Pre-Order The Galaxy Tab On Amazon For $699

If you just so happen to have $699 dollars lying around with nothing to do, you can go ahead and jump on the Amazon pre-order of the Galaxy Tab. That’s right, the very same Galaxy Tab that runs Windows! Just kidding, it doesn’t ACTUALLY run Windows. The very first T-Mobile tablet will hit retail stores and November 10th. If I am reading the Amazon page correctly the device will release November 9th, account for at least one day for shipping and voila, at your door November 10th! If going no contract is your thing than Amazon is ready and willing to take your money!


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  • An

    Tmobile its going to bring hell on verizon sprint anf att

  • archie53

    A little pricy when comparing to an I pad.

    • Oce

      Dildo! Uhh…I mean dido!

      • Dreama


      • archie53

        Ha lol

    • Kickstar13

      If you purchase the Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile, retail price will be $599.

  • alex32g2

    out of topic, but i need someone to answer for me this please. I have a g2 and i go to tmonews everyday on my g2, i always get a pop up saying i can make tmonews as a web app. How do i make tmonews as a webapp on my phone? i follow the instructions and it doesnt work. Can someone help me out please?

    • Brian

      Try posting a message in the appropriate message forum.

      • alex32g2

        There isnt, thats why I asked here. But if youd kindly like to send me the link of how to do that then id greatly appreciate

    • Trollface.jpg

      It’s just the mobile version of the site reacting to your browser. That message applies to people who are using the iPhone (me).

  • sean

    They want $700 and a 2year contract…. ill just go and buy a ipad for cheaper .. tmobile is a rip off

    • archie53

      That’s no contract, I think its 399 with contract

      • 2FR35H

        Actually its 2 year protection if anything shall happen to it in 2 years like drop it throw it water damage etc

    • somebody

      700 is off contract

  • Jeffro64

    The $700 is for no contract, but still a little high for just a 7″ screen.

  • eYe

    Meh… I still fail to see the point of all these tablets at this price point. One can get an OK laptop for less then $400 or get one of the fully loaded netbooks for about the same. Why would anyone buy a tablet and get themselves into a contract for just a bit more of portability?

    • luis

      Finally someone also has some common sense. People pay more money for things that cost less to make and don’t even do half of what a laptop does.

  • TMOprophet

    Not worth the listed $740, neither is it worth $699…..FAIL

  • Jeetu

    Are you kidding me with his price??!!

    A Samsung 7″ for $700 + tax … wow, what are they smoking.

    • somebody

      i dont think its as bad as people make it seem to be

      it has allot of little things that ipad does not those features which i wont list really add up… just a camara is a big deal its not a sticker its a piece of hardware that costs money..

      • Jeetu

        Aside from the bigger pixels, tell me how it differs with the current smartphones with similar specs… like the Vibrant, captivate, G2, etc.. they are far below that price range around $400-500 unsubsidized. Not to mention, it is harder to manufacture and engineer smaller devices.

        Again this is overpriced, no matter how you defend it.

  • Jeetu

    Are you kidding me with his price??!!

    A Samsung 7″ for $700 + tax … wow, what are they smoking.

  • some internet dude

    Plus tax, shipping, its laughable. Im not paying close to $730 for a Galaxy Tab. A couple of hundred more you can buy a Macbook, or a cheap one year and it breaks dell with Winblows on it.

  • the MT4G+archos7=400 i fthe nexus 2 / s doesnt come out, this is what ill buy

  • mtnman

    Are they kidding,$700 for a 7″ Galaxy Tab? I can go to Best Buy right now and get a laptop for about the same price and it will do tons more. The only thing it won’t do is Android. Plus I won’t have to sign a 2 year contract.

    They either think:

    A. We’re stupid or,

    B. We’re made of money.

    • I think its C they will try to put all the prices super high, so that the smartphone market starts selling phones for 300+ on a 2year contract, or until they reach super high impossible prices so that the few people who will be able to purchase them, will make them billions.

      Hey I might even go for
      D…………………………………………………………………………………………..ALL OF THE ABOVE

      • somebody

        ^^^ that is the worst business plan ever…. where did you learn your econ ?

      • Apparently thats exactly what theyre trying to do

  • peter

    Why is it $50 more than T-Mobile’s internal document that says $649.99?

    • Kickstar13

      Third party outlets usually have higher retail prices. T-Mobile will offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $399 with a 2 year agreement and $599 retail price.

  • jp

    The wifi version looks pretty good rright about now. Especially with mobile hotspot.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    let me see, I can spend $700 on this that has no voice capabilities or I can go to Best Buy and buy a laptop with a bigger screen, more storage space and can do more stuff. Hmmm… Decisions Decisions….

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Honestly, can someone tell me why people want tablets like this, the Playbook and the ipads? Serious question.

      Laptops do more than these and cost less so why would anyone want a tablet over a laptop?

      • some internet dude

        Ill tell you why, because iPad people are sheeple, they would buy sh1t if it had an Apple on it. But to answer you question a tablet is a nice thing, I would love one on my coffee table to do some lite surfing or reading a paper. But there is a big disconnect between the end user and the manufactures/carriers. They think people will buy one of these for the same price as a laptop, if the exception of the iPad loving sheeple the tablets mite be doomed. Please carriers take note.

  • Alex

    I paid around $300 for my Netbook. It has WiFi, 1.66 ghz processor. 100GB hard drive. It even has a FFC (haha webcam built in) The screen is approx 10″. I’ve got multiple USB ports, an SD card reader built in and a full keyboard.

    I dual boot between Win7 and Ubuntu. Internet is provided by either WiFi or tethered to blackberry (cable or with bluetooth dongle)

    I can run any app I want, any browser I want (and yes I have Flash lol).

    I also don’t need a special case to prop it up to watch a mobile because it’s built in.

    Battery life is 6 hours, and I can get a second battery for $45.

    So…my question is, what is the advantage of paying almost double the price for something that is just a little bit smaller, has WAY less specs and needs a contract to use data when not on WiFi.

    oh…did I mention it’s a Samsung netbook…haha they are making such a nice profit on the tablets.

  • samsungsmoking

    Wow, all i can say is at 100 bucks an inch, they can keep it. I was really looking forward to it when i thought it was a 10 inch. Now thats is a expensive 7 inch i’m out. Besides, what quality android apps are geared towards tablets specifically. So for the first few months until devs get on it, you’ll deal with phone apps on a larger screen (textures all stretched, or the app only using part of the screen that a phone would). I’m an android fanboy and i’m like, meh maybe next round of tablets.

    Scampers off to buy the evil ipad he was going out of his way not to buy.