T-Mobile UK Shows Us How It’s Done

I’ve been meaning to get this up for the past 24 hours or so and I’m afraid it might get lost in the mix of actual news but you REALLY should take the time to watch this because it’s awesome. While I look forward to seeing what T-Mobile USA has in store for their “4G” marketing campaign kicking off Wednesday, our cousins across the pond obviously aced their marketing exams. This commercial just exhibits all kinds of awesome. Enjoy!

T-Mobile UK


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  • Frankfurter

    Simply awesome! Way to go T-Mo!

    • sorandkairi

      one of the best ads ever…. simply put…..

      that actually made me smile…..

  • Jazzzzzzy

    Man awesome from beginning to end. What were they selling again? LOL It was such an awesome commercial, I’d buy whatever they were selling no matter what it was. lol

    • mr.atx512

      Really nice commercial in every way, but in all seriousness, how does this relate to 4G or cellphone service?

      • tmo

        Nothing to do with 4g you nerd… but it does have to do with connecting to your emotions (if you have any). T-mobile is huge on families and this commercial clearly shows that

  • Walhaddi


  • keemworld

    I was having a bad day and that commercial just made it all better.lol

    • oreo

      Totally made fighting with the wife a thing of the past

  • jimmy

    makes me glad i stuck with t-mo even after owning a cliq

    awesom video

  • blah

    WOW, amazing, beautiful. I would have been nice to see more actual phones in use but absolutely excellent. It makes me wish my life was a musical… :(

  • jrdroid

    this SUX!!! im stuck at work and the blocked you tube facebook so cant see this could somebody explain what is going on in the video pls….lol…. pls be my eyes

  • smash-mode

    I dig…pretty cool

  • vincent

    the point of that was?

  • GTwo Addict

    Really cool, even if they were not selling a particular product, its pretty impressive.

  • ob18

    What a novel idea, marketing……….and in an entertaining way too

  • mailman13877 (Evo 4G)

    Smh. TMO never gets it right even when its in its own company. For all those Evo haters guess what. I have 4G as we speak in NYC.I only payed $10 for 2 months without geting 4G. Haha

    • John

      you’re happy that you wasted $20, good for you. My hspa+ is still faster, and doesn’t cost me a penny. Fail.

    • PimpStrong

      LMAO @ MAILMAN LOL always good to hear from you.

      • phonegeek

        yeah pimpstrong the blogs seem a little empty without mailman’s evo rantings lol

    • John

      So you’re happy that you got screwed out of $20 for nothing, and that my hspa+, which is free on tmo, is faster. Loser.

  • currator

    nobody feed the troll. for that matter move. if we stay still and don’t feed it it will go away. lol

    • mjN1

      hahahah very true!

    • John

      He goes away faster when we kick his teeth in.

  • JMTS80

    Wow, T-mobile UK FTW!!!

  • Tmo Rep

    haha Ofcourse the Tmo USA one will be D wade being like YOOO LEBRON IM FASTER THEN YOU NOW!!! then it cuts to CHARLES BARKLEY with his fat gut laying by a pool saying “YEAH ME TOO”- im Really hoping tmo USA’s 4g marketing campaign has nothing to do with the MIAMI HEAT Charles Barkley or any part of the NBA.

    • 2FR35H

      NBA is a good sponsor but choosing one team is absolutely a ludicrous move, especially being that if they choose a team they will only get those who support that team… Others would move on to another network just because they either hate miami or are for another team.

  • Oh I saw this someone posted this in the forums a couple of days ago. Go tmo UK

  • This video made me feel a lot better about my utterly crappy day today…

  • Midori

    The point is that T-Mobile is a family network.

  • Bigmerf

    Charles barkley is not day anymore. Lol the commercial was nice and hellla long. To bad in the USA , say ast kennedy airport that would have turned into a riot and the national guard shooting 30 people

  • Bigmerf

    I meant fat not day. Lol, damm t9

  • remister

    Why does T-Mobile UK get all the fun flashmob skits. Lets do one in the US!

  • Tito!

    Pretty cool. I shall favorite this to my youtube account

  • Zac

    All those videos make me proud to be a t-mo customer!!!

  • Foxeh

    That promo is very high on the happy. :D

  • Jono

    flashmob-style advertisements has been done to death. Although the talent as top notch, the marketing firm responsible for this should have tried a little bit harder.

