Walmart Offering Up GREAT Deal On Motorola Defy And LG Optimus T

Well Walmart is certainly living up to their “save money” image with yesterdays news of the HD7 discounted pricing and now…the Motorola Defy and LG Optimus T. In the case of the LG Optimus T, we figured that $29.99 from T-Mobile directly was good, but $0.97 cents is fantastic!

The Motorola Defy, the rugged beast of a phone that she is will be coming to T-Mobile for just $99, but Walmart will be dropping her (not literally, but you could drop her because that’s what she is made for) for just $48.88.

The best news? These prices qualify for BOTH new customers AND qualifying upgrading customers and that is a hell of a deal. Not a bad deal at all.

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  • blah

    So who besides WireFly is offering MT4G pre-orders. Any word yet on why we havent seen an official Tmobile pre-order option yet?

    • jl

      Technically, WireFly is offering pre-orders. The phone will be released on the third in the stores. So if you buy your phone from WireFly you won’t be getting it any sooner than the 5th or 6th. This has made me a bit upset the Magenta did not offer this on the MyTouch 4G but did on the G2. Their reply was that the G2 was limited blah blah blah.

      • blah

        Yea, Ive talked to several retailers, most do not even have the product in stores yet…. Theres no advertising for it and there is no mention of it in most stores, not even a display for it. All retailers at listing the HD7 and other Tmo phones on their web-sites but of you go to Walmart, Costco, Best Buy, etc. None of them even list the MT4G as coming soon… Im trying to figure whats going on, but Ive been told that they can’t make enough right now so they are keeping it quiet..

      • Defender of the Galaxy is shipping the MT4G tomorrow.
        My bet is they’ll also have all the Optimus phones for free. Cost is low on those phones.

  • Krystian

    Doesnt the Defy come with 2.1, yet it lists as flash being supported in the browser?

  • Vibrant Guy

    That’s an amazing price on both phones…

  • remixfa

    it says “flash lite”, which most every 2.1 enabled android phone suppports. flash 10.1 which is full flash is only availible on certain 2.2 enabled handsets.

  • So this is telling us the Optimus is probably $300 off contract, interesting how a phone that was originally supposed to be under $200 without a subsidy becomes 50% more expensive. And people still give me grief for saying that carriers mark these phones up like crazy to make dump people think they are getting some kind of deal for going on contract.


    Robert Aitchison,

    Walmart alwawys jacks up the full price on their phones without a contract so they can still make money. Full price on the Comet will be around $200.

  • danbutter

    Well the off contract prices seem a bit high, but walmart can put what they want in there.
    Since the charm is like $80 on and $270 off (last I looked a couple weeks ago) direct from Tmo I would hope the defy would be close like $300 off since we know it is $100 on. You know same manufacturer and all.

  • DeFi

    How much for a defy on a one year deal?

    • hd2roid

      Tmobile stopped offering 1 years contacts may 2008

      • Rosario

        I got the Touch Pro 2 on a one year contract last August (2009). I dont know why people keep saying you cant do a one year, it cost an extra $50.

  • Wal-Mart is so special, they put “Water Proof” in the signage, when it should be “Water Resistant”. You definitely should not go swimming or take pictures under water with your smartphone, you may not have one after that, and I can confirm for you the DEFY does NOT have HDMI.

  • dorqus

    Anyone know if T-Mobile stores will price match w/WalMart?

  • J-man

    Oh wow, I hope the off-contract price for the LG Optimus is not that high. I want it off contract, grr

    • Defender of the Galaxy

      I’m guessing you’ll be able to find it under $300.

  • Krystian

    walmart charges a lot for their off contract phones, not sure if its on their website anymore but when Nokia N95s were about 400 bucks everywhere online, Walmart had it at like $800, Walmart is only good for buying it with contract

  • somebody

    so the defy is available with the 10 data plan? thats pretty cool is no one ells seeing this ?

  • syks

    walmart has the price for defy at 99.99 on there website, what happened to the 48.88 price?

    • syks

      cellhub has it for 49.99 with upgrade or free with new contract! forget walmart

  • Alex

    Yeah seriously, its 100 bucks not 50. RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • So where is the Defy for $48.88???? Not Walmart!!!!!

  • disappointed

    walmart is selling it for 100$ not 50 this article is false

  • disappointed

    walmart is selling it for 100$ not 50 this article is false

  • disappointed

    i retract my latest statement it is now 50 bucks cant wait for the 10$ data plan

  • Guest

    Right now at Wal-mart they’re offering a $100.00 gift card with smartphone purchase! So if you buy one of these phones you’re making money

    • Happywith339

      We picked up two of these last night. Paid $100, got $200 in Wal-Mart gift cards on the spot. This value somewhat makes up for the higher price for 200M data for grandfathered plans ($15 versus $10 for new plans). Where is the T-Mobile customer loyalty on this? We would have switched to EverMore 3000, but Wal-Mart said they only had 1500 and unlimited, and so our old MyFaves and unlimited UMA calling plan was a better value.

      The first big Wal-Mart store we went to did not even carry this phone. Thankfully, there was a T-Mobile rep at the store who saw our problem and called every store in the area to see if it was available. All 4 stores in our immediate metro area did not even carry the phone. A store 15 miles to the east (in a smaller town) had three, but the first time he called they said none were in stock. The second time the rep called to find out when they would be restocked, they found them in a cabinet.

      This is a crazy inventory plan when more T-Mobile customers are to be found in the bigger towns than in the smaller towns. The Wal-Mart employee at the smaller town store said they didn’t sell many T-Mobile phones (compared to AT&T and Verizon) and asked we how we liked T-Mobile. I explained that is works great for us with UMA/W-Fi calling and told her that three of her new Android phones had this great feature. She mentioned that she had heard something about it from a rep.

      Defy is a nice smart phone.