T-Mobile UK Shows How Marketing Is Done, Again

While it’s clearly modeled after the JK Wedding Entrance Dance which made headlines all over the world back in 2009 this little bit of advertising from T-Mobile UK shows their US counterparts how its done. For those of you who didn’t know, Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married in just about two weeks and for residents in the UK there is little that could dominate headlines like a Royal Wedding.

So what does T-Mobile UK do? They make a mock Royal Wedding entrance dance and remind us that “One’s life is for sharing.” Meanwhile over here in the United States we haven’t seen any marketing for the Sidekick 4G, T-Mobile G2X and T-Mobile G-Slate.

While this video isn’t going to make you run out and buy up an entire T-Mobile UK store’s worth of mobile devices, it’s a feel good way to let you know the company can have a little fun. Sometimes a little fun can go a long way.


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