T-Mobile G2 Overclocked To Give Super Speed

While the T-Mobile G2 might have some self-repairing measures to prevent a full on hack, tweaking the device is allowed, isn’t it? Well XDA-Developers member “Coolbho3000” certainly thinks so and has successfully posted his overclock module, which can take the G2 processor all the way to 1.42GHz.

We absolutely positively recommend against this mod unless you are absolutely 100% certain that you know what you are doing as you always run the risk of damaging your phone. The video below should give you an idea as to what the G2 really is capable of courtesy of this hack and it’s quite beautiful.


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  • Zorro

    Quite Impressive… Homeboy in the video needs to take some NyQuil

    • daniel


    • Technogen

      Yeah, Coolbho3000 has a cold, he said it took him a few times to get the video where he wasn’t having a coughing fit for the whole thing.

    • El Guapo

      The G2 already has so many problems. It reboots by itself 3 times a day, why would you take an unstable phone and make it more unstable? The terrible reception, the reboots, yellow stains, and now tmobile waitlisting people who are trying to return their phone, there are much bigger problems to solve than the slow CPU

      • Dytboy

        I haven’t had any of those problems with my g2 maybe I got lucky

      • Chris

        Nah I haven’t had any of those problems. This guy’s just a hater.

      • dannyb91979

        yeah, mine runs perfectly – no problems at all. If you’re honestly having these issues, call customer care and get an exchange handset!

      • mrcool

        sorry my g2 hasnt had a single flaw and it runs smooth , great reception and super fast,

      • Alex

        I’ve had the rebooting problem. reception is pretty bad too. sometimes the web stops working and i have to restart the phone to get the web working again. Sometimes the phone gets a blank screen and is unresponsive (I need to take out the battery to restart it).
        Do I have a defective phone or are other people having these troubles too?

      • algernon

        I’ve had my phone crap out on me three times since I got it Oct. 1st, and each time was because I was doing something stupid. If you’re actually having that many problems with the G2, I would start looking at the apps that you installed on it.

        Also, if you’re running temp root for an extended period of time the phone could become unstable. I tend to only run root when I need it (fairly rarely), then reboot the phone when I’m done.

      • algernon

        Oh, and just to add, two of the three times the phone just rebooted. The one time it actually froze on reboot I just three-fingered (took a couple tries to remember the right button combo) and it restarted and came up fine. I have yet to pull the battery and the only time I’ve even opened the back since I got the phone was just to swap out the SD card (replace the stock Class 2 with my old Class 6) and show some friends how it is constructed.

      • maneomane

        dude probably don’t even have the G2. its better than phones thats not even out yet. the windows 7 phone coming out will be slower than the G2 not even oveclocked. the only phone that could compare would be the mytouch HD and thats because of more hardware options

      • DBo

        Obviously, you don’t know what you are talking about when you make the statement that T-Mobile is waitlisting people to return their phones. Everyone knows that you have the ability to return your device within 20 days for your buyers remorse period, and T-Mobile does not stop you from doing so. I don’t really pay al ot of attention to whiners who say that a phone has so many issues bc many issues are caused by the user, not the device…..You take care of your phone differently than I take care of mine. the reality is though that every single phone on the market, yes 100% of the phones on the market will have some type of issue, sparky

      • Ed

        If you tools would quit calling him a liar, and maybe do some research, you’ll find threads on both Tmo’s site, and XDA about the random phone reboots.

        Between the reboots and the crappy reception, I took mine back. According to the lady at the store, I wasn’t the first person to do it either for those same reasons.

      • mr moses

        Stop hatin you don’t even own this phone I have one and it is perfect not everyone is having rebooting issues

      • Ed

        True, not everyone is having random reboots.

        Then again, not everyone is ever in no signal areas for more than 15 minutes.

        There are problems with this phone. STFU and quit being an idiot.

    • hondavic


  • G2FTW

    Glad I bought a G2:) ha ha.

