Motorola DEFY Coming November 3rd

Need a rugged phone? Starting November 3rd T-mobile customers can get the Motorola DEFY for only $99.99! They did such a great job with that that I didn’t feel like changing much.  So there you have it, a rugged Android phone for those clumsy types out there, and for only $100?  That’s a steal.  This phone will surely work for some people out there.  So give it a look and tell us what you think in the comments!

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  • Jonathan from Los Angeles

    c’mon T-Mobile, tell us when the MyTouch 4G will be available!


    • thaghost


  • George

    ewww…i hate motorola

  • Nads

    Yay, I will begin camping for this. :-|

  • TmoHax

    But since its a motorola phone just like the cliq series and the backflip and devour I would bet anything that it’ll be stuck at the version of android it ships with. Luckly fot this one that’s 2.1 but motorola only cares about verizon plain and simple. But that’s why everyones second android phone is an htc…

    • Jed Clamped

      My 2nd Android phone was a Cliq :o(

      • Jed Clamped

        that was supposed to be a frown :(

      • somebody

        rolf that was pretty funny

      • brett

        my third was a cliq lol. thats only cause i had two g1’s and they said they would replace it. so i said what the hey. its a solid phone i wont lie. and with it modded on vanilla android 2.1 its a beast phone

    • VibrantOwnr

      the ironic part is i returned my samsung vibrant to best buy yesterday (on the 29th day on their 30 day return policy) and am now waiting the mytouch 4g!

      • somebody

        i dont think thats irony….

    • deraildoax

      Yeah…actually my 2nd Android device was a Cliq XT after my G1. Now I’ve gone from my XT to a Vibrant. I have no problem specifically with Motorola. However I am pretty bent how ALL manufacturers ditch their support and upgrades for mid/low end phones as soon as they sell them. That’s what Moto and Samsung both do. I know that its said HTC will always upgrade. Well that’s not my experience on my G1. It stopped at 1.6 and Cyanogen brought me to 2.2. So my experience is that manufacturers only provide updates to high end, high profile devices.

      • brett

        but the g1 did see 3 updates. far more then any other phone so far.
        but concidering its seeing 2.2 on the modding scene. thats in its self is even better then any phone STILL. g1 is still my favorite phone to mod.

  • Pimpstrong

    Am I the only one that reads the name as “Def – ee” instead of “Def – i”?

    Anyway nice phone nice specs welcome aboard and this is how the Garminfone should have been made.

    • Barry

      Exactly my man. It would seem they learned their lesson on pricing mid-range devices as such.

  • fatboy97

    I thought the myTouch 4G had that as a launch date!!! Come one TMO!!!

  • thaghost

    great phone for $100! if da mytouch 4g wasnt coming out, i would get this. u’ll probably find this for free on a 3rd party site. great job tmo.

  • David L

    …Defy-nitely do not want!

    Sorry Moto, but after the Cliq debacle, my next phone will be the G2 (Due to arrive tomorrow via UPS)

    • Jed Clamped

      Me too!!

  • wantsthebest

    if the mytouch 4g doesn’t come out on or before Nov. 3 I’m gonna be so pissed. I need a new phone now!!!

    • DavidOhio

      Settle down already!

  • currator

    good phone the right price everybody forgetting this is a new smartphone which is also a rugged phone its on 2.1 but will prob be on 2.2 after the cliq2 launches considering its supposed to be sometime soon. dont forget this thing has a 3.7 screen not bad if it had a ffc and 2.2 everybody would be like im killa somebody to get that phone. haters comment please lol. not a big moto fan just saying

    • rinklighter

      I’m not a hater, but I’m

  • Upgrade

    Finally, a durable smart phone with a big battery and Wi-Fi calling! This may be a good replacement for my T339 if it has a decent antenna/microphone/speaker and not to many bugs. Plus, I look forward to the upcoming lower priced $10 data plan with this or other smart phones. Wi-Fi is good enough for me most of the time. Many people will consider this phone if it works as promised out of the box, regardless of OS upgrades down the road.

    • JaylanPHNX

      Considering that this is kind of a CliqXT 2, I would bet the antenna/microphone/speaker will all be excellent. The only thing that ever held the XT back was it’s older processor and older OS. The build quality was great and the speakerphone is still one of the best. If I weren’t saving up for a superphone, if I just wanted a good smartphone, I’d be all over the DEFY.

    • mikeeeee

      @upgrade, just my cup of tea.

      a 2.1 motorola cliqXT with UMA is good enough for me.

      goin’ to put all my paid apps in it and leave it alone.


    100 with or with out contract??? if it is without contract i will go for it :D

    • pneumatic

      If nobody else is gonna say it, I will…retard.

    • DavidOhio

      Do you seriously think this phone is $100 off contract? Retard.

      • john

        Agree whole heartedly

      • jymmyn

        Well after cliq fiasco, and humei phones coming…. Yes

  • David

    Front side looks nice. If I recall correctly, though, the back side not so much! Despite the Android 2.1 lameness, I will consider this phone. I’m interested in the new MyTouch, but if the unsubsidized price difference is big enough I may go for this. Similar specs after all!

  • ShadyGambino

    So how much is this phone off contract? I’d like to get a second Android phone as a backup, and this would be great since it’s built to withstand some abuse.

