T-Mobile Ready To Begin “4G” Advertising

There is little question T-Mobile’s decided use of the “4G” moniker for their HSPA+ network has caused quite a stir. There is of course plenty to argue regarding the merits of the T-Mobile claim to a “4G” network. Whatever the truth may be, T-Mobile isn’t likely to care because bottom line, given the current wireless network situation in America, T-Mobile has hands down the fastest network currently available. Rest assured the “4G” issue isn’t going to go anywhere and T-Mobile is likely to take some heat, however we can bet they are going to market the hell out of HSPA+. Judging by this flyer we received late tonight (why am I posting this at 1:30 am anyway, I must SERIOUSLY love you guys) that whole “4G” ad campaign must be kicking off very soon, like November 3rd maybe?!

My opinion? Sprint can take Wimax and stick it where the Sun don’t shine and Magenta can take “4G” and showcase the speed of their network all day long. I’m perfectly ok with that.

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