Mr. Aaron Baker Unboxes The T-Mobile G2X

It’s Aaron, it’s an unboxing and it’s the T-Mobile G2X, what more could you ask for? Watch and enjoy! Have you ordered your G2X yet? Are you waiting for Wednesday to pick it up in stores? Let us know!


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  • Anonymous

    Danm i wish someone will send me one, i want that phone so bad plz plz plz

    • Guest

      where you live? i got you

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          ok so what information do you need from me if you want me email.

        • The smart one

          Don’t be stupid go to the store

      • NardVa

        Why you at it send me one too…..matter of fact send me two…I’m gone sale one on ebay…..

      • Apryce5

        Georgia lol

        • Guest

          Ok so that’s four call me at 347-255-6789 or my e-mail is

        • Guest

          I ship anywhere in the US ok
          Jus call or email with ur info ask 4 johny first

        • Anonymous


        • Asdfman5

          You idiots are actually going to be scammed by this guy?

  • Qwanto

    i just tried the g2x and the g slate, left the store very impressed, may end up giving up either my sexy nexy or mytouch 4g for the g2x

  • Dsrolstad

    i ordered mine a few days ago can’t wait !

  • A store rep showed it with quadrant and got 2700.
    3D test is exceptional (get 100+fps on “walking up room”). I will get it Wednesday if I find it in store (expect it will be swept out in few hours like MT4).

    • Tmo BK Dude

      Yeah, I work at a store in Brooklyn, and we have 4 of these to sell on the 20th, with no sign of more coming. Even less Sidekicks. Customers may be disappointed. But yeah, the device rocks. Very fast.

      • LC

        Wow only four? My store must have gotten lucky. I know we sure did with the number of slates we got that’s for sure.

  • Derue17

    will this work on att 3g?

    • k-mack

      it sure will. has all the right bands.

  • Anonymous

    Omg… That’s dizzyingly fast. Now I feel like my Voodoo lag fixed Vibrant is laggy :-

  • Nate3adasd

    Just came back from the store. After playing with one for 20+ minutes. I can say this is my next G2 replacement. This thing is fast and way thinner than my G2 although slightly bigger (L & W). The quality is good. Has an aluminum bezel and the back is plastic but has a dark brown teflon-like coating like the G2 so it actually feels well made. Not sure if it has the anti-oil smear coating the G2 has because this was a demo but seems ok!

  • remister

    There isn’t headphones in this unboxing?

    • Jimbo831

      No headphones included with the G2x. And to that I say, “Thank you!” Every pair of headphones that comes with a phone is crap and just a waste. Every pair I’ve got has been too uncomfortable to even wear for an hour or more and the sound quality is garbage. Spend $20-$30 and get a solid pair of headphones. Theoretically, the overall cost of the device will be lower if headphones are not bundled, even if a bit. How many people who are buying a high end phone like this are really using those crap headphones?

      • MN-Bug

        Defiantly agree with Jimbo. I’d take it one step further and say that I’m glad that there is no included sd card. I’d rather buy my own at the size, speed, and price I want. Keep the phone price low so I can buy the accessories I want.

        • Souljourney

          There is also no HDMI cable. Now THAT would have been nice. ;)

        • Jimbo831

          I agree on this one. Check this out on Amazon though for only $1.63! (I know, shipping is extra though):

        • Phame

 great deals for cables. Local pickup available if you live near Chino,CA. I’ve got all my hdmi and ethernet cables for my gaming consoles on there.

        • MrMr

          Yup. The packaging is vanilla/stock just like the OS. :)

  • Bori3n

    My only question is:

    Should I upgrade to Android 2.3 when the update is ready, or better to leave it as it because speed issues since manufacturer customizations.

    • MN-Bug

      I’m not sure I understand this statement. Yes, you should upgrade to 2.3 because 2.3 is designed to make better use of dual core processors. I’m not sure what you mean by “speed issues since manufacturer customizations” but since this is a “stock” version of Android, when they release 2.3, it will continue to be stock and there will be no manufacturer skins or bloatware which will cause issues. If I misunderstood your statement, my apologies.

      • Bori3n

        Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I was trying to say.. but did not understand the stock android thing.

