Carly + Sidekick 4G = Love

If that title isn’t enough to get you to watch the video, then there isn’t anything else I can do. The ever lovely Carly has a new commercial, this time with the new Sidekick 4G and some nice skinny jeans (way to switch things up). It’s a nice video, with some rapping, but it’s still no T-Mobile UK ad. So give it a watch and tell us what you think. Check it.


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  • L0ngxnguyen


  • Anonymous

    Even though it’s for teens, I think the commercial will sell well.. First time I’m proud of T-Mobile’s commercial.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      This I agree with. They did a great job with this commercial and it definitely appeals to the market its targeting. Good Job Tmo

  • Anonymous

    that was embarrassing

    • Anonymous

      I like Carly, but they need to do something more creative other than two people against a white backdrop

      • BahamaMama

        The new Nokia Astound commercial has a black background and is much more creative than anything with this tired beach!

  • Robotyaadigg

    u guys are all haaaters this was fun. You don’t see at&t and verizon OR sprint doing cool commercials. they’re all serious about their stupid network. like write a booook ! T-Mobile is fun and creative and I love their marketing approach for this device. sweeet, sweeeet device as well ! Good job Tmo!!

  • Damn Carly just keeps getting hotter and hotter!

    • SweatyMeatCurtains


  • I like it. It’s nothing wrong with having fun & not always being serious.

  • zsazsa

    i wish catherine zeta jones would come back. i like carly but catherine was the reason i got tmo shes fierce!

    • Anonymous

      and Bi-polar! Just sayin.

    • Guest


    • Wilma Flintstone

      Just imagine her goin down on the old guy she’s with and that’ll immediately erase any fierce memory you had of Catherine Zeta Jones.

      • Diana

        Imagine how many old guys our mediocre “model” Carly had to go down on just to get her part. Nothing else really explains why she is still the face of our carrier. CZJ all day!

        • Wilma Flintstone

          LOL!!! Model Wars!!! You don’t want none of this buddy. I’ll go Ms. J on you. LOL

        • Diana

          I have one photo in my hand… LOL

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Oh shnap, You made me do it. I didn’t want to go here but you made me do it. Why did you have to go there? It’s on now compadre. Watch this:

        • Anonymous

          I heard on the radio she checked into the hospital because she’s bi-polar. Although I agree CZJ is way hotter. But Carly isn’t bad I may have been in denial earlier or she’s looking better in this new promo lol

  • Denverbronco1023

    T-Mobile UK ads are unbeatable, although their wedding one was… odd.

    • I Can Hear You Beating

      Carly, however, is highly “beatable” — Stop it Dude, I can hear you from my room!!

  • jarjon76

    There’s no reason to hate on this commercial. Carly is in it, that’s all I care about.

  • gjhk

    do i see camel toe? XD

    • iFartWell

      I know I do =D Carly should do PORN!!

      • Soon

        Have you seen her “model” photos? Give her 6 months after AT&T takes over.

        • iFartWell

          Nah I haven’t but I will google them and get the vaseline ready

        • Wilma Flintstone

          True dat True Dat

      • Wilma Flintstone


  • Anonymous

    Great commercial if you ask me (I know you didn’t). They got the point across in a cool fun way and best of all Carly wasn’t wearing a lame poke a dot dress. I’m weak for a girl skinny jeans.

    Group texting, Cloud, Twitter & Facebook, along with video chat on a Brand New Android powered 4G Sidekick for a mere $99. SOLD! (to those who prefer a SK)

    • BigMixxx

      Yup, they are hitting on the right spots with this one. Saw the Astound commercial, hell, I wanted to get one…I think the marketing arm is working away..

      and Yes, Carly looked especially HAWT in this commercial…

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    Carly looks pretty in this commercial….I think they are cute and I like the rapping white
    guy. he is kinda cute

    I am kind of sick of seeing Carly but I am glad that this Commercial is at least a little different
    than the Tmo vs At&t and Verizon commercials(they still air those)

    I wonder how come Tmo hasn’t attacked Sprint yet

    • iFartWell

      Can me and David run a TRAIN on you?

      • Anonymous

        will be removed shortly.

        • Guest

          Apparently referring to her CAMEL TOE will get you removed as well

        • Guest

          So let me get this straight… One of the most popular posters on this blog uses the name Pimp (an illegal profession) and he/she does not get the censorship hammer but the mention of her cameltoe or meat curtains gets removed?

        • Anonymous

          yes that is correct.

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          My name does not directly or indirectly insult anyone like the some of the comments that have “exploded into a million glittery pieces”.

