T-Mobile Officially Announces G-Slate Release For April 20th

After what seems like an unnecessarily long wait T-Mobile has finally gone and announced the arrival of the T-Mobile G-Slate for April 20th. While we’ve speculated this for quite some time as all signs pointed to a release on that day for the last few weeks it’s nice to finally see something official. Of course by official we mean this screen shot sent our way courtesy of some ninja skills.

There you have it, G-Slate officially coming April 20th and as such, is the third “iconic” device to launch that day. Looks like April 20th is going to be a good day indeed for the Magenta faithful!

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  • Booda

    LAMEEEEE…t-mobile sales will never rise..even with good devices

    • LAMMEEEE. Gtfo troll. Our magenta is the best ever.

      • Ron Dickerson

        He’s right, unfortunately. The brand image that t-mo has cultivated is terrible, and this tab is WAY overpriced.

        • Dswagg2k10

          The moto zoom(come on, motorola… really?) is somewhat similar, not as good, and it selling for $50 more

        • Nybetterthansuperg05

          news flash no one wants anything motorola because it sux.

        • GlockBuster

          The tab is priced similarly to the iPad, which is what is directed towards. It is much more expensive than the Streak and the Galaxy Tab because it’s so much more advanced and bigger than those two. Why is it that Apple can charge what they wish for a product but anyone else and it’s way overpriced? Other than the extra inch on the screen, I cannot see a reason the iPad should be more expensive than the G-Slate.

        • Aerofanbig

          You can get the iPad without having to also be carrying a 2 year contract with a 200$ ETF if you don’t like it. iPad has a 3G and wifi only….NO other big tabs are doing wifi only. Hell it took until now for Samsung to see the light and offer the OLD tab wifi only. I bet it’ll be the same with their new ones…they’ll give it a year before offering wifi only versions

        • Anonymous

          Amen! The majority of comments I’ve read on numerous blogs are ppl complaining about the price. Its cheaper than the ipad2 and xoom! What more do u want? I plan on picking up a gslate on launch day

  • well heck, WHY’d they take so long to tell even THEM! *shrugs** lol

  • John

    my store isn’t going to be carrying them…. double lame :(

    • Anonymous

      My store isn’t either…..tier 2….so weak

      • I want 5 9780s

        Sell some MBBs then.

        • Anonymous

          Selling them wasn’t the problem…our return rate was a bit too high.

  • Carl

    The problem with this is it’s price…

  • Denverbronco1023

    Dear T-Mobile,
    Hire me as an advertising executive. I can make some sick commercials promoting your awesome phones, and this sweet G-Slate. Well, they’d be better than your current commercials (all 2 of them currently airing). Plus, I’d do it for 10 bucks an hour :D

    • NardVa

      T-Mobile’s marketing department is a joke. T-Mobile thinks the only people that buy phones are middleschool kids that text and take pics all day. (Just look at the Sidekick commercial.)

      • NardVa

        Verizon and AT&T make commercials for the adults.

  • Anonymous

    4/20 is looking like a great day for me to get T-Mobile devices. At least I won’t need to fight off pothead in line they’ll be busy celebrating 4/20 :-)

    • theyll be smoking in line.. i guarantee it..

      • Tykratz

        i would be …. then ask what the line is for?

        • “for tmobile phones? oh damn i thought it was for free food at panara :/ “

      • Dswagg2k10

        This gave me a healthy laugh LOL

      • Ktwist


  • remister

    WIFI-only version Please!

  • I really hope that line isnt too long wednesday morning.. my store opens at 10 and i need to get my g2x and then walk 15min to bestbuy and get some accessories and then take public transportation back to my city to be at work at 130 :/. Im not going to be doing ANY work on wednesday haha

  • Ok, I guess I’m scheduling a fight at the T-Mobile store come Wednesday, lol.

  • Anonymous

    How come When I click “read more” it just makes the picture bigger? Can any genius’ tell me?

