T-Mobile G-Slate Units Arriving In Stores, Unboxed And Awaiting Official Release Date

While T-Mobile remains quiet on the official release of the T-Mobile G-Slate, the first Honeycomb Tablet to grace the Magenta network, retail stores across the land are seeing demo units arrive along with accessories. Combined with last nights indication that three “iconic” devices are releasing on April 20th all signs point to the G-Slate joining the T-Mobile G2X and Sidekick 4G on that magical day.

We’ve had plenty of hands on time with the T-Mobile G-Slate and you can see our hands on video at CTIA last month.

P.S. Check out the pair of the red/blue 3D glasses included in the box!

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  • As a big tech and T-Mobile fan, I’d usually be 1st in line for one of these, but with the imminent sale to AT&T, the high price of the device, and the hit & Miss data coverage in my area, I think I’ll be passing on this one.

    • k-mack

      I don’t think you are a fan, buddy. nobody does.

    • Anonymous

      Unloyal fan WIN.

    • Anonymous

      Those are three good reasons to pass on this deal, Frank, especially the acquisition.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you know much about either the G-Slate or the G2x to base your purchase on the acquisition. LG and T-Mobile have teamed up to make sure that both devices are penta-band devices, in other words, future (acquisition) proof.

      Unlike the MyTouch 4g, G2, Galaxy S 4G, Sidekick 4G, Dell Streak 7, Rocket (1.0, and 2.0), Jet (1.0, 2.0), Mifi 4G, and Galaxy Tab which will ALL become EDGE devices once ATT takes over the 1700mhz band.

      One can only hope that HTC is smart enough to do the same thing with the upcoming Sense 3.0 “Sensation.” If not, even with all the awesome hardware that one will be D.O.A.

      • PimpHand

        Anyone who thinks that ANY T-Mobile Devcie will be an “Edge” device after ATT takes over is celebrating 420 early.

        • Anonymous

          “once ATT takes over the 1700mhz band”

      • Small correction: The Galaxy S 4G, the Vibrant, and the Streak 7 will work fine after AT&T migrates the AWS-1 band to LTE in 2015 because they all support at least the PCS band for 3G and HSPA+. Same goes for the G-Slate and the G2x. The G2x also supports the Cellular band, so it will work in rural areas too. The Vibrant can have the Cellular band turned on, but it is disabled by default. The Galaxy S 4G does have the hardware to support the band, but it is disabled in software. Dunno how to enable it though. The G-Slate MAY have the Cellular band too, just like G2x. That is assuming they use the same chip. Chances are, they do.

      • chimphappyhour

        Your argument has one small flaw. You’re assuming we want to stick around on AT&T after the deal goes through. I for one, definitely will not!

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile gonna pull a Trifecta on national smoke day. Hopefully sales are high.

    • whosaidwhat

      Sales won’t be high if they don’t tell anyone about it…LOL

      • Anonymous

        The Sidekick atleast shoulda been teased earlier this month cuz it has LOADS of commercial appeal. I guess T-Mobiles high and forgot to put some ads out.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Tmobile Jamaica Mon’

  • Paulg

    I was half-way expecting paper red/blue glasses. I cannot wait to get this though hopefully the 20th is the date!

  • Myclock187

    Just got internal confirmation of the Apr 20th release date. Also full invoice is looklooking at $729.99

    • Anonymous

      If it’s true then that price will ensure its failure.

      • Myclock187

        I think people will still buy it because the specs won’t be one-upped for a while. I’m going to order it Tues at midnight… but I will have Employee pricing… that being if they let me order it…

        • J Contreras2172

          I considered this tablet and even signed up to be notified by email, and now with a price of 729.99, I opt out! Now, I’m waiting for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer WiFi for $400.00 and I will buy the keyboard $149.99 too. Really, I don’t need an additional data plan, I’m already paying for one on Nexus S. Therefore, I suggest that carriers only manufacturer WiFi units and if somebody want to tether (legally) one can buy a week(s) or a month for that matter.

      • mmeyer4663

        Come on Black Friday!
        With lack of marketing this thing, they should have a few laying around by then that they will want to unload!

    • mmeyer4663


    • LC

      Can’t say I would be shocked. It definitely bites, but look at the cost of the xoom…having 3D on it doesn’t help the cost either. Wish it didn’t have that :(

    • WOW that’s price is outrageous. With Honeycomb basically still in a beta stage they have pretty much sealed their doom like the Xoom. The App market just has not matured enough to warrant such a price.

  • Anonymous

    #winning! sign me up for one of these bad boys.

  • Anonymous

    I’m OK with price but I have two issues.

    29.99/49.99 for data is too expensive. Not worth it
    If this has AT&T 3G bands, I would like to unlock and use it on ipad dataplan. Nobody has any clue if the bands are exactly same as G2x.

    ATT has 14.99 for 250Mb and 24.99 for 2GB. I have no clue in this freaking entire world why the hell would t-mobile charge 29.99 for 200mb.

    • Eggielax

      i dont think you know the plans for tmobile. I have a 5GB plan for 39.99 through tmobile for my dell streak 7 and its 4G

      • You can only get the 39.99 price if the rep attaches the plan to an existing voice plan ( even if on another device ) which then gives you the 20% discount. Otherwise it is 49.99. This was started about a month ago.

  • Why would you buy a device like this with a data contract when you can buy a WiFi only tablet or iPad and use your wireless hotspot? Just asking…

    • LC

      For me it’s the size. IPad and xoom are too big, the 7″ tabs are just a touch small. I’m going to wait for all the numbers to come out before I make a decision. I might just buy it outright and use it like a WiFi only tab.