        • I would tend to think that “Pimp” isn’t nearly as dirty as anything such as the other things you suggested. Give me a break? Anyone who can’t distinguish between the use of the word “pimp” as a blog username and the actual profession shouldn’t be allowed out of the house.

    • SladeNoctis

      No point to attack Sprint since Sprint and Tmobile are in the same division, low priced carriers going against high priced carriers. Tmobile vs At&t and Sprint vs Verizon. That may change either way if Tmobile merges with At&t or not. Since Tmobile US is stilling going to be for sale with there owners sadly trying to sell US version.

  • pretty good commercial, I like it and its original.

  • Michael

    Pshh, that aint no skinny jeans! Its uh…jeggings! haha nice commercial

    • Diana

      I am guessing all the wardrobe money is gone so she has to wear her own street-walker outfit.

  • Is it me, or did she really get hotter in this spot? Damn!

    • i know… she is looking way hotter now lol

      • Guest


    • SoOverHer


      • Anonymous

        woman are much more appealing when they’re quiet…

  • *Waits for the LG Optimus G2x commercials*

    • Haha I kinda don’t want those to appear yet.. wouldn’t want them to get sold out on in-store launch day ;)

      • lol. I’m not worried because I’m gonna be there 1st thing Wednesday morning, & besides I have 2 T-Mobile stores close in my area. :)

        • Guest

          I think he was joking.

        • Oh, I would’ve been serious. lol

        • Ah lucky you, I’ve got to wait till friday.. Grr haha.

        • lol. I been waiting on this moment to long to even have to wait any longer. Good thing I collected the funds for it like last month :). & yeah I guess, but at least you’re still getting one.

  • Cybersedan

    I gotta say, this add will definitely appeal to the people it’s aimed at, my teenage daughters are already killing me to get them this phone.

  • T-Mobile Girl is HOT

  • JFO

    Did anybody else notice that the “rethink the Iphone” like corner or section is no longer on T- mobiles website? I would think that it would still be there since they are launching both the sidekick 4G and the G2X, and they would have that compare chart for them like they did with the mytouch 4G and the G2. Maybe T-mobile might actually get an I-phone, with the white one supposedly coming out before the end of April or sometime this spring, and that Apple didn’t sign an exclusive agreement with verizon. You never know with Apple though.

    • Michael

      there is no comparison between a dual core phone and iphone :D

  • Bbob

    Dumb. 30 something year old rapping white guy. Really!
    Back to work.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, she can sit on my face along with the LG Girl. !

    • Guestess

      I just puked in my mouth a little bit right there.

  • Cream

    my sixth grader is like wth we are att why should i waste my allowance.

    way to go, tmo

  • I’m waiting for the commercial where she bends down in front of us wearing a short skirt to pick up a white iphone 4 and say “now on america’s largest 4G network”

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’m waiting for her to finally get some meat on them bones. Sheesh.

      • WilmaFan

        And some dental work to fix those Chicklet-Teeth

        • H1GH

          I see her camel toe — shoot, we cannot say camel toe — Well, I see her Levi-Lips then!

  • NardVa

    LOL @ T-Mobile….this Sidekick is for the kiddies….now where is the GX2 commercial to let the adults know T-Mobile has adult toys also…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      What is the GX2? Man Adults must really love devices that don’t exist. Lol

      • NardVa

        LOL…my fault…the T-Mobile G2X

      • Michael

        Ha, I know right.
        A lot of adults call 3G G3 and G2x GX2…

    • Aerofanbig

      adult toys are on a whooooole other type of website buddy lol jk ;)

  • iFartWell

    Lmao at the comment moderation. Hahahahaaa trolling RULES!!!

    • Trollapaloosa

      One got removed already that I missed. I wanted to know what it said. HaHa

      • iFartWell

        I asked Ms. Carmen Diva if me and David can run a TRAIN on her.

        • I Can Hear You Beating


        • Ms.Carmen Diva

          lmao wow lame

      • iFartWell

        And I also said Carly should do PORN and would have my VASELINE ready.

      • Guest

        You cannot call out Camel Toe here?

  • Magenta Magic

    Smexy. And Carly too! :)

  • AdrianMT4G

    I freakin love this commercial. It made me smile.. I love Carly in this one!!

    • Guest

      It made me smile too because I know everyone involved has got to be SO embarrassed

      • Douche

        Cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of a human female’s labia majora, as seen through tightly fitting clothes. This term has been used in the film The Weather Man, as well as in Saturday Night Live , in episode 2 of season 12 of South Park and in Ali-G Interview of Posh Spice and David Beckham for a fund raising event.[

  • Mark

    As the rap guy says… “the woman in the pink’s never hitting him back.”

