Three Iconic Devices Launching April 20th? The G2X, Sidekick 4G And ????

Release date of the T-Mobile G2X? April 20th. Release date of the Sidekick 4G? April 20th. So what Iconic device are we missing from this equation of not one, not two but three devices launching April 20th. Anyone want to take bets its not the T-Mobile G-Slate? I didn’t think so.

Word is coming down from all around that the T-Mobile G-Slate which has yet to see the usual tweet from T-Mobile announcing a release date will in fact launch April 20th. The bottom line is that unless T-Mobile has a super surprise in store it’s the only “iconic” device yet to be announced for release currently in the T-Mobile lineup, HTC Sensation not withstanding.

Your move Tmo.

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  • Petey

    white iphone 4? haha…

    • Denverbronco1023

      thatd be hilarious

  • Something tells me it’s not the G-slate. i just have this gut feeling.

  • Anonymous
  • Chrisg1225

    Well to give yiu heads up it had to be the gslate because i am a manager for tmobile and i am writing this using the gslate and yes it is AMAZING just a all around solid device

  • Wilco

    If the Samsung S2 or HTC Sensation, I will choose those of the G2X.

    • David

      Oh this sounds like a good new thread. If you were a T-mobile user this summer looking to upgrade….would you choose Samsung Galaxy S2, LG G2X or HTC Sensation…and why?

      • whosaidwhat

        You should probably do a poll.

        I’m in for the SGS2.
        To be released with gingerbread, bigger and brighter screen, lighter and slimmer, NFC, 1GB of memory, 1.2Ghz dual core, wifi direct, 4G up to 21 Mbps, Data encryption, VPN, and Cisco Webex.

        Boy, that looks like a dream phone.

  • The HTC Sensation would be nice

  • Rick

    I want the g slate wifi version and cheap….$500…or a a version of the g2x but with physical would be great..I currently use a would def be a nice upgrade

    • Dswagg2k10

      *ammit rick I feel you. I love my g2, I just want a front facing camera, dual core processor, and keyboard… oh and my *amn gslate!

  • Anonymous

    Better be G-slate or Im gonna go hide in Himalayas until this damn thing is out… Cant wait.

  • ATL Guy

    That would be spectacular if it was the Sensation!

  • Whatismyaccountnumber

    G-Slate is a definite. Overnight store refresh for all corporate stores on 4/19.

    • Charlie Murphy

      yeah, I thought it was pretty official that the G-Slate came out the same day as the G2X and I’m actually kind of surprised if that’s a surprise (but I could also be remembering things incorrectly).

  • stupid live chat. i asked about the g2x at midnight and she told me tomorrow evening. wth???

  • Amdestined

    It’s not the sensation. It would be poor marketing if it was. People need time to want or desire a device. Also, they need people to save up to purchase the device on launch day

  • damnit…grrrrrr

    Claire: Welcome to T-Mobile online sales support, how may I help you with your purchase today?

    You: hi claire. what time does the g2x go on sale?

    Claire: Hi

    Claire: Currently, we do not yet have a time frame for this to be released. Once available it will be listed online and will be available for you to purchase.

  • Pmpglenn

    Spoke through email with my local LG rep and it’s def the G-Slate, I dont think she realized she wasnt supposed to say anything.

    • Anonymous

      Another site also posted an invite for a party in NY for the G2x and G-slate.

  • Ar

    I get done with my semester may 10th my birthday is may 13 and i would realllyyyyyy love to get the sensation for my 20th birthday and not wait till mid summer. Please Tmobile.
    A customer till the end…which is hopefully not within the next year or two.

  • Matlock

    it is the G-Slate, my store got both its G-Slate and G2X demoes in today. so its definitely the G-slate! and yes, they are both sexy! I must have both of them in my life.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m hoping it’s the Sensation but I know it’s just the GSlate because Tmo knows I’m ready to get rid of this HD2. Reason it could be the Sensation though is due to this article about it releasing in the UK so why not in the US also?:

    Anyway, I hope it’s the Sensation or the Nokia N950 (I can dream can’t I?) but I know Tmobile and their Hype schemes. It’s the GSlate.

