FCC Pledges Extensive Review Of AT&T/T-Mobile Deal, Chairman Hints At Lack Of Competition

In a conference held just moments ago the FCC discussed the steps it would take to evaluate the proposed AT&T and T-Mobile acquisition. Paperwork has been filed by the FCC and the real fun begins for AT&T and T-Mobile to submit their own documentation which will be done under strict confidentiality.

According to todays call the FCC and DOJ will conduct a parallel review of the deal not unlike the approval process performed for the Comcast/NBC acquisition. In order to properly evaluate the deal, the FCC will take into consideration their own spectrum plans, affects of the merger for the competition in the short and long term and how or if the merger might advance technology.

Moreover, the FCC said that it will consider competition heavily and examine the number of carriers left and the portions of the market each of those carriers will control. The FCC will also perform a market-by-market spectrum analysis.

However, the FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski has hinted albeit indirectly that he believes the state of the wireless market in the US would not be as “rosy” as AT&T suggests it would be post T-Mobile acquisition. Speaking to the Washington Post, Genachowski pointed to an FCC report from last May which indicated:

“There appears to be increasing concentration in the mobile wireless market. One widely-used measure of industry concentration indicates that concentration has increased 32 percent since 2003 and 6.5 percent in 2008.”

While AT&T has argued that a market-by-market analysis which will show that at least four carriers and sometimes five are available in most cities, consumer groups are taking issue with that notion. Their is a concern by such consumer watchdog groups that the two biggest wireless players, AT&T and Verizon are just getting bigger and smaller competitors aren’t able to keep up especially in light of specialized deals with companies like Apple that gives AT&T and Verizon a significant heads up.

Needless to say the wheels are now in motion for the deal to be pushed through, held up or killed altogether. One thing is for certain, AT&T will be doing all it can and use all of its lobbying muscle to push this through, publicly because they need they spectrum and privately because AT&T just doesn’t’ want to lose this deal or end up having to write T-Mobile a $3 billion dollar check.

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  • Alexanderwardlaw21

    I hope the FCC and the DOJ block this deal!.. its MA Bell all over again!.. if it does happen all we will have to choose from is Verizon, AT &T (crap) and Sprint (crap)…. all the small players piggy back off those networks, it will make AT&T the ONLY GSM provider in The US… I wont even mention how CRAPPY AT &T customer service is and how antiquated ALL of their phones are… EVEN the i-phone!!… I think it will slow down the development on wireless tech in this country, and we dont need anything else HURTING our country…

    • BossManAtl

      I agree. We need to do everything we can to preserve the jobs we have and create more jobs so that our country will grown and prosper. AT&T is money hungry and does NOT care about how this will impact everyone else. They are no different from the tyrants we battle everyday over in other countries. I for one will stand for what I believe in and remain anti AT&T. ???(-_-)??? AT&T

    • I agree with most of this, but be aware that almost all operators (Sprint excluded) are switching to the 4G version of GSM, LTE. While technically it’ll leave AT&T a monopoly on 2G and 3G GSM (UMTS), once LTE gets rolled out, the need to use those standards will reduce considerably.

      • Moneyman

        So that means you have two companies using sim cards that have the same prices….sounds like a duopoly, nothing has changed in that sense. If sprint leaves we have two gsm companies with overpriced plans. That doesn’t make sense at all.

    • CG

      Amen!! Brother.

  • AT&TRidesNutsack

    what a farce. if this makes it through, there really is no hope for the government.

    there are way too many issues with the deal outside of the whole duopoly argument.

  • weenerface

    I really dont mind if this goes through, At&t may suck but we will still have tmobiles service combined with theirs, so it will only get better. I was with At&t for 3 years with an iphone and rarely had issues with anything. Plus now there will be better service but ill get to keep my tmobile price. No sense in throwing hissy fits over this deal its going to happen one way or another, tmobile wants to sell to anyone who will buy they want out.

    • Samus

      Do you have access to the final deal? I wasn’t aware of an official release stating any of the things you mentioned. If you buy into better service you are a fool. They have already stated that they are already at their end of their spectrum needs and adding additional people to an already bogged down network isn’t going to make your service better. As with any other merger, once your contract expires you will grandfathered into the att prices, which in most cases are upwards to 30-40 dollars more a month.

      • Mopar6464

        If the deal goes through , just wait until the last possible minute before the take over by AT&T and extend your T-Mobile 2 yr contract and lock in your cheap rates. Then when it’s up , tell AT&T to match it or leave.
        I myself don’t think their service is that bad. My brother and other family members have AT&T and have no issues.
        Every time i go south of my city(Columbus,Ohio) , i automatically get AT&T service on my HD2 phone. T-Mobile has a very limited range in some areas.
        And there is s no way in hell i’ll pay $115./month for the same service i get now through Verizon. My cousins have them and yes , they have spotty drop call areas too.

  • Dedrick Lester

    I don’t care what happens as long as my bill stays the same

    • Samus

      You should care because if it does happen your bill will inevitably change.

      • Ouch Bro

        Actually, everyone should care… because it was invariably affect everyone’s bill, whether you’re on AT&T, Verizon, or any other of the traditional post-paid cell companies.

        They’ll most certainly go up if this clears all the hurdles. The major telcos have reflexive pricing as it is now. It’s about as close as you can get to outright collusion without getting nailed for it.

        AT&T is cranking up the lobbying machine and I’m sure they’ll do their best to shove this thing right now. It’s amazing lobbying is even legal… it’s basically legalized bribery.

    • jarjon76

      If the deal goes through your bill won’t stay the same. In fact, it will most likely be higher–a lot higher–than what you’re paying right now. That’s the main reason I’m so against this deal. I’m with T-Mobile because of their low pricing and customer service. You’ll have neither if we’re shipped off to the evil AT&T island.

