myTouch3G Update Continues Through December 15th

When news dropped that the original myTouch3G would be receiving an update to Android 2.2 Froyo, you could almost hear the excitement wherever you were standing. Unfortunately, T-Mobile has updated their official forums to indicate that the update, which was expected to be completed by October 25th, will now run through December 15th. No cause or reason is given for the delay except to say that the update continues in staggered waves. I guess since myTouch3G owners have been waiting this long, what’s two another month and a half?

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  • Andrew

    crap !!!!!

    • ben

      Well this is all a big lie! With the mytouch 4g coming out November 4 2010, who would believe tmobile would finish the update by the 31th. You also have the g2 that just came out. Tmobile is pushing the update later and later so you give up and just buy the new phone that are coming out. It’s all politics. Update no benefits, buying new phones lots of benefits. Good thing I’m on the even more plus that I don’t have a contract. So I have three options 1) 20% stay with tmobile 2) 70% go buy an I phone 3) 80% Verizon all there phones have 2.2 already. Tmobile you have disappointed me let’s see what happens on the 31th of October.

      • John

        So let me see if I understand, first off you are horrible at math, seeing how you worked your percentages, and you want to go pay more money for less services? Later.

      • Speaker of the truth

        Thanks Ben & John you made a grumpy old man laugh and smile. Don’t be discouraged Ben keep trying you almost had something there untill you wandered off somewhere probably to get another hit off the bong.

      • Jomo

        Yep agree! that’s what I was thinking too! it’s all politics.

      • ben

        John, The facts are there, Seeing is beleiving. Speaker of the truth, this is your chance to speak the truth!

      • John

        @ben, referencing facts being there. What facts? They have to keep selling phones, because people whining about no phone selection, meanwhile same people piss and moan about updates. Yes, there are new models coming out, you wouldn’t be mad at any other business model for that, why is it wrong for tmo. You’ll still get it, if you can’t wait, go do it manually, or buy another phone. Your math is still horrible btw, because 170% probability doesn’t work.

      • wackmode

        @ben i have money so i will buy every phone i can unlike u hahahahaha

      • Jay

        Compared to ATT and Verizon, T-Mobile still offers a better overall value. But Pre-paid carriers like Virgin Mobile now offers a mid-level Android device at $50 per month for unlimited everything. So far I’m satisfied with T-Mobile but in July 2011 when my contract ends if their data plans skyrocket to near Verizon and ATT prices I’m leaving for pre-paid.

      • Tony

        The update has been pushed back because of bugs. The first round of updates left people unable to access the market among a few other issues. So once they fix those problems you’ll get your update. But really people, froyo isn’t going to get you laid any quicker than pimple cream and a gym membership would.

    • steve

      For those that are impatient the frequently asked questions section of the t-mobile web forums has instructions posted for doing a manual update. You only need to be slightly geeky to accomplish it. I did it to my phone and it is working great. It took about 20 minutes and a connection to a PC. It can be found here do not attempt if you are a neophyte. But with some basic understanding you should be running 2.2.1 today.

      • ben

        Thanks Steve.

      • Ben

        John, You just said every I did in a few less words. Your absolutly right. If you can wait for the update then wait. If not buy the new phone. The point is if T-mobile gave everybody the update, then the new phone that are coming out would not sell like they wanted to. Think about it. If I can get the update WHY! am I going to spend money on a new phone! My phone works fine there nothing wrong with but when they keep pushing what they said originaly “I GET PISSED”! first they said from the 12th of OCTOBER to the 25th of OCTOBER then they said to the 30th of OCTOBER. Then buy talking to a Tmobile tech the 15th of NOVEMBER now december 15th. What next January 15th. It’s not rocket science my friend. Open your eyes if you like to spend money on a new phone every time they tell you there is going to be an update. Then do, so thats your business. But the facts are there Like I said before If I don’t see anything by the 31th of October. Just let it be. I go my way they go ther way.

      • Ben

        I tried to upload the file but a message came out and said error. Did I do something wrong I followed all the instructions. I notice that in the first file there is a file inside that reads error 585 if I’m correct I’m at work so I can’t access my computer.