  • Bigger Mac

    its the optimus 3d! it has already passed the FCC! it just makes sense!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Oh I wish. Lol. I’d get that instead of the Pyramid. That’d hold me until that Smexy N950 Meego device comes out over here.

    • Anonymous
      • Wilma Flintstone

        It’s not the Optimus 3D. Reason being that they are releasing the Optimus 2X at the same time so if they released the Optimus 3D, it would eat away alot of the 2X sales which wouldn’t be smart marketing. That and the simple fact that this is Tmobile we’re talking about meaning the chances of the 3D coming is slim to None. It’s just the GSlate unfortunately.

  • mikeF

    G2x is up for sale for exisiting customers..i just ordered mine =)

    • Greg

      Tmobile Rep is telling me it’s not for sale yet?
      What # did you call please??

  • woohoo!!!
    Order number: xxxxx6776.

    Your order will be shipped to your billing address. (For security reasons we only ship to your billing address.)

    Order Date: 04/14/2011 at 9:22:00 PM

    Your order’s estimated delivery date: 4/20/2011.

    To track your order, or view and print a receipt, please visit the Order Status page

    Order status: Being processed

    You will be charged the full amount when your device upgrade and accessory order ships. Any services you’ve added will go into effect immediately, and will be charged on your monthly bill.
    You chose this phone
    Amount Charged Due Monthly
    T-Mobile® G2x™ with Google™

    4G capable
    Dual Core 1GHZ processor
    HD Camera – 1080P

    Suggested Retail$499.99
    Online Discount$0.00

    $ 499.99
    $ 499.99

    • Nice CT! Congrats! Long time no see!

      • Crazythunder1968

        Thanks….do i know you?

    • So.. no shipping cost and no tax..?

      • Crazythunder1968

        With tax and 20 bucks for 3 day shipping it came out to 565 i believe or damn close, on my cell at work now…cant immediately check.

  • jfo

    galaxy s 2? htc sensation? white iphone 4? it could be anything tho i thnk the white iphone 4. just a thought the veriphone came out in feburary. apple said their was no exclusive contract with them. it took 10 months to produce the white iphone 4, its suppose to be out in spring time, sites claim before the end of april, tmobile was in talks for it, and with the merger going on.. it could be. i would love to get an iphone but id be just as happy with a g2x. my upgrades coming up soon and im trying to wait as long as possible..

    • Cray820

      Im hoping they get the galaxy s 2. Im prety sure they will but dont want to say

    • Aerofanbig

      Apple release leaks are the worst in the industry, everyone know everything about every one of their devices long before they come out, and if Tmo was getting it, they’d be promoting the living crap out of it. Its not going to happen. And its likely never, ever, ever, going to happen.

  • My oh my I wish so bad that it will be the LG Optimus 3D (P920)

    • Anonymous

      oh me too…my GF wants one so bad, and we just switched to EM+ in hopes that if the rumored ATT Thrill 4g DOES contain tmobile 3g bands, she’d just buy it outright from ATT and use it on tmobile. and of course i’d have to TEST it first lol. its pissing me off though that there is NO info on LG website or from ATT website or the entire web on when this phone is coming, aside from maybe June. give us a 3d phone tmobile so i don’t have to listen to bitching anymore!

  • rocco

    MiFi, Gslate and G2X!

  • I logged into my T Mobile Account and it says nothing is working : fail.

  • Guest

    ARGH i want my G2x but the site is down…

  • Slicker

    EFFIN crazy this is worst than Verizon iPhone pre-orders. And T-Mobile did almost no marketing on this phone.