      • Mopar6464

        If deal does go through and your on a two year current contract with T-mobile , AT&T Can’t change the bill until your original contract ends.
        That’s why you wait until the last possible moment before the take-over and extend your T-mobile contract to lock in your cheap rate plan.

        • Ash

          And what happens after that? think long term. Don’t be short sighted.

        • Mopar6464

          Then you move on.
          But until that locked in grandfather plan expires , enjoy the cheap rate.
          Why jump ship right away to Verizon and pay $155/month for the same service.
          Don’t be so closed minded.

        • Mopar6464

          I meant to say $115./month for the same plan.

        • Ash

          You move on, but move on to what? ATT? Verizon? Seems Sprint have a best plan, but many people don’t want CDMA.
          Then what you gonna do if you want a GSM carrier in USA?

        • Mopar6464

          What are you smoking ?
          LTE is already happening and Verizon already has it. The Thunderbolt is 4G LTE which is GSM and AT&T has LTE running right now also. It is Limited right now but both carriers are building LTE and expanding.
          That’s the way the future is heading here in USA.
          So by the time AT&T takes over T-Mobile in about a year from now, GSM LTE will be out and normal for Verizon and AT&T.
          Sprint will be out of business or bought out by Verizon unless something big happens within their company and they wake up and see that Wimax Sucks and is not real 4G and convert over to LTE now before it’s to late.

        • Ash

          So basically you are saying that we will only have 2 highest priced carriers to pick from.

        • Mopar6464

          Yes unless Sprint changes from CDMA to GSM and go LTE in the near future.
          But they are in a financial wreck right now and they will either go under or get bought out if they don’t change their business practices.

        • Mopar6464

          So ride out your 2 year T-Mobile Grandfathered cheap rate plan when AT&T takes it over in a year from now .
          And then it will be 3 years down the road by that time and LTE will be the normal cervice for everone .
          Well maybe , Sprint may not exist at that time.

  • Anonymous

    BLOCK the damn deal FCC. I just cant see this how this helps the customer.

  • Anonymous

    We are in for a dramatic and exciting ride for the rest of this year! I just hope we don’t see a lot of these little victories only to be sold off like cattle.

    • I don’t see this as a victory? It’s just the beginning of the fact finding part of this deal. It’s neither a victory nor a loss.

      • Anonymous

        For me ANYTHING that is leaning in the opposite direction of the buyout is at least a small victory.

        “Julius Genachowski… believes the state of the wireless market in the US would not be as “rosy” as AT&T suggests it would be post T-Mobile acquisition.”

        Surely it’s not a solid Victory.

  • Anonymous

    There’s lots of factors, elements and “things” that hurt the likelihood of this deal going through.

    And AT&T’s arguments have more holes than Swiss cheese. For example, AT&T likes to point out that after its acquisition (AT&T and others who want this to go through call it a “merger”) there will be plenty of competition by carriers, since there will still be six carriers of note.

    Uh… no, the carrier pecking order currently has MetroPCS as the fifth largest carrier, after T-Mobile. MetroPCS has approximately 8.5 million subscribers. AT&T is simply lying when it says that post-acquisition there will be competitors.

    Really? Let’s see… that’s 130 million subscribers versus 8.5 million. That’s a carrier with 40+ smart and super phones and the iPhone, against a carrier who just got its first Android-based smartphone and that’s the only one it has to offer (the Samsung Indulge).

    Of course regulators and Congress simply need to ask one question of AT&T’s CEO, while he is under oath: “Has AT&T ever developed a marketing plan, come out with a phone, utilized a strategy, or priced its plans because of something or anything MetroPCS has ever done?”

    The CEO’s truthful answer would have to be “no” because AT&T has never considered the “fifth largest U.S. wireless carrier” competition nor even worthy of AT&T employees’ attention while they are using the bathroom.

  • If they base it off of the factors that are mentioned, the ‘merger’ should clearly not go through. So, I put my faith in them staying true to their word for how they’ll make a final decision in this review.

    • jarjon76

      Well said, as usual. Like most of us, I hope this deal fall through and we get to keep our beloved T-Mobile. And if they get $3 billion, that spectrum, and a roaming agreement that would greatly benefit us–the loyal T-Mobile customer.

      • Exactly. I mean they say, T-Mobile was gonna get sold anyway, DT didn’t want them no more. Honestly… that’s cool. None of us can help or change that. DT is overseas, none of us have the money to make them feel other words, or can convince them verbally to change their mind. But, that doesn’t mean justify us being apart of AT&T, how does that make anything better? If we have to merge, I would be very welcome to merging with Sprint. To be honest, I was ROOTING for a ‘deal’ with Sprint. That would’ve been great. & It wouldn’t have no effect on competition because AT&T is already huge, & so is Verizon. If I’m not mistaken, individually they both have at least 70-80 million customers. With Sprint/T-Mobile together we would just be about 90 mill, & that would not give us overbearing power & allow competition to move freely as they please. Also, that would allow no one to control US GSM power because we would still have 2 Major GSM carriers T-Mobile in Sprint, & AT&T. The only issue w/ Sprint is the fact their CDMA & we’re GSM, & the fact their using Wi-Max for 4G instead of LTE. If they we’re using LTE, it would’ve been a easy transition in the next few years. But, to be honest, the merged company could’ve just made a deal with Clearwire for spectrum & just worked as one to build a LTE network & transitioned all devices to LTE later on. CDMA’s efficiency is not a great as GSM anyway, globally & regionally (at least as far as High-speed network based on results, & results to come in the future.).

        • Mopar6464

          Sprint sucks just as bad. Go ahead join a loser like Sprint and watch them shaft you with their horrible CS and charge you $10.00 extra for their Wimax BS 4G interenet. Not to mention their calls sounds like your talkng to someone inside a soup can.
          Been their done that,never again.

