Happy Monday: A Trip Down Memory Lane

For Android fans old and new there should be a special place in your heart for the phone that started it all, the G1. The arguably poor design with difficult hand placement over the “bump” combined with what was considered a great keyboard made for an interesting handset that set us down a path some never thought would materialize as it did. No matter what, the G1 was the Android phone that started it all resulting in Android becoming a super power in the phone industry.

Enjoy the G-Series family tree!

Happy Monday!

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  • Lastmilefire

    Ugly ass phone….so damned ugly

    • Scotty

      (Assuming you are talking about the G1) Funny thing is that they are still selling them for existing T-Mobile customers as an upgrade option.

      • Ali

        You know I noticed that as I was checking out the g2x, I was shocked when I saw it as an upgrade option.

      • Palmettodayz

        No they aren’t. The phone was discontinued this time last year.

        • jarjon76

          Actually, they are. If you go to mytmobile you can buy a G1 if you wanted. They must have had a huge back load in their warehouses.

    • Lrp006

      its ok if u cant afford one but damn u dont need to call them ugly

      • Lastmilefire

        Ha… I could have afforded it, just didnt want it. I bought my N900 full cost ( or close to it ) and I will be upgrading to the g2x as soon as its available for the employees :)

        Yes it was a pioneer, trailblazer …..etc. I appreciate what it opened up for us all. That however doesnt change the fact that it is an ugly phone.. with an ugly Jay Leno chin

  • Isn’t the G-slate in that family too?

    • cellphoneghost

      wait untill it comes out

      • Max Steel

        The G2x isn’t out either… >_>

  • CJ

    I Still have my G1, I passed on the G2 and got a Nexus One and now either today or tomorrow I’ll have my G2X. It’s come a long way since the G1.

  • This brought a small tear to my eye =’ )

  • The G1 was a pretty ugly phone but it def was the Android trailblazer. I consider the G-Series my personal flagship phone line I had the G1, currently rocking the G2 and in a couple days or a week (whenever I decide I don’t want to be lazy and drive to the T-Mobile store) G2x will be next.

    Bold (and hopeful) Prediction. I think we’ll see the G3 before/if the deal goes down and it’ll be dual/quad band powerhouse.

    • i think AT&T would keep the tmobile lines around just for brand recognition. the G series and Sidekicks ill be still be around after the merger i have no doubt. but on that note i dont think the merger is even happening. i think tmo knows that and only did it to get the 3 billion break up fee r what ever it is.

      • I would agree with the latter and yes it is 3 billion I believe, I personally do not think the deal will go through either, nor do i want it to…but if somehow it does I think AT&T would be stupid if they killed off T-Mobile’s brand recognition especially the G-Series. I’m sure some people would stay just for that alone, but then again we must remember it is AT&T and they are stupid.

        • Haymaker

          The g2x actually has quad band 3g/4g. basically saying it will be able to support att’s 3g or 4g signal. first phone tmo released with that capability so if the merger goes down you could still use it.

        • flan

          Doesn’t the Cliq2 have quad-band UMTS too?

        • Yea I knew that, but I’m talking about if we are lucky enough to see a G3, I think they will do the same. I’m thinking a G2x + keyboard + more power = G3

  • G3D FFS!!!! give us that Optimus 3d

  • Justinnn

    I remember when I got my G1 right when it came out. I was showing off that pattern lock to anyone who would listen lolz. I’ve had several phones since then, and will get my sidekick 4g in a couple days. It sucks how quickly we become jaded to new technology. God Bless the Japanese, because I couldn’t live without new toys.

  • Iluvwhtchix

    My G1 is STILL my phone of choice until I decide to move on to the Pyramid. Other Tmo phones just weren’t that great for me to desert my G1. Not to mention, I have a freakin’ SWEET Bruce Lee skin.

    • Illeszt401

      lmfao bruce lee skin

    • jarjon76

      Same here. I’m holding on to my G1 until the Sensation hit the US market. That phone has won me over like no other phone.

  • Wait so David, is that your G2x?

  • Carl

    In two days I will be retiring bye to my beloved G1 (well at least as my main phone). Running CMOD 6.1 was the saving grace that let me wait this long. It’s been a truly great phone and I’ll still use it as a GPS tracker and some other simple uses.