  • Androidless


    That little asterisk next to the Wifi and Mobile Calling directs you to small print saying “additional fees may apply.”

    So does this mean that Android Users will have to PAY for wifi calling? Eff’ that, if true.

    • Upgrade

      Calling or texting from WiFi comes out of your plan voice minutes or plan text bucket, so no additional charge. The additional fee part means you would have to have home WiFi to actually use it at home and of course pay for that yourself.

      I personally pay an extra $10/month for a grandfathered unlimited wi-fi calling option with my 339, but that is no longer offered. WiFi calling and UMA are all about improved coverage (domestic calls only) from here in the USA or even abroad if you travel.

      • Androidless

        Okay. That makes sense. Still…I feel uneasy somehow.

      • Upgrade

        I must repeat the part about no typical plan included calls (i.e inexpensive) to international (non USA) phone numbers with WiFi calling/texting. But if you can turn off your GSM/3GSM radio when you travel overseas and not roam, then you can make plan included calls/texts back to USA numbers over WiFi.

  • JaylanPHNX

    Here’s a question, if Motorola updates the Cliq/XT, will you consider buying the DEFY?

    • somebody


  • JaylanPHNX

    Here’s a question: If Motorola updates the Cliq/XT, will you then consider getting a DEFY?

    • mikeeeee

      @jaylan, just for the UMA.

  • Justin

    how much without contract ??????!!!

  • Cybersedan

    I’m getting this for my daughter, she is very rough on phones. If it can survive her then its worth the money.

  • chris

    How much off contract? Does anyone know?

    • john

      Taking an educated shot in the dark…$329

    • David

      I sorted Android phones on the T-Mobile website by price, and it was listed between phones costing $379.99 and $399.99. So my guess is it’ll be $399.99.

  • bay214


    • john

      Either you’re a douchebag, have no impulse control, or your keyboard has a broken caps/shift key…if it’s the third you have a mulligan on your behalf, otherwise, grow some impulse control you whiny douchebag. You had a rough run with a phone, get a different one. I think everyone of us has been there at least once.

  • cp

    nice.. can’t wait to go to the store and play with one.

  • DatNizzle

    May get this for my GF, she’s been eyeing the Androids lately. She won’t care about an update, and the $10 data plan is perfect for her.
    Remember everyone I have a Cliq, and after the second update the phone was pretty good. Other than the 2.1 update mistake. If you buy this for what it does and not what it will do, I think you’ll be fine. Moto can build a good phone.

  • jmts80

    Never again Motorola!

  • Jim

    I went to the Motorola website and looked at this. When I look at accessories, I noticed a car mount for Motorola Milestone. I wonder if that is a mistake or if the dimensions are close enough for that car mount? The website shows:

    -Milestone: SIZE
    2.4 x 4.6 x .5 in.; 60.00 x 115.80 x 13.70

    -Defy: SIZE
    59 x 107 x 13.4 mm

    So, they are not exactly the same size, BUT they are very close in size.

  • currator

    i think they will considering after all this time they are updateing the cliq. heres the thing the cliq is a good phone and if it were not for blur this phone could runn 2.2 no problem this and the droid are like the same thing. remember they came out around a month apart. back to update. only the us tmobile cliq iand xt are going to get update the devour on big red with better spec i do believe got left for dead along with att and the dext. this tells us even know were not big red we are getting some love. tmo listened up so i think about a month or so after cliq2 released this phone will have 2.2 after all the cliq2 has blur and 2.2 do the math its done and works they are going to release 2.2 and blur on the cliq2 moto does make flagship phones for tmo . we get the defy and cliq2 this means all is well im just saying other the vzw tmo gets alright moto phones hopefully more support and updates

    • David

      What’s a Cliq 2? I check this blog regularly and haven’t heard of such a thing!

  • somebody

    anyone wana guess what i wont be getting on November 3rd?

  • Ansel

    Ok, they just announce the HTC HD7 is coming out Nov. 8th. Is it just me, or does it feel like T-Mobile’s teasing the release date of the MyTouch 4g lol…

  • watbetch

    I like this and it’s a nice phone. The CLIQ was a disaster.. it was their first Android phone right? Cut them some slack.

  • fish

    I’d like to punch motorola in the taint, then, when he’s bent over in pain, shove my cliq in his puckerd bunghole.

    after having a cliq motorola won’t get any more of my money to do nothing for me after the purchase.

    I advise against this phone.

  • This is perfect for my mother-in-law. Not the active life stile bit, but the water resistance part. She is always dropping her phone in the sink or accidentally putting it into a water cup in her car. I like it.

  • style*

  • currator

    david on this site had a posting that tmo patent or trademark filling or something and one of them is for cliq2 and on another site or this one it had some rumored specs/info on cliq2

  • RWWackoStu

    SWMBO wants this as a upgrade from her crappy cliq. Got on the chat with TMO rep who said they were not provided any release date info for the Defy. How can they tweet it before staff is trained and ready?

  • syks

    this is perfect for me, a rugged android touchscreen smarthone that still fits comfotably in your pocket (3.7 inch screen).

  • Doh

    So is that considered a entry level smart phone or the ‘premium’. With respect to the tier data plan? $10/month might be okay but won’t even both if $30/month plan is required. I still don’t understand why the tier the phone itself.