        • Anonymous

          Sprints trash and WiMax is an insult.

  • tmobile will be sold no matter what happens. dt does not want to keep tmobile. it is not profitable and they have made it clear they do not want to keep putting time and money into it. if you don’t like at&t, then move to sprint. they are the next in value and thier customer service has greatly improved.

    • 19fonzy

      And don’t forget their awesome line up of upcoming android phones

    • Not a Sprint Rep are you? ;-)

    • Matt

      T-Mobile IS profitable. Check your info.

  • Anonymous

    And AT&T better be ready with an answer on what it intends to do with T-Mobile’s 42,000 thousand employees.

    Fact is, with an acquisition AT&T biggest headache is labor costs. Obviously AT&T does not intend to absorb T-Mobile’s monthly payroll, that’s in the billions. That expense is the main reason acquiring companies fire most of the acquired company’s employees.

    But in these hard economic times and the fragile recovery period, Washington is not going to let AT&T add thousands to the nation’s unemployment rolls. In fact, in looking closely at this transaction Congress and regulators could be bowing to pressure from the White House, to not approve this deal (or at least delay until after the 2012 election) . Reason: the nation simply can’t afford to lose that many jobs.

    Sidenote: Unemployment concerns and “what to do about T-Mobile employees” could be the bases for Washington to get concessions from AT&T, significant stipulations, if you will.

    And I still think that the way AT&T might deal with all the headaches is to agree to operate T-Mobile as an “intact” separate division or entity, for at least the next five years, during which time AT&T can slowly absorb or fold T-Mobile into AT&T. That’s the only way I see AT&T mollifying people and entities opposed to this deal.

  • Punisher2all

    I’m not a religious man, but if you’re out there, STOP this deal SUPERMAN!!!

    • CG

      I am confused!!!! What does religion have to do with Superman????

      • Anonymous

        Right LOL. Someone needs Jesus.

      • Ash

        Sending his son to earth to save us, maybe?

  • Joe

    Is it just me, but if T-Mobile would just get the iPhone (whether you love it or hate it) they’d easily jump to second place in the wireless carrier race, due to their constant build out of their network, stellar customer service, affordability, and then a giant influx of customers.

    • Samus

      This is how the death star has come to have so many network issues. You have an influx of customers buying up one phone and clogging up the network. True T-mobile wouldn’t be in this situation had it gotten the iPhone but we would all be complaining of how slow the network is.

      • jarjon76

        This is why I’m glad T-Mobile never got the iphone. Fair or unfair, I find most iphone users to be data hogs and users that don’t understand or care what having some many people on one network at the same time would do. While T-Mobile would greatly benefit from sales of the iphone, it would have greatly suffered in the network department and cause some to leave.

    • LC

      Plus getting the iPhone isn’t up to T-Mobile, it’s Apple’s decision. I think it would make consumers happy but I would be nervous to see what it would/could do to the network. I know people love the iPhone but after using it and then using and Android phone I just can’t go back. But to each his own.

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile would have to sell more iPhones than they currently have subscribers (34 Million). Apple has sold 100 Million iPhones in total to date. Sounds nice but at this point the iPhone maybe could scoot us up to Sprint.

      T-Mobile would have to do like the top 2 do and buyout another carrier to make it to 2nd place..

    • Ash

      No, keep the iphone on ATT and Verzion.
      Keep ATT off T-mo.

  • SemiSpook

    Sure, Deutsche Telekom may be losing money on T-Mobile over here in the US, but look at the system that’s in place. Verizon and Sprint still rely on CDMA in order to do anything (and that’s the main reason that Verizon STILL can’t do data/voice simultaneously), while AT&T and T-Mobile are the main TDMA/GSM providers. Sure, there’s a tiny bit of spectrum overlap at 900 MHz, but T-Mobile also operates in the 1.8 GHz range. AT&T has done an extremely poor job of both their network development AND customer service, so much so that it’s only logical (for them) to buy up the competition. Problem is, nobody else is able to compete with AT&T because of their access technology. The reason GSM is wildly popular in Europe is that not only are the devices unlocked, but much like everything else, country borders include their RF spectrum. It’s entirely possible that you could go through several countries within a day’s travel, but you need to ensure that your equipment is going to work in each country you pass through. No way around it.

    Here, it’s a bit different. It’s just a giant expanse, but we can’t seem to get past the fact that a lot of people have the ol’ NIMBY attitude when it comes to any sort of infrastructure project (substation, tower, highway, etc.). If people understand the fact that a couple of extra cell towers, as “hideous” as they may look (which people really need to get over), may provide the right amount of connectivity and coverage, there wouldn’t be so many issues with specific carriers. Also, this whole “subsidizing” thing is a pain, too. People are beginning to catch on to the fact that they can get a phone off of eBay or (horrors) bring one back from overseas and it’ll work here with the right SIM card inserted. T-Mobile’s had it right to let market forces work to get subscribers (although it’s a pain with the ETF in place right now) with the EM+ plans. That’s choice. AT&T and VZW want nothing to do with that model because they know they’ll end up losing more money. DT’s not happy about it, sure, but that’s because people don’t want to do the simple math and say, “Hey, I’m paying less per month on my service because I’m not locked into anything, and I don’t HAVE to buy a new phone from the provider if I don’t want to.”

    • Matt

      Why do people think the DT is losing money on TMO USA? T-Mobile USA made billions last year…

  • Stevejaye

    How about T-mobile USA and a IPO?


    wait ’til someone antes up another offer. this is only the beginning.

    • Anonymous

      A higher bidder?

