Concrete Pricing For The Sidekick 4G, T-Mobile G2X And T-Mobile G-Slate

We’re a little over a day away from the biggest launch day T-Mobile has likely had since early November with three “iconic” devices launching at the same time. The Sidekick 4G, T-mobile G2X and T-Mobile G-Slate will all grace retail shelves at exactly the same time as the clock strikes over to Wednesday April 20th.

As a little reminder to those of you asking we thought we’d give a little refresher to the pricing for all of the aforementioned handsets.

  • The Sidekick 4G will come in at $99.99 after a $50 mail in rebate when signing a two year agreement. Full retail price will be $379.99
  • The T-Mobile G2X will come in at $199.99 after a $50 mail in rebate and will be $499.99 full retail.
  • The T-Mobile G-Slate will be $529.99 after a $100.00 mail in rebate and a break open the piggy break $749.99 full retail.

Which one are you choosing?

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  • Neverthesheep

    i am choosing neither, where is the optimus 3d????

    • Neverthesheep

      actually i am a little torn, i have given the g1, samsung vibrant, the g2 and the mytouch 4g a try. I cant deal with the battery life and laggyness of android i was hoping that this phone would atleast take care of the lag, but im beginning to think that since it only has 512 mb of ram that its not going to happen, i am once again going to be stuck with an over hyped OS that is inferior.

      fingers crossed that the optimus 3d lands soon and not makes me want to go get an iphone 4 off of ebay

      • root your phone and your battery problems will be solved.

        • Neverthesheep

          i wish i could but i dont wanna risk bricking my phone. Also if i root it i lose htc sense. Battery life is only a little gripe unless rooting my phone will take care of the lag and connectivity issues (they dont from what i have read) than its pretty pointless for me to do so.

          thanks for the advice though

        • You won’t lose HTC sense. Also, rooting and installing a custom will take care of lag and connectivity issues.

      • Anonymous

        By lag do you mean the lack of fluidity that iOS has?

        • Neverthesheep

          yea i guess, the smoothness…the response, all of that. it just works better. i keep hearing about how all these phones are supposed to be getting, so i kept buying new ones that came out but they really dont. does apple really have that better of technology that android just can duplicate or what?

        • Anonymous

          WP7 & iOS are buttery smooth because of hardware acceleration whis is something Google has thus far not chosen to implement yet. From the looks of the video Phonedog put up of the G2x, maybe lag is finally gone and the OS is silky smooth.

          Seems like it’s taken a dual core CPU for Android to catch up with the 4 year old iOS

          Key word is “seems”

        • Neverthesheep

          ok thanks for the info. you sound like you are very well versed in this stuff. let me ask you this hardware acceleration can it be done through an update? or is it something that needs to built into the phone?

          and would you have a theory on why the h3ll google would no implement this? seems like a no brainer to me, why would would purposely make your software clunky and laggy?

          and ps thank for an informed answer unlike some people who wanna jump on me for even suggesting that ios does things better than android eventhough i could literally care less about the fanboy thing. i just want something that works and doesnt need all this high maintenance crap. its nice to buy a product that feels “finished” rather than something that feels bare bones.

        • Anonymous

          No problem man I don’t mind sharing what I’ve picked up along the way.

          Here’s a page that can put the HW Acceleration situation into perspective.

          I had read that with all the difference processors and phone limitations they did not want to have some phones accelerated while others weren’t and therefore they left it out.

        • Anonymous

          think of Android as Windows OS for pc and Iphone/Windows phone 7 as MAC OS. Android was created to be run on any and every type of hardware so there is lots of background translating in order to talk to the hardware in it’s native language. Windows phone 7 and iphone are written for specific hardware. All windows phone 7 devices use the exact same hardware (other than screen size). So you give up phone variation for your “no lag” request.

        • WP7 is for retards. It’s probably a better operating system for a kiosk…but for a device that you use all the time, the interface will get real tiring real quick. Plus…it’s Windows.

        • Bob1

          I have the g2x in my store… try it out, its ALOT smoother than my vibtant

    • Anonymous

      You mean the LG Thrive?

      • Neverthesheep

        i thought the att version was called thrill, and that the tmo version was just going to be called the optimus 3d

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I meant thrill lol. Just goes to show how much I know about ATT phones.
          I didn’t know the Optimus 3D would also be for t-mobile

        • Neverthesheep

          yea there is a vanilla version headed for tmobile. but outside of a rumored “q2” launch there has been no other news.

        • Aerofanbig

          Keep dreaming, odds are Tmo will not see the LG Optimus 3D, we got the Optimus 2X instead

      • Neverthesheep

        oh man i just double looked up the lg thrive, how could you possibly get that confused with the optimus 3d?!?!?!

  • Kleopatraluv

    Wow, the full price for the G Slate is outta control.

  • Janwolf7

    $99.00 dollars after rebate for Sidekick 46…. for both new and current TMobile users? Can also be upgraded, too? (I have Sidekick 3 – yeah, that is pretty OLD by now…was wondering if I can upgrade that to the new Sidekick 4G.) Thanks in advance.

