Accessories For Sidekick 4G, G2X And G-Slate Arriving In Stores

Nothing says you love your phone more than a protective case. Take it from this guy who is one of those “I love my phone naked” kind of guys and has had to replace his phone oh so many times due to drops, bumps and bruises. Those of you looking to pick up the G2X, Sidekick 4G and G-Slate take note of at least some of the cases pictured above as they represent a portion of what T-Mobile will be carrying to protect your newest device. Check out the gallery!

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll be picking up a Speck Candyshell with my G2X on Wednesday. Speck makes phenomenal cases.

    • Souljourney

      That’s about the only case I can find that I like. Is TMo going to carry these?. I wish there were some more “fun” hard shell cases.

  • Bman325i

    we’ve gotten ours 2 weeks ago

  • Crazythunder1968

    i just posted about the lack of casrs,accessories on xda forum. i got a kickstand case from daydeal and it has a front cover,unlike the one from expansys which is only the back. but the lack of accessories for the o2x had me a little disappointed. hopefully, even with no advertising on tmo’s part, the g2x will see some decent accessories.

    • Crazythunder1968

      why can’t we edit our posts here? i hate when i make typos.

  • beastly

    OK, seriously, David, the popup ads for the Thunderbolt are enough to make me stop visiting the site. I can read the articles from my RSS feed and never comment and never see the ads just fine. When I want to look at a gallery of pictures of Sidekick accessories, I don’t want to have to click on things to make them disappear first. Since I can pull up the gallery from my feed reader too, maybe I’ll just start doing that.

    • Curious

      Verizon is paying David big $$ to have that ad appear there. I don’t think it is going anywhere soon.

      • iFartWell

        “Big $$” is a bit of an overstatement. Its called “affiliate marketing” and PPC (pay per click). As long as you don’t click on them, he doesn’t get paid. =D

        • Maxshillman12

          not true, he gets payed at different rates. theres 1 rate for each time it is viewed, and then another which is considerably higher for each time it is clicked.

      • No they really aren’t but its incredibly disappointing that I have to constantly explain to people that a blog actually costs money to run! Even more so, I want to make some money for my efforts! Ads aren’t going to be carrier specific, Google makes ads that appeals only to a wireless audience.

    • ihatefanboys

      yes, please stop visiting…i cant stand whining, its the internet, there are popups everywhere. if i stopped visiting sites that had popups i wouldnt go anywhere on the internet. id just stare at my laptop and sigh.

    • Ok, it costs money to run the site. I need to make money in order to continue doing the site. Google picks ads, they don’t pick them based on a carrier, they pick them on based on a topic, in our case wireless. Click through them.

    • remister

      Better yet, use an Android phone to come to the site :P

  • I ordered me a (Black) Speck cause here online @ Wireless ground: . Still can’t believe the Sidekick 4G is only $379.99 off contract. Really makes me reconsider getting the G2x in a way.

  • I wish otterbox came out with a this case soon, but for sure, more case options are available in about 2 weeks. But this phone already too TOO LONG to release. and im already suffering by waiting for shipping. so ill get the grey speck case. seems pretty good, soft touch in the inside cause we all know that if the inside is plastic, your e just gonna get a bunch of scuff marks…everywhere

  • Anonymous

    I wish lg had a non-3D version of the g slate. Cause Im pretty sure the $500+ price tag w/ 2yr agreement factors into that feature.

  • iFartWell

    I love my phones naked just how I love my hoes naked

    • ihatefanboys

      the only hoes u have are in your tool shed. the only women u have are on your computer…

  • SocalTeknique

    I prefer my phones naked but my Nexus S glossy finish forced me to get a Zagg like skin which covers the whole back and sides but didn’t put the screen one because I dislike the rubbery feel. Anyways I love the TPU cases when I’m on the go. Harder than silicone but flexible.

  • Carudyy

    I can’t wait for my htc sensation…

  • Anonymous

    i prefer it without protection

  • i got to play with a mock Sidekick 4(and it was ASS UGLY) but felt solid and that flip screen isnt flimsy as i thought, keyboard felt really good but again just a mock

    i also hot to plat with the G2X but it was the store live demo unit that was just opened buy the employees and i asked if i could see it the let me, and that IPS Screen is simply gorgeous, the Galaxy S 4g sAmoled looked crappy when i put it beside that IPS screen, it was snappy as hell but then again it had no apps on it since it was fresh out of the box

    when i asked about an :G Optimus 3d they said only the G2X was going to be the tmobile 3d devices, i asked what about the Optimus 3D that had AWS that passed the FCC… their answer was “Thats ATTs LG Thrill” i asked if it had AWS and the Tmobile reps said YES

  • Luck_Ent

    I’m shipping out TPU cases for the LG Optimus G2X. These fit it like a glove. If you order by Monday, they SHOULD arrive at your door by Wednesday the 20th. Just in time for the phone’s official launch. Here’s my listing:

    • Crazythunder1968

      will you be getting anything with a kickstand? or other accessories?

      • Luck_Ent

        I will be getting more things in. Not sure what yet, but I’ll check into cases with kickstands for you. Check back in my store periodically.

        • Carlf

          Thanks man! just placed my order. This looks much better than the other options I have seen considering this is such a new phone…

    • Ennui84

      What colors will you be getting?

    • AxEffect

      Yea dude I just placed my order too. Looks good and I can’t wait to put it on my brand spankin new G2X!! I’ll definitely hook you up with some good eBay ratings. Thanks a lot

    • AxEffect

      Hey dude, just got my TPU case in….actually a lot nicer than I had expected! Thanks! I will recommend you to my friends.

  • Anonymous

    I use a clear flexible skin on my Nexus One. You still see the phone, but it’s grippy and protects very well. I hope to find a similar skin for the G2x.

  • Anonymous

    I also use a soft flexible skin on my Nexus One (which I will never give up) Just ordered a very similar case on Ebay. This LG G2X is one hell of a fast phone with a great almost pure Android experience. This phone won’t have the same problems the European version has. Slow and laggy due to LG adding their own crap ware onto it. This phone will get fast updates like the Nexus One. Very excited about this guy, waiitng for the delivery truck . Thank You LG and T-Mobile for a great device.

  • Mightyabdul
  • Went to two local NJ TMO stores, one the girl in the booth was using the new sidekick the whole time I was there and the other store had a whole stack of G2X.s sitting out on the counter, but said they weren’t coming in yet……

  • Phame has the Speck cases for about 20, which is about 10 cheaper than the Tmobile site. Use code “freeship” for free shipping, or “off15” for 15%off. If you’re just getting the case, the free shipping offer saves you more. Their site says you can pick up if you are in the LA area..Glendale to be exact.

    I ordered mine, and I had made a mistake on the shipping address and they responded super quick by email. It’s the first time I order from them, but so far I’m satisfied w/ their service. I’m only about 25miles from Glendale, so I hope it arrives soon.

  • Got my phone yesterday but im still deciding on wether i should get the body glove cover or the speck candy…. i dont want it to be big and bulky, so which is a better pick???

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