      • Ash

        Give me 39.1 Billion, and I will give you the best cell plans in the USA. :D

  • Anonymous
    • Bimmerz

      Very interesting read, thx for sharing. :o)

  • No competition + greed = Loss for us all…..I honestly feel that if At&t does acquire t-mobile, it will become a stagnant cesspool of angry dissatisfied customers who overpay for an over-performing network. I think all of the hard work t-mobile has put in to customer service will be replaced with reps who won’t/can’t give much of a damn about the customer…..

    • They will even give a damn less, because they’ll have everything. They won’t have to be nice, they won’t have to give top service because they’ll already be #1. When you have the money, & the people, you don’t have to do a thing. You just collect profits

  • Anonymous

    Ya know, we’re all hating on AT&T and not buying the crap about how the market will still be fair after the deal but can you imagine out beloved T-Mobile people (DT People I guess) standing around co-signing the bullsh@? Money talks and….

  • Darkodynamite

    I like how this TMo News site is plastered with AT&T and Verizon Wireless ads. Way to stay true…

    • Way to ignore the idea that I don’t pick the ads.

      • Matt

        Everyone has to make money!

      • David is still #winning lol

        • T1 Connect

          Dude your an ass. Don’t come if you don’t like..and jump off a building while you can

        • Why did you reply to me? I’m not the one who said that, lol

        • iFartWell

          Because your a lifeless DORK that’s in his 20’s and still needs parental guardianship!! #Soft

        • Oh ok. You’re one of those lame little kids that follow people around & pick on them because you have nothing relevant about your life, & have no accomplishments. ok…. I guess you’re gonna be my follower for some time. That’s cool. Make sure the next time you follow me, you bring me back a souvenir from the dump you stay in. :)

        • Anonymous

          D… I call them “stalkers.” Harder to shake than bed bugs.

        • Yeah.. I won’t be bothered though.

        • Ash

          See what happens when you share something personal online?

        • I see, but I don’t really care (not trying to be rude, just to that person in the situation, so this is directed to him or anyone else to has a problem with it). I have nothing to hide, & I know anything I say can & will be used against me. I’m 21 & I’m a full-time college student. I have a grandma who supports me a bit. It’s not like anyone can say they haven’t had assistance. Who can say they sit here & paid $100,000 for college, or haven’t had financial aid, a loan, co-signer (because that’s basically what my grandma is) or anything assistance? If anyone can say no throughout life period, they’re lying. To me it’s not that serious that I ‘was’ on a plan with my grandma & accidentally called her my ‘guardian’ because she isn’t my parent, but rather my grandma. The only reason I went through her is because she is on the plan, it would be rude for me to just change it & change her to another plan & not tell her. But, Oh well as far as him. I clearly started I don’t want or have credit because I rather pay for stuff out right. Am I soft because I’m not dumb enough to set myself up for a huge debt (failure) before I even make it out here? I think not. So, this is to the troll & to anyone who actually think I care. I have still been commenting on the blog consistently, my IQ it still in the triple digits, I am still accomplishment goals, I slept great last night,& I’m still the business. Life goes on. Last time I’m gonna speak on it.

    • iFartWell

      Its just a DUMB site all together! Especially if you post a FACTUAL opinion… it gets removed by some dork with magenta panties!!

  • Anonymous

    For those curious about this kind of thing and want to keep an eye out for when you can speak up, here’s how events may take place, procedurally:

    The FCC opened a docket and issued a protective order, FCC docket # 11-65. (The “docket” is like a court case file with a designated number.) The docket “order” includes information for the applicants (AT&T, T-Mobile), Washington, and the public on how and when events will occur.

    The FCC issued a protective order that will allow the AT&T and T-Mobile to file information, exhibits and evidence under seal, out of the media’s reach (and the applicants’ competitors, like Verizon). I question this secrecy since the public and media are more adept at flushing out false information that a party might submit or that an applicant might withhold.

    On a separate front, last week AT&T filed its required application for antitrust review with “Justice” (Department of), a process AT&T is well familiar with. LOL.

    In the next couple weeks AT&T will most likely file a separate FCC application to transfer to it control of T-Mobile’s spectrum licenses.

    On AT&T and T-Mobile filing their papers, an FCC bureaucrat reviews the applications to make sure the applicants checked all the boxes (e.g. Will your acquisition result in a duopoly? ___Yes ___No).

    On the applicants’ papers being found in order, the FCC invites all of us to the party, aka notice seeking public comment. (That part of the process might take some time considering the number of the public with pitchforks in hand opposing this deal.)

    After we are done poking AT&T with our forks the FCC looks at everything and takes into account the public interest, public policy, and FCC policies-goals-mandates.

    The FCC then makes a ruling on the spectrum license issues and whether to grant or deny the applications. Considering the sized of this deal and the degree of opposition to it, the FCC will issue a detailed decision, not only to support the decision, but also to create a suitable record for appeal, regardless of how the FCC rules.

    This process is similar to how all agencies will SEPARATELY handle the acquisition. Some agencies have jurisdiction over the transaction, parties, or issues, while others are simply getting involved because of the public’s interest/clamoring.

    The process is daunting for AT&T and T-Mobile because no one in Washington has jurisdiction over the other, so the hearing, application or other process can track on different timetables. Fortunately for AT&T and T-Mobile, they have buildings full of lawyers whose only job is to deal with this deal.

    • Anonymous

      Oh… forgot to mention, this does not take into account any lawsuits that might be filed. And depending on the issues litigated, what could really delay this from happening for years is if a court issues a stay on AT&T and T-Mobile finalizing the sale.

    • Petey

      cliff notes?

  • Destinyy22

    Dammit I really want this deal to go tru.. cuz my sis just switched from at&t which she hated to T-mobile which she know loves. When she found out about this deal cuz I showed her lolz she got soo pissed off cuz its gunna be like if she had at&t all over again. Me I personally don’t care what happens since I have verizon a thunderbolt its all good over here with me. So yea if this deal does go tru ima be laughing soo much at my sister in her ugly azz face lolz damm I can’t wait hopefully it happens soon..