  • cris

    Wow 1.42 ghz….. incredible potential

  • G

    makes me want to get one.

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    This thing is already faster than 1hz processors

    • xitaxuta

      do you happen to your the G2 GPU vs Vibrant’s?

      • xitaxuta

        do you happen to know the Benchmark scores between G2 GPU vs Vibrant’s?

      • Nathan

        I had both (returned the G2), and the Vibrant GPU is still far superior to the Adreno 205. The 540 in the Vibrant is a beast. I didn’t have benchmark scores, but the Quadrant results for the 3D clearly favor the Vibrant.

  • ditchmagnet

    I had mine at 1555.2 MHz (freeze if I go higher)but still couldn’t get on the top 10 for G2 LOL, oh well, still nice though.


  • Pimpstrong

    Impressive numbers and all but I wanna see some apps run and open/close.

  • ditchmagnet

    Actually, just did some more and made the number 2 spot for the G2 on linpack (for now)!


    How did Corylulu do that 66?

  • eYe

    Yeah… that’s nice for linpacks and quadrants and whatever else you want to show off to your friends. In real life though, G2 is as fast as you need it at stock speed. If only it wasn’t so buggy. Oh, well, I’ll wait for the update and may end up getting it again then.

    • ditchmagnet

      What do you mean its buggy? And ya, its plenty fast at the 800, I just was doing that cause it’s just fun to do.

    • A.minor

      While I’ll admit the G2 does have small bugs here and there… I’ll take it any day over my nonfunctional MT3G… I’m sure it’ll get better

  • ditchmagnet

    hmm, can someone tell me why my posts are getting deleted?

    • ditchmagnet

      nvm…didn’t see them.

      • Hecg55

        I’m afraid to do this to my vibrant just kuzz I never have..

  • smallbreats

    My g2 is only stable at 1.3 ghz not bad

  • patrick

    its really, REALLY annoying when people say “Buggy”. “buggy this” and “buggy that” what are you referring to? honestly. i havent a had a SINGLE problem with my g2. no reboots, nothing. as on going a week for using it, the battery life is great and so is the software. so please when you say buggy, be specific. i have a feeling when this does get root(hopefully it will) its going to be hard to do. unless it is one click root..

    • soultruthgemini

      Trust the G2 has some major bugs right now.. Random resetting, because of the nand big that cyogeon pointed out when you restart it sometimes forgets your settings for your default apps( if u set dolphin to be the main browser, when u restart it forgets and you have to choose again) sometimes the screen doesn’t come back on until u pul the battery.. so yea its a great phone.. and I love it… but once they fix these bugs I will love it a hell of a lot more

      • Jeetu

        same here, no bugs or whatever since September.. I don’t know why people who dont have the G2 say such thing

      • Chris

        Thank you. I’ve had the “screen doesn’t come back on until you pull the battery” thing happen about 3 times since oct 5th. Not a big deal at all, obviously I want it fixed, I’ve just never seen anyone else mention it.

      • ihatefanboys

        @ soul……No sir, your phone has major bugs, not the G2 in general. The only question is why ur on here bitching about it and haven’t returned it, u have 14 days to do that, must like attention, I doubt u even have a G2, or u don’t have a brain. Because only a brainless doof would keep a defective phone and then bitch,moan,and complain about it. I had a defective G2 also, guess what I did? I returned it. Got one that’s worked perfectly, no problems at all. So get a G2 or grow a brain, dumbass

      • maneomane

        rebooting…standard issue with most high end phones once they come out? look at the iphone and how that always pans out

    • Shawn

      I have had my G2 since September 30th and I also have not had any reboots/freezing. One thing I did notice, is when I am using my phone outside in the cold (34 degrees F in MN) the orange outline (like you are using the trackpad) will move around the screen without me doing anything. My friend’s G2 has done the same thing to him when it gets cold. I don’t know if it is because of the metal around the trackpad or what?

