Walmart Offering Preorder For The HTC HD7, Only $149.99

If you didn’t already preorder the T-Mobile HTC HD7 from either Amazon or Wirefly, Walmart is now accepting preorders and is offering the handset for at an even lower price than the latter. Ordering through Walmart will give you a $50 discount from the T-Mobile pricing, and a $30 discount from the Wirefly/Amazon price. Sadly, the offer is only available for new customers. For existing customers, if you’re going to wait to purchase the handset from a T-Mobile store or Customer Care, the HTC HD7 will be available beginning November 8th for $199.99 with a 2-year agreement.

WMPoweruser Via Walmart

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  • -100

    bring on the Nexus s/2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    or at least a great 4.3 screen. 8-[

  • PimpStrong

    4.3″ Android please.

    • me

      My HD2 Running Android is very nice, with everything 100% Working!!

      Its a frickin EVO without the FFC!!

      HD2 Will get Windows Phone 7 too.

  • Fam

    Oh yeah bring it on baby

  • Mae Mae

    WHO THAT…! One thing is for sure, T-Mobile USA doesn’t have to worry about selling out of the WP7’s like it did with the HD2. You might be able to get a WP7 for $49.00 before Christmas.

    If you are a current owner of a T-mobile USA HD2, hold on to it with all of your might. In the very near future, you will be able to run 3 Operation Systems, WM 6.5, WP7 and Android, now think it’s a joke, WHO THAT, the T-Mobile USA HD2 ….

    • Snoopyalien24

      wow your are really annoying… WHO THAT – RICK JAMES

      • mtnman

        I agree, it’s getting really annoying. I just skip what ever he writes and go to the next one. I’d read what he say’s if he’d stop saying “Who That” every single time he has to post something. So do like me and just skip what every he writes untill he decides to grow up.

    • Craiger_B

      Yeah. I have an HD2 running Android right now. David, the managing editor made fun of me for asking for a post on general perceptions of the recent stock ROM upgrade ( great by the way ). I say we’ll be laughing all the way to WP7 soon. Ran benchmark from Android and it was faster than everything except Nexus One with stock 2.2.

      • I know, the HD2 is SUPER FAST.

        And also its a SUPER HIGH ENERGY CONSUMER running on droid.

        Whats up with Cotulla? Did he ever make the NAND android to the HD2? I left the phone in August so I havent checked since I sold it, but I heard that Cotulla promised NAND on september.

      • lol I left the an out of android, not intentional. sorry

  • Where is the Venue Pro Pricing? I’m worried you can only buy this at Dell because no HSPA. What about the Mozart?

    Stay thirsty my Friends!

    • 2FR35H

      Who said Dell Venue Pro has no HSPA+?

      • J-Hop2o6

        it doesn’t.. its using 8250 meaning 7.2 HSPA max

  • Midori

    I know personally that I would get bored with WP7 UI to me if you seen one you’ve seen ’em all,but with android its ever evolving(excluding some phones you know who you are!)LOL!

  • currator

    what did the five fingers say to the face mae mae. smack I’m rick james b!%*h. lol

  • J-Hop2o6

    lol & smh @ Walmart.. “Windows 7 Mobile” hahaha FAIL!

    • what is SMH?

      • blah

        Shake My Head.

        Im trying to get people to boycott the HD7, the specs are an insult to consumers and previous HD2 owners. Its almost literally the exact same hardware which is why it doesnt have HSPA+ because the SoC in the HD2 wasnt and they just copied and pasted it into this one. Anyway Im more insulted that they think we should buy this as an “upgrade” to a HD2 and be happy about it… especially when the HD2 could actually be running WP7 right now.

      • 30014

        SMH= shaking my head. You really need to catch up on your text and twitter lingo.

      • sorry , but i dont care about WP7 or any previous or later versions cuz android will beat them at EVERYTHING.

        So I would “boycott” android phones to be better but not Winmo

        • David, Managing Editor

          That attitude is nothing more than Android fanboyism, you have NO Idea what each later version of a cell phone OS will do, so stop acting
          like you can see the future. Android isn’t the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel, neither is Win Phone 7. Android will NEVER beat everyone at EVERYTHING, welcome to earth, have we met?

      • thatnx blah and 30014 for the response

  • Mark

    W/e, just bought my G2 anyway and would rather have android than WP7

  • Mark

    And i got my G2 from Costco for $100

  • mtnman

    Window’s Phone 7 just don’t apeal to me as much as the Android OS. I’m not knocking it or anything, plese understand, but I just like the Android OS better.

    I wish that HTC, Samsung, or some other manufacture would make a 4.3″ Android phone running 2.2.

    Perhaps HTC reads the forums and decides to make one. But then again if they do it will be for one of the other carriers.

    • I really miss my HD2 screen, just not the software.

      when I installed android on it, battery usually lasted about 3-4 hours and 2 hourse using it.

      So yea, T-mobile better come out with a $.3 inch screen or else I might move to verizon for the droidx or at&t for the dell streak

      • Oce

        Dude, I’ve found that using Exceler’s auto boot app set to 3 secs eliminates the battery drain issue in pretty much every WM/Android combo I’ve used on my HD2. The battery drain is the result of letting WM/Sense boot fully, which doesn’t happen when using the auto boot app. I get as good or better battery life now running Android as I do running WM! Try it!

  • Mae Mae

    WHO THAT… I’m going to purchase a WP7 just to dump the ROM, I got my WP7 dump tools already, now WHO THAT…!