    • thatguy

      you sir are an idiot…….

      • number1CSR

        i don’t think it’s a sir. “lolz”

      • Destinyy22

        Wtf? Is wrong wit u gurl? I am not a “SIR”

      • Jeremy

        Agreed! Do you people read what you write before you post?

    • HeyYou

      Wow, ever hear of proper English?? Ya needz ta git out da hood and into a skool sista, ya hurd??

      • Destinyy22

        Ok dikk I get ur point I admit I live in da ghetto side of los angeles. But u freakinqq write da same as me so why da hell u critizizinq me? Look at ur writtinqq its just as shitty as minee is

        • Anonymous

          Is this Ebonics? Seriously, is it?


        • Virtue

          I’m just going to point out the obvious here; he’s actually mocking you. Can people not tell that these days?

        • Destinyy22

          Yes I can dipshit

        • thatguy

          i’m sure you can’t at this point

  • Anonymous

    regardless to of the deal im done with t-mobile. this was the not the straw but anvil that broke the camels back.

    • Dswagg2k10

      would you explain this please? What did tmobile do?

  • Brian

    For the deal to go through AT&T should offer a plan that includes unlimited voice, text, data, hot spot features for less than $100.

    • BullNYC

      I agree. The FCC should force AT&T or any other company that buys the divested T-Mobile markets to honor the plans each sub comes with. I do not mean until the contract is up but after the contract expires. if we renew, each of us renew with our plans current TMO plan with that brand new phone and new 2yr contract.

    • Jeremy

      And how would that affect the governments decision?

  • Anonymous

    Still hoping this buy out fails big time. AT&T will suck us dry if they take this thing over. Somehow the FCC has to see this is just not good for mobile phone customers in this country.

  • T1 Connect

    Give up the doe AT&T. We want your spectrum too…..

  • Bigger Mac

    I really hope the deal goes thru! why cant anyone see the benefits??? Its clear that DT is determined to get rid of tmobile US and I think AT&T is the best option if you ask me, unless you want to end up being bought by Sprint or boost mobile or even Cricket, there’s so many pros to this merger, better coverage, a wider selection on phones, the list goes on and on, I’ve joined an online group to support this deal to go thru, the goal is to send as many emails as possible to the FCC hoping they’ll move this thru as quick as possible.

    • the list goes on and on…..horrible customer service, unexpected charges on your bill, much lower data cap,etc. where is this big list of benefits you claim? so many pro’s???? name 3 more with evidence.

      • Mopar6464

        Lets see , horrible customer service. Have you ever been on Sprint , they top that with ease.
        Unexpected changes. They can’t do that if your grandfathered in from T-mobile with a 2 year current contract,they have to honor that plan until it ends.
        Lower data caps , yes you win there but most people don’t use over 2Gb a month unless you tether all the time.

        • i stream slacker radio at work all week. easily over 2 gigs. not a data hog. just using the data i pay for. no torrents etc. as for cs, i’ve never had sprint. but in all honesty, how much worse can they be? i rarely call cs anyways. they don’t want to be bothered with root issues. so i’ll take my chances. why would i pay more for the same crappy cs? lol. doesn’t make sense. my bro lives a few blocks away,he’s on sprint. great signal all over our city. so sprint it is for me.

        • Mopar6464

          Make sure you lube up first,lol.

    • ChrisB

      You looking at this all wrong.
      Besides the obvious price increase for plans and getting charged up the @ss for going over minutes/data/texts.
      We will all lose the type of handsets T-Mobile offers. ATT locks down their handsets, doesn’t allow side loading apps, puts more bloatware than T-Mobile.
      T-Mobile stood for openness more than the other carriers. You will never see a pure android stock phone on ATT. Look at the types of great phone’s T-Mobile took a chance on and did great. Something att will never do.
      if the deal goes through I’m going to sprint. 100% sure of that.

      • i’ll see you on sprint. that’s where i’m headed in a year or so. all carriers have their faults. but sprint has the most comparable plans to tmo. i just hope they stay truly unlimited until i join them at least.

        • Mopar6464

          They have the most comparable plans but you better lube up and be ready for their horrible customer service experience.
          So you must be willing to deal with a lot of BS just to save a few bucks,if they don’t go under by then.

        • ChrisB

          Also many years ago I had verizon before tmobile. Had the 39.99$ plan.
          If I went over 10 – 20 minutes my bill would go over 100$. Which is bs!.
          AT&T is the same if not worst. I will not go to those two carriers.

        • ChrisB

          what is most important to me is the plan in price. Besides that what’s almost as important its how they handle their handsets.
          How much they lock down their phones, if they allow side loading apps, don’t force install bing unread of google, no excessive bloatware, etc.
          Tmobile is the only carrier that provided me with what I wanted.

    • Cjvhjvdjfvhjb

      i work for tmobile and if it gos tmobile phone will have no 3g or 4g or eg or g it will black out

      • Jeremynadeau

        Are you serious? I also work for T-Mobile and after TRYING to read what you wrote I’m almost embarrassed to say it! What are you trying to say here exactly? All T-Mobile phones will black out? as in not work? Do yourself a favor and quit now, your embarrassing yourself and T-Mobile with comments like this.

        • the_truth

          I agree–what dept does that dope work in? I too am embarrassed for him/her.