  • Anonymous

    They can’t wait to use a tablet in Three Dee.

  • saw them playing with it in the store. i dont see the gimmick since its old school 3D that any phone or tablet can do.

  • NardVa

    T-Mobile is a joke. They are about to drop the G2X phone and G Slate tablet and I haven’t seen one commercial but I see that BS sidekick commercial every hour. People flock to AT&T and Verizon for the Atrix, Zoom Tablet and Thunderbolt. T Mobile needs to market their high end devices. This is the main reason T-Mobile is sitting in 4th place among the 4 major carriers and have been forced to bail out and sale their company to AT&T. I wish I could be T-Mobile CEO for 6 months. I would get this thing turned around.

    • Kolibri1

      People are flocking for the Atrix or the Xoom? Moto already downgraded their revenue projections because their sales have sucked.

      You are right about needing to advertise the G2x and the GSlate though.

    • Youngt82

      So freaking true!!! And plus that sidekick 4g commercial is sooo corny,lame and for babies lol

  • Can4soup

    I really liked this device, but i didnt want to spend that much money, and the whole 3D thing is a dumb fad, sorry. so i pre-ordered the Acer Iconia A500 tab. It’s gonna be awesome!

    • Anonymous

      who buys acer ??

  • Mario

    What’s the full price?

  • smylax

    Full price is 749.99

  • What a HUGE missed advertising opportunity!
    “Come celebrate 04/20 with us! We’re releasing the G2X and the G-Slate! Every customer gets a free JUMBO BAG of Doritos. If you purchase one of our two new products, you also get a $5 gift card to White Castle!”

  • Anonymous

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for this

  • Washacreole24

    Can’t wait to record my girl get naked in 3d!

  • mmeyer4663

    Got a chance for some hands on time at the local Corp T-Mobile store this afternoon (Flatirons Mall, Broomfield, CO).
    3D with the colored glasses sucks. The 3gp file that is saved appears to be SbS (Side by Side) format. Did not have much time to play with the file this afternoon. I did have a chance to send myself the file of the 3D clip I took so I WILL be able to play around with a bit. I have about 9 3D DTVs at work so it will be interesting to see what I can do with the file. I think most of the TVs are looking for either an MPEG or AVC (MPEG4, H.264) file so…..
    It appears that there is no expansion slot for a microSDHC card! There was nothing on the packaging that indicated any capability for adding an expansion card and there was not real manual available. We did slip off the back cover and there was a little “door” that we could not figure out how to remove. If that’s where the expansion card goes, it is not meant to be changed often due to the lack of difficulty in trying to get it open.

    The G-slate feels comfortable to hold. The UI for the native browser is kind of a pain. Did not like to the method to access the gui to be able to enter a url directly. Just cumbersome.

    The 16×10 format of the display make the device really long, IMO. Not sure I like it yet.

    Apps we pretty responsive. Does not appear the device will support Netflix anytime soon. Not sure what the plans are for Tegra support of Netflix if any. (Still don’t understand why Android requires HW DRM when a PC doesn’t. What am I missing????)

    Not sure it’s worth as much $$$$$$$ as they are charging for this this thing. Might have to wait for Black Friday sale to even consider!

  • http://bit.ly/gUiIln Conformed by official T-Mobile statement.

  • mmeyer4663

    Not even an article on Engadget today! Yeesh!

    • Anonymous

      I know. What cookin. I always buy the best and this seems to be best in the market but no news ???.

  • G-Slate tablet is just too expensive. I don’t know how Apple is doing it but I’m surprised to see them having the cheapest priced tablet around. I’m not saying that G-Slate is worth your money but judging from the expert’s reviews, it is a pretty decent gadget that is worth a try. Maybe we can level it somewhere near Xoom but not in the same ranks as Galaxy and iPad 2. Still, we have to give them credit as the first 4G tablet available in the market.