  • Aisenshi

    This is so bs but whatever I am just happy that when I get the update it will work so I guess it’s ok

    • Rushdamian

      You’ll get the update soon enough. I got mine on the 21st after having lost all hope and it’s been great! Here’s my experience with it so far: The phone’s much snappier thanks to the Dalvik JIT. (Tip: if you have a task killer installed, don’t use it once you get the upgrade.) For some strange and awesome reason the phone is getting insane download speeds…my wife has a stock G1 and I’m getting non hspa+ speeds on average 1300 kbps, while she gets around 500-600 kbps. Hspa+ speeds (in San Antonio, TX) are in the low-to-mid 3000 kbps. There is still some on screen app lag; it’s all now hardware related, but nowhere near as bad as before the update. Pinch zoom is cool but laggy-again, hardware issue, but cool nonetheless. 5 homescreens instead of 3 rules! I could go on, but I’ll let you find it out for yourself when you get the update. Just be patient…imho the wait is well worth it! :-)

      Sent from myTouch 3G w/Froyo 2.2.1

      • ddshog

        Does live wallpaper work? I’ve updated with the xda version and it doesn’t work.

      • Rushdamian

        Live wallpaper doesn’t work. Don’t need it imho; my understanding is that it’s a battery hog…plus the hardware is probably not able to handle it. It’s a cool feature, but if you’re in an app or have the phone in your pocket/purse you can’t appreciate it.

  • manus


  • john

    That means that there are more phones than anticipated. Either that, or they are stair stepping it incase there is an issue, not everyone gets a paperweight at the same time.

  • francobry

    DOH! I was wondering when mine was going to come through.

  • Poop

    wtf! what about the slide now! htc confirmed all htc phones will get froyo by the end of 2010… where does this put us now?

    • Jeremy P.

      Dec. 15th still meets that “before the end of 2010” dead line :P

    • Jeremy P.

      n/m just realized the 3.5mm version and Slide need updates too. :(

  • zapata714

    hopefully I get the update by Sunday otherwise I’m going to manually update this mother on my own, dammet!

    • ben

      Same here.

  • Dennis

    What a joke.

    I know people say to be patient.

    But enough is enough.

    I love T-Mobile, but this is an absolute joke.

  • roush97

    Go to XDA Developers and look in the HTC Magic section. Users have uploaded the three update files. You can manually update easily with no root required.

  • abel2fresh4u

    i wont just get the update but im getting the mytouch 4g!! =p

  • Snapples

    I wish the g1 got it. The oringal mytouch had the same spec as the g1 why can’t the g1 get it?

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      I think it may be because G1 doesnt have as much internal memory.

      • paul

        Go to xda i have 2.2 on my g1 and ut has liv wallpapers its nice and smooth

    • Speaker of the truth

      Because HTC just like Samsdung & motocrapola all suck when it comes to updates if they keep updating your phone then why would you upgrade? Economics 101 profits are all that matter. These companies all drop some turds from time to time and they don’t give a crap about their reputation as long as they profit.

    • Jeremy P.

      LuvMyGreenRobot is correct. The G1 has half the ROM the myTouch 3G has. The phone is roughly 2 years old now and has already reached it’s end of life with T-Mobile no longer having it for sale (since July?). I’d say it had a good run as far as official updates go. I’m sure it will live on in the custom ROM community.

      • Dave

        If our smartphones are going to become “dumb” phones in less than two years, t-mobile, singling them out because they’re obviously the only carrier I care about right now. Should be re-amp their phone upgrade policy over the data capping policy and debating over a phone’s name. Reasonable and modest families join T-mobile for the pricing and more of the family centered philosophy, a lot of which are just not going to shell out hundreds for a phone(s) these days, especially if they have multiple lines, without good discounting. So update the upgrade policy and I’ll consider getting one of these new phones, otherwise update my software, already. Or give everyone a legit reason as to why the roll out completion date has been moved back, yet again. And give us a better timeline as to when we can expect to see when our phone models might receive the froyo update. Why is that so hard? Just explain to people that the timeline isn’t a guaranteed date if that’s the main concern. T-mobile should at least do that for all us cliq, mytouch 3G, mytouch 3G 3.5mm, Fender mytouch 3G, mytouch slide, and vibrant users. It gets frustrating to see all businesses, in general, really soley focus on making a profit rather than respecting their customers, whom are a reason for their profit, along with businesses compromising how much they really can be trusted.

  • mtnman

    IMO I think it’s because T-Mobile want’s to concentrate on selling all their new phones for the holidays. Then after done counting all their cash, then you’ll seen an update. BTW, when’s the Vibrant update coming?