        • Dswagg2k10

          I work for tmo as well, I think what he was tryin to say is if tmo is bought out, then the 3g and 4g devices will no longer work(after the towers are converted). You can still call and use edge web though. Another reason I hope it doesn’t go thru, I’m bout to str8 plurge on this honeycomb goodness (can i please get a release date btw ugh!) and I want to be able to use tmo’s 4g. PS, I will work for at&t for maybe six weeks to get whatever retention bonus they talkin bout, but other than that, deuces at&t

        • ihatefanboys

          you need to go back and work at mcdonalds, cuz what youre saying reeks of stupidity.

    • Jason

      Sprint doesn’t have money to keep their company afloat, how could they possibly purchase Tmo? And Boost? Cricket?! You must be high or an ATT lobbyist trying(poorly) to sway the tmo faithful.

    • Say what? Are you on crack? AT&T totally sucks in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY!

    • and pay more for less?! you seem to forget only 2% of Americans are wealthy.

      • ghostnik

        no because bigger mac must be thinking that he is apart of that 2% that have 90% of the wealth of the nation, when the middile class and the working poor can barely survive, in our harsh economy. This “so called merger will increase competition,” even a blind man could see that if this goes through it will create a monopoly in gsm phones being offered by a carrier, lost of jobs, price increases and to link it back to the economy, it will also see people who once could afford a cell phone service (T-mobile) can’t afford one (AT&T) after the merger.

    • Mystrobiggz

      This deal is retarded. AT&T sucks terribly and Tmobile customers will be the scapegoats! FCC, kill this deal now.

    • Not_today_zurg

      Yeah, that IS the troublesome part of this…. DT does seem to want out. But I bet there are a whole bunch of TMob folks that would love to be spun off to continue this legacy of a Customer Centric Company that they’ve built. So if the deal falls through then Tmob would have a nice chunk of change to do a deal with Sprint or even some of the smaller players (the latter would make it easier to preserve the Tmob way of doing business).

    • Boost mobile is owned by Sprint. Just throwing that out there. There are also cons to this merger: A monopoly on GSM, Cell phone manu. get less $, because less carriers, higher prices. Less competition. But I want T-Mobile just to stay T-Mobile.

  • Markwill62

    Extensive review means it will be approved after AT&T takes care of them

  • Silk7412

    I had hoped google would have taken T-mo. This was there way into the cell phone compeny.

    • Hey, perhaps there is still hope Google jumps in if the deal is blasted, right? ;)


      Yea cause thats what we need is Google having more control around here… are you insane?

  • So… what can’t T-mobile just go solo? Split from DT and branch out on their own? Oh wait, I guess the answer involves the word “billions” and “dollars.” Alternatively, it would be nice if AT&T saw the prospect of operating T-mobile as another subsidiary, continuing to administer to the “low-end” market, as T-mobile has done for years. Sadly, it’s AT&T and consumer satisfaction doesn’t fit into their bottom line.

    • Ash

      What makes you think ATT wants to keep a low end market as you put it?
      Sooner or later, ATT will slowly force users to an ATT plan. plans which they can make the most $$.
      Whoever can’t see this needs to have their eyes or brain check, fast!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how they both call their services 4G yet they are running on 3.5G and 3.75G aka REV6.. Still not 4G.

    • Anonymous

      The Euro specs for the Sensation have 3G @ 14.4Mb/s while TMO is calling it the Sensation 4G with the same 14.4Mb/s speeds. Its all marketing bulls#!%.

      If ATTs crap right now is what they call 4G then I guess LTE will be 5 Damn G.

    • No, it’s funny how NO ONE, including VERIZON AND ESPECIALLY SPRINT, truly have real 4G…

    • Your comment is stupid and has nothing to do with this report…also gfam is correct….
      and it doesn’t matter if it “technically” isn’t …that does not change the fact that they will continue to call it so, so all the morons out there should just except it already, especially they the ITU-R is.

  • Anonymous

    extensive review means blow jobs from ATT lobbyists for everyone at FCC

    • Oh, not just BJ’s, but CIM too, lol!

  • Going_home

    AT&T already has plenty of spectrum as already reported on our favorite news source :


    Dont believe the lies being told.
    This deal is a competition crusher and means higher prices and less choices for all consumers !

  • Bloke

    Did the commish actually say it would not be “rosy”? You used quotation marks in your article, thus indicating he used that exact term, but then provide a quote that does not include that word at all. Your “journalism” (using quotation marks here to indicate sarcasm, not a direct quote) is “hard” to “take seriously” when it is “poorly written” (using quotation marks here to make polite fun of your “journalism”).

    Oh, and by the way, his name is Julius, not Julie. Okay, Darla? (Oops, I mean David.)

    Just poking a little fun… hopefully you can improve the editorial and writing standards a bit to keep this great site popular. You generally offer good and timely information, but when it is presented poorly, it becomes meaningless. Hopefully you’ll be able to step it up a notch to keep things here worthwhile. If you can provide good information in a timely fashion while simultaneously writing clearly, I think you will experience even more success!

    • Dswagg2k10

      you douche, he did spell Julius not julie. You could do some spell checking of your own. goodnight

      • Carl

        You are the classic loudmouthed idiot without a clue.

        Someone edited the name in the article well after it was posted with the error (and after the above comment was written), and in poor journalistic style, the editor did not indicate in the article that it had been corrected after it was originally published.

    • Carlos Fontes

      Hey Bloke, I’m sure David reads YOUR website whenever he needs to see what REAL journalism looks like.

  • Yesssssssssss! Hopefully they will kill the deal completely and chop T-Mobile into tiny little pieces. That would be too right leaving all those wanting AT&T customers that are dying to use T-Mobile’s bandwidth, lol!

    • BGT

      Evan if it doesn’t go through, ATT will be paying T-Mobile 8 Billion, and connecting with all of their towers

      • Mopar6464

        No , $3 Billion and they would’nt put up that kind of money on a shaky deal if they did’nt think it would go through the FCC.

