T-Mobile UK Shows How Marketing Is Done, Again

While it’s clearly modeled after the JK Wedding Entrance Dance which made headlines all over the world back in 2009 this little bit of advertising from T-Mobile UK shows their US counterparts how its done. For those of you who didn’t know, Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married in just about two weeks and for residents in the UK there is little that could dominate headlines like a Royal Wedding.

So what does T-Mobile UK do? They make a mock Royal Wedding entrance dance and remind us that “One’s life is for sharing.” Meanwhile over here in the United States we haven’t seen any marketing for the Sidekick 4G, T-Mobile G2X and T-Mobile G-Slate.

While this video isn’t going to make you run out and buy up an entire T-Mobile UK store’s worth of mobile devices, it’s a feel good way to let you know the company can have a little fun. Sometimes a little fun can go a long way.


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  • great commercial.. looks fun.. TMO USA fails at marketing


    no longer t-mo UK. it’s t-mo/orange UK.

    orange should buy into t-mo USA and save us from att.

    • Souljourney

      Well, no idea what Orange UK is like, but I doubt it could be as bad as AT&T!

  • eYe

    Mixed feelings….
    I don’t think I would have watched it all the way through if I saw it on TV.
    You know who has great marketing department? Verizon does. That’s who T-mo should look up to.
    Just my opinion, YMMV.

  • Anonymous

    T-mobile USA has a marketing department? News to me….

    Actually the T-mobile knocking on AT&T & Verizon commercials were pretty good. They suck at marketing new products, though. They need something exciting, witty, funny, and lots of explosions with all other phones/operators being put to shame all at the same time!!

    BTW, I just have to ask. Was that really the Royal Family, or was that just some look alikes? If it was the Royal family, did T-mobile UK just pay them to do that?

    • Anonymous

      Ummm….lookalikes… some pretty good (Camilla, Kate)…some not at all (Prince Philip). If the real royals did something like that, the world would most certainly end.

      • Anonymous

        Thats what I thought. I wasn’t 100% sure because their dance moves weren’t great, so it didn’t look like some professional dancers.

        • Mark

          Is Princess Beatrice (Andrew and Fergie’s older daughter, redhead in black polka-dot dress) really as chunky as her impersonator? She’s hot — and thin — in her Wikipedia photo.

          They also posted a “meet the royals” video; unfortunately, it’s not available in the US so I couldn’t watch. Can anyone ID the rest of the “royal family”? There were a few I didn’t quite get…

    • Ron Dickerson

      The best commercial t-mobile ever had wasn’t even a tmo commercial, it was the HTC produced and aired HD2 commercials. T-mobile marketing sucks.

  • Anonymous

    We got Carley, so I’m not complaining.

  • Trapper

    Sigh. And AT&T is trying to eat my wonderful, creative, best customer service on the planet T-Mobile.

  • We were the step child of DT, that no one cared about. Threw us a couple bones, then kept it moving. DT failed us.

  • Anonymous

    Well as an American who has spent a reasonable amount of time in the UK, and loves it there, and is a fan of the Royal Family… I think this is terribly disrespec… Oh hell, it freakin’ hilarious!! Love it. Too bad T-Mo USA can’t be this good.

  • TMoFan

    We are all paying for DT’s mismanagement. They didn’t manage TMoUSA properly then sell out for mega bucks.

    What a fun commercial. The att commercials got old after a while. They deserve criticism but TMo should have focused on the positive aspects of its network, customer service, and its flagship phones (besides the mt4g.

  • I think that was silly, and a waste of money. IMO Pointless, and doesn’t have anything to do with T-Mobile.

  • Ash

    Carly Foulkes kick their butts, damn! 2 mins of my life I’ll never get back!!

  • chimphappyhour

    Another great fun commercial from TmoUK. Why does the rest of the world get so much better commercials? Ours are always so stiff and rigid. Notice how Carly doesn’t move much?

    • Thetruth

      Way too much conservatism in the USA. Too much rigidity. Not enough open minds.

  • Asdf

    really that had nothing to do with nothing and was completely stupid. Like someone else said, two minutes of wasted time. Why on earth, would I want to see 2 minute commercials that look akin to those of the Flip commercials (terrible audio and video)? Thumbs Down on this.

    And I for one, dont see what the big deal is about the royal family and all the hype of their wedding. Doesnt really matter.

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    It’s cute lol

  • Stupid. Prefer Carly.

  • Anonymous

    screw DT and screw so-called “royal family”.we will celebrate and party better after keeping $3 billion dollars from at&t(can’t give up on T-mo) :)