T-Mobile Sidekick 4G To See Limited Supply At Launch?

There is little question the Samsung Sidekick 4G has a lot to live up to against its predecessors of old. With a launch in just seven days a lot of eyes will be on T-Mobile to see if the reinvigorated Sidekick line passes muster with the general public. As it turns out, you might want to get up a little earlier than usual to make sure you’re order is placed early as we’ve received word that Sidekick 4G quantities at launch could be a little limited:

“Sidekick 4G Shortages Expected Due to high customer demand and initial manufacturing limitations, there may be a limited supply of Sidekick 4G devices in stores for the first week or two after launch.More will be available in two weeks.”

If you’re looking to fulfill the Sidekick fix you’ve wrongly missed out on for some time better get yourself up early and to your local T-Mobile store!

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  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    surprise surprise :)
    I’m kind of interested and kinda not….ugh decisions

    • sidekick might have a chance this time since they dropped dangerOS(bought by microsoft)

      • its kindof funny seeing the designer of the sidekick os move to android lol. from the interviews ive seen, the guy is working on honeycomb/icecream :D

    • iFartWell

      Can I bang you?

  • From what I know. Limited supplies is a loose term. What qualifies as limited anyway? The phone will or should be a great seller for fans of the previous Sidekick line up and a great addition for T-mo especially considering what it packs for $99. I guess time will tell.

  • T-MoAndroidExpert

    I’d like to know what high customer demand they are referring to….I haven’t heard one customer asking for it yet, and whenever I bring it up, they seemed to be confused as to why they would need a Sidekick. Hopefully though, they are right about the high demand. It seems to be a pretty cool device, although I’m still waiting for the HTC Sensation 4G. I think that phone will be pretty huge…..

  • So much for people talking crap about it being a kids phone & it’s a dead line.

  • Souljourney

    I was at a TMo store yesterday and they said they are only getting a “half shipment” of the Sidekick, but a “Double Shipment of the G2X”.

  • I think if it were thinner (10mm), had a bigger screen, had a 5mp camera, android 2.3, and had 16/32gb built in…people would be running out the door and jumping out the window to get it. But when it was discontinued for that short time, it hurt them. This should have been put out 1 year ago, but they get an C+ for bring it back and keeping those die hard fans of SK’s happy!!! We shall see…

  • Tre

    Its good for sidekick lovers that just text alot & use the internet but its a mid-range phone when it comes to specs. SK lovers will run to get it but as for the high end phone owners they won’t even think of switching out their MT4Gs, Galaxy 4G’s, & Vibrants for this

    • justmee2

      I would go with the G2x one only if it has a physcial keyboard. What I think is that T-Mobile has plans to release a better Sidekick in the next couple of months. The next Sidekick will probably be by HTC.

      • cellphoneghost

        g2x doesnt have a key board but i thought i needed a keyboard but when i got my mom got an epic we found out that we did not need a keyboard because voice to text swype and the 4 inch screen which the g2x does have a 4 inch screen and voice to text so you should be fine

  • Sweetblueteddy

    I would like to upgrade to this phone… An expert from t mobile messed up my phone after he was restarting my phone. I tried to call back to let them know about this one person said they were going to send me a new phone after days passed nothing the phone did not get better nor did they do anything to make the change for me. I have been calling threw the months to see if anyone can help me and then someone told me they would not change my phone I have the my-slide and I really dont like this phone after this guy messed up my phone the battery does not last also the internet goes and comes and I constantly have call drops. Also I would like to mention the pieces of the phone are falling off and mainly the keyboard. I hope I can upgrade to this phone and be happy with my purchase.

  • Shawnmanik

    U should go into an authorized t mobile store. Tell them you will sue them. LOL!

  • This is true…ordered my SK4G the 16, back-ordered the 17…21st and T-Mobile has no idea when I might get my phone…

  • This is true…ordered my SK4G the 16, back-ordered the 17…21st and T-Mobile has no idea when I might get my phone…