  • Omeer

    WTH am I reading this article wrong or does every other sentence really sound like a contradiction to a previous sentence? It says “anyone want to take bets it’s the G-Slate, I “DIDN’T” think so”. Then the next sentence says “word is coming from all around that it is in fact the G-Slate”. David I love you for all the great stuff you bring us but please just stick to the story.

    • I added in a “it’s *not* the G-Slate?” Sorry man but if I can’t have a little fun doing this it’s really just very boring.

      • Omeer

        Awesome, it makes a lot more sense now. Funny how the inclusion or exclusion of one little word makes such a big difference. Sorry for lashing out earlier man, you do a great job with this site.Keep it up :)

  • Carlos

    I’m almost certain it’s the G-Slate. Because when you go to “Shop All Phones” on T-Mobile’s site, the last three devices are the G-Slate, G2x, and Sidekick 4G, and they all say “Coming Soon”

    • Rage

      mine says “Exclusive on the Web — now through Tues., 4/19/11” not coming soon…….

      • Carlos

        Yeah, that wasn’t like that earlier though. It’s because the G2x is now available for purchase online.

  • LG Optimus 3D or Tmobile G3D????

  • NardVa

    I wish it was the HTC Sensation…A person can dream….I guess the G2X will do for now…

  • Anonymous

    common guys its tmobile….. gslate.. nothing more

  • Any ideas how to get a G2x free? I am out of contract now. Still rocking my G1 with cm7 if you can believe it.
    I was hoping customer loyalty could discount the phone to $0.
    Is there anything I should say on the phone that might get the price reduced?

    • Androidforlife

      Free? Really? Why do you feel you deserve one for free?

      • ATL Guy

        I wish companies would tell these freeloaders to go phuck themselves.
        These people are probably on t mobile anyway because they have crap credit.

        • jfo

          the most id ask for is not paying the mail in rebate on smartphones.. i just hate those, if i could get away with out that it would be awesome! to bad im not a patient person, i cant handle calling in and waiting a few days i just go up the block to the tmo store, tho when i called for the sidekick special thing for my sister the phone came 3 days later. i just hope i can make my bb last for a few more weeks. dont want to rush in on one thing, wanna wait for reviews.

    • Anonymous

      “I’m super cheap, and don’t plan on staying with t-Mobile unless you can give me this phone, at the price of…free.”

      Seriously though, besides the obvious “why spend money if I don’t have to?”, you’re not THAT special lol. I’ve been with Tmo for 7 years, and I don’t expect free, and couldn’t imagine myself calling to barter with Tmobile for a cheaper price. If you’re that into the phone, just fork over the cash. Its not a personal attack on you, its just when I was a rep, it was the most annoying thing to hear “I’m signing a contract, so the phone SHOULD be free for me…just because. Verizon will give me a free phone, so Tmobile should too”.

      • Anonymous

        Well I do feel that there should be some incentive for long term customers other than going through customer loyalty. At least like a 25%- 50% discount or like $20 off a month. Its not wrong to ask for cheaper or maybe some incentive. I mean if there was no incentive we wouldn’t be where we are at today a whole world working for green doing dirty jobs to make great pay.

    • Mainlandking

      @Mike, I currently work for tmobile retention, and just as bkenigma stated, it is very annoying at times to hear customers try and negotiate a phone price. While I understand you want to spend as little as possible on a new device, (i do as well) please don’t expect free. By saying something like “I’m off of contract, I can go to xzy,” is not going to change the price of a device. We know what our competition offers, and we also know what we are offering and how it is a better fit for you. Remember, all offers are one time only offers, so if you contact loyalty, the best thing I could tell you is to be ready to conduct business, bc if you hang up without placing the order, prices are subject to change, we notate the account, and anything extra is not going to be offered a second time.

      • Androidforlife

        I deal with this daily as well and it drives me CRAZY!!