    • LC

      Plus, T-Mobile has started filtering the hot spot so you might end up paying $15 a month to be able to use it that way. Still cheaper but you’re going to most likely pay regardless.

      • If you have a Nexus One or a Nexus S, T-mobile has no control over your UI and you get hotspot tethering for free.

    • Anonymous

      I Need data for the following reasons.

      Not have to connect/reconnect when not home for data acces
      Using Google navigation when traveling
      I dont think you can maintain constant hotspot connection assuming we keep phone and tables all the times
      Cant use phone’s wifi if using hotspot..

  • Anonymous

    Blah, I’d rather go buy the XOOM. I dont give a crap about 3D. Especially when it needs glasses.

    • mel

      it came in our shipment this afternoon and i cant believe how fast/smooth/crisp/complete the g-slate is!!!!! have to get used to honeycomb but we tested out the 3d recording and it was sweet…XOOM has NOTHING on the slate!

      some lucky customers got to play with it since we opened it at the end of our shift…they couldnt put it down!

      • Mark52479

        Any word on off contract price yet?

  • Anonymous

    Data Contracts too HIgh, Mandatory Bank Withdrawals for Monthly Payments, (if not paid in Full), No Voice Service, ( Which Euro Tablets Have but US Carriers TOO GREEDY to include for us.)
    Not only the LG will fail, but if you have access to wifi, why would anyone buy a tablet with a data contract.

    Waiting on WIFI HTC FLYER!!

  • Macknifetx

    While this device looks sweet, I do have some qualms about it. Once it is released, and in the stores I will have to go check it out. One issue I have is where I have seen that in addition to the data plan you would have to have with this device, you would also need a voice plan as well. If that is the case, I will not be getting one of these and it will take a great tablet and make it less desirable. My plan was to get this to replace my Webconnect Rocket so I would not have to take my laptop with me when I am on call, but I have my cell phone for standard calls and do not feel it would be fair for me to have to have the voice plan on this as well.

    One other complaint I have is the fact that in order to qualify for the subsidized rate, you also have to enroll in the Easy pay. That is another thing that will make people think twice about buying this device.If that is required to activate this device, that is one less they will sell, even if I guy at full retail.

    • Myclock187

      It does not support voice… you just get the data plan on it.

    • dude your retarted nothing you said made sense!!??

    • Giraffe

      I’ve never heard anything about needing Easypay to get the 20% discount on the data plan you get because you also have a voice line, so I think that’s a null issue too. Sounds like you have no reason not to get it!

    • JJJ

      You do not have to enroll for easypay to qualify for the discount, you DO have to enroll in easy pay to qualify for any rebates that may be offered. And you could un-enroll after you get your rebate. Is that really a deal breaker???

  • Tcole1322

    The g slate is for sure coming 4/20 my friend that works at tmobile said that it is for sure….. they already have the dummy ones and 1 live one its bad ass

  • What do you mean pay my bill?

    Early G-Slate thoughts.

    Screen is bright and clear. Has acceptable viewing angles.
    Volume is so so.
    Battery life is decent.
    A bit on the heavy side but makes it feel solid.
    HDMI out is useful.
    Honeycomb is amazing.
    Web with tabs is fast and fluid.
    3D effect may give headaches after prolong use.

    • sean

      HAHA….Love the name

  • Androidforlife

    My early thoughts…

    Nice size and weight.. A little akward to hold, definitely need a case to get a better grip..
    Everything moves super fast..
    Volume is super low..
    Battery life is decent. Only lost about 15% overnight..
    Honeycomb is pretty sweet, some apps dont work/arent formatted for tablets/keep force closing..
    No SMS feature!? WTF!?
    The speakers on each side in landscape mode is awesome. Nice surround sound effect..
    Gaming and graphics are amazing..
    As much as i love the AMOLED screens, i could grow to love this screen..
    I will be picking one of these up ASAP (Oh yeah, I get one for free… :-) )

  • Johnee78

    Had the pleasure of trying out the slate today and even though it is a nice tablet the price pint is going to kill the sale of it, IMO. With competing tablets coming in at a much better price I don’t see myself dropping over $700 for this .. I’m actually looking forward to the upcoming samsung tablets because they got it right with the pricepoint..

    • remister

      Waiting for a Wifi only version, I hope the price point will be around the Galaxy Tab, now there’s some competition!

  • Jthomas143

    Well I got my hands on the Slate today too and ill be at Tmo on Wed to get mine. As far as the price goes, isnt the Xoom selling for $599 on a 2yr contract?

  • eYe

    $700 is too much for a toy, and that’s what a tablet is for most people. I’m looking at Nook Colors on Craigslist for under $200. That’s the most I would pay for a tablet until it’s REALLY ready to replace my laptop.

    • Jthomas143

      Where did this $700 cost come from? Im not paying that on wed, from someone I know at Tmo.

      • Mark52479

        Rumor is going around that off Contract pricing will be $700 or more

    • Aerofanbig

      Asus eee pad with Android can just about replace a lap top, especially with the nifty keyboard/battery that it comes with

  • Anonymous

    Someone already has a unboxing video. Looks like a nice tablet. I wonder why only t-mobile wants to think they need to handle the announcement like ipad2 when everybody and their dog knows that g-slate is coming out on 20th ?


  • Just bought a Galaxy Tab out of contract for 499.00. Will have to go see this next week to see if I need to trade it. I really like the Tabs 7 inch size though.