I routinely tape calls? No. But I had a spidey sense about this one and it proved correct. Tmo had an opportunity to impress me and secure my customer loyalty by simply admitting I was mis-sold on the call and honoring the terms I was promised. But no, their response was to go legal nuclear immediately and try to bully me into believing I wasn’t allowed to tape the call when in fact I clearly was.

        The point here isn’t the moral value of taping CSR calls, the point here is Tmo’s terrible customer service both in the original mis-selling of the product and in their heavy-handed response to a legitimately upset customer.

    • me

      Wow, sounds like you had quite a bad experience. Unfortunately the company keeps track of how many features reps are adding and subtracting on a daily basis. It seems like reps would rather take the risk of being caught on one call out of the hundreds they take a month vs being reprimanded for removing too many features. This is what happens when a company focuses on numbers vs behaviors when interacting with customers….

  • edwa

    I would have to agree as well there. There is more valid reasons why customers would leave, coverage being one major thing and of course economics. I work for the company and ill admit our coverage is all but perfect but still priced lower than most, and the phones tmobile do have aren’t always top of the line and customers are always under the impression that for example a mytouch would be at par with a lets say Galaxy s3. The only thing I could think of as to why people would hate the company is that they are not getting their phone replaced for freezing and crashing for obvious reasons. I also agree with bank of America being a ‘eh’ company

  • joel

    i don’t know why people are always complaining about t mobile’s customer service, because every time i call them they been nice to me, plus the fix my problems.

  • This website that made this list sucks! Seems like cyberbullies to me

  • crackberry9900

    Let me tell you ,Im very disappointed with Tmobile service at some point because all this talk about 4G coverage and I can’t even get decent 2G .Even WIFI calling is not the best experience after all. I live in New Haven county (CT) and they aren’t able to put up a tower,comon.T mobile has always only one excuse around here ,they say there aren’t enough customers.

  • StormLink

    Funny, I just had my first “experience” with T-Mobile customer “service”.

    I activated a SIM card with T-Mobile last October online, or rather tried to. As I recall it, at the end of the various menus I opt’d to setup Autopay. I was in the middle of setting that up when I got some kind of server error (I do recall that their web server was very, very slow to every response). When I tried to restart neither the SIM card ID would be accepted nor did I ever get assigned a phone #. So I had to call in.

    The call in process went OK and my SIM got setup. Each month I’d get a text message telling me that my card had been charged and I had renewed minutes available (I’m doing pay-as-you-go). 10 or 15 days later I’d get a second msg. saying that an autopay attempt was made and failed. Huh?

    I ignored this for a while since my phone continued to work, the first (and valid) payment attempt was going through while the second invalid attempt was failing. But today I figure I’d better get this straightned out. So I call in to the 888# that keeps getting text’d to me by T-Mobile for the failed payment attempts.

    I listen to the long menu played to me (which btw does not allow you to select any of the options until it has recited the whole thing to you), key in an option (none of which are applicable), and get transferred to a support person. He takes all my info, my problem, and transfers me to a payment processing supervisor where I repeat everything. He starts working on the issue and I get dropped.

    I call in again, wait out the long menu again, hit an option, and go on hold. Eventually I get a different payment supervisor, repeat everything, and he offers to get the auto-pay setup personally. Takes all the info, the credit card #, etc. and tells me that he has to transfer me to a recording that plays Ts&Cs which I’ll accept by hitting “1”. Fine.

    I get transferred to something that wants me to setup autopay. Yes, I have to enter my credit card #, the amount, etc. etc. Heck, I can do this faster online.

    I hang up, go online and go to the auto-pay option. The web shows me that I’ve two credit cards stored but only shows me the last 4 digits of each. My options are to select one for autopay or enter a new one. Ahha! Me thinks, this is probably the root of the problem: when the server error occurred way back when bad data got stored for a credit card along with the good data from my follow-up call in to setup the account. All I need to do is delete the bad one and keep the good one.

