Motorola DEFY In The Wild, Ready For The Wild As Well

If you’re a clumsy person that drops his/her phone a lot but at the same time, need a good-looking rugged smartphone, the Motorola DEFY is the phone for you. The DEFY is an Android 2.1 powered handset that is not only scratch resistant, but also water resistant and dust proof. To briefly summarize, the Motorola DEFY sports a 3.7-inch 480 x 854 pixel WVGA capacitive touch screen, 5 megapixel camera (with an LED Flash), WiFi Calling (UMA), and Android OS 2.1 with Motorola’s proprietary MOTOBLUR UI. You can get your hands on the DEFY starting November 3rd for only $99.99 with a 2-year agreement. More in the wild pics after the break!

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  • LuvMyGreenRobot

    Do you know how much the phone cost w/o a contract or outright?

    • rinklighter

      Haven’t seen any pricing info anywhere. I’d buy this as a backup phone.

      • sorandkairi

        I told David the price outright. A month ago and didn’t post it. Also I’ve gotten information on soon to be implemented areas of hspa + network but…

        • David, Managing Editor

          What are you talking about? What didn’t I post?

    • Vibrant Guy

      It should be about $400. Because on the bottom of the page for the device, it says $95 down, and 3 more payments of the same. That’s $380…ya know, taxes in all.

  • TmoJoe

    I was just at the store looking at the MyTouch 4G and the Defy. I was pretty impressed with the Defy. It is a really good phone for $99.

    • remixfa

      I love the idea of the Defy.. ya know, rugged smartphone. Im not happy that it has blur on it, because u can pretty much kiss updates goodbye. Buy it for what it is and its probably great, just dont expect forward updates. The pricing is nice too.

  • F*ck motorola

    • andrew

      u are right f motorola i rather go the lg then defy

    • danny

      also eff motorblur!

  • TMoFan

    This looks like a nice rugged smartphone. I wonder if it will upgrade to Froyo? Is there a way to turn Motoblur off? I can see that being a problem with the 200MB plan.

    • somebody

      No upgrade to froyo
      no way to turn off motobulur
      cant have on 200 mb plan
      90% sure

      • Belh

        You will be able to put the 200 MB on this phone

    • dannyb91979

      Install ADW Launcher, or Launcher Pro. :)

  • J-Hop2o6

    For what the phone is (rugged) with a 3.7″ screen, at a $99 price point, this phone is highly attractive.. i wouldn’t get it, but i approve it.. highly over Tmo’s other Moto phones.

  • tipsofme

    This phone was such a smart move. T-Mobile has soooo many customers in construction and similar types of jobs. Every time one of the these guys or gals comes in and we talk to them about smart phones their first reply is “I want one but in my line of work, I would break that in a week.” Not anymore! Now everyone can have smartphone goodness with almost any type of job! Woot!

    • Trevor

      yes! i hate when that happens. now theres actual option, so we dont have to bs them into buying an outerbox for their phone

  • evil

    This phone is hot. A rugged smartphone is genius and I want it pretty bad but i think I’m gonna wait till it has froyo and has been rooted. It blows my mind that moto is gonna only have 2.1 on a brand new phone…

  • Trevor

    yes! i hate when that happens. now theres actual option, so we dont have to bs them into buying an outerbox for their phone.

  • jimmy

    1 Question.
    Will it get 3.0 or 2.3?

  • jimmy

    Real talk, T-mobile is throwing them android phones like hot cakes. t-Mobile will rape the others if they announced the HTC Desire HD, every other carrier will feel the BURN!!!!!!!

  • JBoogie3

    Phone has been rooted as well :)

    • mingkee

      Using universalandroot?
      I got success on my moto XT720.

  • JBoogie3

    here is root

  • andrew

    tmobile is starting to bring on hell on verizon , sprint , and AT&T

  • andrew

    and if only this was stock android then it would be worth something

  • derrickps3

    they all the same, os wise………..only thing different is hardware look lol

  • ogopogo

    David – the description says Wi-Fi calling (UMA). Is this the same as the Blackberry? If so, it is a GREAT replacement for my 9700. I will get the MT4G for my wife.

    • J-Hop2o6

      no.. its UMA (lite).. so no auto-handoff.. meaning u would have to manually switch between Wi-Fi and Cell

      • somebody

        ^^^ which is extremely annoying and you end up never using it unless you have to

      • 2FR35H


        why would you use UMA other than when you have to?? and if you don’t need it why would you want it? it would just be a frivolous feature like FFC(for now) but in regards to FFC and MT4G though being able to call somebody visually and then switch the camera to show others where you are at is awesome!!

      • ogopogo

        Thanks J-Hop2o6.

        As for the UMA feature – those that haven’t used it on Blackberry, just don’t understand the usefulness of the feature. True UMA seamlessly switches between the cell tower and a wi-fi router. The call quality on my BB9700 is fantastic. I’ve never had a dropped call. It provides for phenomenal coverage in a situation where you would have no coverage at all, without having to worry about turning the service on/off.

      • flannery

        yeah I just got back from Switzerland with my 8900 (no tower service) but I stayed somewhere with WiFi, so making calls was no big deal. Very useful indeed!