    Now I’m ready for the G2X goodness! Based on the latest comparisons, I think the G2X is currently the best phone on the market. The Pyramid it just too far away. I’m guessing we won’t see it until lat July.

    btw… I have a very trustworthy source that told me they are testing Honeycomb (3.0) on two phone devices (for production) one of which he said looked very much like a Samsung Galaxy series (the brand names are stripped from the devices they get). Could the Samsung GS2 be running Honeycomb??? The other looked like the work of HTC but the model didn’t look familiar to him.

    • Jimbo831

      I’m not sure how reliable this source is. Google has said in the past that Honeycomb is a tablet only OS. They have said that a future version may bring together both branches (tablet and phone) into a single OS that adjusts based on the device, but based on these statements, it seems unlikely Honeycomb is coming to a phone.

      • Carl

        Agreed, that is why I was just as shocked when he told me. The fact that they were testing it on two different phones by two different manufacturers is what makes it a bit more interesting. He did say that they were having some serious problems with it though, so it could even be an early release of the new meshed version ??3.5 or 4.0?? or what ever they’ll call it.

        • ghostnik

          Don’t be suprise b/c there are people well developers, who are independent and do it for free, who are already trying to incoporate the honeycomb OS into phones, in fact there is a video of a G1 on youtube running honeycomb operating system and only a few features are working so far. Nothing is impossible under android when it comes to OS and you don’t have to wait for google to release the upgrades for your phone when you can go into a forum like “xda forums or cyanogenmod” and check what the latest developer is doing. When others were waiting for upgrades like froyo for there phones I had froyo months b/4 them b/c cyanogen and his whole team had already taken the froyo OS and ported to all the phones that cyanogenmod supports so i didn’t have to wait like others for a long time to get froyo OS from google.

    • Skeeterflea

      I’m in the same boat as you are. Looking forward to the Wirefly shipment email like it’s Christmas in April. I think I’m almost (almost) as excited for the G2x as I was for the G1!

  • Cybersedan

    I never got the G1, I was too hooked on Blackberry at the time, my first Android phone was a MyTouch 3G. Say what you like about the G1, but it definitely paved the way for Android’s dominance today, it may have been far inferior to the models we have around today, but it definitely laid the foundation for the super phones we now enjoy.

  • doublefooteducks

    In 48 hours i’ll be able to retire my MT3G for a brand to G2x! Considered selling the mytouch, but I doubt I could get much for it, plus it’d be nice to have for backup.

    Anybody have suggestions for how I can put an old mt3g to use- maybe to learn more about Rom or App development, or will it just be a paperweight now?

    • Carl

      Yeah… use it as your GPS device if you run or bike. That way you get your tracks, you don’t have to worry about braking your phone if you take a hard fall, and you can still dial 911 if there is an emergency.

      • doublefooteducks

        Will GPS work without a SIM card? Will I still be able to use Wifi to access the market to download a GPS tracking App?

    • ghostnik

      put a rom on it and it will have latest features of gingerbread os and run faster and smoother and be a better back up phone for you in the future.

      The fact that you can root and do what ever you want with a phone such as change the rom is what makes android superior to other smart phones who all are stuck with one OS and stuck with same features as in order for your phone to upgrade its abilities they have to build an entirely new phone example: iphone compared to iphone 4. While we that use android instead of buying a new phone can just change the rom and get all the new features of a new phone, which ultimately saves us money.

  • Auser72

    The g1 phone was the only thing that kept me from jumping ship for iphone at the time. While design want the most aesthetically pleasing, it was the most advance phoned of it’s time, and still the most durable phone I ever owned.

    • Skeeterflea

      I’ve had a cracked G1 screen for over a year now. The screen finally cracked after about the 4th good hard drop on concrete. The G1 had a very solid build to it, I hope I can take better care of the G2x!

    • Jutecat

      lol it was so ugly! but i enjoyed its epic clunkyness

  • 30014

    Rockin the g2. My g1 is now my backup phone until I upgrade and the g2 becomes my new backup. The g1 finally gave us something to battle the apple fanboys with. And battle we have on every tech site out there. Thanks for the memories g1.