    • Timoffiiee

      Typically the new customers pricing is the same thing as an existing customer using a FULL upgrade. So, if you’re eligible for a full upgrade then the 99.99 price should be available.

  • Getting the G2x, and hopefully eventually a G-slate, but can’t afford one on launch day.. Though I’m torn between the G-slate and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. As long as the Tab has stock 3.0 on it, I think I’ll be getting that.

    • Neverthesheep

      these tablets are out of control……they are way too much. not to mention will be outdated soon just like android phone

      • I figure the outdatedness is par for the course in tablets now, so I kept my investment low: $249 for a Nook Color with CM7 stock(ish) 2.3.3 Android on it. It will serve my tablet needs until the good 3.0 ones drop in price. If nothing else, it serves as an excellent remote for my Roku Soundbridge, giving me an almost “Sonos” experience for much much less.

      • I figure the outdatedness is par for the course in tablets now, so I kept my investment low: $249 for a Nook Color with CM7 stock(ish) 2.3.3 Android on it. It will serve my tablet needs until the good 3.0 ones drop in price. If nothing else, it serves as an excellent remote for my Roku Soundbridge, giving me an almost “Sonos” experience for much much less.

    • Anonymous

      The $499 Tab 10.1 is a way better option than this over priced slab. And the tab most certainly has Honeycomb

  • Anonymous

    Wow.. That is way too much money for the G-slate… Is Tmobile trying to subsidize AT&T’s low ball offer?

  • Anonymous

    Holy shiiiiiiliiiiit $749 is expensive! While $379 is cheap with the same enthusiasm.

  • Carlos

    For the Sidekick 4G, do you need the $30 data plan to qualify for the $50 mail-in rebate?

    • Drivethruboy168


    • Anonymous

      Where are you finding the required plans? I’ve been through the tmobile maze but can’t find where it gives a list of what (if anything) I have to change my plan to when I switch from G1 to SK4G.

  • Ramon

    whats the $19 for eip on the sidekick 4g?

    • Anonymous

      if you get it month to month and put it on payments its 19 per month on ur bill

  • remister

    Wifi Verison Only of the Slate pl0x!

  • Neverthesheep

    ok since these tablets seem to be in 750 range w/o contract i really dont understand the fad… i bought my laptop in november for 760.00 and it came with i5 processor, touchscreen, 640 hdd, 8 gb ram, an optical drive, touchscreen, backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader, webcam, a large battery (6hrs) and it only weighs 4 lbs….what exactly is supposed to be drawing me to tablets??? please anyone feel free to chime in i just dont get it. I could understand it only cost 300 than yea it would be a deal, but cmon 750 for this 8 something for the xoom, 7 something for the samsung really??

    • Jimbo831

      I am right with you. My laptop can’t compete with yours, but for $479 I have an i3, 4GB ram, optical drive, 500GB hard drive, webcam, 5.5 hours battery, etc. Does infinitely more than any tablet and cost less than any tablet, even with the 2 year contract pricing. Tablets either need to start running desktop OS or start getting A LOT cheaper until I even think about it. I don’t get it either. Hell, my Nexus One (soon to be G2x) does just as much as any tablet and fits in my pocket and goes everywhere with me.

      • For me, the attraction is the ability to do all of my notes on a touch surface so that I don’t have to carry boatloads of paper…

        • Jimbo831

          For this, I use SpringPad. Android app and a web app so I can read and add notes from either my phone or my laptop. I haven’t been able to type any faster on a tablet than a phone really, so that works just as well for me I think.

        • I mean drawing stuff. A lot of my notes consist of hand-drawn diagrams and such. That’s rather hard to replicate with the rigid drawing systems of most computer apps. But on a touch surface with a notetaking app, I could use a capacitive stylus and do just that easily…

      • Anonymous

        Stop comparing laptops to tablets. I bought a 17inch quad core desktop for 199, doesn’t mean dual core with 8.9 inch tablet should be cheaper….

        • Neverthesheep

          yes it does. thats exactly what it means. otherwise your paying more for less

        • Jimbo831

          Bad comparison. Your desktop is tethered to it’s spot in your house. My laptop can be taken on the go just like any tablet. I’m not saying that they SHOULD be the same price as a desktop or laptop, just that you are getting less for way more money, so I can’t understand why so many people want to buy.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t play CPU games but phone ant iPad games are fun to me. I have a laptop that I like to keep stationed on my desk at home while I carry my tablet around the house. Interacting with interactive apps is overall more interesting than moving a mouse around all the time.

      Most importantly though, I have the money to buy it cuz I like it.

      • Neverthesheep

        yea i guess that would be a steal considering the other pricing points for tablets. And when i saw the news the new ipad could be had for 500 and then these android tablets are going for 7-800 dollars i thought it was another no brainer who i would go with if i wanted to pick one up.

