Three Iconic Devices Launching April 20th? The G2X, Sidekick 4G And ????

Release date of the T-Mobile G2X? April 20th. Release date of the Sidekick 4G? April 20th. So what Iconic device are we missing from this equation of not one, not two but three devices launching April 20th. Anyone want to take bets its not the T-Mobile G-Slate? I didn’t think so.

Word is coming down from all around that the T-Mobile G-Slate which has yet to see the usual tweet from T-Mobile announcing a release date will in fact launch April 20th. The bottom line is that unless T-Mobile has a super surprise in store it’s the only “iconic” device yet to be announced for release currently in the T-Mobile lineup, HTC Sensation not withstanding.

Your move Tmo.

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