    • Mlynch01

      Same here, rockin a rooted G2 on CM7 and love it. G1 is my back-up and will always have a special place in my heart, was the most mod friendly device I ever owned.

  • Skeeterflea

    The G2x finally stole me away from the G1. I personally think the G1 along with Cyanogen is what kept Tmobile going for this long. I sure hope the buyout fails.

    • Anonymous

      You’re kidding right. The G1 AND Cyanogen? Really? Okay.. that makes up for about 3% of total G1 sales

      • Carl

        I would bet that out of the G1s that are still in commission that 50% or more are rooted. Anyone who didn’t root would have given up on it and gotten a new phone.

        • jarjon76

          I have an unrooted G1 and still use it. I must be in the “other” 50%.

      • Skeeterflea

        That was a bit of an overreaching statement I made. But with the advent of the G1 came Cyanogen and Team Douche. The world is a better place!

    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait to upgrade my G1. Even with the latest CM it is still soooo slow… Plus my internal storage is always maxed out, even though all my installed apps reside on my SD card…

  • Anonymous

    I remember thinking “Oh that’s cool, Google made a phone. Damn that’s an ugly phone!” Little did I know… little did I know…

  • Toeshot

    I still have my G1 :o)

  • Steven

    I’m proud to have owned every one of these phones. My g2x should be here tomorrow :D

  • I am still using my G1 and happy with it. I’d like to replace it with the G2X, but only after I get to handle it at the store.

    • Anonymous

      You can go to any T-Mo store today and ask them to test the G2X. I did this weekend and it is really something. This is definitely my upgrade phone from the G1

  • the minute I got a G1, I new this could be a sign of things to come, great phone, dumped it when I got an N1, but the first Android device ever should have a special place in the history books

    • Jutecat

      i was late to the game and got a g1 last year. it was love at first play.
      I have a rooted mytouch slide now and its formidable as a replacement. but i think the true replacement is the g2

  • remister

    Remember Android 1.5, use to where it was at!

    • Anonymous

      SMH @ Cupcake 1.5

  • Junieruiz

    T-mobile LG G2X….fit in my pants pocket? 4INCH Screen? Gorillaglass? part of the G series family ?$199? full retail price$499? Sexylooking? 8G OF External memory? up to 32G sdcard slot? plenty of memory & storage? Vanilla? swype keyboard? new android keyboard? all the GOOGLE APPS pre install? 2.2.3? & coming soon 2.3.3? Works with at&t & tmobile? 3G? 4G? Super fast? snappy? dualcore cpu? design for gaming ?3.5 Audio jack? 4 speakers? high quality surround sound speakers? 12 band EQ?1500m Battery? 9hrs of talk time? 8 megapixel camera with flash? front facing 1.3 megapixel camera?HDMI? 720 video recording? 1080P Video recording and playback? The perfect phone? thunderbolt is going to get his ass kick? iphone has nothing on it? selling my mytouch 4g? :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) I had the G1 & The first mytouch upgraded to a vibrant my vibrant was nice but the horrible battery was killing me being stuck on 2.1 was even worst the lack of flash & no front facing camera at the end of the day I truly hated my vibrant I would never get a nother samsung again I don’t care if the phone can fly:-) I love my mytouch4g but it’s not that great for hardcore gaming it slowed down the screen seems to look washed out so when you are browsing the web certain things don’t look good on it the brightness on the mytouch4g sucks if your outside you have to put the brigthness all the way up knowing thats going to kill my battery it’s not as fast and snappy I want it to be don’t get me wrong the mytouch4g is a sexy lookin phone I love the front facing camera and the flash it takes really good pictures is a great phone but it has its flaws it does it have nothin on the LG G2X it leave it in DUST but the htc pyramid give it some work the only difference is the 4.3inch screen & the HD screen new HTC UI 3.0 1.2 Dual core CPU 4G NO 3G. Android 2.3.3 but by the time this phone comes out the G2X Would have android 2.3.3 The difference is it’s bigger & qHD resolution screen the 768ram helps vs 512 but the graphics processor cortex A8 & the vag front facing camera is no help at all G2X HAVE A CORTEX A9 & 1.3 front facing camera so which one should I go with:-( in the long run I think the G2X is a better phone I can’t wait to get my g2x in the mail I’m sticking to the LG G2X:-) I have a good feeling Dualcore Tara CPU is going to take over this is LG year to take over HTC SAMSUNG MOTOROLA. Can’t wait to see the comparison with the others phone=-O

    • Going_home

      Are you sure you said everything you wanted to say ?
      You sure you didnt leave anything out ?