    • Tablets are not meant to compete with a laptop….they’re for 2 different markets and serve a different purpose. Your laptop is nowhere near as portable as the big tablets like the Xoom or the small ones like the BB Playbook. Your laptop may have more processing power, but I’d rather have the portability of a tablet.

  • We kind of knew all of these prices David.. lol. Well at least I did. But, thanks for the update so anyone else who didn’t know, knows.

  • Luis

    i need help .. im on a 2 year contract on a mytouch 3g, and i have 1 year left. does anybody knows how much would it be if i wanted to get the g2x right now? like an estimated price?

    • Neverthesheep

      not sure i would say that since retail is 500 your looking at around 400 for the phone with your discount….maybe. But if you are that close i would suggest waiting until the day before ATT and TMO finalize thier deal and then sign a two year contract, so that you can get ATT coverage/data with TMO pricing. its a win win for two year.

      oh yea and make sure that the tmo phone you buy is compatible with ATT towers.

    • Anonymous

      350 no rebate

      • Luis

        ok thanks. i was kind of already thinking it was around that price range.

      • Neverthesheep

        how are you getting that number? the most discount i ever received was a hundred bucks. right now i am 10 months into my contract and the upgrade price for me is 499.99 i just checked it.

        • Anonymous

          thats how much the g2 and galaxy are on an early upgrade, same retail price, so based off that, and that is between 12 months and 18 months into contract

        • LC

          That’s because you don’t start getting discounts until month 12. So you’re still looking at paying full price for the device just given where you’re at in your eligibility status.

    • TWILL713

      If you log into your my t-mobile account you should be able to look at prices of phones with an early 2-year upgrade.

    • J1


    • Travis

      u will pay like $380 after mail in rebate!

  • Brandon

    I will be in the store release day picking up the g2x for $499

  • 4g

    That price for the slate is out of check!! I’m glad I’m still within my 30 days of buying the gs4g. G2X here I come. Looks like I will be keeping the x just in case the merger goes through. Sensation get ready you’re next!!

  • tecjunkie

    $379 I might just grab a sidekick. The vibrant just looks so good thou. ah decisions Just wish it it had a better cam.

    • Carlos

      Check out the review for it on CNET. They mention they were having really low expectations for the camera, since it was 3MP. They were surprised to find it took pretty good pics! They have some samples on there.

  • Alex

    I have one , been using it for two days. The battery life is decent with moderate use, but not near as good as my old G2 running CM7. The quadrant scores have been between 2400 and 2600, so pretty good for being stock. Everything runs so smooth.

    about the preloaded software, the EA games app has no games available when you open it so that’s odd. and it’s weired that it came preloaded with the old version of android market. I had to do a force close and wipe cache to get it to update to the new market interface.

    So far I am loving the phone, and how crazy easy it was to root (supported by super one click root)

  • jarjon76

    The G-Slate is way overpriced. I like the prices for the G2x and Sidekick, though.

  • The GSlate isn’t nearly worth 750 outright. It should be 550 and 350 on contract. Hate to say it but its going to fail.d

  • All I can say is WOW. This will NOT sell..on or off contract. Just wait for it to go down in price…

  • Anonymous

    The gslate will be tmos most expensive device in its history so far….but compared to the Xoom and Ipad2 its quite competitive……everyones so stuck on smartphone prices and the prices of the Dell Streak/ Galaxy Tab…..

  • Anonymous

    I think they will sell. Stores in my city are getting like 2 each for launch……don’t get me wrong, ppl won’t be kicking down the door for these but they will sell

    • Anonymous

      So your stores will sell out like hot cakes. All 2 units.

  • Nurfherder

    749.00, get screwed. Why would we pay that much for a tablet pc when android doesnt even have a good office suite. And dont give me crap about google docs. I want my crap on my tablet so I can work in places I don’t have a signal. Damn 749.00. Stupid person who buys that. Yes I said stupid. You may now coment and complain.

  • The TMO store down the street is reserving a G2X for me. Just so happens that I’m off at noon tomorrow and will head straight there to pick it up. WOOOO!

  • 4g

    Just went to my local t-mo store and they put a X on hold for me, I don’t know how i’m going to be able to sit still til 4:15 tomorrow.

  • ATL guy

    LOL @ 749!! T-MOBILE needs to put down the crack pipe.

  • Bill

    What’s are the odds of an upcoming Mother’s Day sale where I could snag a couple G2Xs on the cheap? Time to upgrade my Samsung SGH-T619 and the wife’s Dash to something a little more modern.

  • Cutiepie-100-dede

    I have had a Samsung Gravity 2 for almost a year. I’m eligible for early upgrade in June, how much would the Sidekick 4G be for an early upgrade price?

  • Billy Bob

    I went to T-Mobile two days ago and the service dude who i was about to purchase the Sidekick 4g from said that i needed $310 down just to walk out of the store w/ unlimited talk and text. NOT EVEN UNLT WEB!! i swear he was trying to rip me off!!