  • currator

    I have played with the dummy mobel of this and it is the same size as cliq and it is smaller then cliq xt. that’s right its little. is has edge to edge screen its nice. good for a lot of people that want a blur phone and want one with a bigger screen. oh before I forget the cliq2 as of what the store manager told me was going to be released around the first of the year, and when she asked the moto rep he said I cant talk about the cliq2. anybody say gingerbread phone. maybe we will see

    • Dewman4life

      I just played with one at a t-mobile in Minnesota and this is larger than both a cliq and cliq xt.

  • alex

    i advise you not to get motorola products as they clearly update verizon phones 1st, and if your lucky this phone will be upgraded

  • Midori

    I think the front of the DEFY is nice,but I ordered a MT4G from wirefly(in black of course);)only thing left is to play the waiting game!

    • abel2fresh4u

      man i hate this waiting game. im counting the seconds grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

      mine will probably be white =]

  • deceptivesmiles

    Lol. Fail. First it don’t even have 2.2, it has Motoblur, and it’s Motorola which means no Android update………ever…..well, it’ll get 2.2 in 2012

  • Nerd lust

    Processor and memory?

    • somebody

      800 mhz preprocessor if i remember correctly ( not the one in g2) as far as i know its probably a cheap one

  • JP

    MT4G all the way !!!

  • somebody

    does anyone else not care about this phone ?

    i would buy this phone for my dad sense he works in pretty rough environments for any phone but other than that i will wait for the nexus s

    • 2FR35H

      I’m getting MT4G then waiting for Nexus S unless S means headed to Sprint! did anyone ever stop to think that? LG does it Samsung did it once I think… you never know.

  • mikeyo

    its a nice phone but the TI OMAP 3610 processor is very low end. too bad cause its basically what i want in a phone physically.

    • well if i was reading the wiki right that CPU would be able to use flash if moto updates it to 2.2+

      • mikeyo

        that may be good and all but no powervr graphics so its a fail.

  • mtnman

    It has 2.1 on it and it says update 1, but that won’t happen until Ginderbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream, and maybe perhaps Jellybean comes out. That’s why it’s $99 bucks. Ya get what cha pay for with Motorola, and that anin’t say’n much.

  • Rell

    This phone will be extremly popular. To be honnest most people don’t care about the Andriod updates. As long as it has all the features such has internet, messinging , MMS and internet they are cool. Hell everyone still think Dorids are the only Andriod phones. Hell my friend had a Hero and said I need a droid phone and I said you already have one. Most people aren’t phone geeks or tech geeks.

    • Cybersedan

      +1 I had a friend ask me today why no other carriers have droids besides verizon.

  • Nerd lust

    This looks amazing! Im surprised by the style. Most rugged phones are ugly. This one looks nice.

  • I have been using this phone for about a week now. It is actually a pretty snappy little phone. Its great because Ive dropped it a few times to demonstrate to customers, and it still comes right back for more without a scratch on it. It is definitely small, its only .01 inches smaller screen than the MYT4G but it still feels tiny in your hands cuz of the wall to wall screen. But i think it will make a great little phone for those more accident prone, everyone at my store that has tried it has loved it alot.

  • Chris

    Nice. A rugged cell phone that doesn’t look like a walkie talkie. I know a lot of people that are just plain hard on phones that would buy this.

  • Patrick

    I was handling a demo at the new Wal-Mart that opened up here in El Paso and I think this will be an option for me, as in my line of work I’m kind of hard on phones and it would be nice to have one that will take a drop or two or three…or four! FWIW, my direct supervisor has lost quite a few phones at work, so many that his insurance actually dropped him (alltel). Most wound up falling into the trash compactor when he crawled in to unjam it, never to return, lol! The icing on the cake is the 200mb/$10 option which is the same amount for data that I pay now for my Gravity T.

  • brett

    what were the specs on this phone anyway? like processor and ram.
    im thinkin of this if it has swype on it. i need a good smartphone that can stand up to water

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Phone looks decent and the 800 Mhz processor SEEMS like it might get the job done performance wise. Of course out the box the blur and other fancy features may slow the phone down but i’m sure once cyanogen and others get a hold of it the processor will be overclocked and features optimized. I’m just surprised at the rugged nature of the phone. I never thought there would be a truly tough all touchscreen smartphone but looks like they proved me wrong. I would’ve preferred a 4″ touchscreen so it would fit my own needs but I don’t think this phone’s going to be advertised as anything but a rugged phone. Several years ago, phones in this category only got the bare essentials in the feature department to cut down on size and to fit the specifications to be certified rugged. This one has all….wifi, bluetooth, fast processor, decent ram, camera with flash, noise cancellation etc.. Not too shabby if you ask me. I’m very tempted to grab it, although I may just wait until about a month after it’s released and pick it up on craigslist for about 2-300 bucks.

    • watbetch

      Cyanogen can’t even get their stuff on the Galaxy S. Seriously doubt they would even attempt to try to put it on the DEFY.

      I’m getting one of these babies too.

  • I got to play around with it today, im sorry it has moto blur…. and looks just like both cliq which leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. 2.1 is what it had and will probably a year from the date it launches will still be running 2.1