      • AxEffect

        seriously, this guy does this in every post…and for the record…those aren’t checkmarks- they’re radical signs.

        I’m pretty excited for my G2X, but this guy looks like he has some sort of sexual obsession with the thing.

        • He really does. Not tryna be mean & all. But, every single post *smh*. I think we get the point now.

        • Anonymous

          LOL! I’ve never read one of his long @$$ posts but I could imagine that!

    • Anonymous

      Copy and paste mastered ?……

      • Anonymous

        ?Ah man!… its spreading? Soon we will? all be? talking? like this?

    • Carl

      The only thing missing is TMo strong advertising campaign around this? Come on tmo, this is your chance to truly shine! Biggest most consistent 4G with the fastest phone!

      Everywhere I look, all I see is Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt, but this phone has better overall specs that that so lets step up the advertisements!

    • Ondawire

      wow you just helped me with my own personal conflict. I am using the nexus one with 2.3.3 but i have had this phone since dec. of 09. I so want to get this g2x but it seems like tmobile is marketing the htc sensation more. im confused. i do want the 4.3 screen over the 4.0 but i definitely want vanilla android over sense and that is sense 3.0 that the sensation is shipping with, NOT vanilla android 3.0. plus the htc only has 1gb of internal which really sucks. Thanks junieruiz looks like i will be a tmobile store on wednesday morning. jijiji

    • shit, i really need to catch my breath after reading that post with no periods! and im a smoker too so im REALLY out of air.. i need to work out.. ::cough cough::

  • I alway liked my G1, in fact I still have a brand new one that I keep around as a spare emergency phone.

  • Anonymous

    Hatred aside, how does the G2x perform compared to the Galaxy S? Responsiveness, screen quality? Ya know the kinda stuff you determine in a 60 second handling.

    • Irvness21

      thats exactly why i didnt pre-order(well that and the fact i couldnt get it any faster than just waiting and going to the store on wednesday).

      • that was my problem.. now i have to wake up super early to take public transportation to the next city over to wait in line with a bunch of sidekick fans.. i used to be to one… until i grew up and wanted better hardware.. :p

    • pantlesspenguin

      Apparently some T-Mo stores already have demo units, & will let you play w/ them if you ask.

      • Anonymous

        Gas is too high. Could you drive down there and try one out for me? :-)

  • Ungibbed

    The G2X, the only “G” series phone without a physical keyboard. No worries there. Currently rocking the myTouch 4G here but it looks lilt it will soon be my backup phone. This however, will be my first handset from LG. I hope I don’t get burned with shoddy build quality or a rushed OS with a few buggy surprises.

    • Anonymous

      LG has arguably the best entry level Android phone out which is the Optimus One series (Optimus T). I personally think they mean business in this field.

    • Aerofanbig

      This phone hasn’t been rushed. Its been out since January across the globe as the Optimus 2X. And the OS is vanilla android, so its not overlaid with stupid LG or Tmo (for the most part at least) UI’s and apps. So…shouldn’t be any real problems.

  • My Speck G2x case came in the mail today :D : http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc209/gemaster34/001-1.jpg

    1 more day till I can get my G2x :)

  • Jutecat

    g2x is an LG and does not have a keyboard thus is not a true g1 heir.

    • Meagan

      I thought the same thing.

  • My girlfriend & I were both on the pre-order list for the G1, so we’ve had them since the beginning. She has moved on to a Vibrant, but in a couple days, I’ll have the G2X. WOOO!

    I didn’t mind the chin on the G1, and I’ll certainly miss the real keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    this makes me want to cry!

  • Tmowillruletheworld

    You guys are whack! The debate has not been settled as to whether the G2X will work on ATT. My local TMO rep tried to stick in his brothers SIMM card and it barfed it up. Edge only. I would wait and see if this a software mod or just Magenta sticking it to us again!