  • somebody

    this is why im not buying the mytouch 4g

    ial wait for a good experience phone …nexus s hopefully

    • blazinn831

      thats kinda why im holding off on getting the 4g too, im thinking they will treat that one the same as the originals,(well now i know my fender wont see the update till next year :( already got wifes on 2.2 from the manual update. glad we didnt wait for hers) i hope the nexus whatever it is turns out to be true.

  • Ryan Foster

    The guy on customer service told me that people where reporting problems with the update.

  • Jesus

    Thanks David :) , Hope your house looks super spooky after all the decorating.

    I love Tmonews <3

    • David, Managing Editor

      You got it Jesus, thanks for letting me know!

  • Ben

    Got tired of waiting and did the update manually using the files and instructions on the tmo forum. Super easy and it works great.
    As for the conspiracy theories you guys need to stop smoking. Updates are rolled out by the Google servers so there is no hidden agenda behind the delay. Maybe it’s simply taking longer than they expected

    • ben

      What is the link so I can manually install it my self?

  • chris s

    @snapples completely agree with u! G1 should have got it! But, it will run slow as hell on mytouch cause my G1 with 1.6 runs ok at times!

  • enigma

    I just got the 3g slide and I’m liking it so far, it has 2.1 only complaint I have right now is the internet speed sometimes it flies sometimes it’s slow as hell. But overall I am happy with it.

  • phonegeek

    if your getting impatient just do like 1000 others like myself did an just go to xda an manually do it yourself. it doesnt take much time an no root is needed, all you have to do is follow the instructions.

    • MishkaGreen

      Phonegeek’s right, easy to do. Took a total of 15 minutes to download and install.

  • Rilesman

    This is very distressing. My MT3G keeps getting slower and slower everyday….it now crawls. I have deleted all but 8 apps, clean all the caches, only one page of icons….and yet still super slow. Need that update soon please.

  • Hurlamania

    Any news on the slide getting 2.2 ?

  • ZeroX

    I manually updated mine. I feel bad for the other MT3G editions lol. They may not get 2.2 until next year

  • ska

    At first my friends liked my Mytouch Fender Edition but now they make fun of me and laugh at me because I have the old 1.6 :( Now I cry myself to sleep seeing and hearing them point and laugh at me. TMO PLEASE HELP ME GET OUT OF THIS NIGHTMARE!

  • Becky

    Jesus Christ T-Mobile. WTH?
    I got tired of waiting for mine and had the hubs do the manual update. WAY better! I should have had him do it immediately when it was released but I was too nervous of it messing up my phone. He found the instructions but after having problems, he found a video on youtube. The instructions were actually right but they said to rename the file and for some reason that didn’t work on mine. The video said to name it just “Update” and once we tried that it worked.

  • John

    I called about an issue with my bill and then asked about this update and was told that all 3gs with 1.6 should be updated by the 31st if not call after the 1 st and they can see about pushing it to me

    • Kirk

      Unfortunately, that`s what they told reps until yesterday whenwe found out about the new Dec date like it says here.

  • Ariel

    this sucks ! Now this means that the Mytouch 3g w/ the 3.5 mm is not probably getting it until next year :( i guess i’m going to waste about $400 to get the mytouch 4g.

  • When is the Slide getting the update??? The extended roll out for the 3G, does it include the slide and fender and 3.5 ?

  • brett

    i got my update last week. its a fast rom… it has its moments when it slows a bit
    but then again i dont use the phone any more. so thats no problem.

  • Dom

    I got my update the second day after it was confirmed. BTW the phone is snappy compared to before. Now just waiting on that MT4G

  • android 3G

    i did a manual update… if you guys havent received the update yet just let me know and i send you the link to download it and do the update manualy….

    • George

      Same here. I got tired of waiting for the OTA (which, interestingly enough, apparently takes more time to do than doing it manually), and did it myself. The links are all in the T-mobile forum on their website and it is as easy as replacing a light bulb.