    There is no option to delete nor is there an option to edit. Not a good customer-facing interface T-Mobile.

    So I call back in to the 888#, out-wait the menu, out-wait the hold, and speak to a customer payment supervisor. He tells me that he has no way to either edit nor delete the existing data. But he offers to set me up by taking my credit card info. Fine. We go through the process again, again I’m transferred to the place where I’m only suppose to have to listen to T’s & C’s and accept by hitting “1”, and again I get the whole Auto-pay setup menu. This time I go through the whole thing, get to the end, and am told to wait while it transfers me to a payment processing supervisor.

    A woman answers and asks how she can assist me. Once more I repeat it all, she again offers to setup Autopay for me, again takes my credit card, and again threatens to transfer me to a T&C recording. Suspecting I’m in a customer-support loop I’m now losing patience with the process and becoming angry with some poor woman in a cubicle with a headset trying to do her job (sorry whoever you were). At least this time when she transferred me either she was more careful or the loop has an end condition: I finally got the T’s & C’s read to me and had only to press “1”.

    So ya: I can see why people are PO’d at T-Mobile’s customer “service”.

  • AndroidProfit

    I think it’s funny that JUST AS Tmobile begins to roll out LTE they decide to do away with subsidies.. I guess we shall see how this plays out but seems like a bad move.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I wouldn’t worry to much about these things. People who enjoy T-mobile know exactly why they do. People who don’t enjoy T-mobile they exactly know why they don’t. Hey I left Verizon for T-mobile gladly as far as I am concerned they meaning VERIZON should be #1 on this list followed by At&t 2nd. Who really cares why they think my Galaxy Note 2 is having one grand of a time every day on T-mobile.

  • Cat MacKinnon

    it almost seems like the author was trying to “prime” or influence traders and investors with his own personal biases, rather than doing any sort of actual research (and since when does an informal poll on MSN count as even moderately meaningful “research”?? polls like that are almost always inherently biased and anecdotal by their very nature.) putting T-Mobile in there while overlooking AT&T (and dozens of other companies, banks and insurance groups) is laughable and pretty much negates any credibility the list may have had. it’s laughable.

  • Michael Bailey

    I agree that T Mobile is the most hated company in America. T Mobile has a lot more than a few problems.

    Recently I got a phone bill for collection in the amount of $3040.99, even though I have not used T Mobile service in well over two years, I have never gotten a bill in that time, and now they refuse to give an itemized billing, refuse to answer any questions and are in short deceptive and dishonest in the bill collecting scheme. I absolutely hate T Mobile, am physically, emotionally, and probably mentally suffering from T Mobile’s conduct. Moreover, the individuals who are doing this hide behind the cloak of the Company name, don’t even sign their letters to me. How anyone can claim this is a legitimate process is beyond the realm of sanity or even sound reasoning. T Mobile, in my opinion deserves at leas a 3rd place rating in the most hated companies in America, I would shop at the two above before T Mobile.

  • Bajamin

    The good news is that it seems like everyone in the comments of the original article are smart enough to understand the list is a joke. Re-title should be “America’s companies that don’t make as much money as some others”

  • Winski

    Third…that’s about right…. Behind AIG and Exxon.

  • Roscoe

    I’ve been with T-mobile since June and I’ve had No problems at all, I’ve read that people don’t like T-mobile.

  • obewaun

    I worked for dishnetworked and I felt I was selling my soul to the devil on every call.

  • tech916

    My top Hated Company or Organization is The NRA

  • uop129

    i have the 5gb 100 minute prepaid plan for $30, what happens after i go over the 100 minutes, does it automatically renew the whole plan for the next mont or is there a Per minute Charge?

  • Joe Parker

    What a completely rubbish article written by a complete noob

  • erin

    I think the reason t-mobile is ranked so bad is due to the huge amount of outsourcers.

    • Truth

      T-mobile disrupts customer services on purpose if you use a lot of data. Your phone will run on 2g if you go over 16 gb. The funny thing is that they are busy taking customers money for unlimited 4g and data services they do have to give. Ripoff! Your phone will run on 2g most of the month. No need to call in and complain. It will not be fixed because it is purposely done.

