T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Now Available!

As the Sidekick 4G find its way into the marketplace this morning T-Mobile finds itself revitalizing one of its best known brands with a handset that is in so many ways, wonderful. As I work toward our own review of the Sidekick 4G I’ll preface it by saying expect lots and lots of good mixed in with a little so-so. Moving past the review is our excitement that the day has finally arrived that the Sidekick is reintroduced to the world. Retooled and revamped the Sidekick 4G with its Android powered persona hopes to recapture the Sidekick memories of old with the Android memories of today.

The Sidekick is available a terrific price of $99.99 with a 2 year agreement. Sporting HSPA+ 21 Mbps capability the Sidekick 4G is only the second handset in the T-Mobile lineup capable of hitting those theoretical speeds. If you managed to catch our own set of speed tests you’ll know the phone is fast, very fast.

Sidekick 4G Pearl Magenta

Sidekick 4G Matte Black


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  • ……. I will be so please after class I WILL GET THAT phone… because I am hardcore fan.. i dont care the people states that camera are crappy….but who cares it have better functionality than the past ones because they need to catch up with the technologies… Thanks to SAMSUNG to revive the name of SIDEKICK without that we will known it will be GONE! <3

    • Ddt

      What. The. Hell?

      • Captaindan

        Still not available on website:(

        • Captaindan

          WooHoo, just ordered!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad that its back to satisfy it’s gynormous fan base.

  • Anonymous

    how much extra per month for Mobile Hot Spot/Tethering?? or is it free?? Some articles have said “for an extra charge” — any idea??

    • pantlesspenguin

      It’s free as long as you don’t abuse the privilege. Any android phone with OS 2.2 or higher has this capability.

  • I don’t see the sidekick available to purchase in My Tmobile

    • Lesteasy

      I thought it was just me, but I don’t either. Was planning on going to the store anyway, but I didn’t want to see it online.

      • Lesteasy


      • Yea I’m going to my local store today too but I wanted to put everything in the cart to atleast get an idea of how much damage i’ll be doing to my wallet. I plan on getting the G2x and Sidekick 4G today

        • Jrcarljr

          I went to the store this morning to pick up the sidekick and they couldn’t sell it to me yet because the system isn’t allowing upgrade sales until noon (central time). I guess you can only purchase it right now as a new customer.

        • Lesteasy

          They must have mis-informed you jcarljr. I have mine in hand and I live in Houston. I went to T-mobile store purchased it 10:30am central time, setting it up now as I type. It was 411.74 taxes included.

        • Jrcarljr

          They couldn’t get it up in their system yet, but went back at noon and all is good!

  • Chrisrj8084

    I thought that Tethering was an extra charge on Tmo, my GF has a GS4G and she is able to tether with no problem

    • YOOivansterr

      It might be an app.

      • volley love:)

        can a at&t sim card fit in the sidekick without switching to tmobile?

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t available on mytmobile.com website for me either. I was able to call earlier this morning and get it for $149.99 even though my second line was not eligible for an upgrade. The :))) Loyalty team always treats me well! I will miss them and their great customer service if AT&T does takes over. -__-

  • I called to get mine .On its way .

  • Anyone think the G2 will come down in price anytime soon? The SK has a faster CPU and radio, and it’s a lot cheaper.

    • YOOivansterr

      Not for a long time. Its not going to be outdated for a really long time.

  • this thing has an incredible keyboard… was playing around with it at the TMO store…

  • ben

    does the on screen samsung, not swype, keyboard come with a predictive words feature while in the messaging app?

    • YOOivansterr

      yes. any android phone does.

  • Anonymous

    I went today and got one. That was 8 hours ago, I’ve barely put it down since then. Heres what you wanna know about it-two cameras, one front, one back takes pretty decent pics. Video chat via the built in qik program is great. The phone is solid and the flip screen is nice. I hadnt experienced any issues yet. Sound thru headphones is good, internet is blazing. I installed flash to get the full website experience and it works great. The keyboard keys are spaced out and even with my fat fingers I can type good. I was thinkin about the g2x but im not taking this one back. Definitely worth it. The android is just kinda skinned but the same android overall like my optimus t which is 2.2. Tmobile tv is free for 30 days and it plays with no lag that I can tell. Get this phone, you will thank me later. And gotta thank ol Paul @ the plano store(park and preston) for being an excellent rep…got me in and out the store on my lunch break with the phone in 15 minutes flat!!!

    • Yooivansterr

      The screen doesn’t flip.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    I played with one, it’s nice….I am trying to wait for VZW to get the Xperia play but i may just get this phone. It’s cute ;)

  • Question before i put my sim card in does the 4g Sidekick still have tmail with danger ending there service for the sidekick I doubt that it does .But i want to make sure .Do to the fact i have a lot of mail in drafts save in my t mail .Does anyone know if the 4g has tmail?

    • Jill

      That the same thing I am wondering… Did you find out yet?