        • ihatefanboys

          i think youre kidding, you are kidding right ? AT&T put what ? 58 billion down to buy TMO, and you think they would fret over giving up 3 billion if the deal gets axed ?? i think you missed math class. If they could lose the whole 58 or whatever the # is then id say they wouldnt put it up, but 3 billion is chump change to AT&T.

        • Heptakon

          by the way ihatefanboys its $39 billion not $58 billion!

        • ihatefanboys

          lol its all the same,….. a whole lotta moolah

        • Mopar6464

          You must have no clue how it really works.
          AT&T has money , yes.
          They don’t make a bid at $39 Billion to buy T-Mobile and have an extra 3 Billion to back it up if it falls through for nothing. I bet their math is a lot better than yours.
          It’s not play money , they want T-Mobile flat out and the only thing that CAN stop them now would be the FCC.
          You can bet they have some really good tricks up their sleeve to bring to the FCC table when it all gets hot and juicy.

        • ihatefanboys

          if the bid fails then they never had to pay the initial $39 billion, so the $3 billion payback comes out of that. why would they need extra ?

        • Mopar6464

          When i said the extra 3 billion i was talking about AT&T having that money to “Put up or shut up”.
          In other words they are really confident the deal will go through and are willing to pay T-Mobile 3 billion if it don’t.
          For them to agree to that large amount , their not playing around.

        • Giraffe

          the 3 billion there is an insurance plan for T-Mobile. Say they continue as an independent company, that’s probably how much they lost in revenue because of the media associated with the offer.

        • Mopar6464

          True , but AT&T would’nt agree to that 3 Billion if they thought the deal was too shaky and had a small chance at getting it approved.
          Companies just don’t throw 3 Billion away for nothing.
          They will make a lot of back door deals with the FCC and in the end it will be approved unless they make some major mistakes along the way with FCC at the table.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone’s so afraid of AT&T…….Why? As comsumers, we have all the power. After the buyout goes through, if we don’t like AT&T, we can go to another carrier. Money talks…….and if money walks away from ATT (losing a lot of customers), they won’t have a choice but to change. Another carrier will give the consumer what they want. When this deal goes thru, ATT will be the most powerful carrier in the US. How will VZW feel about this? I feel like the acquisition will make them more competitive…..which will make ATT more competitive. I think ATT will go to great lengths to keep as many TMO customers as it can…..afterall, this deal wouldn’t benefit ATT if they end up losing a lot of TMO customers. A lot of ppl assume that ATT will be Nazis post buyout. I simply don’t think they can afford to run their business like that and continue to be successful. Noones really mentioned DT lobbying for the buyout approval. I mean obviously they want it to get approved since they agreed to the deal, but will DT push as hard as ATT to get this approved. I think the process will go a lot more smoothly if both companies are pleading their case.

    • problem is AT&T would be the ONLY national GSM carrier in the United States. People, like me love GSM, and a lot of people like the ability to have a world phone, and to swap out it’s SIM card. There are many advantages of a GSM network (you just don’t see it with AT&T). The whole world majority uses GSM except for the U.S. and Japan. Our Biggest carrier uses CDMA (VZW is slowing switching to GSM, LTE is GSM based technology and they use SIM cards on their 4G phones)

      • Mopar6464

        Once eveyone goes LTE it will be GSM.
        And all carriers are in that process right now and by the time AT&T takes over LTE GSM will be out and running normal.
        Verizon has LTE now with the Thunderbolt, and they will expand that service quickly in the future.
        Sprint will be out of business soon or bought out by Verizon.
        So in the end it will be Two National Major Carriers anyways running LTE .
        T-Mobile wants out and either AT&T gets them or shitty Sprint that can’t run LTE ever unless they completely replace the wimax crap and convert to LTE.

  • Anonymous

    Another thing i’d like to bring up is the idea of competition. Everyone mentions the word competition and how this buyout would reduce it. In my opinion, ATT and Verizon are in competition with only each other and have been for many years. Remember those ad campaigns where VZW and ATT went after each other? VZW bashing ATT’s coverage and ATT trying to convince the public their coverage was good. These two companies never went after Sprint or TMO. Why? They don’t see them as a threat. They don’t see them as competition. In regards to subscriber base, buying power and pure money, TMO and Sprint aren’t on the same level…Let’s face it. TMO has been pounding ATT with these Carly ads, but has ATT fired back? NO!!!! TMO is not a threat to ATT. Right now ATT has more than 2.5X customers as TMO. The notion of ATT & VZW competing with each other won’t change post buyout. Sprint is already on the outside looking in. That will be the case more so once the deal goes through. The big difference post buyout is that they’ll be on the outside looking in all by themselves whereas before they had TMO there with them. You think Sprint is kicking itself now for not going with GSM instead of CDMA? I mean just imagine if Sprint was GSM. Pretty good chance we’d be talking about a Sprint/TMO merger instead. Many of you would agree that Sprint’s incompatible network tech played a huge roll in any sort of deal not being reached with DT/TMO USA…….Bottom line here is we have 2 GSM companies who have AGREED to combine their resources. (DT wants to give it’s piece of the USA GSM pie to AT&T more specifically).

    I personally think the US wireless industry needs to be shaken up a bit. The way our policies and procedures are set up now in the states, it’s damned near impossible for the little guy (TMO & Sprint) to get ahead. In an ideal world, device exclusivity would not exist, spectrum allocation would favor smaller carriers to level out the playing field & it wouldn’t be so difficult to put up new towers to improve coverage in specific areas.

    • Not_today_zurg

      OOOOOK on the basis of that arguement Apple should sell out to Microsoft or HP.

      • ihatefanboys

        would be better if Apple got aggressively bought out by GOOGLE, so they could dismantle it, and make the IPHONE into something resembling an advanced smartphone, which it is not, but then they couldnt call it an IPHONE, which the world would be a bettr place without.

