myTouch 4G Gingerbread Update Coming Soon?

T-Mobile myTouch 4G users rejoice as GIngerbread is set to be delivered to your Android device sometime during the second quarter of this year. As we can see by the image above one of our esteemed readers (Thanks Michael!) managed to get an HTC Tech Support rep to “admit” the myTouch 4G will receive a Gingerbread update. This happened not once but twice as you can see in the timeframe boxes.

Furthermore, we’ve received word that myTouch 4G Champions also known as T-Mobile retail employees who are among the most knowledge myTouch 4G sales reps are being given an opportunity to test out Gingerbread within the next few weeks. A public launch would come shortly after that test period is complete. We’re only two weeks into the second quarter so we’ve got all of May and June to sit back and wait for this to arrive. Hopefully HTC has better luck than Samsung in pushing out updates.

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