T-Mobile G2X Now Available In Stores!

The T-Mobile G2X is now available in retail stores as T-Mobile’s first dual-core Android phone. What more do we need to say about the G2X that we haven’t said? It’s already been unboxed, photographed and videoed and has been available online for 5 days now.

The G2X proudly sports a 4″ display, 8 megapixel camera, 1.3 megapixel front facing camera, 4G capability and whole lot more. The G2X can be yours for $199.99 after a $50 mail in rebate.



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  • 4g

    On reserve til I get off. Galaxy S4g its been cool but its time for you to go back. Love the 30 day return policy.

  • 4g

    On reserve til I get off. Galaxy S4g its been cool but its time for you to go back. Love the 30 day return policy.

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile.com’s user reviews of this phone are Reeeeediculously good.

  • Mightyabdul

    This phone is incredibly awesome!! One minor problem, you can’t have an only vibrate mode. But I’ve had it since yesterday ….its AMazing

    • Jay

      You can’t have it on just a vibrate mode?? ……. wtf

      • xiaoxion

        Okay there is a vibrate mode but you need to access the settings to activate it. Its like almost all other android devices. I would recommend a widget that allows u to auto switch between sound profiles. Suchas extended controls in the market.

        • Anonymous

          …or use a quick settings / widget app

        • Anonymous

          I use RING TOGGLE from the market. Great widget. It just works.

  • whosaidwhat

    FYI…This can be had for $150 at both sams club and amazon.

  • Sprite

    Once T-mobile gave Cyanogen the all clear to do as he will, I decided I was buying this phone. Here’s hoping it’s easy to root.

  • kresk

    Having a nexus s, I thought I was missing out so I went to a tmo store yesterday to give this phone a test run. (Mind you I only played with it for 20min) Amazing features as you all know. It’s slim and really well designed. I did notice the home screen scrolling wasn’t as fluid as the NS.(could be the lack of gingerbread) Plus, after you have a samoled screen it’s hard to go back. In all it’s a really nice phone but it’s not that different from my NS to make me want to switch. Consequently, I can’t see anyone being disappointed if they purchased it. If the NS didn’t exist I would get the g2x for sure.

    • brentil

      Having run the various 2.2 & 2.3 ports on my G1/MT3G I can say for sure on those phones it makes a huge difference for the home screen between the two.

    • Nexus Guy

      My thoughts as well, as I too will not be giving up my Nexus S for this. Nice phone though.

      • Anonymous

        Once it gets the Gingerbread upgrade it will fly.

  • AgentDiscount

    I’ve had mine since yesterday and love how fluid the phone is.

    Upgrading from a G1, almost anything would be impressive, but I can’t tear myself away from it. I like the brightness of the screen more than the deep color and pure blacks of my wife’s Vibrant.

    The build quality is much better than I expected simply because LG has never had a high end Android phone.

    Back battery cover felt too thin when removing it. Pictures are still hard to get right in low light conditions.

    I tried a game recommended through TegraZone app with a Samurai and it looked as good as the best iOS games with its sharp textures and anti-aliasing.

  • Izzybrexx

    Best buy selling them soon??

  • Anonymous

    It seems like a cut phone, but I’ll just wait a few more months and rock a 4.3inch 1.2ghz dual core phone with dual LED flash.

    Have fun having a better phone than the rest of use for 2 months.

    • Aerofanbig

      Thats pretty much every single new hot phone that ever comes out. Its the shiznit for about, oh 2-4 months and then its eclipsed. Welcome to technology!

    • Zedklind

      Doesn’t the sensation have a locked/signed bootloader? I don’t think id be able to manage that after my addiction to flashing custom roms

    • Anonymous

      If the Sensation is actually better, I just have to unlock the G2x and put it on eBay. It will be easy to come pretty close to the HTC retail price. Then I get the best phone the entire time. That is pretty optimistic estimating 2 months when they’ve only said “summer”.

  • mc

    Do you think they will have a promotion for mothers day?

  • Zedklind

    First in line tmo pleasant hill, ca!

    • Zedklind

      Still first in line :/. Was hoping to meet some local custom modders :(. Soo bored lol

  • the_truth

    SAC rules!! Mine now ordered(18 minute wait time though)

    • Employee123

      You called SAC? There’s no need. You can order through my T-Mobile.

      • the_truth

        Manual upgrade needed due to SIM order xcl my free phone. 2 more free in Sept.!

  • Got mine now. Got there 9 something in the morning when nobody was there :-D

  • msprinkl

    Got mine! LOVE it. Just wish there was an LED notification light.

  • $500 and they can’t put an LED indicator light??


    • msprinkl

      I know! I should have held out for the HTC, but needed to move on from Blackberry.

  • Bob Harris

    Did anyone catch the blurb on Phadroid.com saying that G2x users in Canada where having problems getting the phone to work on the other bands. Similar to what we would see if we wanted to use the phone on ATT’s network? They seem to be hinting that the G2X would only be able to do 2g/EDGE??

    • Anonymous

      I called TMO today and confirmed that it ONLY HAS TMO 3G BANDS….all others are 2G. I’m now thinking on whether or not to keep this.

  • Parkersplus

    Where else can I go in to buy this phone on launch day.

  • wooohoo!

    I got mine for free thanks you wirefly totally screwing up my order!! Will be Friday which I’m totally fine with considering I get it for FREE!

  • TweetMo

    Someone help me out… what’s the HSPA+ speed? 10? 14? 21?
    T-Mo doesn’t seem to list it. PhoneArena has it at 14.4, but I’ve heard 10 and 21. Which is it?

  • Mightyabdul

    Backlight bleeding!!!! Noo!!!!!

  • Bob Harris

    Had my G2x for less than 24 hours. It’s a nice phone, but not impressed with the battery life. Unplugged it fully charged around 10pm lastnight. Today, I’m already down to yellow. Switched it over to 2G only because 4G kept crapping in/out at work. Honestly didn’t expect the battery life to be this bad, despite hearing people say they could only get a day or so out of it. My BB 8900 easily got 3-4 days of up time with pretty good use. Not sure ifi’m going to keep this or not. Got 20 days to decide…

  • hy

    Picked this up. Awesome phone. Great hardware. Definitely a nice toy. 4G is also fast (at least in boston)
    I still have my BB Torch 9800 and frankly the BB is easier to use, has equally good browser with flash (albeit slow), has better camera and better battery life. This phone really drains battery compared to the 9800.

    Undecided but I will probably keep it

    • hy

      take back what I said about BB browser supporting flash. looks like some flash apps work some dont. bmw usa’s site works on the BB but breitling and rolex sites dont. they all work flawlessly on the g2x

  • Cory Caldwell8956

    No vibrate mode! >:[

    • pantlesspenguin

      Press the volume button down until you hit vibrate mode.

  • Anonymous
  • Notoriouslyabsent

    Anyone know if the g2x sports gorilla glass?

    • Midi_god

      Yes it is