        • I wish Google bought T-Mobile.

        • ihatefanboys

          see now i AGREE with you. maybe ur not so bad…… :-)

      • Anonymous

        Apples to Oranges here (no pun intended)…Though i see your point in regard to the market share of Apple vs Microsoft, i don’t think its fair to compare that to the Wireless industry….Apple chooses to keep everything in house. Therefore limiting the amount of exposure their products get. Apple products are not only limited in quantity/variety by comparison to Windows products, they’re quite more expensive. TMO operates in the exact opposite manner as Apple. TMO is a value conscious company where Apple is not. TMO has relationships with many other companies to deliver world-class customer service and a variety of products……Apple does not. TMO can be compared more to the Android OS in general (open minded and accessible to all)

  • ihatefanboys

    i dont want the merger any more than anyone else but i dont understand how less competition is a bad thing. competition does nothing but foster division and hate amongst customers on one carrier or another. even on these boards when a phone goes to tmo with limited specs and the same phone , goes to anothr carrier modified differently, people cry fowl, cry about leaving tmo, and generally just cry, sorry dudes, its what i see, a bunch of grown babies crying about phones or software….anyways, even if this deal falls through, i think all carriers should be able to release ALL phones, with different customizable plans, no exclusivity to one carrier or another. if i want a droid X on tmo, i should be able to get it, if i want an evo on verizon, i should be able to get it, etc, etc. there is no reason, or downside for a handset manufacturer like HTC , or samsung to NOT want to do this, its more profit, and less dissatisfaction amongst customers on all carriers. the FCC should be looking into that, not worrying about less competition, its BS, and if all of u look at it objectively, its just the government kissing ass to make sure sprint and verizon are happy. wouldnt be surprised if theyre taking money from them too…..honestly there should , in the future, just be one carrier, with all phones available. with no carriers , there would be no competition, no price raising, no outrageously expensive plans, just the phones , with multiple plans that would fit any budget or circumstance…..to say it cant be done is to just be ignorant, or drinking the kool aid that the government wants u to, but then agaain, americans just bend over and take it up the rear from our government every day, and u idiots dont have the common sense to ask for lube, and they dont offer it.

    good luck all

    • Anonymous

      Know how I know you don’t understand basic economics?

      • ihatefanboys

        know how i know ur a kiss ass that only reads what he wants to ?

        • Bob

          Get a life dude…

    • Heptakon

      @ ihatefanboys; if there is only one wireless carrier then they can charge whatever price they feel like. there will be no need to compete on pricing if there is no other option! that’s why the government calls it a monopoly.

      • ihatefanboys

        please READ what i wrote, thanks, refer to what i wrote to the other idiot that liked your comment.

    • You really do not basically understand economics. More competition brings down prices, less competition rises prices. Competition is GOOD. It’s like having one and the only shoe store in the world, or one and the only Grocery store in the world. They could change the price to whatever they like. Also Droid X is CDMA, if they did release it in all carriers they’d have to make a GSM version. Sadly what you’re saying with one carrier, no price raising that is sadly only in THEORY. Communism works good only in THEORY. In the real world there is the FREE markets, and in the real world that is not possible.

      • ihatefanboys

        i hate when idiots that have ICONS as their avatars think theyre awesome and never READ what i wrote. if there was ONE carrier with MULTIPLE pricing structures, how would that be a bad thing ? how can prices go up, if there are prices for every budget. $50 a month for the cheapos, and scaling up or down depending on what u want and what ur willing to pay. besides with competition, prices dont go down all the time, they go up just as much as they go down. if competition drove prices down, everything would be almost free. its basic economics, but based on a system as u said, is 107yrs old. one carrier would work today. but i wish what i wrote would be read completely before it is dismissed by idiots…. thanks for not reading what i wrote …

        • Giraffe

          Why would that one carrier ever want to offer multiple price structures?

  • TM97

    Anyone who holds out hope that this deal won’t go through is living in a land of delusion.

    There may be significant giveaways, roaming agreements, giving away license to smaller carriers and divestments, but the deal will go through.

  • Justafan

    Everyone was suggesting that we e-mail our Senators and Representatives in Congress so I talk the time to do so. I talked about how terrible of an idea this bill was, it affects many jobs, will decrease competition, etc, etc. Here is the response my Rep. John Sarbanes gave me after 5 days…I’m betting he had some college intern write this. But, for what it’s worth…

    Dear Mr. XXXX:

    Thank you for contacting me about the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T. I always appreciate hearing from individuals who carefully follow the legislative proceedings of Congress.

    On March 20, 2011, AT&T Inc. announced that it would acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. The United State Department of Justice is expected to review the antitrust implications of the proposed acquisition. The Federal Communications Commission must also approve the combination, including the reallocation of wireless spectrum.

    I’m privileged to serve on the House Committee on Science and Technology, the committee with primary jurisdiction over our nation’s technology policy. I will be certain to keep your views in mind if the House of Representatives considers legislation related to the T-Mobile/AT&T merger or related media ownership issues in the future.

    Again, thank you for your input on this important issue. If I can be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    John Sarbanes
    Member of Congress

  • Anonymous

    There are many reasons to oppose the buyout of T-Mobile by AT&T, but among the strongest of them is that T-Mobile has demonstrated a willingness to stand up against things like the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act and refuse administrative requests to wiretap its customers. It is also willing to open new accounts without demanding a social security number, which only empowers government oppression. AT&T functions more like an arm of the government.

    But while we are at it, we also need to demand not only of T-Mobile but all the carriers that they adopt strong encryption so that eavesdroppers can’t download personal data from cellphones, as discussed at http://www.infowars.com/cops-use-mobile-scanner-to-steal-cellphone-data-from-innocent-americans/