    • Carl

      Yeah, but was it unlocked?

      • remixfa

        it doesnt matter if it was unlocked or not. Tmobile and ATT share VOICE signal only. They do not share DATA signals. As the merger gets closer to reality im sure we will start seeing phones on both ATT and Tmob that share the same data signals. Too early to tell yet.. the merger hasnt even been approved.

      • Msladye

        EXACTLY!!! Sounds kind of suspect to me as well because with it just coming out FRIDAY and today is MONDAY when could it have been unlocked for you to use an AT&T sim card in it???

    • Ondawire

      tomowillah first off homie the att tmobile merger thing is like 2 years away before things really begin to set change. So in 2013 start asking those questions and plus with a 50billion dollar merger i am pretty sure that they will logically prepare for that. you can´t use any tmobile att phone together right now anyway. if you do you are stuck with EDGE ONLY. not trying to be funny but if you want an att phone change your name to attwillruletheworld and buy one of their phones like the atrix and then you won´t have to worry about a 2013 issue now in 2q 2011. just saying…..

    • 67_390_coupe

      So… he put an AT&T SIM card into a device that is still SIM locked to T-Mobile. Even IF the SIM subsidy unlock was available (it’s not) it takes a minimum of 24 hours to get it. Why lie? You just make yourself look stupid.

  • Quagmeyer

    Support for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ “4G” network is offered on the G2x. In New York City, one of T-Mobile’s 4G networks, our average download speed was just shy of 3Mbps and our upload speeds typically hovered around 1.5Mbps — those speeds aren’t bad and are certainly faster than the HSPA+ speeds we’ve seen on AT&T’s “4G” HSPA+ phones. I had 4G signal almost of the time, but the G2x did drop back to 3G in some areas of Manhattan.


    Tell me about your 14.4 or 21 or 42. What a flippin joke!!

    What for the phone to get to a real provider. VZW will rock it a real 13M.

    Giggidy Giggidy Goo


    • ghostnik

      thats nice that vzw might have 13M download on a phone but when you add a price of tag of paying a $100 per month and up for using a smart phone on vzw network that 13M is not worth it, and I for one will enjoy my happily cheaper prices for services on t-mobile with a lower download/upload speed than vzw expensive service.

      • Don’t forget to add in the fact that those speeds are also boosted by the fact that barely anyone is using their LTE network, & The fact that in addition to them gaining those magnificent speeds, they also gain less than stellar battery life :). I do wish for better speeds on T-Mobile “4G” HSPA+ network, but being able to have average speeds & great battery life is a great balance I can compromise with.

        • ghostnik

          your perfectly correct i didn’t even factor in that all the speed test done on vzw networks have been done while the lte network has no real users on it, so we won’t know the actual speeds until you have millions of users on it to see how well there speeds really hold up when people are on it using it for different activities. I mean there network can even turn out like at&t’s when they suddenly had a massive influx of users on, that brought down there network in the summer of 2010. Which is funny b/c tmobile network never got brought down b/c of millions of users or lost that much speed.

        • Exactly. Everything has a cost; I rather pay the cost of average speeds with T-Mobile than higher prices & horrible battery life with Verizon.

        • remixfa

          blah, i get 4-6mb/s pretty constant on my 3g vibrant. My wife does 4-9 on her G2 here in Jacksonville. Maybe u just THINK your in 3g because it says “H”, when in fact, ur really not. lol. I wanna run down to orlando and see if there is a real speed diff on the “42mb/s” towers. of course, they should be here shortly, but im impatient.. lol.

        • H doesn’t stand for 3G. H stands for HSPA+ which correlates to “4G.” I want those major speeds too, but I’m confused on what am I really gonna be using all that for. The speeds I’m personally getting me now allows me to stream 720p-1080p videos on my laptop in seconds, so…. I’m trying to figure out are people trying to download the whole era of the 1980’s in music or something.

    • msprinkl

      Pretty soon phones will be so fast that all you have to do is think about the website or application and it will have already loaded by the time you take it out of your pocket to look at it.