    • Dale Murphy

      @Jono. Agree.

  • Nightkid

    Tmobile thank so much the fact that you never had gave up any of your loyalty customer and provided a joyful to all of us. please ATT and Verizon stop the commercial fight to determined who is the best, why can all of you try to listen and love to each others…. LOl

  • PimpStrong

    The world could use more Unity like this. Great commercial.

    • wojax2

      sad but true .too much greed and hatred in the world. We may all be different, but music is universal .

      • Pimpstrong

        true indeed.

  • Fort

    That sucked!! You have to show off your goods people!

  • wojax2

    One of the best commercials I have ever seen. Makes me proud to be a t-mo customer. If you continue to be in a bad mood after watching this, you need a hug. great service, products and respect for their customers.All you other cellphone carriers-take notice. T-mo is here to show you all how its done……now bring those badas* phones.

  • TMoFan

    What a happy commercial! It’s such a rarity today to have a company with such phenomenal customer service. I’m really happy I stood with T-Mobile after many years, but they never gave me a reason to switch in the first place.

    I think T-Mobile US is going to expand in big ways. They’re bringing smartphones to people who would otherwise not have an opportunity to get one, their HSPA+ blows “4G” out of the water, and add to that their rates and CS and they can’t be matched anywhere.


    That is one long promo, its a music video. I like

  • I wonder how long it took them to clear that through security

  • hondavic

    It makes me almost want my RAZR back. I said almost!!! Great job TMO

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I wish T-mo was more like their UK brethren. They have all the coolest and hottest phones around

  • thaghost

    This commercial is stupid and too long. U guys r tripping!

    • Speaker of the truth

      I have to admit after reading the comments first I was disappointed. Call me a heartless bastard but when a long boring commercial like that comes on I channel surf from history, discovery, espn 1,2,3 like most Americans.
      Tmobile should in my opinion make an android robot little green guy animated commercial. No big buck star endorsement fees or worries. Make it cute and funny who knows it could be the next spuds mckinse, taco dog or wheres the beef lady. It is easier to catch fish with a hook.

    • Pimpstrong

      Sometimes you gotta just see something for what it is and not worry about what it “should” be. If its impossible for you to do that then you may need to adjust your thought process.

  • ibrow3

    That is one of the most creative and amazingly put together scenes that I have seen. I hope they use that here.

  • Nice Commercial. I hope this is a window of good things to come.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • joboy

    Way to go, TMo UK. Wish we had these kinds of ads on TV here. Here’s another one from a year or two ago. Also from T-Mobile UK. Enjoy:


  • C.j

    Reminds me of the British film Love, Actually. With Hugh Grant. Sweet commercial either way.

  • bbcrisp_03

    Tears stream down your face.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    And we wonder why Tmo UK gets all the good phones. This made me want to visit the UK even more. I want to be greeted by the guy at 1:56. It was hilarious when the guy demanded that they “SING IT” at 1:28. Great job UK, Keep Rockin!!!

    • Jayq330

      T-mobile UK is as big as at&t and have way more money. They’re not 4th place in the mobile industries. So t-mobile usages &t-mobile UK is like comparing Verizon to metro pcs. People need to realize that before putting t-mobile usages down, with the resources they have I think they’re doing a hell of a good job.

  • Hmm

    If only Tmo here would be daring enough to do this.

  • Sourkraut

    Waiting what T-Mobile US has in store? Definitely not this. Not only their marketing sucks, but unfortunately I can’t see a US company pulling this kind of advertising without it being extremely fake. The only thing I’m looking forward from T-Mobile is just another 2 years in my contract. Nothing else.

  • x

    Speaker of the truth is a moron and Pimp Strong knows what’s up, I love the world we live in

  • Jayq330

    And this is one of the reasons I like t-mobile, alas with at&t’s takeover there’ll Ben more of this is”nonsense” it’ll be wasted $ in there eyes. Greed driven efer’s!

  • Jayq330

    T-mobile UK is as big as at&t and have way more money. They’re not 4th place in the mobile industries. So t-mobile usages &t-mobile UK is like comparing Verizon to metro pcs. People need to realize that before putting t-mobile usages down, with the resources they have I think they’re doing a hell of a good job.