  • jp

    Im sure this would be ideal for business users. Maybe in about a year wmp7 might have something

  • somebody

    bla bla bla nexus s common dont disappoint

    • blah

      And so is the Mytouch 4G, whats your point? I hope for all the Nexus fans sakes it has an A9 core rather than the A8 or its just more of the same rebadging of hardware that this HD7 is.

      Back on topic, when I first heard about it I considering taking a gamble with WM7 but when I heard the hardware specs I lost interest. If it had MT4G specs I would have likely opted for this over the MT4G. TMO,HTC, MS, I hope you guys are listening….

  • nerdlust

    xbox and zune interesting. looking to upgrade bb8900. bb9780 or g2 or mt4g or hd7??????

  • J1

    As much as it pains me to see another 4.3in htc (well)built device land on the wm side of the fence.. Atleast its another option in the Magenta arsenal, so kudos to everyone who decides to pick up this phone..

    In other (t-mobile)news mobile tech posted a 15min vid review of the Mytouch 4g.. the video showcases the elusive plum color, for anyone interested..

    • J1

      Another epic link fail by my cliq*your days are numbered buddy* smh, apologies folks.. let’s see if this does the trick..

      • blah

        I also am a cliq owner after my G1 died :(… The Cliq is deserving of Fail beyond Epic. If anyone can think of one let me know. I will put it on its tombstone when I bury it..

  • Mae Mae

    WHO THAT, you don’t even know what WHO THAT means, you are so far out of touch with reality, just like Microsoft…. You cannot feel the needs of the people. You actually did not like me saying that T-Mobile does not have to worry about selling out of the WP7 like they did with the HD2.

    T-mobile will sell out of the “MyTouch4G” in a hurry, you know why, because they are giving the public what the public wants, Wifi calling,FFC,DLNA,4G Super Speeds, Genius button ….ect.. Dude, do you think the public want a mobile phone that they cannot put a 32GB SD Card on to if they desire too, cannot transfer bluetooth files, cannot copy/paste, No FFC, No 4G Super Speeds, No DLNA….

    Microsoft did not hit the ground running with the WP7, you know why, because they are out of touch with the people. Microsoft cannot do what Apple did, that day is long gone, the public is to smart for that now… WHO THAT…! Microsoft out of touch with the people, the needs of the people and the wants/desires of the people, WHO THAT…! Microsoft…! The people are the ones who buy mobile phones, but you got to give them a quality product and they will but it like hotcakes, WHO THAT..! The people….!

  • Mae Mae

    If T-Mobile really wants to make a lot of BANK$$$$$,come out T-Mobile with a 4.3 Android$$$$ mobile$$$ phone with the sames specs as the MyTouch4G, might want to add a projector to it…. T-Mobile, you be able laugh all the way to the BANK$$$$$$ with lots of loot$$$$$.. You think T-Mobile don’t know this, coming in 2011, WHO THAT T-Mobile….!

    • ren

      Oh I wish there a ignore button. Freaking Who crap ….! Is really annoying.

  • Mae Mae

    Dude please, nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you read anything, now WHO THAT…! You must work for Microsoft, the truth is the light of the world, go buy a XBOX and play with them Blocks on WP7, WHO THAT…!(lol)

    • David, Managing Editor

      Enough with the who that or I’m going to start deleting comments!

      • Mae Mae

        On thr real side, what harm is WHO THAT doing…!

        It’s part of a chant that is tacked on after the Saints’ song. Who dat? Who dat say they want to beat them Saints? Both Southern University and St. Aug, (local schools), claim to have started the Who Dat movement. The chant gradually made it’s way from the schools’ stands into the dome. Saints started with the Who Dat chant back in the early 80s.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Last warning…enough of the WHO THAT comments…

      • grazapin

        Mae Mae, what does any of that have to do with commenting on this website?

        Please, David, just swing the ban hammer. Whether it’s WHO THAT or $$$$$$ it’s just the same person saying things in a different annoying way.

  • Mae Mae

    I bet anybody, any amount of MONEY$$$$, BANK$$$$$, LOOT$$$$$, that the MyTouch4G will out sell the WP7, put your money$$$$ where your mouth is, now do THAT, taking ALL bets …!(lol)

  • Low cot but strong carrier :D, Win mbile 7 is best now ;)

  • OMG… i dont know mae mae, but why cant he say what he wants its not profanity. Anybody can just skip to the next comment, its harmless and sooo NOT that serious. And how/why did David, managing editor even get involved? And he’s ACTUALLY chimming in with threats of deleting comments? Wow…WTFudge. This site is here for relevant comments right? Btw love my stock HD2!

    • David, Managing Editor

      You want relevant comments but criticize my trying to do so with “threats” to delete off-topic irrelevant comments which is exactly what you ask for. Seems there is a miscommunication somewhere.

  • Im dissapointed with HD7 its just not enough to drag me away from my HD2. Its a beautiful phone and if it at least had 4G speeds I would be jumping on it. I can live without memory card slot if its gonna make for a silky smooth fast OS. And I could really care less about a ffc. I will buy it if price drops to 50 dollars before Xmas like mae mae says.

  • Which Way is Up?

    HD7 is a nice device, had T Mobile never released the HD2 8 months ago… Walmart always has the best prices when it comes to upgrades and chances are you will be able to purchase one at full price a few days before the official release (that’s how I got my HD2 the Friday BEFORE the official release date).

    With regard to Mae Mae-You’re a tad annoying but not offensive. I agree that T Mobile would make a killing if they kept the Desire HD body vs the MT4G body (same phone inside minus the 8 Megapixel camera).

    Lets all get along in the sandbox now…

  • TmoHax

    How many times I must say this… orders are just processed through they have nothing to do with walmart and its the same price at letstalks website. Walmart does not do preorders in store for anything.