        “I’m a good customer, I pay my bill on time, give me a free phone or I’ll cancel…”

        I hear these things daily…

        I pay your bill on time? YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME! That doesn’t make you entitled to a free phone. People, keep in mind you’re not just forking your money over to T-Mobile with nothing in exchange, they are providing you with a SERVICE. No one ever calls their cable company and asks for a free cable box or their electric company and asks for a free lamp or month of service, no one ever asks for a discount at the gas station or grocery store…

        If you want a free device, there are plenty of ways to get one. How about a job with a cellular company, marketing company or cell manufacturer? With my company, I get ANY device for free every 6 months. I’ll be ordering my FREE G-SLATE the day they are released.. :)

        P.S. In my eyes, a good customer is someone who takes the time to LEARN ABOUT THEIR DEVICE, TAKES A MOMENT TO READ THEIR PHONE BILL and USES SOME MANNERS when contacting me or our office or our customer care department. These types of people I will bend over backwards for and I’ve even gone out of my way to get them early discounts.. Unfortunately, most people I deal with daily DO NOT act that way…

        ALSO, T-Mobile does have a referral program! For each one of your friends that sign up for service, they’ll pay you 25 bucks! Just get a few friends to activate service and you’ll have your phone for FREE and you’ll make some commission for your local sales rep, who will in turn, take very good care of you for looking out for THEM as well!! :)

      • Thanks for the input. I don’t mind paying for as much of the phone as I have to, I was just hoping for information about any discount that is available. When I see that someone can renew a contract with wirefly and receive the sG2x for $50 less I kinda want to know why Tmo wouldn’t price match

        I wish other people on here would read my post more closely. I almost feel flamed for asking a pretty benign question.

        Thanks for your time.

    • AxEffect

      Well I ordered my G2X this morning…and while you can’t get them to change the price of the phone, they did offer me a $119 credit to resign all 4 of my lines to a new 2 year contract, and the new rate was lower and had more minutes/options…

      I’ve been a customer for 11 years, but give it a shot

  • alex

    Htc sensation/mt4g slide announcement?/g-slate

  • Hmm…I need to head down to my local brick & mortar to have my mytouch4G swapped out, gots me some dust stuck under the screen. Was going to go today, think I’m gonna wait till next week. See if I can’t convince the clerk to let me swap it out for a G2x.

    If I could only be so lucky.

    • ATL Guy


    • Na

      not happening

  • Twitchysquirrel

    Its the G-Slate I called asking for the G2X and the rep thought I was talking about the G-Slate instead and said I wouldn’t get it until Apr 20th even if I ordered it today.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    It’s the GSlate for the simple fact that it’s the last device hardly any of us even care about. Basic Tmo Marketing seen here. People expecting anything else (Sensation/Optimus3D), get ready for another letdown. I hope I’m wrong but I know I’m not in this case.

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S2.

  • TMobbin’

    People its obviously the G-Slate! Why do you think Wal-Mart, Wirefly, etc have the G-Slate up for pre-order… its about time another carrier gets a Honeycomb Tablet… So stop guessing and hoping and BELIEVE IT IS the G-Slate, son! lol but if you want to hope for something that wont happen go right ahead…

  • Lee

    David, if you could, do a spec comparison with the upcoming phones and tablets. You could even throw in some pros and cons for each.

  • iFartWell

    How about a Sidekick LX 4G thats a lot slimmer with 5-8mp camera with flash and gingerbread added to it. I can careless about a Gay-Slate… I already have a iPad 2. Ha!

  • Ryan

    The G-Slate! Yay, another laggy Android tablet! I’m sad that my fellow Android lovers have turned into fanboys and drool over every Android product, even if it’s a piece of junk. Honeycomb is trash people.Go play with the XOOM for further analysis. Google won’t change if we just keep sucking the tit.

  • I’ll post the same information to my blog, thanks for ideas and great article.

  • Anonymous

    An awesome twist would be the Galaxy S2 although its a huge stretch