        PD. I’m sorry my english isn’t as good as I wish

  • who the hell is aaron baker?

    • jaZzyjeff

      “What’s going on guys, I’m Aaron from”

      Apparantly he’s the guy from…

      • Wilma Flintstone

        OH SNAP!!! IT’S JAZZY JEFF!!! WHATS UP?!?!

  • HiMyNameis_

    hows the battery life????

  • Guest

    Anyone have links to benchmark testing of G2X vs Galaxy S 2 vs Sensation? I saw some benchmarks a little while ago of just the Sensation and they weren’t good…maybe there’s some updated ones.

  • Exoticwahine

    I so want this phone so bad but unfortunately I won’t be able to purchase it till I get back from a long vacation, by the time I get back, T-mobile will probably come out with a new on hehe

  • 4g

    Has wal-mart started selling early like they usually do???

  • Alex

    I have one , been using it for two days. The battery life is decent with moderate use, but not near as good as my old G2 running CM7. The quadrant scores have been between 2400 and 2600, so pretty good for being stock. Everything runs so smooth.

    about the preloaded software, the EA games app has no games available when you open it so that’s odd. and it’s weired that it came preloaded with the old version of android market. I had to do a force close and wipe cache to get it to update to the new market interface.

    So far I am loving the phone, and how crazy easy it was to root (supported by super one click root)

  • Trill

    looks lika solid phone… but no keyboard. no Buy(for me).. i cannot use a phone without needing a physical keyboard sometimes.. anybody know the Sd card size maximum for this device

    • Jimbo831

      Up to 32GB, the largest microSD available to my knowledge. I wouldn’t be surprised if future software updates could allow for larger cards when they become available, however.

    • That’s the only thing that’s stopping me from getting it too man =/ But I’m actually considering trying it out…but I just know I’m gonna be wanting to slide that shxt it up and using my physical keyboard and there isn’t one…..smh.

      • Blah

        yeah i always had a keyboard on my phones since forever. but this phone is just so amazing i ordered it, and i’m just going to dive into it. i’ll make myself get used to it lol. and get rid of my stupid cliq.

  • so am i the only one expecting the package tomorrow!! cause i am too ready.


  • disappointed

    Would be nice to have gotten mine today but apparently Wirefly doesn’t like my phone number nor account. Spent 2 hours dealing their terrible customer service and t-mobiles amazing customer service!!! If it weren’t the $100 difference in price I would cancel my order with wirefly.

    • Phonyfake

      despite the extra 50$, I found tmobiles rate plan offerings to be far superior. I will be saving over 20$a month compared to wireflys plans. I canceled my wirefly order yesterday and am going to buy it in person….

      • disappointed

        I’m about to…the plans are the same but my order keeps getting rejected cause im “ineligible” the benefit of reordering is totally worthless now.

  • Ditchmagnet

    Is that the only camera app? That wasn’t the stock camera.

  • Please, when doing benchmarks use other apps too, like SmartBench 2011, Phone Tester, and linpack as well.

  • Brian

    Ups says mIne will be here today! I’m glad that I didn’t wait till tomorrow to get it in store.

    • Msprinkl



    if the ringer is no louder than the original and the signal grabbing out in the boonies is no better than the original what’s so great.

    i had a g-2 for 5 days, returned it and got a DEFY.

    i can’t wait to see a DEFY2.

  • MaC

    Soooo…. How’s the battery life?

    • MrMr

      I would love to know this as well. Any early reports?

  • Anonymous

    this is suppose to be the BEST phone on t mobile?… yet it looks to be running 2.2!… What is up with that… I will stick with my NEXUS ONE… the TRUE Google phone… I have gingerbread, LOVE IT!!..If I upgrade I will wait for the sensation… but that is only if my Nexus starts acting up, and it hasn’t YET!…

    • msprinkl

      By the way, rep said they heard a 2.3 update would happen by June.

    • MrMr

      Yeah, a lot of reps are saying Gingerbread update will happen quickly (by summer) and easily due to it being a vanilla stock 2.2 OS.