    Guys, come on, KAY PANABAKER!!!!! She would have been Carly’s perfect Sidekick.

  • Anonymous

    Carly makes all the other phone companies look like bums! Cant wait for her to show her love to the G2x and the sensation!

  • slowly, she’s starting to sport the blue :(

  • Jlo

    “woman in pink?” Isn’t Carly the woman in magenta?
    Interesting, they call her woman in pink now, and she is no longer in a full magenta get up. Slowly the blue is creeping in.

    This is the first time I thought Carly actually looked cute. These Carly commercials have been a fail. Outside of the blog world and T-mobile tech nerds, nobody knows who Carly is. She just doesn’t have that it factor. On the other hand, when Catherine Zeta Jones was the T-Mobile girl, everyone knew, even before her acting career was big!

    • Anonymous

      Well ive seen craly in a few fashion editorials in vouge, elle harpers barzarr and some other addss. Didnt realize she was the tmobile girl thougj.

    • Carly is everywhere.

    • jonsonsamama

      I think it was just to go with the rap :P easier to get out pink than magenta.

  • Good video. but who is Carly. Game review: Infinity Blade (

  • Really?

    She’s wearing grey pants, not blue.

    Blue slowly creeping in?

    I think the AT&T phobia has some people reading a little punchy.

  • Really?

    She’s wearing grey, not blue.

    Blue slowly creeping in? I think the AT&T acquisition phobia has a few people a little punchy.

    BTW, she has a nice fit bod. Me likey. :D

  • Anonymous

    Wassup with all the Carly hate? Lol Personally I thought the commercial was fun, creative and a welcome change from the “mac vs pc clones”. I think this phone will do well.

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    There is a benefit to seeing the annoying carly commercial(aside from this one) .
    I get to laugh and read how lame and crass some men can be over every pretty

    God, i love android…LOL i don’t get the same type of amusement from my
    iphone and windows phone 7 sites.

  • Havoktek

    I dig Carley because No one else has her. TMO US isn’t an advertising giant so I’ll take this.
    The commercial was cute and was more entertaining than a Big Red deal.
    Plus me like those model bones in some tights.

    Phone is for the kids though. And my daughter is so savvy about android now she’s anti keyboard!
    She was like, is that an old phone they tried to update for you old folks daddy?

  • Anonymous

    she finally put some tights on :)

  • ATL guy

    Hope she does a sensation video.

  • Jxavier

    I would love to see her hair pie. I would like to see the guys as well.

  • Jxavier

    I would love to see her hair pie. I would like to see the guys as well.

  • Justinnn

    So I haven’t read this site long enough, but just as David and everyone else now admire Carly, in the past were there posts talking about how insanely hot Catherine Zeta was? I hope so.. just curious long time readers.

  • Fist Jamie lee curtis, then Catherine Zeta jones now we got Carly interesting how T-Mobiles target demographic has changed over the years but their tactics haven’t. in another 3 years they would be using a hot goth/emo chick, well if the AT&T buyout does not go through.

  • dt

    those are more tights then skinny jeans. personally I like tights a lot more

  • Jxavier

    Nice video. I wish they would show her turd cutter in the next commercial.

  • Danny

    I hope AT&T keeps Carly as their new spokesperson after the buyout. AT&T can use a new fresh modern image.

    They made a mistake with Luke Wilson.

  • Jxavier

    After seeing that video, my one eyed monster is sore as can be.

  • Iceoox

    The guy is kinda cute too. Looks like he has a big hog.

  • LC

    Poor Carly is adorable, but she looks a little out of place :)

    • Iceoox

      Yea. She doesn’t seem comfortable at all. She’s hot anyway and I can’t wait to see her turd cutter in the next T-Mobile commercial.

  • I’m not a HUGE Android fanatic, but I do love it and the upgrades. I would definitely get the G2x…if it had a keyboard!! Ugh, I can’t get over not having a keyboard, and no keyboard beats a SK keyboard.

  • Nah bro, I loved that. This was an awesome commercial xD

    And she looked soo hott in skinnies 2 thumbs up

    • Iceoox

      I want to see her dumper in a magenta thong.

      • Twag


  • Wow, surprised they did a close up with that MC being so high.

    (Or maybe they did that to show off how high he was…)

  • Blondie97

    0:08 so epic!! somebody loop that lol!!!