      • johnny


    • Just a Guy

      I got 5 and 7 download on the Galaxy S 4G with Tmo HSPA+. Those were huge , rare, bursts though in Brooklyn. Real world average was probably a high 3-4 down. And VZW only has one phone with LTE, and I haven’t heard any 13 down speeds in BK. But Who Cares… The way things are going, all of our phones will be faster than our home internet soon. What the Hell IS Optimum and VZW doing there… I dropped VZW home internet becasue it was too slow, and had too many issues.

  • Ondawire

    I am still using the nexus one with gingerbread 2.3.3 and i am so tempted to get the g2x. I am contemplating on waiting for the htc sensation 4g in august-sept. but that phone isn´t pure android. WHICH SUCKS! its a sense phone (3rd party ui platform) WHY HTC WHY! No seriously though that really sucks. If i am going to use android I want pure android and that is what the g2x is so there is a major plus right there. plus the htc sensation only has 1gb of internal memory to where the g2x has 8. hmmmmm. What should i do?

    • but think of it this way… if its not stock, it better be sense.. sense is the sexiest and smoothest running ui overlay on android and you cant deny that..

      • Ms.Carmen Diva

        Actually, Sense 3d or whatever is attractive but i think Timescape(though kind of laggy at times) is a beautiful OS especially with mediascape

      • Cellphone Chris

        Why not just disable the Sense widgets if you don’t like them?

      • Ondawire

        i agree with you Kevin but why settle for “sexy” sense when you can have “PURE” android? No overlay, no lag, just PURE android.

    • Anonymous

      I prefer stock Android myself, but I think people exaggerate it’s necessity at times. You just made it sound like a nightmare, when really, Sense isn’t bad at all. It’s definitely my second choice behind stock, as Kevin Michael Lind said below. As with everything else Android, you can just customize it how you want anyway. You don’t even have to use Sense. I do agree about the ROM though. HTC is like the only manufacturer that can’t seem to get on the bus with larger internal storage. I can deal with it though. 1GB is enough just for apps. Anything else I can put on the memory card. I’m definitely getting the Sensation. It’s the exact phone I’ve been waiting for on T-Mobile.

      • Ondawire

        if the g2x and sensation were coming out at the same time, then cool, i would be kind of stuck in choosing, but waiting until aug/sept for the sensation when in jan the 2ghz dual core processor phones are coming out would just put me on the phone rollercoaster. vanilla android is true interface not third party ui lag or layout. I want my bmw to have a bmw engine in it NOT a vw engine that i can modify to make it run ALMOST identical to my stock engine. I went from the G1 to the Nexus 1 and have had my nexus 1 since jan. 2010 and it still is a bad a$$ phone but just like i moved from tapes to cd and now on to sd cards i must move on from the nexus. The sensation, style wise, is hot, but waiting 4 to 5 months longer just for a phone that has less internal memory, but a .3 inch wider screen doesn´t make “SENSE” to me. lol From all the raves that are coming from Australia, Europe and China on how fast and responsive the LG Optimus 2x (Here in the state known as the G2X) is compared to any other phone out there, I am jumping on the boat. hehehe. This G2X has been out since Dec in those countries.

  • BigMixxx

    I wonder why t mobile did not focus on the g label vs doing the mytouch fiasco. Culminating with the mytouch 4g. (Great phone)..

  • BigMixxx

    Finally played with this phone. It actually is actually a really decent device. Feels real. Not like the mytouch line. If this is the brand to get, oh man…

    I think I see what t mobile is building. If you like the natural Google experience…g line is your phone. Want something skinned out, sense is the way to go….

    This actually may make me really want to dump my hd2 running android….

    • Cellphone Chris

      Still haven’t dumped mine… Hold out a little longer for the Sensation 4G; if you like Sense as much as I do.

  • Senor Chang

    I don’t really miss it. The only thing I liked about it was Android. Otherwise, a slow, laggy handset with a horrible camera and no camera flash. And I remember all the Android haters who are all now Fandroids.

    Ah, best insult I loved about the G1: ‘just another Sidekick’… back then, half you ‘tards didn’t have an idea of what ‘smartphone’ even meant.

    • Anonymous

      I remember when people were comparing the G1 to the Sidekick. Laughs. And laughs.