      • big iz

        my nexus one did that, when the wind was blowing.. the trackpad and or the touchscreen’s sensitivity is pretty high.. perhaps you can dial it down a bit… even my blackberry trackpad had that reaction to wind..

    • jonathan

      You obviously haven’t been on the T-Mobile forums if you think the G2 is perfect. There’s PLENTY of software issues. Do your research and become informed.

  • Pimpstrong

    My Game Boy is overclocked to 14MHz.

    • Clydesdale

      LOL… :-)

    • Wilma Flintstone


  • mike

    they should have just made the phone with a 1ghz processor instead of having to do all of this

  • Mr MN

    Great phone. Too bad there is no root at the moment. I will get one when root becomes available.

  • Androidless

    Can they release wifi calling for this already?

    And, I continue to wait to spend cash money…

  • Foxeh

    “If you are wondering how this affects battery life… I have no freaking idea! As long as I have enough juice to run benchmarks, who gives a shih tzu?”

    I found that bit to be rather cute, even if a little geeky. (yes, I may have embellished a bit) ;)

    Love this phone.

  • cellswag5

    Had mine since lunch. No problems or reboots. Most have a busted phone. Maybe its from the early preorder bunch.

  • ihatefanboys

    I don’t know why these losers come on here complaining about “random reboots” and the like. If u have a problem phone, u return it. My first G2 had a screen problem, I took it back that hour, got a brand new G2 that’s been perfect since. If u hang onto a defective phone and then complain about, u truly are retarded.

  • SEFan

    Wow! I can feel the shock waves

    For me this would raise a philosophical question: is it right to have a phone whose clock speed is faster than one’s old laptop?


  • Wilma Flintstone

    impressive indeed. now lets see one of those XDA Developers code a cooling system for when the processor fries this phone at those speeds.

  • userfriendlyme

    Yeah i havent done the Mod yet honestly im holding off til theres a permenant root solution. However i can agree with some of the other users even on this forum with the BUGS.. yes if you have a G2 thats giving you no issues then just consider yourself one of the lucky ones because there are reboots and freezes amongst most of us users i even had the phone reboot and freeze several times myself. There are definately some reception issues. The good think is most of the issue can be resolved with a software update.

    • ihatefanboys

      Most is a highly dubious comment, its more likely a very small minority that have problems. But it needs to be said again, if u have a problem, return the phone, its a no brainer. Meaning the ones that have a problem phone and don’t return it but feel the need to bitch about it and not get a new G2 have no brains.

  • Transporter

    I swear galaxy(vibrant) owners are just another breed of the icrap fanboys.

  • Myg1

    I’m a proud vibrant owner n I never said a bad thing about the g2…i just love androids..ill get the new my touch too.so don’t assume anything about vibrant owners..lets be nice..n If you have reboot problems just return the phone..unless your lazy n not drop it off..it’s your fault then..every where has their return policy so get with the program unless you buy things from walmart..they are easy to return..but nice speeds!

  • johnathon

    Have had my g2 for a week. No reboots no freezing. Have not had to pull my battery out at all. Only problem I have had is keyboard light sometimes cuts off in the middle of typing.

    Love the phone so far. I am interested in the my touch and the defy. But think I will keep my g2 even if I get a second phone.

  • jazzmanmonty

    didn’t watch the video, care less to…cpu overclock sort of impressive, but is there a benchmark score at this overclock speed available? kinda curious as to if it breaks 2000..

    • kc

      yep, around the 2400’s.

    • Tristan

      I was able to pull a 2520 Quadrant score at 1.536ghz.

      • Vibrant Addict

        Those ghz numbers are so beautiful on a phone. ;(

  • g1ana

    does anyone know if and when the G2 will be added to the BOGO offer?

  • mr moses

    oh damn the g2 took over the whole linpak top 10 I wonder if sense will beat it

  • Adrian

    This dude is cheating he has wifi on, trust me I have a g2 and have done the benchmark with the wifi on I wish it was real cause I would so do it but notice the wifi signal on the status bar