  • DC

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 10 yrs and they keep getting worst by the yr. I’m happy that some of you have great experiences. I used to have those with T-Mobile. Not anymore. From shitty customer service on the phone and at the stores to drop in signals everywhere I go (and I travel a lot) for close to a yr and they don’t seem to care no matter how many times I complain to them. And I’m not the only one with drop signal cus I did my research. T-Mobile needs to step their game up or they’re going to keep loosing loyal customers like myself, my wife and three of my uncles (all of them with T-Mobile since it was VoiceStream), to name a few. It’s not just about shiny new toys. Customer service and the service provided is imporntant and T-Mobile seems to be caring less about it. T-Mobile has the lowest prices, but at a price that me and many are paying. Not to say that the other companies don’t have their issues. I can name a few bs about each and everyone of the others. My contract with T-Mobile is up next week and, sadly, I think i’ll move on to another carrier cus I’ve had enough.

    Just wanted to express my 2 cents on the issue. Have a great day y’all!

  • TMosucks

    I hate tmobile. Their coverage sucks I’m currently on 1G/2G while all the other major carriers have 4G and the minor ones have 3G. Switching as soon as my contract is up in the summer, thank god.

  • Drew

    Can’t agree more with the claim…..actually the “fact” that T-Mobile is hated. I hate them! I was a customer since before T-Mobile was T-Mobile! It was 14 years ago and the company was then called VoiceStream. I am a business owner and have been self employed all my life …. hands down, the worst experience regarding product / service quality ever! T-Mobile didn’t invest in top technologies year after year and they are well on their way to paying the ultimate price. If you are in any business and you can’t find a way….any way to make happy and keep your most dedicated, loyal customers that make up the backbone of your company?….you not only get what you are asking for, you get what you deserve! Ba Bye T-Mobile!

  • Bob

    T-Mobile sucks and they are crooks.

  • Michael

    Tmobile is by far the worst. Ive been through so many of their shitty phones. Im at 2g barely when i had verizon with the straight talk team at walmart it worked 10 times better and as did at&t…i regret going back to this plan so much. I wish TMobile would be bought out or some shit


    Tmobile suck I fucking hate it I want to got to the fucking store and stuff there asses with their fucking hotspot internet. I HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE TO USE MY PHONE BECAUSE IT DOSENT HAVE SIGNAL ON THE FUCKING HOUSE….. WHEN I HAD METRO I COULD CALL ON THE FKNG BATHROOM

  • Mike Crews

    When i told them i was leaving and what was the last billing date i made sure i left on that date only to find out they stalled my number being ported out 1 day to bill me a additional month “THEY ARE CROOKS” and their service and customer support sucks i left because they always had my bill wrong every month i would have to call in and sit for hrs on the phone to correct it after the third time it was enough I left and still got screwed. NEED A ATTORNEY FOR CLASS ACTION.

  • Steven

    T Mobile stops me in the mall, to join there service, so I fill out the papers, then send me a papers that I have bad credit and they wont give the service. They are a German company who hates Americans, stay away from this company. My FICO sore is 850. Stay away from this company at all costs

  • Buck Foomers

    This company sucks so bad. I am doing everything in my power to screw them over. After paying for service, and using up my data, I called up my credit card company and “disputed the charges” saying that T-Mobile never delivered the “services” I paid for. Their crappy data is so slow and spotty I figured I could get my money back… and I did lol. T-mobile suuuuuuuuuuucks

  • RDB

    T-Mobile charged me $650 to cancel my contract when I didn’t have service at my home or office, in a primary market in the SE. They didn’t offer a solution or a discount. Although this was many years ago I’ve never forgotten it. Quite possibly the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I happened across this blog and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share my disdain for T-Mobile.

  • Mitch

    People were complaining about t-mobile back then now we have the largest, fastest and most reliable 5g network.