    • Kentrik

      I’m with Senor Chang here. I’ve been following Android’s development since I was sitting with a wing and a prayer…literally – I was using the Wing and waiting for news from the Open Handset Alliance every day. When I found out that the big players were Nvidia, Qualcomm, HTC, Tmo, and Google I man-squeed. Ever since then, I have been a fAndroid.

      I loved my G1, and when it outlived itself, I loved my Nexus One, and now that it has outlived itself, I can’t wait until my G2x is here. :D

  • Anonymous

    Lol owned a G1 for week or so then got the G2 now here comes the G2x can’t wait till Wednesday taking forever.

  • Batman Adkins

    I played with the g2x, its not that different from current phones.

    • Anonymous

      How so?

      • Spooln3

        He’s prolly referring to the interface, since its the stock android UI, it appears the same as the G2, and similar to others. The design itself is very similar to most other Android phones out their right now. The Sensation will differ a bit but not by much.

  • Where’s the G-Slate? I loved my G1, good times.

  • The smaller the box, the more powerful the device.

  • i miss superc and superd for the g1. they made my phone FLY FAST :D

  • Anonymous

    After going to the store and playing with it roughly 20 minutes the phone is amazing. Camera, screen resolution quality etc. The only complaints I have is the battery life. It dipped 10% in the 20 minutes I used it, granted I used it consistently for those 20 minutes. Definitly the fastest phone in terms of doing things. I tapped an application, a menu, a button etc., boom I was there. No lag etc. I’m buying it on the 20th at my local store, but just wondering if there’s any possibility of shutting the 4G off and turning on 3G only? I don’t NEED the extra speed, and Id rather have the extra battery life than the tiny bit of speed Id gain. I asked the rep and he said no, but just wondering if anyone knew a way around it? I don’t want edge either…that’s way too slow.

    • T-Mobile’s “4G” is really just souped up 3G, so I don’t think there’s a way to toggle between the two if the towers in your area are running “4G.” The best you could do is drop down to EDGE (2G) through the systems menus.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, that’s what the rep told me too. I’m in a 4G area, and the 4G speeds are unncessary to me, and not worth the loss in battery life :(

        • Wzehnder

          You dont lose battery life on 4g anymore than you would on 3g…so dont fret about it

        • Anonymous

          Is that a fact?

        • Wzehnder

          That is a fact.. The 3g signal and the 4g signal are one and the same so the phone doesn’t take up extra battery by searching for a4g signal. Where as edge and 3g are fundamentally different so the transition from edge to 3g consumes more battery. Sibce 3g and 4g are the same signal the phone doesn’t waste battery searching for a higher signal cause they are the same

  • I still have my original G1. As of right now, I am perfectly happy with my G2. :)


    gimme a g1 with 2.2 and i’d be happy as a clam.

  • Rick

    Still have two of these, both running 2.2 (CM6.1), and both are somewhat challenged. But they still work. I’m thinking the G2X is the one to spring for.

  • Rick

    Oh, and I’m assuming NO phone available now will work with AT&T 3G service. And I’m not interested in 3G, I want 4G service in 2 years. So I’ll be buying another phone then, if I choose to drive over the cliff to the merged entity. That is not yet certain, I’m an old-time AT&T subscriber, having been divested once (to Cingular) and merged back again (from Cigular), and went to TMO when AT&T/Cingular couldn’t get their act together sufficiently to ship me upgrades in 2005. Back to the future. I’m already disappointed.

    • RTFM

      G2X is capable of AT&T 3G look at the specs

  • The G2X shouldn’t be in this because its not truly part of the G name since LG made it. I owned a G1 and it was an amazing phone even with the bump because it gave a grip to when I typed. I wish I could have that phone again with upgrades.

    • Anonymous

      G1 first android phone. G2 first 4G phone. G2X first dual core phone. What’s wrong with LG? The G series isn’t something owned by HTC, so why isn’t the G2X not “truly part” of the series? G1 was an amazing phone however, and I hope the G2X will be as good now, as the G1 was for its time.

    • Anonymous

      lol and another one. Sometimes you people make it sound like you’re being disrespected by letting one of “them” into the G party. What does it matter that LG makes it. Why does that matter even a little bit? The name of the phone is the G2x. That isn’t going to change.