      The grand total of time invested was 45 minutes, and that includes watching the YouTube video some guy did, showing the process step-by-step. There are many videos to choose from, but this is the one I watched and found it very helpful:

      Listen, this is very, very easy to do. It went without a hitch, I was able to watch a game on TV while the phone was going through the loading and updating times, and when it was done, the most time-intensive part of the whole thing was re-downloading all the apps which were gone with the factory reset, resetting ringtones, re-pairing Bluetooth devices, etc. The reset itself probably cleans out a lot of file debris that has accumulated with apps downloaded and then removed, and it appears the update also takes the underclocking off the CPU–it registers at full speed now. Bluetooth connects much, much faster, too.

      Please note that the upgrade isn’t a cure for cancer. The change to Froyo is nice but it won’t change your life. On the other hand,it WILL give you access to apps which you couldn’t get before (like real Skype), so if that is crucial to you, then maybe it WILL change your life.

      Just do it. Don’t sit around and wait for T-mobile to get to your phone’s IMEI number and force the files to you. Stop crying about it and acting all abused. Just take care of things and you’ll enjoy your life and your phone a lot more. And you’ll thank God you don’t own a Cliq.

  • cellswag5

    Sorry off topic. @ david. PLEASEEEEEE can you dig deep into your sources and find some info about tmo gettting the black berry torch.

  • Ken

    Well I must say thanks to the over promises and under delivery this is it with tmobile and my relationship. Once the contract commitment is over I’ll be running to a new carrier. You don’t run a business with lies.

  • Yancy

    You guys all know that you can just download the official OTA and put it on your phone by yourself without having to root it. Here is the link.

    This will help you get back to 1.6 if your not there and then to 2.2. So this will get your the official OTA today!!! I did it and it’s amazing!

    • Quintin

      Im did that but live wallpapers and other stuff is not working. I have no problems with my phone. but we all need to look into this before doing it manually.

  • Dave

    That’s nice for those that have the original but some of us have the 3.5mm mt3g and newer. If the nexus s has the same perks in firmware updates as the nexus one, I’m going with that if it’s worth it, otherwise I’m waiting out the one more year to upgrade. Dual core phones should be out by then anyways. And androids gingerbread, honeycomb or ice cream might be out by then too.

  • david

    is this a i phone

  • Jay

    Well this is disappointing news, but since I’m under contract for 10 more months all I can do is wait.

  • Hector

    why wait within the tmobile forum someone posted the files necessary to do the update yourself…. I did it and it worked great instead of waiting im already enjoying froyo!!!! Search the FORUMS!!!!

  • Quintin

    Your boy running froyo. Couldnt wait. Did it from the site Forums!!!!

  • Taylor

    Ive been running 2.2.1 for about a week now.. and its… AWESOMMEE!!!
    I manually updated and i have had no problems.
    I’m glad i did then cause i would have been mad when i seen this.

  • Ed

    I was counting on the 3G Slide to get Froyo but I guess I was suckered into buying yet another T-mobile phone that will get the updates last. Once my contracts are up I am done with T-mobile. Pricing on the phones is getting to be outrageous, coverage is good but calls are taking forever to connect and the data is SLOW! Anyone at T-Mobile that gives a rats butt about this post feel free to contact me.

  • Paul

    T-Mobile says it was an issue with Google and Google says it was an issue with T-Mobile. The reason, I believe is rather simple – greed and increasing profit margins. If you sell a phone and market it as upgradable, then don’t screw your customers by continually pulling the update.

    We’re all entitled to out own opinions about why. My opinion is that nobody in T-Mobile or Google management has the balls to cop to anything.

  • Jim

    I did the manual update a few weeks ago, but today I got the OTA – my Froyo still thinks it’s an update. How do I get rid of the system update message? Or do I need to go into my SD card and delete the file…

  • trbamac

    I manually installed last month and I just received a froyo maintenance update that changed my froyo from 83to 83D any details

  • Dnyyanks62


    • To626n

      ME TOO!!!

  • Dnyyanks62


  • Ms_Matrix

    This is bull, why is the Mytouch 3G getting an 2.2 update and not the Slide. I don’t understand why the phones can’t the updates around the same time. Are we even getting an update at all? Everytime you think your getting the best of the best of Android, they come out with another phone that’s faster and updated.

    As much as I love getting new phones, right now I can’t keep getting a new phone(as much as I truly want too) now they are talking about Gingerbread..c’mon

  • Rhayjr

    Well, I have a My touch 3g-Fender. I have had no update yet! What gives? RCHay

  • Rhayjr

    How do I get a manual update for my 3G-Fender? Rhay