  • msprinkl

    I recently bought a Nook Color and rooted it with CM7 (slightly unstable, but otherwise a good experience). Been on Blackberry for the past 10 years. With the Nook Color, I figured that would get me my fix until the Samsung Galaxy SII came out….or the next pure Google Nexus phone. Regardless, I stopped by my local T-Mobile store yesterday and they had a demo model of the G2X. SWEET phone! I use Google Voice and Gmail a lot for a youth sports league I run. Don’t need games. Will be at T-Mobile store tomorrow at 10am to hopefully get one of the 20 they have as their initial inventory.

    • Goodluck!

      Good luck, I know when the MT3G was released I got the last one and I was the store 10 minutes after they opened.

      • msprinkl

        Won’t be tragic if I have to wait. I really don’t HAVE to have a new phone until August, but have an itchy trigger finger. Only reason I am not waiting for HTC is because I want something vanilla. Also, going on vacation next month and would like a portable hot spot so I don’t have to pay hotel’s ridiculous WIFI fees.

  • msprinkl

    The other reason I am getting this phone now:

  • Wilma Flintstone

    What more could we ask for? Free G2X & Optimus 3D on Tmobile off contract as a Surprise Gift from Tmo to Us (LOL That will NEVER happen LOL), Galaxy S2 on Tmo, that Android Washer and Dryer set that was promised to us, and most of all, MEEGO devices on Tmobile. Other than that, not much more can be asked for at least not from me.

  • Anonymous

    The touch screen didn’t recognize his finger! FAIL! As a user of HTC Thunderbolt and iPad 2 (clearly not a fanboy here), I will say such a hick up never happens on iOS. Why thunderbolt? Locking up unlimited LTE for the next 2 years is more important than the OS itself.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Uh, did you watch the entire thing? It was only the browser that was unresponsive at first, & it was because of a script that he had loaded before. As soon as he closed out of that page he could open the browser up in a snap. Everything else was faster than I’ve ever seen on any Android phone.

    • MrMr

      Watch the whole video, you dumb dumb :)


    Yay! I just got my G2x :) I’m typing this on it now. It really is as fast as they advertised and it has flash player on the browser!

    • where did u get it from????????????????????????????????????????

      • CLIQUSER

        I ordered on friday the 15th and it came by UPS today.

        • Anonymous


        • disappointed

          mines still with wirefly, they can’t seem to figure out what to do!

        • CLIQUSER

          yeah, i was going to order from wirefly too, then i was like i might as well get it from the horse’s mouth. i figured they would only get the device on the 20th. Yours should probably ship on the 20th or 21st.

    • AxEffect

      I got mine today too!!! So glad I ordered it on Friday…I’ve only used it for a few hours, but judging from its performance….AMAZING!!!!!



    Yay! I just got my G2x :) I’m typing this on it now. It really is as fast as they advertised and it has flash player on the browser!

  • experiment626

    So glad to see a quality Vanilla Android device being released.Tired of OS overlays by phone manufacturers who think they’re “improving” the OS .

    • Richardthegrape

      you have to admit Htc Sense is the best though ;)

  • ok we get it no lag!!! stop doing it over and over

    • pantlesspenguin

      I think that was the point. That you can open apps over & over as fast as you can press the buttons & you still won’t get lag. A stress test, of sorts.

  • Unfaix

    expect battery life of 6 hours hahah

    • pantlesspenguin

      From the CNET review: “One of the biggest concerns about the G2X is with its battery life. It has a dual-core processor and 4G, so we had low battery expectations when we started this review. I took it out with me this weekend as I ran a few errands, and I used it like I normally would–I checked a few emails (I had push notifications on for Gmail), used the map for directions, and surfed the Web to check baseball scores. To my surprise, it lasted the whole day without hitting the red battery mark; it was barely half way there by 10pm. I should note that I didn’t get 4G everywhere–there were times when it would dip down to 2G–so that might have affected the battery life. Still, I was impressed.” BTW, this phone earned CNET’s Editor’s Choice.

    • Anonymous

      thats still better than my mytouch 4g! ill take it!

  • 4g

    Just reserved mine at my local t-mobile store. 4:15 won’t come soon enough

  • alex

    new mytouch :/

  • ben

    does it have NFC?



  • Anonymous