    • Johnny

      Its still a G series phone. doesnt matter if HTC made it or LG made it. its like the nexus series. nexus one by HTC the nexus S by Samsung. stop whining about it!!

  • Rick

    RTFM, I really don’t care if the G2X will do AT&T 3G. By the time the merger is settled, I will want 4G. Does the G2X do AT&T 4G? That’s what matters, cause we have at least a year of TMO HSPA+, and then we will probably have even more time to migrate.

    I also don’t expect much of a deal on a new AT&T phone initially. Only when the start bleeding users in a big way will they try to bribe us. TMO will have more trouble keeping subs than AT&T will.

    Again, I don’t care if the G2x does AT&T 3G. It doesn’t matter to me.

    • jarjon76

      Why do you feel the need to repeat yourself? We get it, you don’t care about AT&T 3G, you want 4G. We read you the first time.

      • Yooivansterr

        I thought the same thing, I actually got a little pissed when he repeated himself …

        • Rick

          RTFM seemed to think I didn’t know the G2X specs. I responded to inform him/her that. Their information didn’t answer any question nor illuminate any issue I raised. I repeated my point for emphasis.

          Why does this concern you at all? Grow some skin. This forum is getting too ticky-tacky for its own good. Or better yet stay out of others’ side debates. I didn’t even see RTFM respond yet. Sheesh. Lighten up.

        • jarjon76

          Try directly replying to RTFM. No need to make a new thread to whine and complain about something so trivial. Lighten up.

        • Rick

          Ok. I was on my phone, and it didn’t leave me where I thought I was… But really, that’s my line. Lighten up, doesn’t anyone here repeat a point for emphasis? Or are we expected to keep it simple?

        • Jr

          The ATT/TMO buyout will NEVER be approved by the FCC. The writing is already on the wall that it won’t happen. So your comments are pointless at this point.

          Once the buyout is axed then you will see TMO USA grow with a $3B or less influx of cash, 42Mbs, more towers, more bandwidth given to TMO by ATT and roaming agreements. They will surpass Sprint and because ATT is in trouble will be nipping at their heals for the second largest wireless provider.

  • Why does it matter if it runs ATT 3g or 4g? By the time the merger happens (if it happens) there will be another G series phone out anyways.

  • Always been following everything android but never had the G1. Started with a MT3G and now using G2 I love it ! Android FTW

  • i remenber when g1 launch

  • maybeitsjustme!

    Isn’t the G series supposed to have a slide out keyboard. I wouldn’t considering the G2x a part of the group of G series phones.

    • Anonymous

      Comments like these really make me laugh. Seriously, it’s too much now. People say it can’t be a ‘G’ phone if it’s not made by HTC. Others say they don’t consider a device truly part of the G series because it doesn’t have a physical keyboard. You don’t consider the G2x as part of the G series..lol how does that work? Let’s just be real. T-Mobile owns the G name, not unlike how Verizon markets the ‘Droid’ moniker. It has nothing to do with what YOU might want X device to be, or how you want it to fit in line with previous iterations. It’s just another choice under the same umbrella.

      • Aerofanbig

        its a “G” series because it runs stock Android without a dumb UI on top of it

        • msprinkl

          Right! That was the first thing a TMO rep said to me when I walked in the store. It has to do with a pure Google experience, not a keyboard.

    • Ondawire

      its called evolution. i think. maybe im wrong…. hmmmm

  • maybeitsjustme!

    Isn’t the G series supposed to have a slide out keyboard. I wouldn’t considering the G2x a part of the group of G series phones.

  • Magenta Magic

    Loved the G1… and never loved another phone from HTC after that. But oh how far we have come!

  • I still have my original G1 its my back up phone when Im between new phones …I will probably never get rid of it it has too much SENTIMENTAL VALUE …long live the G1!!!!!!

  • You know that it’s only the G1 owners that are taking advantage of the contract pricing on this new batch of dual-core devices. Anyone else, like myself, that have the second and later android devices, in my case the MT3G, is still months away from our 22 month commitment. 2 Years is way too long to have to commit before upgrading. I can barely make and answer a call on my MT3G, it’s so laggy. Hopefully the SGS2 and other choices will be available 2Q when I too can enjoy a subsidized, new phone.